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Easy Curly Hair Updos: Effortless Twist & Pin Styles for Natural Curls (2024)

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easy curly hair updos

Achieving easy curly hair updos is a breeze when you master a few simple techniques!

Start by sectioning your hair and creating a ponytail base.

Then, twist the top sections, incorporating new pieces as you go, and secure the twists to the ponytail with bobby pins.

Craft a chic chignon by rolling and pinning the ponytail.

Finish with a light-hold hairspray to lock in your effortless curly updo style.

For humidity-resistant looks that enhance your natural texture, find out how to select the right products and styling tricks.

Key Takeaways

  • Start by sectioning your hair and creating a ponytail base.
  • Twist the top sections and secure them to the ponytail with bobby pins.
  • Craft a chignon by rolling and pinning the ponytail.
  • Use light-hold hairspray to lock in the style and control frizz.

Essential Tools and Accessories

Essential Tools and Accessories
You’ll need a few essential tools to create effortless curly hair updos. First, stock up on bobby pins and hair elastics in shades that blend with your hair color. Also, invest in a good hairspray that provides a light, flexible hold without weighing down your curls.

Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics

When it comes to crafting effortless curly hair updos, hairpins and hair bands are your trusty companions.

Hairpin positioning is paramount for holding twists and buns firmly in place.

Transparent elastic visibility guarantees a polished appearance.

Opt for a dark hair tie for a low ponytail.

Contemplate a clear plastic elastic for lighter locks.

Your choice of hair accessory should complement your unique style.

Hair tie tautness should strike a balance.

Armed with these indispensable tools, you’ll effortlessly achieve a New Year’s Eve-worthy updo in no time!

Choosing the Right Hairspray

When choosing a hairspray for your curly hair updo, consider the hold strength you need to maintain your style. Light hairsprays offer flexibility and movement, while medium-hold hairsprays provide a balance between hold and movement. For a natural, lightweight hold, you may prefer a flexible hold hairspray that won’t weigh your hair down or leave a sticky residue. Some popular brands for curly hair include Redken, Oribe, and Matrix.

If you’re interested in a DIY hairspray, consider using ingredients like organic brown sugar, green tea, and rosehip oil, which can provide a touchably smooth hold without harsh chemicals. Alternatively, you can use a clear hair spray for a more subtle hold.

When applying hairspray, it’s generally best to do so after styling your hair, as this can help tame flyaways and frizz while keeping your style looking fresh for longer. Apply the hairspray evenly from a distance of 6-8 inches, and consider using a light to medium hold hairspray for a natural, flexible style.

Preparing Your Hair

Preparing Your Hair
To create effortless curly hair updos, start by sectioning your hair for better control. Separate the top sections for twists and the back section for a low ponytail, as this foundation will provide structure for the style.

Sectioning for Control

To create stunning curly hair updos, start by sectioning your hair for control.

Split your hair into three sections: two top sections for twists and one back section for a ponytail.

Use a black hair tie for a low ponytail, and consider a clear plastic elastic for lighter hair.

This step is essential for the twisting technique, which involves adding hair with each twist, securing twists to the ponytail with bobby pins, and rolling the ponytail into a chignon.

Sectioning for control is key to achieving the perfect curly updo, whether you’re dressing up for New Year’s Eve or just wanting a stylish look.

Ponytail Foundation

Begin by selecting the perfect ponytail placement for your hair thickness and curl size.

Consider your styling time and hair texture when deciding on a ponytail foundation.

For messy hair, a low, loose ponytail might be your best bet.

Quick hairstyles like wavy updo video tutorials can guide you through the process.

A curly hair consultant can provide personalized advice for your unique hair type.

Twisting Techniques

Twisting Techniques
Start with one of the top sections and gently twist the hair while incorporating new pieces from the hairline. Secure the completed twist to the ponytail base using a bobby pin, making sure the twist lays flat against your head.

Creating the Twists

After sectioning, it’s twist time! Start near your temple, twist back in the direction of your crown, ensuring the twist direction flows naturally. A dab of ethical hair product keeps it sleek. Consider braids for a glam twist on formal events. Bobby pin placement? Invisible yet secure. Add alternative embellishments or leave as-is for chic overnight wear.

Securing Twists to Ponytail

After creating the twists, it’s time to secure them to the ponytail.

The thickness of your twist and the placement of your bobby pin will depend on your hair texture and personal style.

For humidity resistance, choose a bobby pin with a wide grip or a clear plastic elastic.

You can always adjust the style to fit your preferences.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Crafting the Chignon

Crafting the Chignon
To craft the chignon, begin by rolling the ponytail hair upwards and carefully pinning each roll in place with bobby pins. Next, incorporate any extra pieces from the top twisted sections by wrapping and securing them around the chignon with additional bobby pins for a seamless, polished updo.

Rolling and Pinning

Rolling and pinning your curly hair into a chignon is a stylish and effortless way to showcase your natural curls.

Start by gathering your hair into a ponytail and rolling it upwards, securing it with bobby pins.

For a more textured look, add extra pieces from the top sections and pin around the chignon.

Use a light hairspray to maintain the style and control frizz.

Experiment with chignon variations, such as a low loose bun or a low messy bun, by adjusting the roll and bobby pin placement.

Incorporating Extra Pieces

To create a chignon with extra pieces, follow these steps:

  1. Roll your ponytail hair upwards, creating a chignon.
  2. Secure the roll with bobby pins, ensuring a snug fit.
  3. Add extra pieces from the top sections and bobby pin them around the chignon for added fullness.
  4. Adjust the placement of the bobby pins for a more polished look.

When choosing chignon pins, consider your hair type and the size of the pin. For fine or slippery hair, smaller pins may be more suitable, while thicker or longer hair may require larger pins. You can also use multiple smaller pins to provide extra hold.

For a more personalized touch, consider accessory embellishments such as hairpins with decorative elements or hair combs. These additions can elevate the style and provide additional support to keep your chignon in place.

Remember to use a light hairspray to maintain the style and keep it humidity resistant.

Setting With Hairspray

Setting With Hairspray
To achieve a light, flexible hold that keeps your curly updo in place, reach for a hairspray formulated for natural styles. Look for humidity-resistant options that won’t weigh down your curls or leave them feeling crunchy, allowing you to enjoy the style’s movement and bounce while keeping frizz at bay.

Achieving a Light Hold

Achieving a gentle hold is essential for your curly hair updo to endure. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • Utilize light products such as styling mousse or volumizing spray for a natural appearance.
  • Apply root lifter to enhance volume and texture without burdening your curls.
  • Dry shampoo can assist in absorbing excess oil and providing grip for an improved hold.
  • Experiment with various products to discover what suits your hair type best.
  • Bear in mind, moderation is key regarding hairspray – a light spray is all that’s necessary.

Managing Humidity and Frizz

After achieving that light hold, let’s tackle the elephant in the room: humidity and frizz.

Humidity control isn’t just a wish; it’s a necessity for keeping those curls pristine.

Opt for a hairspray that’s a knight in shining armor against frizz, ensuring your natural hair care efforts aren’t undone by heat damage.

Final Touches for Lasting Style

Final Touches for Lasting Style
For the final touches, lightly mist your updo with hairspray to accentuate your natural curl texture and add staying power. Take a few moments to smooth down any flyaways around your face for a sleek, polished finish that will last throughout the day.

Adding Texture to Curls

To add texture to your curls and keep them in condition, use a curl enhancer, hair mousse, or defining cream. Apply these products on damp hair before styling. For a refresher, use a curl refresher spray on dry curls. Don’t forget to leave some product in your hair for long-lasting texture.

Smooth Finish Without Flyaways

To guarantee a seamless finish devoid of stray hairs, commence by utilizing a mild hairspray that repels moisture, such as Tresemmé.

Apply a thin layer over your curls to preserve their texture.

To control flyaways, contemplate the placement of bobby pins. Position pins at the foundation of your updo to secure any loose strands.

If you desire a more natural appearance, attempt using your fingers to smooth the central part and prevent flyaways.

Bear in mind, the crucial aspect is to maintain lightness and ease, so refrain from overusing hairspray or pins.


By mastering these easy curly hair updos, you’ll have a stylish ace up your sleeve for any occasion. Twisting and pinning your natural curls into chic chignons or textured twists allows you to embrace your texture while achieving effortless, polished looks. With the right techniques and products, these humidity-resistant styles will keep your curls looking their best all day long.

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