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Hairstyles for Oblong Faces Men: Top Cuts to Enhance Your Features (2024)

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hairstyles for oblong faces menChoosing the right hairstyle can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, especially for men with oblong faces. But fear not, as your unique face shape opens the door to a plethora of stylish cuts that can enhance your features and balance your proportions.

Whether you’re leaning towards a timeless classic or aiming to make a modern statement, understanding the best hairstyles for oblong faces is key. From the suave side part to the bold undercut, this guide will navigate you through top haircuts that not only suit your oblong face but also elevate your overall look.

Let’s dive into the world of hairstyles tailored for oblong faces, where versatility meets style.

Key Takeaways

  • Hairstyles for men with oblong faces should aim to add width and reduce height to balance facial proportions.
  • Classic and modern hairstyles such as side parts, fades, pompadours, and crew cuts are suitable for oblong faces, offering versatility and style.
  • Textured styling techniques and volume are beneficial in highlighting the features of an oblong face without elongating it.
  • Maintenance of hairline and facial hair can complement the oblong face shape, with beards and sideburns helping to frame the face effectively.

Identifying an Oblong Face Shape

Identifying an Oblong Face Shape
Identifying your oblong face shape is like cracking a personal style code. Picture this: a prominent chin that stands out, a balance of facial harmony where width and length play a pivotal role.

It’s not just about measuring; it’s about seeing how your features align for that perfect look. Think of your sideburns and beards as the frame to your masterpiece, and don’t forget the importance of hairline maintenance.

This isn’t just about hair; it’s about how glasses can complement your oblong face, adding that final touch of style. So, gents, as you dive into the world of oblong face shapes, remember, it’s all about embracing your unique contours and angles.

Let’s make those features work for you, not against you.

Classic Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

Classic Hairstyles for Oblong Faces
If you have an oblong face shape, classic hairstyles can accentuate your features elegantly.

Consider a classic side part, faded side part, or long side part to achieve a balanced and stylish look.

Classic Side Part

If you’re rocking an oblong face, the classic side part is your ally. It’s a timeless cut that adds a dash of sophistication.

Keep the sides tidy, but not too tight, and let the top sport some volume. A dab of texture gel and a trusty side comb can elevate this look from office-smart to evening-sleek.

It’s a versatile champ among men’s hairstyles.

Faded Side Part

After mastering the classic side part, why not shake things up with a faded side part? This haircut keeps the sides shorter, gradually blending into a longer top.

Perfect for oblong face shape men, it achieves a balanced look that’s both sharp and stylish.

Long Side Part

Dive into the long side part, a classic that’s making waves in hair trends.

Perfect for oblong face shapes, this style sweeps your hair to one side, boosting volume up top.

It’s a game-changer that adds length without overwhelming your features and can be textured for that extra oomph.

Let this be your go-to for hair fashion inspiration, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Modern Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

Modern Hairstyles for Oblong Faces
You’re looking to update your style with a modern twist that suits your oblong face shape.

Consider the classic fade, quiff, or undercut to add edge and balance to your features.

Classic Fade

Dive into the Classic Fade, a game-changer for oblong faces. With short sides blending into a faded top, this versatile style screams professionalism while keeping things edgy.

Whether you’re slicking back for that board meeting or applying mousse for a messy haircut vibe, the Classic Fade adapts. It’s the Swiss Army knife of haircuts, blending seamlessly from a crew cut to a slick back masterpiece.


For those with an oblong face shape, the quiff is a versatile and stylish choice that can be tailored to suit your individual look.

When crafting a quiff, focus on achieving the right quiff length and volume to balance your facial proportions. Quiff styling is key; aim for a shape that adds breadth to your face without elongating it.

Regular quiff maintenance will ensure your style stays sharp and complements other facial features, such as beards and moustaches. Speaking of which, pairing your quiff with well-groomed beard styles or moustache styles can further enhance your appearance.


After diving into the quiff, let’s slice into the undercut—a cut that screams boldness. With its shaved sides and voluminous top, the undercut plays up your oblong face’s strengths.

Think of it as the hairstyle’s version of a magic trick, adding texture and volume while keeping things sleek.

Additional Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

Additional Hairstyles for Oblong Faces
You’re not limited to contemporary styles with your oblong face shape; classic cuts can be equally flattering.

Consider the pompadour, Ivy League, or even a buzz cut to highlight your features.


Transitioning from modern hairstyles for oblong faces, let’s dive into the pompadour, a classic yet versatile choice.

If you’re aiming to add a dash of flair to your look, the pompadour is your go-to. This style isn’t just about height; it’s about attitude. With a pompadour fade, you get the best of both worlds: sleek sides and a towering top.

The key to nailing this look lies in pompadour volume and texture, ensuring your hair stands out in a crowd. When styling, focus on achieving that perfect pompadour length, allowing your hair to sweep back with confidence.

Ivy League

Dive into the Ivy League cut, a classic that screams sophistication with a twist. This style keeps the sides neat, often with a subtle fade, while the top stays longer for a touch of class.

For Ivy League styling, think minimal effort with maximum impact. Use light products for hold without the weight. Remember, Ivy League maintenance is a breeze, making it a go-to for the effortlessly stylish.

Buzz Cut

If you’re sporting an oblong face, the buzz cut is your low-maintenance mate.

This uniform cut is a cinch to style, keeping your morning routine as breezy as a walk in the park.

It’s short length exudes a youthful appeal, making it a smart pick for a fresh, no-fuss look that says you’re all about effortless cool.

Benefits of an Oblong Face Shape

Benefits of an Oblong Face Shape
Having an oblong face shape sets you up for success in the style department.

You’ll find a wide array of hairstyles that not only suit you but also highlight your striking features with minimal effort.

Versatile Hairstyle Options

After exploring additional hairstyles for oblong faces, let’s dive into the sea of versatile hairstyle options.

Your oblong face is a canvas for creativity, from face-framing classics to volume-enhancing modern cuts. Experiment with hair texture and fringe variations or keep it simple with short styles.

Each snip and trim opens a new chapter in your style story, making every look uniquely yours.

Enhanced Facial Features

After exploring versatile hairstyle options, let’s dive into how an oblong face shape enhances your features.

  1. Volume is your friend; it balances your facial proportions.
  2. Textured styling techniques add depth and character.
  3. Hair growth supplements and scalp massage techniques promote healthy locks.
  4. Embrace natural hair care for a radiant, effortless look.

Low Maintenance Appeal

With an oblong face, you hit the jackpot in the grooming game. Your facial structure allows for hairstyle versatility that can blend seamlessly into your daily routine.

No need to stockpile hair styling products—your face does the heavy lifting, making most cuts look ace with minimal fuss. It’s a low-maintenance win that keeps you looking sharp without the extra effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What beard styles complement oblong face shapes?

For your oblong face, aim for natural full beards trimmed short, voluminous sideburns, or a Beardstache to add width without lengthening your face.

Avoid long styles like the Van Dyke or Goatee that could overemphasize your face’s length.

How do moustache styles affect oblong face proportions?

Let’s crack the code on how a moustache can tweak oblong face proportions.

Opting for a larger moustache that stretches past the mouth corners can really play up your cheekbones, steering clear of the mini ‘stache trap.

Which glasses shapes suit men with oblong faces?

For those of you with oblong faces, round or angular frames are your best mates. They balance your features, making you look sharp.

Think square glasses to broaden that forehead, but dodge tiny frames. Browline glasses? A smart pick.

Can oblong faces carry off very short haircuts like buzz cuts?

Yes, you can pull off a buzz cut with an oblong face. It can reduce the appearance of length and add more bulk to your features.

Just remember, it’ll showcase your face’s true structure, so pair it with confidence!

How do hair textures influence hairstyles for oblong faces?

Just like you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to both a beach day and a black-tie event, your hair texture plays a pivotal role in shaping the perfect hairstyle for your oblong face.

Coarse or curly locks might lean towards styles that tame volume at the sides, while fine or straight hair could embrace layers to add depth and movement.

It’s all about creating that visual balance, ensuring your mane complements rather than competes with your face shape.

So, whether you’re blessed with waves that rival the ocean or strands as sleek as a silk gown, there’s a style that fits just right, making sure you look your best without missing a beat.


While an oblong face might seem limiting at first glance, it actually opens up a world of stylish possibilities.

From the timeless elegance of a classic side part to the bold statement of an undercut, the right hairstyle can significantly elevate your look.

Embracing hairstyles for oblong faces men means playing to your strengths, balancing your features, and stepping out with confidence.

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