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Trim Your Long Beard: 4 Ways to Shape & Style for 2023

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It’s true what they say: nothing says power and liberation quite like a well-groomed beard.

Whether you’re using a pair of scissors or clippers to keep everything neat and tidy – we’ll show you exactly how to trim that long beard so it looks sharp every day.

So if you want some guidance on correctly – read on as we go over 4 simple methods that should have your mane looking salon fresh from home.

Key Takeaways

how to trim a long beard

  • Use scissors or clippers to maintain a neat and tidy beard.
  • Begin by using an electric trimmer on the mustache, starting from the center and working outward.
  • Use a clipper to trim the interior beard lines, creating clean edges.
  • Regularly maintain and groom your beard to achieve a polished appearance.

How to Trim a Long Beard?

How to Trim a Long Beard?
You can manage a thick, curly mane with ease by using the right tools and techniques – giving you the look of confidence and style that you deserve.

Start with an electric trimmer on its side to achieve a clean trim along your mustache. Begin in the center, then roll outwards towards each corner of your mouth before flipping it over and repeating on either side.

Afterward, rinse off any excess clippings while re-washing your beard so as not to irritate skin or hairs when styling later.

You’ll want products specifically designed for long beards such as adjustable clippers, specialized scissors, Beard Trimmers, etc., which can help shape & define styles better than regular grooming items would allow.

Once applied properly, massage into all areas including around ears, ensuring even coverage before brushing through fully using boar bristle brushes – exfoliating skin while helping promote growth further still!

Finally, enjoy feeling more confident without worrying about itchiness or stiffness from improperly trimmed tresses thanks to these simple tips & product recommendations – unlocking power & mastery within yourself today.

Wash Your Beard

Wash Your Beard
Before styling your mane, make sure to rinse and rewash any excess trimmings for a clean look that will keep skin irritation away. Use a wide-tooth pick or beard cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and grime accumulated in your facial hair.

Moisturize daily with an oil specifically designed for long beards—like V76 Beard Oil—which is made without harsh chemicals but still provides softness even on coarse beards.

Condition frequently by adding two or three drops of oil per application (depending on length), then massaging it into the whole beard before brushing it out again.

Additionally, watch out for signs of dandruff, which can occur when not properly caring for one’s locks. Maintain regular washing schedules along with moisturizing regularly to avoid such issues from arising in future endeavors.

With these simple tips and product recommendations now under your wing, say goodbye to stiffness and itchiness: unlock power and mastery within yourself today – feel more confident than ever before!


Gently detangle your beard with the Cricket Ultra Hair Comb, and let its Argan & Olive oils and Keratin protein-infused plastic reduce frizz for a voluminous look.

To ensure an even smoother comb glide:

  1. Make sure to brush any food bits out of curly hair before using the comb.
  2. Softly run boar bristles through your mane, as stiffer bristles may snag or pull on hairs while still providing necessary exfoliation benefits!
  3. Use beard-specific scissors or a clipper when trimming longer beards; this will help achieve precise styles at home without damaging facial locks in the process!
  4. Afterwards, massage oil into the skin with light pressure – it’ll condition both short and long beards alike while keeping them healthy-looking too!

Matty Conrad once said, Beard care is not just about hygiene but also style, so make sure you take good care of yours by following these steps regularly for maximum growth potentials that are both liberating yet powerful enough to master one’s looks – whether they have short stubble or luscious locks down past their shoulders!!

Trim the Interior

Trim the Interior
Run the trimmer over your interior beard lines to create clean, sharp edges. Whether you’re aiming for a more natural texture or careful styling, having quality tools is essential for any successful maintenance routine.

Using a clipper with adjustable blades that can be used on both sides will help shape and balance your beard while maintaining its length.

Begin by creating an even base line at the bottom of your chin using short strokes from one side to the other in order to keep it symmetrical and neat-looking.

Afterward, make sure no stray hairs were left behind by gently patting down with a clean hand towel then assessing angles of the beard as well as overall thickness throughout its entirety; this way you’ll know what needs trimming or thinning during the next session too!

With these steps combined into daily practice plus regular oiling & brushing sessions – regardless if you have short stubble or luscious locks past shoulder length – liberation & power are yours through mastering man’s looks!

Shape & Balance Natural Texture
Using adjustable blades that can be used on both sides helps achieve symmetry and desired look when shaping & balancing facial locks Forgo harsh chemicals but instead opt for softer products such as oils which moisturize skin and add softness to coarse hair

Styling Methods Quality Tools Maintenance Routine Sharp Blades Base Line Side Wall Clean Hand Towel Angles Of The Beard

Creating an even base line at the bottom of the chin using short strokes from one side to another.

Using a clipper with adjustable blades that can be used on both sides.

Daily practice plus regular oiling & brushing.

Short strokes along each side wall towards earlobes.

Pat down gently with a clean hand towel to assess stray hairs.

Assessing angles of the beard as well as overall thickness throughout its entirety.

Finishing up with even shorter ones at their tips – always work against hair growth.

Clean Up the Outline

Clean Up the Outline
To create a polished look, use sharp blades to clean up the outline of your facial hair and give it a well-defined shape. Begin by outlining the neckline using an edge trimmer or beard scissors. Make sure that you trim at least 1/2 inch above where you want your final neckline to be – this will help ensure that any stray hairs are removed during maintenance sessions.

After defining the contour along one side of your face, repeat on the other side before moving towards the top of the beard near the center point between both ears – all while keeping the blade parallel and close against the skin!

For those with longer locks stretching down below shoulder length, Conrad’s Beard recommends brushing outward from the chin so as not to miss out on hairs hiding under shorter ones.

Finally, don’t forget about utilizing oil products such as V76 Beard Oil, which helps tame unruly strands and gives natural shine without harsh chemicals – plus, its pleasant scent adds an extra touch of confidence when stepping out into the world fresh from the barber shop chair!

With these tips combined together, anyone can easily master the manly looks they desire, no matter the size or style preferred.

How to Shape a Long Beard at Home

How to Shape a Long Beard at Home
Are you looking to shape up your long beard at home? Trimming a big mustache can be easily done with the right tools, such as clippers or scissors. Learn how to trim and maintain your longer locks for a polished look that will turn heads! With these tips, anyone can master the manly looks they desire in no time.

How to Trim a Long Beard With Clippers

Shape your facial hair with clippers for a precise, professional finish. To get the best results from using clippers on a long beard, first consider your hair type and the desired beardscape. Adjust the settings of your high-quality trimmer to achieve an even cut that looks great.

Preparing the beard before trimming is also important – make sure to wash it thoroughly and comb through any tangles or knots. When trimming with clippers, start by positioning them in line with your current length so they are flush against both sides of the face.

Use smaller attachments to clean up the neckline and define the cheekbone area. Then transition into larger guards when blending away any inconsistencies near the top portion, near the ears, or behind the jawline.

Finally, use scissors as needed after clipping off excess bulkiness along the edges if necessary for a perfect sculpted look every time, without fail, regardless of what style you choose.

How to Trim a Long Beard With Scissors

Scissor-shaping your facial hair can give you the precise, professional finish desired for a long beard. To achieve this look, start by creating symmetry with sharp edges along the base of the beard and adjust according to personal preferences.

Length should be evenly distributed throughout, so use styling techniques such as straight lines or curved patterns for best results.

When trimming with scissors, make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors and handle them carefully – one wrong move could mean disaster! For more accurate cuts, it helps to have someone else take control, but if you’re alone, ensure each stroke is slow yet deliberate in order to get an even haircut that looks great from any angle.

With careful handling and patience, there is no limit to how stunning your long beard can become – giving yourself the best chance of achieving perfection every time!

A Sample Trimming and Shaping Routine

A Sample Trimming and Shaping Routine
Groom your long mane with finesse – just like a sculptor chiseling away at stone – by following a trimming and shaping routine using clippers, scissors, beard oil, and a brush.

Start by setting the trimmer on its side so you can handle any bulk of the beard that needs attention. Then move onto detailing on either side of the face. Start in the center, then roll outwards towards each corner of your mustache or goatee.

To shape up nicely, draw an imaginary line going from one ear to another across your cheeks and chin area.

When done trimming, it’s time to take proper care with washing. Dry off excess water with a towel, then apply some high-quality oil, such as V76 Beard Oil for Men, over palms. Massage it into facial hair all over evenly while brushing upwards using a boar bristle brush.

Finally, remember these important tips: watch videos online about other techniques used when cutting longer beards.

Looking Sharp

Looking Sharp
Having a big beard is an art form. It takes practice and dedication to achieve the perfect look. But with the right tools, you can easily get on your way to becoming a master barber-in-training.

Proper maintenance, such as neatening edges, following proper hygiene habits, and using quality products, are key components for achieving hair growth goals while keeping your manly beard looking sharp – no matter how long it gets!

If you’re new to the game of grooming, then start out by gathering up all of the essential tools of the trade like scissors or clippers designed specifically for beards, trimmers that can handle large areas quickly without tugging too much at delicate facial hairs, and even straight razors if needed depending on desired style preference (just remember: always use caution!).

To ensure accuracy when trimming bigger beards, opt for mirror reflection assistance from another person so both sides remain symmetrical in appearance during the process completion!

For those who are experienced in this craft already but want some extra tips – pay attention! Make sure there’s ample space between the blade/clipper head and the skin surface area; go slowly around the neckline region as well since that tends to take time due diligence-wise; also, brush downwards rather than upwards against the grain direction when applying oils afterwards because friction buildup would otherwise cause irritation over time…and lastly, don’t forget about regular upkeep intervals either.

Once every two weeks typically works just fine here too (depending upon the individual).

With these few simple steps combined together, anyone can become better groomed regardless of their current skill level. The status quo held prior to today’s lesson recap reminder momento has now officially been given back full circle.

The nearly completed journey is ready, set, go onward, forward march onwards evermore, forever more, continued success, never-ending story until next we meet again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best tools to use when trimming a long beard?

Discover the ultimate toolkit for trimming your long beard: The Cricket Ultra Hair Comb, Oster FastFeed Clipper 76023-510, ZilberHaar Stiff Boar Beard Brush, and V76 Beard Oil. With these tools, you’ll have all you need to tame even the wildest of beards! Unlock newfound power and mastery over your facial hair with a superior grooming experience like never before.

How often should you trim a long beard?

Trimming a long beard should be done every 3-4 weeks to maintain its shape and health.

Is it better to trim a long beard wet or dry?

It’s best to trim a long beard dry, as cutting it wet can lead to uneven lengths. For example, if the hair is damp when trimmed, some areas may appear shorter than they actually are once dried.

Are there any special techniques for shaping a long beard?

For shaping a long beard, it’s important to use special techniques. For example, using an upward motion when trimming can create better definition and shape. Also, consider using hair clippers or scissors with longer blade lengths for more control over the finished product.

How can I make sure I don’t accidentally trim too much?

To prevent accidentally trimming too much, begin by using a smaller trimmer setting and gradually increase the size. Pay attention to the areas that require more attention and take the time to observe your progress as you proceed.


Your beard can be your best accessory, but it’s important to keep it groomed and looking sharp. With a few simple steps, you can maintain your beard and keep it looking great no matter how long it is. A good trim every few weeks will help you keep your beard looking neat and tidy.

According to research, 69% of men prefer a well-groomed beard over an unkempt one.

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