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Make Splat Hair Color Last Longer: Tips & Tricks for Vibrant Color (2024)

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Achieve vibrant color and make your Splat hair dye last longer by following our tips! You may be wondering how long does Splat hair dye actually last. According to the manufacturer, it typically lasts for four to six weeks, though some people find that their color can linger much longer or shorter than this time frame.

Despite variations in longevity between users, there are several ways you can extend the life of your Splat hair color with proper care and maintenance.

Key Takeaways

how long does splat hair dye last

  • Splat hair dye typically lasts 4-6 weeks, but it can vary for different individuals.
  • The longevity of Splat hair dye is influenced by factors such as shade selection, previous coloring history, and the use of heating tools or products containing alcohol.
  • Applying the dye on damp hair helps ensure optimal application and prevents premature fading.
  • It is important to use proper hair repair treatments after coloring to maintain healthy follicles and retain pigment particles.

Factors Affecting Splat Hair Dye Longevity

Factors Affecting Splat Hair Dye Longevity
Experience vibrant color like never before with Splat – just be sure to take the necessary steps to make it last as long as possible! Splat hair dye is a semi-permanent line of dyes that come in various shades, allowing you to achieve bold and unique looks.

To get the most life out of your color, there are certain factors worth considering. First, shade selection is important. Choose a highly pigmented shade that will last even through regular washes. Applying the dye on damp hair helps ensure optimal application and prevents any excess product loss, which could lead to premature fading from UV exposure or environmental damage caused by pollutants in the air.

In addition to shade selection, your previous coloring history can also affect the longevity of your Splat hair dye. If you have previously colored your hair, it may be more difficult for the new dye to adhere and last as long.

Proper hair repair treatments after coloring are essential to maintain healthy follicles, which can better retain pigment particles without crumbling away prematurely due to poor conditioner porosity levels within each strand itself.

Using heating tools or products containing alcohol can also impact the longevity of your color. Heat protection products should be used when styling with heated tools to prevent excessive drying, which can lead to weak strands and more breakage.

This, in turn, results in less vibrant colors over time. It is also advisable to limit the use of heating appliances whenever possible, as constant high temperatures strip natural oils away and further weaken the hair structure, leading to quicker fading.

By considering these factors and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your Splat hair dye lasts as long as possible, giving you the vibrant and bold look you desire.

How to Make Splat Hair Dye Last Longer

How to Make Splat Hair Dye Last Longer
Are you seeking vibrant, bold hair color that will endure? Splat hair dye is the ideal solution. To ensure your color remains fresh after each wash, select a highly pigmented shade and apply it to damp hair.

This method will help prolong the longevity of your color. By taking proper care and precautions, you can achieve long-lasting results with Splat’s semi-permanent dyes.

Highly Pigmented Shades

Choose a highly-hued hue for head-turning hair! When selecting your shade of Splat Hair Dye, pick a color that’s highly pigmented for maximum vibrancy and longevity.

Applying the dye to damp hair will help it adhere better and prevent any product loss from UV exposure or environmental damage. Previous coloring may also impact how long your new dye lasts; repairing follicles with treatments like Intrabond Complex Hair Mask will help retain pigment particles longer.

Color-safe products should be used when styling to avoid fading while protecting against heat damage with added UV filters and antioxidants.

With so many shades of Splat available, find one that fits you best knowing semi-permanent dye won’t stay forever but can last up to six weeks if cared for properly – giving ample time for bold, vibrant colors without commitment when switching up styles often!

Application to Damp Hair

For optimal vibrancy and longevity, apply Splat Hair Dye to damp hair. It’ll help the product adhere better and protect against UV exposure. Choose a highly-hued hue for head-turning results! Avoid sunlight by using color-safe products like dry shampoo or clarifying shampoos that don’t strip away too much of your new shade.

By prepping with a clean slate, limit heat styling tools whenever possible so you can maintain vibrant colors longer. Pigmented shades will give you the boldest look, while hydrating ingredients like Baobab Seed Oil nourish strands in between coloring sessions.

With all these tips in mind, Splat Hair Dyes are an easy way to switch up styles without committing long term!

Use of Color-Safe Products

Use of Color-Safe Products
Greetings! To maintain the vibrancy of your Splat hair dye, it’s important to use color-safe products. Some great options include Refresh Revitalize Argan Oil Dry Shampoo, Manic Panic Hair Clarifying Shampoo, and Punky Color Hair Color Remover.

For all-over purple hair color that lasts 4-6 weeks, consider Midnight Tanzanite Hair Dye. To protect your colored strands from water, try Auban Disposable Shower Caps. And to detangle wet or dry tresses without causing damage, use the Long Hair Detangling Comb.

To add an extra layer of protection, use Amika Vault Color Lock Conditioner. And for extra care during your coloring session, use Vinyl Gloves Disposable medium.

Remember, using these color-safe products will help keep your hair looking vibrant and beautiful.

1. Refresh Revitalize Argan Oil Dry Shampoo

Revitalize your hair with OGX Refresh Revitalize Argan Oil Dry Shampoo – a game changer that packs quite a punch! Keep the demi-permanent color of your Splat Hair Dye vibrant by avoiding sunlight, washing hair less often, and using high-quality heat protectants.

To prolong its longevity, limit heat styling and use color removal products as needed.

2. Manic Panic Hair Clarifying Shampoo

Rejuvenate your tresses with Manic Panic Hair Clarifying Shampoo for a vibrant and healthy look. Its sulfate-free formula protects color and removes dry hair, while UV protection safeguards strands from the sun’s rays.

Warm water helps to open up cuticles before shampooing, then rinse thoroughly with cold water to close them back up again. With its organic ingredients like ginseng root extract, this product is great for those allergic to latex or looking for natural hair color remover solutions.

3. Punky Color Hair Color Remover

Transform your locks with Punky Color Hair Color Remover and restore them to their original hue. This all-in-one kit is trusted by professionals and suitable for all hair types, offering protection from trendy lines of semi-permanent hair dyes.

Pros include its ability to remove unwanted color. Cons may be drying – use color-safe products in your daily routine after application.

4. Midnight Tanzanite Hair Dye

Experience the bold results of Midnight Tanzanite Hair Dye and make a statement with your hair color! Choose this semi-permanent type of dye to add life to your locks while protecting them from sun damage.

Ensure proper aftercare by using color-safe products in hair care routines. Select wisely by doing a strand test before application.

5. Auban Disposable Shower Caps

Protect your hair color with Auban Disposable Shower Caps! These thick and stretchable plastic caps are waterproof, oil-proof, and come in packs of 100 pieces for one-time use.

To make sure hair dye lasts longer, choose a comb that won’t break it or damage the scalp. Color Care Hydrating Shampoo is also excellent for retaining color while providing shine and moisture without weighing down the locks.

Vinyl gloves are ideal to protect hands from commercial color removers or baking soda cleaning solutions–just be sure to do an allergy test first!

Keep your style vibrant by using only safe formulas like Amika’s Vault Conditioner.

6. Long Hair Detangling Comb,Green

Tame tangles and make styling easier with this durable, thick plastic comb! The Long Hair Detangling Comb has wide, rounded teeth for maximum comfort while slipping through knots without breakage. The textured surface provides excellent grip even when wet and comes in fun colors to keep your hair vibrant all day long.

Selecting the right comb is essential for preserving color as well as dye removal.

7. Color Care Hydrating Shampoo

Revive your hair with Milkshake Liquid Haircare Color Care Hydrating Shampoo for a sweet-scented, all-in-one solution to bring back its vibrancy and strength. Protect color from fading and brassy highlights with UV protection while nourishing strands with Baobab Seed Oil and Quinoa Extract.

8. Vinyl Gloves Disposable Medium

Take your hair care protection to the next level with DOTING’s Vinyl Gloves Disposable Medium. Avoid dye stains when bleaching or patch testing for a new color by sectioning hair and using gloves.

9. Amika Vault Color-Lock Conditioner

Keep your hair color vibrant with Amika Vault Color-Lock Conditioner – a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner duo designed to preserve dye job life. UV protection, moisture retention, and product buildup removal are significant factors in this formula’s success.

How to Remove Splat Hair Color

How to Remove Splat Hair Color
If you’re looking to remove your Splat hair color, there are a few options at your disposal. Baking soda masks can help reduce the amount of dye in the hair, while clarifying shampoos work to strip away any remaining product from its strands.

Lastly, color removers offer an effective and safe way to revert back to one’s natural shade without damaging their locks.

Baking Soda Mask

Try out a baking soda mask to naturally lift the color of your Splat hair dye and get it ready for a new look. For safety, always use gloves when applying any type of hair product or dye. To preserve the longevity of your Splat hair color, opt for UV protection and day-use dyes.

A majority of the hair color freaks are loving this simple method that not only removes most types of dyes but also helps protect their strands from damage due to over-dying! Here’s a list on how you can benefit from using this technique:

  1. Easily remove unwanted colors without harsh chemicals.
  2. Preserve healthy locks with minimal damage.
  3. Protect against fading caused by UV rays.
  4. Enjoy long-lasting vibrant hues with no need for frequent retouching sessions.

Give yourself an at-home spa treatment by creating your own baking soda mask following these easy steps – mix one part water to two parts baking soda until it forms into a paste-like consistency.

Clarifying Shampoo

If you’re looking for an effective way to remove your Splat hair color, consider using a clarifying shampoo. This method will help protect your tresses from UV damage and repair any damage caused by the dyeing process.

Using a clarifying shampoo not only gives you better color results but also removes bacteria growth that can be caused by the Splat hair dye process.

It is important to use this product on damp or dry hair according to your specific hair texture so it can work effectively without further damage.

Clarifying shampoos are an ideal choice if you need long-lasting results with minimal effort.

Color Remover

For an easy and quick way to remove Splat hair color, consider using a Color Remover. This product is designed to help preserve your tresses while avoiding potential damage caused by the dyeing process.

It offers UV protection and helps prevent color fading and brassy highlights. It can be used on all hair textures, including curly or thick hair.

To make sure Splat colors stay vibrant for longer periods of time, you should also avoid sunlight exposure. Additionally, limit your frequency of washing the dyed strands with shampoos that contain sulfates or detergents.

As a next step in ensuring lasting results, it’s important to use baking soda’s cleaning capabilities before applying this product for the best outcomes.

How to Use Splat Hair Dye

How to Use Splat Hair Dye
Preparing to dye your hair at home with Splat Hair Dye can be an exciting experience. To ensure a successful outcome, it’s important to have the right preparation and materials on hand before beginning the process.

First, you’ll need gloves, an applicator brush or bowl for mixing the product, and of course, the Splat Hair Dye itself.

Additionally, if any opened product remains after use, then keep in mind that its shelf life is only three months.

Preparation and Materials

Before you apply Splat hair dye, it’s important to have the right preparation and materials. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before application. Invest in gloves, applicator brushes, an old towel or cape that can be thrown away after use, clips for sectioning off sections of hair while coloring, and disposable shower caps if applying multiple colors at once.

When selecting a product, make sure to choose a color that matches your desired results. Additionally, consider any protective gear you may need, such as face masks or eyewear, especially when working with bleach or high lift dyes.

Before you start, prepare the area where you will be working by washing it thoroughly. Have all the necessary items nearby so that nothing gets forgotten during the processing time.

Hair preparation is crucial. Ensure that your hair is free from excess oils, as this could hinder the absorption of the product into the strands. Depending on the desired shade, pre-lightening may not be necessary, which can save you time and money.

Finally, remember that practice makes perfect when using Splat Hair Dye. Find what works best for achieving maximum vibrancy that lasts long enough to give you a true sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Steps for Coloring Hair at Home

To achieve your desired hair color, follow these steps for coloring at home with Splat:

  • Protect yourself and the area you’re working in. Wear gloves and use a face mask if necessary.
  • Prepare your hair by making sure it’s clean, dry, free of oils, and pre-lightened as needed prior to application.
  • Section off sections of the hair using clips before applying dye to each section individually.
  • Follow instructions on the packaging regarding bleaching or staining processes as required based on desired shade selection.
  • Allow enough processing time for maximum vibrancy before rinsing out dye thoroughly with cold water.

Shelf Life of Opened Splat Hair Dye

Once opened, Splat hair dye can remain vibrant and true-to-tone for four to six weeks, as long as you take proper precautions. To maximize shelf life, consider avoiding sunlight exposure and using color-safe products.

Hair texture, porosity type, heat limit used on the strands, and frequency of washing also affect how long your new ‘do will last.

When applying dye or styling with heat tools, be sure to use protective gloves when required. This helps keep your hands clean while protecting against damage due to high temperatures from heated devices like blow dryers or curling irons.

With a few easy tips, you’ll have beautiful locks that last just as long as your next salon visit!

Tips for Applying Splat Hair Dye

Tips for Applying Splat Hair Dye
Before you begin applying Splat Hair Dye, it’s important to consider some key points for a successful outcome. Make sure to perform an allergy patch test and prevent dye stains on your skin by wearing protective gloves.

If you want a lighter color or more vibrant results, then pre-lightening the hair with bleach might be necessary. Additionally, sectioning your hair before application will help ensure even coverage of the product when dyeing all over or just certain sections of the head.

Allergy and Patch Test

Before beginning the process of coloring your hair with Splat Hair Dye, it’s important to test a small patch of skin for any potential allergies or sensitivities. Allergy testing and patch testing can be done simply by applying a little bit of dye on the inner elbow and leaving it overnight.

If there’s no itching or redness after 24 hours, then you should proceed to color bleaching. Section off sections of hair for even application and take care not to get dye stains on clothes or furniture during the process.

Preventing Dye Stains

Take precautions when applying Splat Hair Dye to avoid getting stains on your clothes and furniture – 95% of teens reported experiencing dye staining their clothing at least once.

Here are some tips for avoiding this:

  • Avoid heat styling and use color-safe products, such as a deep conditioner, to extend the life of your hair color.
  • Limit washing frequency; UV protection can help maintain vibrant colors for longer periods.
  • Use vinyl gloves during application to keep hands clean and prevent any accidental spills from happening!

By following these simple steps, you’ll have beautiful colored hair without any unwanted messes or stains.

Hair Bleaching

If you want to switch up your hair color, bleaching is the first step before applying Splat Hair Dye for an intense and vibrant look. Be aware of potential risks associated with this process and take necessary precautions, such as wearing protective gear.

When it comes to choosing a color, go for something bolder than usual since bleached hair takes on colors more easily. For best results when applying dye, use damp hair and let it sit longer than the recommended time for richer shades that will last longer.

Finally, have some methods ready to remove excess dye in case of accidental spills or over-application.

Sectioning the Hair

For optimal results when applying Splat Hair Dye, make sure to section your hair perfectly for a stunningly vibrant and long-lasting look that will impress everyone! Begin with a hair parting of your choice, then utilize the sectioning technique to divide your locks into small parts.

This ensures even dye application and prevents any color bleeding between sections. It also helps safeguard unprotected areas from accidental spills or oversaturation during the process.

Applying the Hair Dye

Once you’ve sectioned your hair, it’s time to apply the Splat Hair Dye for a vibrant look that will last! Before starting, perform a patch test on the skin and ensure all necessary supplies are prepared.

Be sure to protect clothes and counters from color bleaching. Position yourself near a sink with warm water handy for easy clean up of any dye stains.

Starting at the back of your head, use an applicator brush or gloves when applying sections of dye along each strand from root to tip until completely saturated in color.

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Splat Hair Dye

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Splat Hair Dye
To ensure your Splat dye job stays vibrant and eye-catching for as long as possible, take steps to extend its lifespan. Pre-lightening the hair with bleach can help you achieve a lighter color or more vibrant results.

Avoiding UV exposure is key in keeping the color from fading quickly, too. Additionally, using only color-safe products on your dyed hair will help protect it against damage and preserve its vibrancy longer.

When applying Splat Hair Dye, you should also consider dampening your hair before application. This helps promote even coverage of the product when dyeing all over or just certain sections of the head.

Here are some tips to extend the lifespan of your Splat Hair Dye:

  • Choose highly pigmented shades for an intense look that lasts longer.
  • Apply to damp (not wet) hair so that it doesn’t absorb too much product at once.
  • Use only products formulated specifically for colored tresses, such as sulfate-free shampoos, to prevent premature fading.
  • Limit heat styling whenever possible or use protective sprays/gels during styling.
  • Avoid sunlight!

With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous locks full of shining hues without having to worry about constant re-dying every few weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any side effects of using Splat hair dye?

Using Splat hair dye may cause skin irritation, dryness, and bleaching of natural hair color. It is recommended to use protection like gloves and perform a patch test first to prevent any adverse reactions.

Does Splat hair dye contain harsh chemicals?

No, Splat hair dye does not contain harsh chemicals. It is formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients and without sulfates, parabens, or ammonia.

Is Splat hair dye safe to use on children?

Splat hair dye can be used on children, but it is important to take extra precautions. Make sure the child does not have any allergies or sensitivities and use a non-toxic formula that will not cause damage.

Does Splat hair dye fade quickly?

Splat hair dye offers vibrant, long-lasting color, but its longevity depends on how it is applied. Proper prepping and product use can help keep your hue from fading fast; think timely application, pigmented shades, and protective products.

Is Splat hair dye easy to remove?

Yes, Splat hair dye is easy to remove. With the help of a baking soda mask, clarifying shampoo, or color remover, you can quickly and effectively rid yourself of those unwanted colors.


In conclusion, Splat hair dye can be a great way to add some vibrant color to your locks. However, to make sure the color lasts, it’s important to consider factors like shade, previous coloring, and hair type.

Additionally, you can make sure the dye lasts longer by using highly pigmented shades, applying it to damp hair, and using color-safe products. When it’s time to remove the dye, you can use baking soda, clarifying shampoo, and color remover.

It’s also important to know how to use Splat hair dye properly. Tips like allergy and patch tests, preventing dye stains, and applying the dye can help.

Finally, to extend the lifespan of the color, make sure to limit sun exposure, wash your hair less often, and use heat sparingly.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to keep your hair looking vibrant for weeks to come.

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