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Can I Towel Dry Permed Hair? 10 Tips for a Healthy Look (2024)

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can i towel dry permed hairFor those of us with permed hair, the question Can I towel dry permed hair? looms large. We all want to maintain that salon-fresh look without compromising our curls’ elasticity and texture. But fear not – there are ways to do so! Take it from me: this article will provide you with tips on how to dry your locks quickly and safely while keeping them healthy for longer periods of time.

Key Takeaways

  • Blot gently with a towel or t-shirt to remove excess moisture after washing.
  • Avoid rubbing.
  • Let the hair air dry in the sun or use the cool hairdryer setting when diffusing.
  • Plop damp hair on a satin pillowcase to avoid friction damage from towels.

How to Dry Permed Hair Correctly

How to Dry Permed Hair Correctly
To prevent over-drying, blot your curls with a t-shirt or microfiber towel to remove moisture. Then, let air dry in the sun or use a cool hairdryer setting when diffusing. This is the best way to care for permed hair as it retains more of its natural oils and avoids heat damage from styling tools.

When using leave-in conditioners, curl creams, anti-frizz serums, and other products, focus on ends rather than the scalp. Plopping damp curly hair in a satin pillowcase also helps preserve shape while avoiding friction damage you may get with terrycloth towels, which can lead to frizziness.

Finishing off by finger twisting damp curls will help create volume without having to resort to heated tools.

Should I Use a Diffuser on Permed Hair?

Should I Use a Diffuser on Permed Hair
Using a diffuser on permed hair can be beneficial as it helps enhance curls without causing heat damage.

The key is using low heat settings and scrunching your hair while drying. Start by applying conditioner from mid-lengths down, then gently blot excess moisture with a t-shirt or microfiber towel – avoid rubbing, which could disrupt the patterned look of perms.

Once you have achieved the desired shape with damp strands, diffuse partially dry using the cool setting.

With regular maintenance such as trims every 6 weeks and avoiding excessive brushing/heat tools, you too can achieve those salon-perfect curls at home!

How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning

How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning
Wake up to beautiful curls every morning with this easy styling routine for your permed hair!

To start, use metal clips to section off damp strands and gently blot excess moisture with a t-shirt or microfiber towel.

Use the cool setting on your hairdryer diffuser and scrunch individual sections while drying for the desired shape.

Nourish locks afterwards by applying anti-frizz serum or leave-in conditioners, then detangle using a wide-tooth comb – this is especially helpful if you have thicker hair!

Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself from within too; drink enough water and have nutritious meals to help keep your locks healthy all day long.

With just these few steps, it’s possible you’ll be able to rock those salon-perfect curls at home without any extra fussing over them throughout the day!

Home Remedy for Frizzy Permed Hair

Home Remedy for Frizzy Permed Hair
Try using a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week to keep your permed curls hydrated and frizz-free!

After towel drying with a soft cloth, apply styling products specifically designed for natural hair.

Professional advice often suggests avoiding regular brushing as it can disrupt the curl pattern of your perm.

Use fingers to comb through or gently separate strands instead.

To maintain bouncy curls during hot weather, choose lightweight oils over heavier serums that may weigh down locks after application.

You can also mist on some water and use gel scrunching in an ‘S’ shape formation if you find yourself needing more hold throughout the day—all without having to reach for heat tools!

With proper care and product selection, you’ll have beautiful curly hairstyles all summer long!

Tips for Maintaining a Digital Perm

Tips for Maintaining a Digital Perm
To maintain a digital perm, nourish your locks with regular deep conditioning treatments and lightweight oils to keep them hydrated and frizz-free. After towel-drying with a gentle cloth, use specialized styling tools such as hair dryers on the lowest setting or air dry when possible.

Here is a 5-step guide for maintaining your digital perm:

  1. Blot gently after washing with a t-shirt or microfiber towel.
  2. Use leave-in conditioner or curl cream.
  3. Finger detangle wet hair before using styling tools.
  4. Limit the usage of heat tools to avoid over-drying.
  5. Apply anti-frizz serum before sleeping and tie into a loose bun or braid.

With proper care and the right product selection, you will have beautiful curly hairstyles all year long!

Don’t Wash Your Hair Right Away

Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after getting a digital perm to allow the chemicals time to settle in. This extra special care helps keep curls looking smooth and unruly locks at bay. After this period, use a gentle shampoo and follow with conditioner, then blot dry with a soft t-shirt or microfiber towel — no rubbing! Paying attention to these steps is essential for maintaining the long-lasting benefits of your digital perm.

Benefits Cautions Care Tips
Washing No washing needed before 48 hours Avoid harsh shampoos; Blot gently after washing; Use conditioner afterwards
Leave-in conditioners Heat styling Refresh frizzy curls by twisting & stretching w/ refresher spray ; Limit heat tools; Air dry when possible

Use the Right Hair Products

Use the Right Hair Products
Choose the right hair products for your permed curls to ensure they stay healthy and bouncy. A stitch in time saves nine. When it comes to caring for your newly permed hair, using the correct product is essential.

Fragile curly locks require a delicate approach, so look out for sulfate-free shampoos and silicone-free conditioners that won’t strip away natural oils or dry them out further. Utilize the power of air drying as much as possible, with heat tools only being used on a low setting.

This has a huge impact on protecting you from any damage! Finally, towels have their place; however, use microfiber instead of terrycloth to avoid frizzing up those precious strands! Pay attention when choosing haircare products.

Develop a Style Routine

Develop a Style Routine
Create a style routine for your permed hair to keep it looking healthy and bouncy!

Start with towel drying: use a microfiber cloth instead of terrycloth, which will help reduce frizz.

Afterward, apply any leave-in conditioner or curl cream as needed.

Heat styling should be limited; if you must use tools like curling irons or blow dryers, set them on the lowest setting first before increasing heat and diffuse on low settings while scrunching up curls for an enhanced look.

When air drying is possible, let it do its work – arrange curls individually while damp for desired shape using light hold mousse products specifically made for your hairdo’s needs.

Lastly, avoid brushing the dry perm as this can displace pattern – instead finger twist lightly then finish off with anti-frizz serum or leave-in product of choice!

Post-Perm Conditioning

Post-Perm Conditioning
After you’ve permed your hair, it’s important to keep up a conditioning routine in order to maintain healthy locks!

Blot excess moisture gently with an absorbent microfiber towel or clean t-shirt. Air drying is best – try sitting in the sun or using a cool hairdryer setting for faster results. Avoid rubbing and use diffusing on low heat if necessary. Scrunch the curls while doing so to enhance them further.

Use leave-in conditioners and curl creams for extra hydration, as well as anti-frizz serum before styling. Investing in a good shampoo specifically designed for curly/permed hair is also a great idea.

A satin pillowcase should be used when sleeping too. Tie your hair in a loose bun or braid overnight and avoid friction damage caused by traditional cotton fabrics found on most pillows.

Drying Your Hair

Drying Your Hair
Gently blot your curls with a microfiber towel or clean t-shirt to remove excess moisture, and don’t worry – air drying is the best way to keep them looking healthy without causing any heat damage. If you need it faster, use a cool hairdryer setting on low heat and diffuse while scrunching for extra definition in your curl pattern.

Here are some tips:

  • Use leave-in conditioners, curl creams & anti-frizz serums before styling for hydration & control.
  • Sleep on satin pillowcases – tie hair up in loose buns or braids overnight!
  • Avoid brushing dry curls as this disrupts the natural shape of each strand and increases the risk of over-drying/damage.

With these simple steps, you can maintain beautiful permed hair while avoiding potential problems along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products should I use for permed hair?

When caring for permed hair, use a leave-in conditioner and curl cream to replenish moisture. Shampoo gently 2-3 times weekly and apply an anti-frizz serum before styling. Air dry or diffuse with low heat; arrange curls individually while damp for the desired shape.

How often should I trim my permed hair?

Trim your permed hair every 8-10 weeks to keep it healthy and prevent split ends. Regular trims will help maintain the shape of your curls, giving you the perfect style without compromising on health.

How often should I shampoo permed hair?

Shampoo your permed hair gently 2-3 times a week to keep it clean and healthy. Use deep masks if you need daily washing. Leave-in conditioner is key to replenishing moisture, so use that often! Keep heat tools on the lowest setting and avoid brushing dry curls for best results.

How long does a digital perm last?

A digital perm typically lasts between two to three months, depending on how well you care for your curls. You can extend the life of a perm with regular trims and by using products specifically designed for permed hair.

Are there any tips for sleeping on permed hair?

Sleep on a satin pillowcase to maintain the health of your permed hair. Tie it in a loose bun or braid to prevent friction and damage while you sleep.


Finishing up with the perfect style for your permed hair is the ultimate goal. To get there, you need to take the right steps. Start by blotting with a microfiber towel to remove excess moisture. Then, use a cool hairdryer setting or air dry, arranging curls while it’s damp.

Make sure to use leave-in conditioner or curl cream to replenish moisture and shampoo gently 2-3 times a week.

When it comes to styling, use light hold mousse, finger twist damp curls, and avoid brushing dry curls. And remember, wait 48 hours before washing, use the right hair products, and develop a style routine to keep your hair looking healthy and happy.

Towel drying permed hair can be tricky, but with these ten tips, you’ll have a gorgeous look every time.

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