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Best Hair Clays for Men: Top Matte Finish Picks to Style Like a Pro (2024)

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Searching for the optimal hair clays for men? Your quest ends here! Clay pomades provide a firm, malleable hold with a natural matte finish, tailored to contemporary styles. Leading choices such as Baxter of California and Layrite Cement Clay ensure enduring control without flaking or buildup. Premium ingredients like bentonite clay and beeswax impart texture, volume, and nourishment. Simply warm a small amount between your palms and distribute through towel-dried hair, working from the back towards the front. With proper application, you will attain the sought-after textured, separated style that endures throughout the day. However, the advantages of hair clays extend beyond styling – delve further to discover their full potential.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hair clays provide a firm, malleable hold with a natural matte finish, ideal for contemporary hairstyles.
  • Key factors to consider when choosing the best hair clay include ingredient quality, hold strength, texture and finish, customer reviews, and value for money.
  • Top hair clay options for men include Baxter of California Clay Pomade, Layrite Cement Hair Clay, Matte Clay by Percy Nobleman, and Smooth Viking Hair Clay.
  • Proper application techniques, such as starting with clean, towel-dried hair and warming the clay in your palms, are crucial for achieving the desired styling results.

The Selection Process for the Top Hair Clays

The Selection Process for the Top Hair Clays
When choosing the best hair clays for men, it’s essential to assess the ingredient quality, hold strength, texture and matte finish, customer feedback and ratings, and cost-effectiveness. These considerations guarantee that you obtain a high-functioning, natural-looking product that aligns with your styling requirements and delivers an exceptional overall experience.

Ingredient Quality

When selecting the best hair clay for your styling needs, ingredient quality is paramount. Look for clays like bentonite and kaolin, which offer natural volume and texture without harsh chemicals. Opt for formulas with nourishing oils and waxes to keep your hair healthy. Steer clear of products with long lists of unpronounceable ingredients – your hair deserves the best.

Hold Strength

Regarding hair clay, hold strength is of utmost importance. Seek clays that provide:

  • Enduring hold that maintains your style throughout the day
  • Adjustable hold that enables you to intensify or soften its effect
  • Unwavering hold from initial application to subsequent reapplications
  • Effortless reapplication to revitalize your appearance without burdening your hair
  • Unmatched hold strength that surpasses other styling products
  • Hair clay for men offers a spectrum of hold strengths, ranging from moderate to extreme.
  • The hold strength of a hair clay plays a crucial role in the selection process.
  • Factors influencing hold strength include the clay type (bentonite versus kaolin), waxes, and other binding agents in the formula.
  • A clay with a potent hold can secure your hairstyle for the entire day, even in humid or windy environments.
  • Medium hold clays provide a more natural, malleable hold that facilitates effortless restyling throughout the day.
  • The hold strength should align with your hair type and desired hairstyle – thicker hair may necessitate a stronger hold.
  • Proper application technique (employing the appropriate amount, distributing evenly) also affects the hold performance of a hair clay.
  • Comparing hold strength across various hair clay brands and formulas is essential to identify the optimal product for your requirements.

Texture and Matte Finish

The texture and matte finish of a hair clay are essential for achieving that effortless, natural look. Look for clays that provide medium to strong hold without weighing down your hair or leaving a shiny, oily residue. The right clay will add volume and separation, creating a textured, matte style that holds all day.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are a treasure-trove for uncovering the finest hair clays. Pursue products with:

  1. Consistently lofty ratings from contented clientele.
  2. Elaborate reviews underscoring execution, grip, and conclusion.
  3. Laudatory responses regarding the product’s competence in fulfilling variegated styling requirements.

Scrutinizing these insights can guide you toward hair clays that live up to their word and garner fervent advocates.

Value for Money

In terms of cost-effectiveness, seek a hair clay that offers superior performance without depleting your finances. Explore choices that harmonize cost and potency, such as the 121 Man Made Clay – a medium-hold formula that yields exceptional outcomes at a reasonable price. Give precedence to value rather than the most budget-friendly option to maximize your investment.

Product Price Value
121 Man Made Clay $15 Excellent
Baxter of California Clay Pomade $23 Good
Layrite Cement Clay $20 Very Good
Matte Clay By Percy Nobleman $18 Good
Smooth Viking Hair Clay $12 Excellent

Top 7 Best Hair Clays for Men

In the realm of achieving a refined and natural-looking hairstyle, the matte finish imparted by hair clays reigns supreme.

From enduring favorites such as Baxter of California Clay Pomade and Layrite Cement Hair Clay to discerning selections like Percy Nobleman’s Matte Clay, a plethora of exceptional products awaits you.

These offerings ensure the optimal hold and texture tailored to your hair type and the aesthetic you seek to manifest.

1. Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay PomadeView On Amazon
Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is a versatile styling product that delivers a firm hold and a natural matte finish.

This American-made clay pomade separates, defines, and molds your hair with ease, creating a polished yet effortless look.

The formula is silicone-free and unscented, making it suitable for all hair types.

A pea-sized amount is all you need to work through damp or dry hair, providing long-lasting control without weighing down your strands.

Whether you’re going for a sleek, slicked-back style or a textured, messy look, this clay pomade is up for the task.

It’s the perfect grooming essential to have in your arsenal for any occasion.

Best For: Those seeking a firm hold and natural matte finish for all hair types.

  • Silicone-free and unscented formula
  • Provides long-lasting control without weighing hair down
  • Versatile styling options for various hair textures and styles
  • Heavier than other products
  • May feel like a balloon texture in hair if too much is used
  • Hard to wash out

2. Layrite Cement Hair Clay

Layrite Cement Hair Clay, 4.25View On Amazon
Layrite Cement Hair Clay is the choice for men seeking a hair styling product with an iron grip.

This water-based clay delivers a matte finish and a hold that won’t budge, even in the windiest conditions.

The secret lies in its unique formula, which blends high-quality clay with just the right amount of wax to create a sturdy yet pliable hold.

Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, and you’ll be rewarded with a hairstyle that stays put all day long.

The subtle, masculine scent is an added bonus.

Whether you’re rocking a slick pompadour or a textured quiff, Layrite Cement Hair Clay is the unshakable styling sidekick you need.

Best For: Men seeking an iron grip hair styling product.

  • Matte finish
  • Strong hold that won’t budge in windy conditions
  • Subtle, masculine scent
  • Expensive
  • Scent may not be to everyone’s liking
  • May lose hold after a few hours of being outside

3. Matte Clay By Percy Nobleman

Matte Clay By Percy Nobleman,View On Amazon
Matte Clay By Percy Nobleman is a standout option for men seeking a natural, textured hairstyle. This clay-based formula delivers a medium hold that keeps your look in place without weighing down your strands.

The matte finish creates an effortless, lived-in vibe that’s perfect for shorter, choppy styles.

What sets this clay apart is its easy application and reworkability – you can mold and reshape your hair throughout the day without it feeling stiff or crunchy.

Plus, the subtle, masculine scent adds a nice finishing touch.

Whether you have thick or thin hair, this versatile clay is worth a try for those craving a polished, yet undone style.

Best For: Men seeking a natural, textured hairstyle with a matte finish.

  • Medium hold that keeps hair in place without weighing it down
  • Easy application and reworkability
  • Subtle, masculine scent
  • Not listed in the provided text

4. Smooth Viking Hair Clay

Smooth Viking Hair Clay forView On Amazon
Smooth Viking Hair Clay is a top-tier option for men seeking a strong hold and matte finish.

This clay-based formula tames even the most stubborn locks, allowing you to craft effortless, textured styles with ease.

The mineral-rich blend infused with beeswax, castor oil, and soybean oil nourishes your hair while providing a flexible, non-sticky hold that lasts all day – perfect for active lifestyles.

Whether you’re going for a beachy, tousled look or a more polished, defined style, Smooth Viking Hair Clay has you covered.

A little goes a long way, so you can achieve your desired look without weighing down your hair.

Give it a try and experience the power of this versatile styling essential.

Best For: Men seeking a strong hold and matte finish.

  • Provides a strong hold for thick, textured, and modern hairstyles
  • Tames stubborn hair
  • Lightweight formula allows for natural movement and flexibility
  • May have a stronger smell than previous batches
  • Can be applied to slightly damp or dry hair
  • Oil-free

5. Aveda Mens Grooming Clay 75ml

Aveda Mens Pure-Formance Grooming Clay,View On Amazon
The Aveda Men’s Grooming Clay is a versatile styling product that delivers a strong, matte hold without weighing down your hair.

This 75ml pot packs a punch, thanks to its blend of micro-fibers that provide control and texture.

Whether you have thick, thin, or in-between hair, this clay will help you achieve your desired style, be it a messy, textured look or a sleek, polished finish.

The citrus scent is invigorating, though some may find it overwhelming.

Just be sure to work the product in thoroughly to avoid any white residue.

With its long-lasting hold and natural finish, the Aveda clay is a solid choice for men seeking a reliable styling solution.

Best For: Men seeking a reliable sculpting solution for all hair types.

  • Adds strong hold without shine
  • Lightweight micro-fibers provide control and texture
  • Long-lasting hold with no crunch or buildup
  • Expensive
  • Strong scent
  • May need to work product in thoroughly to avoid white speckles

6. Molding Creme Matte Finish Strong Hold

Best Molding Creme for StrongView On Amazon
The Molding Creme Matte Finish Strong Hold is a hair clay that packs a serious punch. This stuff means business in terms of keeping your style locked in all day long.

With its robust hold, you can say goodbye to limp, lifeless locks – this clay will have your hair standing tall and looking sharp.

The matte finish gives you that effortless, natural look, so you’ll never have to worry about that greasy, shiny appearance.

Just a small scoop is all it takes to tame even the wildest of manes.

Get ready to take your styling game to new heights with this powerhouse hair clay.

Best For: Those who want a strong hold and a matte finish.

  • Strong hold
  • Matte finish
  • Easy to use
  • Consistency can be sticky and tacky
  • May not be suitable for medium to long hair
  • May require a blow dry for best results

7. Premium Styling Clay For Men

Premium Styling Clay For MenView On Amazon
The Premium Styling Clay for Men from Krieger + Söhne is an exceptional option for those seeking a firm yet pliable hold.

Enriched with beeswax, this non-greasy, flake-free formula offers a matte finish that facilitates a range of styles, whether you seek to tame unruly locks or impart grit and texture.

The fragrance-free blend integrates seamlessly with all hair types, providing an ideal balance of control and natural movement.

Boasting extended hold and effortless application, this superior clay is indispensable for any man who aspires to enhance his grooming regimen and present his most polished appearance, regardless of the occasion.

Best For: Men seeking a firm yet pliable hold for a variety of hairstyles.

  • Non-greasy, flake-free formula
  • Provides a matte finish
  • Infused with beeswax for added hold
  • Unscented
  • May not be suitable for those with very fine hair
  • May not provide enough hold for very active individuals

Key Ingredients Found in Hair Clays

Key Ingredients Found in Hair Clays
When shopping for hair clay, look for formulas containing bentonite and kaolin clays to provide hold, volume, and oil absorption. Also consider products with beeswax for hold and moisturizing carrier oils like jojoba or argan to nourish hair.

Bentonite and Kaolin (Clay)

Concerning hair clays, two key ingredients reign supreme: bentonite and kaolin. Bentonite, derived from volcanic ash, offers robust hold and volume-boosting properties, while kaolin provides a smoother texture and lighter grip. These clay types work in tandem to absorb excess oil, nourish your hair, and deliver the matte, textured finish you crave.

Regarding the selection process for the top hair clays, consider these factors:

  1. Ingredient Quality
  2. Hold Strength
  3. Texture and Matte Finish
  4. Customer Reviews and Ratings
  5. Value for Money

As for the top 7 best hair clays for men:

  1. Baxter Of California Clay Pomade
  2. Layrite Cement Hair Clay
  3. Matte Clay By Percy Nobleman
  4. Smooth Viking Hair Clay
  5. Aveda Mens Grooming Clay 75ml
  6. Molding Creme Matte Finish Strong Hold
  7. Premium Styling Clay For Men

In terms of the key ingredients found in hair clays:

  1. Bentonite and Kaolin (Clay)
  2. Beeswax
  3. Carrier Oils (Jojoba, Argan)

    When it comes to applying hair clay effectively:

  4. Start With Clean, Towel-Dried Hair
  5. Warm the Clay in Your Palms
  6. Apply From Back to Front, Root to Tip
  7. Style as Desired With Fingers or Comb

Concerning the benefits of using hair clay for men:

  1. Adds Volume and Texture
  2. Offers a Natural Matte Finish
  3. Provides Hair With Essential Nutrients
  4. Absorbs Excess Oil and Impurities

As for choosing the right hair clay for your hair type:

  1. Consider Hair Type and Desired Style
  2. Bentonite Vs Kaolin Clay for Hold
  3. Water-Based Vs Oil-Based Formulas

In terms of common mistakes to avoid when using hair clay:

  1. Applying Too Much Product
  2. Not Warming the Clay Before Use
  3. Applying to Wet Hair
  4. Not Spreading Evenly

Regarding maintaining your hairstyle with hair clay:

  1. Refresh With Water and Rework Clay
  2. Use a Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Build-Up
  3. Apply a Moisturizing Conditioner After Shampooing


Beeswax is a natural ingredient commonly found in hair clays, providing a firm yet flexible hold. It helps lock in moisture, taming frizz and flyaways for a polished look. While effective, some men may prefer beeswax alternatives like carnauba wax or lanolin for a lighter hold. Ultimately, the right beeswax-infused clay depends on your hair type and desired styling.

Carrier Oils (Jojoba, Argan)

Carrier oils like jojoba and argan are essential ingredients in high-quality hair clays. These natural oils nourish the scalp, promote healthy hair growth, and provide a chemical-free hold. Jojoba mimics the skin’s natural oils, while argan is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Together, they deliver a strong, yet flexible style with added benefits for your hair.

How to Apply Hair Clay Effectively

How to Apply Hair Clay Effectively
For best results, start with clean, towel-dried hair before applying hair clay. Rub a small amount of the clay between your palms to warm it up, then spread evenly from the back to the front and roots to ends using your fingers or a comb to achieve your desired hairstyle.

Start With Clean, Towel-Dried Hair

Before using hair clay, make certain your hair is clean and dried with a towel. This readies your strands for maximum clay absorption and styling. Take into account your hair’s porosity – thicker, coarser hair may need more drying time. Utilize your fingers, a comb, or a brush to distribute the clay smoothly from roots to ends for a polished, semi-matte finish.

Towel-Drying Techniques Hair Porosity Clay Application Tools
Gently pat dry Low porosity: Less drying time Fingers
Squeeze excess moisture High porosity: More drying time Comb
Avoid rubbing vigorously Determine with water absorption test Brush

Warm the Clay in Your Palms

Next, warm the clay between your palms for 5-10 seconds. This heat activation helps the clay become more pliable and easier to distribute evenly through your hair. The warmth also allows the clay to better grip your strands, providing a natural hold that won’t feel stiff or crunchy. Rub the product between your fingertips to further break it down before applying.

  • Heat activation enhances the clay’s full potential
  • Warming the product makes it more malleable
  • Finger styling helps distribute the clay evenly
  • Warmed clay grips hair for a natural, flexible hold
  • Activating the product improves its styling performance

Apply From Back to Front, Root to Tip

When applying hair clay, begin at the back of your head and progress forward. This guarantees uniform dispersion from root to tip. Gently massage the clay into your scalp to nourish and add volume to your hair. Adjust the amount used according to your hair type – a small amount goes a long way for fine hair, while thicker manes may require more.

Hair Type Application Technique
Fine/Thin Begin with a pea-sized amount, work up from roots
Thick/Coarse Use a dime-sized scoop, focus on even distribution
Curly Apply to damp hair, use fingers to define curls

Style as Desired With Fingers or Comb

Once you’ve applied the hair clay evenly, it’s time to style your hair as desired.

Use your fingers to create a textured, messy look by gently ruffling and lifting the hair.

For a sleeker style, use a comb to smooth the hair back or to the side.

The versatility of hair clay allows you to easily rework your look throughout the day.

Benefits of Using Hair Clay for Men

Benefits of Using Hair Clay for Men
Hair clay offers major styling benefits for men. Its volumizing and texturizing properties create a natural, matte look while absorbing excess oil and impurities to provide essential nourishment.

Adds Volume and Texture

After applying hair clay, you’ll immediately notice added fullness and texture. The clay product ingredients like bentonite act as a hair texturizer, roughening each strand for thicker, more voluminous locks. This styling versatility makes hair clay perfect for both daily usage and special occasions.

Here’s what using hair clay can do for you:

  • Thicken fine, thin hair
  • Add gritty texture and definition
  • Boost volume and body
  • Control fly-aways and frizz
  • Achieve messy, piecy styles

Offers a Natural Matte Finish

Hair clay’s matte finish gives your hair a natural, effortless look that’s perfect for any style.

The clay absorbs excess oil and impurities, leaving your hair with a clean, refined appearance.

If you have thin or fine hair, the clay can add body and volume for a fuller, healthier look.

Experiment with different hair clays to find the matte finish that suits your style best.

Provides Hair With Essential Nutrients

Hair clay doesn’t just style your locks – it nourishes them too. The key ingredients like bentonite and kaolin clays are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote scalp health and stronger, healthier hair strands. Massage this men’s hair care essential into your mane to enjoy the benefits of a well-conditioned, vibrant head of hair.

Absorbs Excess Oil and Impurities

Hair clay’s clay minerals act like a magnet, absorbing excess oil and impurities from your hair and scalp. This helps unclog hair follicles, allowing your strands to better soak up essential nutrients. The clay texture also adds volume and grip, while the best hair clay brands make removal a breeze when you’re ready for a refresh.

Choosing the Right Hair Clay for Your Hair Type

Choosing the Right Hair Clay for Your Hair Type
When choosing a hair clay, consider your hair type and desired style – if you have fine or thin hair, opt for a lightweight, water-based clay with kaolin for a natural matte finish and light hold; for thicker hair or a stronger hold, bentonite-based clay or an oil-based formula may work better.

Consider Hair Type and Desired Style

When choosing the right hair clay, consider your hair type and desired style.

Guys with fine, thin hair may want a lighter clay for volume and texture.

While those with thick, coarse hair can opt for a stronger hold.

Think about whether you want a matte, natural finish or something with more shine.

The right clay can make all the difference in getting the most value from your hair styling routine.

Bentonite Vs Kaolin Clay for Hold

When choosing the right hair clay, the type of clay makes a big difference. Bentonite clay provides a stronger hold and thicker texture, while kaolin clay offers a smoother, lighter finish. Consider your hair type and desired style – bentonite for thick, coarse hair and kaolin for finer, thinner strands. Experiment to find the perfect clay-based hold for your mane.

Water-Based Vs Oil-Based Formulas

When choosing a hair clay, the key distinction is between water-based and oil-based formulas.

Water-based clays offer an easier wash-out and lighter hold.

Oil-based versions provide stronger, longer-lasting control.

Consider your hair type and desired style.

Water-based for a softer, more natural look.

Oil-based for maximum hold and texture.

Experiment to find the right balance for your hair.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Hair Clay

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Hair Clay
When using hair clay, it’s vital to apply the correct quantity of product and heat it between your palms before applying it. You’ll also want to make sure your hair is thoroughly dry and spread the clay evenly from roots to ends for maximum results.

Applying Too Much Product

Applying too much hair clay can weigh down your locks and leave them looking greasy.

Start with a small, pea-sized amount and build up from there.

Too much product can also lead to a longer washout duration, unwanted shine, and potential buildup over time.

Stick to your scent preference for a masculine aroma, like sweet tobacco.

Avoid overdoing it for healthy, styled hair.

Not Warming the Clay Before Use

Failing to warm the clay in your palms before applying is a common misstep. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Improves application – Warming the clay makes it more pliable and easier to distribute evenly through your hair.
  2. Enhances styling flexibility – Warmed clay allows you to rework and reshape your style throughout the day.
  3. Prevents product waste – Cold clay can be difficult to spread, leading to using more than necessary.
  4. Guarantees proper hold – Properly warmed clay will provide the intended level of matte, pliable hold.

Applying to Wet Hair

Applying hair clay to wet hair is a common misstep. While it may seem logical, this approach can actually diminish the product’s effectiveness. The clay won’t distribute evenly, resulting in clumpy, unnatural-looking texture. Instead, work the clay into dry, towel-dried hair to create your desired style. This allows for better control and a more polished, long-lasting hold.

Not Spreading Evenly

Failing to spread the clay evenly can lead to uneven application, causing product clumping, hair breakage, and even scalp irritation. Take your time and work the clay through your hair from roots to ends, ensuring an equal distribution. This not only prevents wasted product but also helps achieve a polished, professional look.

Maintaining Your Hairstyle With Hair Clay

Maintaining Your Hairstyle With Hair Clay
To maintain your hairstyle, simply refresh your hair clay by spraying water and reworking it throughout the day. Additionally, use a clarifying shampoo regularly to remove any product buildup and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

Refresh With Water and Rework Clay

Throughout the day, your hair clay may lose its luster. Simply spritz some water onto your strands and rework the product with your fingers to revive the style. This water reactivation technique allows you to maintain your desired look and consistency changes without having to completely restyle. Enjoy midday touch-ups for all-day hold and product longevity.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Build-Up

To keep your hair clay-infused style looking vibrant, use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any product residue. This thorough cleanse won’t just revitalize your hair but also nurture your scalp, establishing a healthy base for your subsequent styling endeavor. Pamper your hair and scalp with a purifying reset using a clarifying shampoo.

Apply a Moisturizing Conditioner After Shampooing

After using a clarifying shampoo to remove stubborn clay buildup, apply a moisturizing conditioner to nourish your hair. This will help maintain your hairstyle’s integrity and keep your locks healthy. Look for conditioners with ingredients like:

  1. Argan oil to hydrate and strengthen.
  2. Shea butter to soften and add shine.
  3. Biotin to promote growth and prevent breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which hair clay is the best for men?

As a modern man seeking mastery, your go-to is Jack Black Clay Pomade. This versatile clay offers medium hold, matte texture, and natural finish – granting you unmatched control and confidence.

What type of clay is best for hair?

For hair, opt for bentonite clay – it delivers strong hold and volume without stiffness. Kaolin clay works too, but has a lighter, smoother finish. Assess your hair’s needs to find the ideal clay.

Is hair clay better than pomade?

Hair clay provides a natural, matte finish and stronger hold, while pomade gives a sleek, shiny look with less hold. Choose clay if you want textured volume or pomade for a classic, slicked-back style.

Is hair clay good for your hair?

Yes, hair clay is great for your hair. It nourishes strands with beneficial oils and helps absorb excess sebum, leaving your hair looking healthy and feeling clean.

How long does hair clay last compared to other styling products?

You’ll get longer-lasting hold from hair clay over waxes and pomades. Quality clays often contain beeswax and petroleum for staying power. With touchups, you can rock your look all day and night.

Can hair clay be used on colored or treated hair?

You can absolutely use hair clay on colored or treated hair. Clay pomades are gentle and won’t strip out your color. Just be sure to use a small amount and focus on the roots to avoid product build-up.

Is hair clay suitable for sensitive scalps or skin?

You bet, hair clays are typically formulated with all-natural ingredients, making them suitable for sensitive skin and scalps. Just do a patch test beforehand to make certain there’s no irritation. Handle it with care, pal—your scalp will thank you.

How does hair clay compare to pomades or waxes in terms of washability?

Hair clays are easier to wash out than pomades or waxes as they don’t build up as much. You can simply rinse with water or use a mild shampoo to remove clay residue.

Can hair clay be used to achieve specific hairstyles like slicked-back or spiky looks?

Coincidentally applying clay this morning? Sure, you can create spiky or slick-back looks by gently raking and smoothing clay through damp hair.


Exhibit your styling expertise with the finest hair clays designed for men. These adaptable products grant a natural matte appearance, reshaping your hair into an exquisite display of texture and volume. Carefully crafted with choice ingredients, they ensure enduring hold without detracting from your hair’s well-being. Embrace the potency of hair clays and elevate your grooming endeavors to unparalleled heights.

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