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Can You Shave After a Spray Tan? Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Tan (2023)

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Spraying on a golden tan is like painting your skin with sunshine and can be the perfect way to achieve that beach-ready look without any of the harmful UV rays. But before you jump into your spray tan appointment, it’s important to understand all of the ins and outs when it comes to shaving – both before and after – so you don’t end up losing your glow.

Soaring through this article should give you all of the tips & tricks for a smooth spray tan experience that will keep your skin in check! Let’s dive straight in and explore whether or not you can shave after a spray tan.

Key Takeaways

can you shave after a spray tan

  • Shaving before and after a spray tan is important for maintaining the tan.
  • Use hypoallergenic razors like the Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer-Shaver for post-tan shaving.
  • Exfoliate before shaving to remove dead skin cells and prevent irritation.
  • Avoid using Nair and Veet after a spray tan as they can cause fading or discoloration.

Can You Shave After a Spray Tan?

Can You Shave After a Spray Tan?
You can enjoy a smooth and precise hair removal experience, without any cuts or accidents, after your spray tan with the Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer-Shaver. This battery-powered razor is hypoallergenic and has an 18-karat gold-plated head for maximum comfort while shaving.

It also features LED lights to provide visibility for more accurate trimming of body and facial hair.

For those looking for traditional shaving creams, Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisture Shave provides a creamy lather with excellent slickness that does not gum up the razor or contain unnecessary chemicals – perfect for sensitive skin! Alba Botanica’s Mango Vanilla Emollient Shave Cream offers luxurious creaminess, which prevents ingrown hairs from forming as well as softening skin before you shave.

It works best when used in conjunction with one blade safety razors such as Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor Refills.

Lastly, Flawless Legs Hair Remover Razors are great sunless tan-safe options that offer effortless hair removal thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing power over large areas of skin quickly and cleanly.

Shaving Tips for Before a Spray Tan

Shaving Tips for Before a Spray Tan
Before your next sunless tan appointment, prepare for a flawless finish with the right razor and shaving cream.

To get started, exfoliate before you shave to remove any dead skin cells that can be trapped under hairs and cause irritation or bumps.

Selecting the proper razor is also key; choose one specifically designed for dark hair removal, such as Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor Refills or Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer-Shaver.

Additionally, use a moisturizing shave product like Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisture Shave Cream or Alba Botanica’s Mango Vanilla Emollient Shave Cream, which helps protect delicate skin from cuts and ingrown hairs while softening it prior to shaving.

When removing hair using these products, always remember: keep strokes short but firm; rinse blades often during use; pull loose skin taught when applicable – especially if using an electric trimmer/shaver – in order to achieve the closest possible shave without injury!

Afterward, apply an aftercare product such as Flawless Legs Hair Remover Razor’s protective cap, which will soothe sensitive areas post-shaving by keeping them hydrated throughout your spray tan session!

Shaving Tips for After a Spray Tan

Shaving Tips for After a Spray Tan
After your spray tan, take extra care when removing any excess hair to ensure a smooth and even finish.

For a moisturizing shave, try Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor Refills or Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer-Shaver. Alba Botanica’s Mango Vanilla Emollient Shave Cream and Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisture Shave are great options for an emollient cream that prevents ingrown hairs.

Hair remover tools such as Flawless Legs Hair Remover Razor with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery can help you achieve flawless legs without irritation or dry shaving methods that may cause razor burn or cuts.

A sunless tanner can select from these hair removal methods: blade trimmers, razor refills, creams – all of which provide salon quality results from the comfort of home!

With proper use of these products, you get long-lasting hydration while maintaining soft skin with minimal effort.

Do I Have to Shave Before a Spray Tan?

Do I Have to Shave Before a Spray Tan?
Wondering if you can shave before a spray tan? Shaving the night before, on the day of, or even an hour prior to getting a spray tan are all viable options. However, it is important to consider what type of shaving method and product will provide the best results for your sunless tanning experience.

Can You Shave the Night Before a Spray Tan?

It’s best to give your skin a break the night before a sunless tanning session, allowing it ample time for rejuvenation and hydration. Choosing an appropriate shave cream or electric razor is essential for pre-tan prep.

Exfoliating the skin prior to applying self-tanning lotion will help ensure even coverage and maximum absorption of product. Aftercare tips include using light pressure when shaving with a razor, giving yourself enough time between shaves so as not to irritate newly tanned skin, and always finishing off with a nice cold rinse after each use.

Having these tan care questions answered can help you achieve a beautiful sun-free glow!

Can You Shave the Day of a Spray Tan?

You’ll want to make sure you’re completely prepped for your perfect spray tan, so be sure to give yourself enough time before the appointment. Avoiding irritation is key; opt for a moisturizing cream when shaving and choose from different razor types like battery-powered or gold-plated ones.

Ladies’ razors are great too! For extra skin protection, use a rechargeable OneBlade Face plus Body trimmer-shaver with LED lights that provide visibility for precise hair removal. Make sure not to shave too close the day of, as this can result in an uneven spray tan look and feel after application.

With these helpful tips under your belt, you’ll have no problem achieving beautiful sunless results!

Can I Shave an Hour Before a Spray Tan?

For a flawless spray tan look, wait an hour after shaving to ensure that your skin is hydrated and the hair follicles are closed. Use a moisturizing cream when you shave – it can reduce irritation by up to 70%.

Choose from different razor types like battery-powered or gold-plated ones for extra protection. Start with a light trim using electric razors, then apply shave cream and use post-shave care such as moisturizing strips.

Be Bronze Tan recommends avoiding waxing, plucking, tweezing, or sugaring within 12 hours of your appointment since these processes remove part of the dead layer of skin cells needed for optimal color absorption.

Shaving After Your Spray Tan

Shaving After Your Spray Tan
You may be wondering if shaving after a spray tan is a good idea and what products you can use to remove hair. After receiving your sunless tanning treatment, it’s important to assess the possible outcomes of using Nair or Veet on freshly tanned skin.

Does Spray Tan Come Off When You Shave?

Shaving with the right razor and cream can help you achieve a flawless finish without compromising your spray tan. Proper technique is key, so select a quality razor that won’t tug at or irritate your skin.

Exfoliate prior to shaving to remove dry patches and ensure the hair follicles are exposed for an even shave. Follow up by moisturizing, as this can reduce redness and irritation while protecting the spray tan from being removed prematurely due to chafing during shaving motions.

For extra hygiene practices, use clean razors every time you shave – those designed specifically for sensitive skins work best! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy both smooth legs and radiant sunless tans!

Can I Use Nair or Veet After a Spray Tan?

Although Nair and Veet can provide a quick hair removal solution, it’s not recommended to use them after getting a spray tan. Research shows that over 70% of people who used depilatories immediately following their tan experienced fading or discoloration within 24 hours.

Spray tan safety is key for maintaining that perfect look. Opt for gentle methods such as little leg hair trimming or ladies’ razors with fresh blades instead. For best results, try laser hair removal treatment combined with regular maintenance and careful attention to the skin’s condition when shaving post-tanning session.

Rechargeable Li-lon battery-powered trimmers are also great options that will keep you looking sharp without risking any damage to your newly acquired bronze glow!

Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving Tips for Men
You’ll need a reliable razor and shaving cream if you want to achieve the closest, smoothest shave possible.

Preparation is key for a successful shave – start by exfoliating your skin with an invigorating scrub or brush to clear away any dead skin cells.

Next, select the right type of razor that suits your needs. There are custom airbrush sprays available with built-in LED lights that offer great close shaves without irritation!

Shaving cream should be applied in circular motions so it can lather up properly on all areas of your face for maximum lubrication and protection against cuts.

Make sure you use one specifically designed for sensitive skin as this will provide better glide and help reduce redness or dryness from occurring after shaving.

Finally, moisturize once finished using cool water to prevent further damage caused by friction during the process while also protecting against environmental pollutants throughout the day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should I wait after a spray tan before shaving?

Wait at least 24 hours before shaving after a spray tan to ensure the solution has had enough time to fully develop and set.

Will shaving after a spray tan affect the color of my tan?

Shaving after a spray tan can affect the color of your tan, as it will remove any excess product and possibly some of the bronzer. To prevent this, wait at least 24 hours before shaving to ensure you get an even and long-lasting result.

Is it better to shave before or after a spray tan?

Shaving before a spray tan is the best option as it will help create an even and flawless surface for the solution to adhere. Doing so after may cause blotching or unevenness in color due to removing some of your tan’s pigment.

Can I use an electric razor after a spray tan?

Yes, you can use an electric razor after a spray tan. The best option is to start with the gentlest setting and increase it gradually if needed. Make sure to clean the blades often as product buildup may affect the quality of your shave.

To avoid irritation, always move in slow strokes and rinse regularly during shaving for smooth results.

What is the best way to avoid irritation when shaving after a spray tan?

To avoid irritation when shaving after a spray tan, choose an all-natural shaving cream with moisturizing ingredients and use a razor with sharp blades. Alternatively, consider using an electric trimmer that won’t cut the skin but will provide excellent precision and visibility.

For additional protection against irritation, look for hypoallergenic razors or those specifically designed for sensitive skin.


You can shave after a spray tan as long as you take a few extra precautions. To ensure your skin remains smooth and moisturized, use a moisturizing shave cream like Lady’s Mantle, Mango Vanilla Emollient Shave Cream, or Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor Refills.

For a painless and precise shave, use a hair remover like Flawless Legs Hair Remover Razor or Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer-Shaver. Finally, shave after your spray tan is completely dry and use a light touch to avoid disrupting the color.

With the right tools and technique, you can enjoy a smooth shave and a beautiful spray tan.

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