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How to Get 180 Waves: Step-by-Step Guide for Men for 2024

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Ready to get your hair looking its best? 180 waves are a great way to achieve that perfect look. This step-by-step guide will tell you exactly how to get the style in 2023, with all the tips and tricks you need for success.

From knowing what tools work best, such as brushes, durags, and waving grease; through simple steps on washing your hair properly and covering it up; plus advice on how to maintain those tools – this article has everything!

We’ll even explore which products can help give you an edge over other wave seekers.

Key Takeaways

how to get 180 waves

  • Brushing and using wave grease are essential for achieving 180 waves.
  • Boar bristle brushes are recommended for distributing oils and combating dryness.
  • Durags or head wraps help maintain the shape of the waves overnight.
  • Routine maintenance every 3-4 weeks is necessary for keeping the waves intact.

What Are 180 Waves?

What Are 180 Waves?
You can achieve the look of 180 waves with a combination of products that help bring out your natural curls, enhance shine, and reduce frizz, while also providing hold without stiffness or greasiness. To get started on this hairstyle journey, you’ll need to understand the definition of 180 waves.

They are defined as tightly-formed spiral patterns in African American men’s hair that is achieved through brushing and using waving grease.

With the right care tips and product selection, you too can have tight spirals framing your face!

To begin styling your locks for those coveted 180 waves, start with selecting an appropriate wave brush. A boar bristle brush is best since it will help distribute oils throughout the scalp evenly, which helps combat dryness – something many curly-haired people struggle with.

When applying waving grease, make sure not to overdo it as this could lead to buildup on your strands, leaving them clumpy instead of achieving full body volume as intended from these techniques.

After curling each strand in place, use a durag or other head wrap overnight to maintain its shape until washed again. Follow up with routine maintenance every 3-4 weeks, depending on how quickly one’s individual hair grows back out, before reapplying more pomade or waxes if needed for the desired effect.

When washing away any buildup, make sure not to go overboard as too much cleansing can strip away essential oils, leaving behind dull, lifeless tresses instead of having healthy, vibrant-looking coils beaming from all angles.

Show off what makes you unique from everyone else around – we know there’s nothing quite like rocking perfect 360-degree circles formed across our heads, giving us confidence knowing our looks just keep getting better day by day.

Tools for 180 Waves

Tools for 180 Waves
Looking for 180 waves? You’ll need the right tools to get those tight spirals framing your face! Start with a boar bristle brush, as this will help distribute oils throughout the scalp evenly. Follow up by using an appropriate waving grease and durag or other head wrap overnight to maintain its shape until washed again.

Don’t forget about conditioner and shampoo too, which are essential for keeping your curls looking healthy and vibrant over time.


Transform your curly locks into amazing 180 waves with the help of a boar bristle brush – perfect for evenly distributing oils and creating lasting hold without stiffness or greasiness.

Wave brushes are specifically designed to form, shape, and maintain wave styles like those of 180 waves. Regular brushes can be used as well, but they may not provide enough hold to keep the style in place all day long.

The Diane Premium Boar Brush is an excellent choice for this hairstyle as it helps seal split ends, prevents hair breakage, reduces frizz, and provides a light yet strong hold even on straight hair types! Furthermore, its two-sided design means you get twice the benefits from one product – making it suitable for both forming wave patterns or maintenance afterwards!

Grease also plays an important role when styling your mane; products such as 360 Wave Training Pomade offer great advantages like hydration without weighing down strands while providing natural shine and vibrance once applied correctly.

With these essential tools at hand, you’ll have no problem achieving beautiful curls that will last throughout any occasion, so don’t hesitate – start mastering your own unique look today!


Complete your stylish 180 wave look with a colorful and comfortable durag that will provide maximum hold while feeling as light as air, just like wearing a feather in your hair.

Durags come with multiple benefits: style options to choose from; fabric types for any season; care tips for long-lasting wear; techniques on how to tie it properly.

Plus, brush bristles work together harmoniously when donning the cap – rubbing against the ties of the durag, creating static electricity.

Make sure you always criss-cross the ties during application so that they do not loosen up after some time.

Conditioner and Shampoo

Enjoy glossy, defined waves with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that will nourish your hair while giving you the hold you need. Conditioning tips include using natural products such as coconut oil, silk proteins, and hibiscus flowers to keep hair hydrated without weighing it down.

Regular use of proper hair care products is key to getting those perfect waves, but be careful not to overdo it.

Waving Grease

To get the perfect waves, try using a waving grease such as Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade for lightweight hold and glossy definition. Waving greases help form hair into defined curls and keep them in place without excessive stiffness or residue.

When choosing a waving grease, look for one that’s designed to protect your hair while moisturizing it at the same time. Applying with proper technique is also important. Use downward strokes on the top portion of your head when brushing out waves from front to back with a 100% medium boar bristle brush like Diane Men’s Premium Boar 2-Sided Club Brush.

To finish off any wave haircut, wear durags such as Satinior Durag Caps Headwraps overnight to maintain freshness until the next wash day!

How to Get 180 Waves

How to Get 180 Waves
Getting 180 waves starts with washing your hair using a conditioner and shampoo that is appropriate for the type of hair you have. Afterwards, add waving grease to your scalp and use a boar bristle brush to evenly distribute it.

Comb your hair in sections, making sure not to pull too hard on any one section. Once finished styling, cover the head with a durag or other head wrap overnight so its shape will be maintained until washed again.

Wash Hair With Hair Conditioner and Hair Shampoo

After you’ve gathered the necessary tools, keep your 180 waves looking their best by shampooing and conditioning your hair regularly.

Hair care is essential for wave maintenance as it prevents breakage and provides a strong hold without stiffness or residue. Conditioner benefits include nourishing dry strands, moisturizing follicles to promote healthy growth, protecting against harsh chemicals from styling products, and helping define individual hair textures with its natural oils.

Choose the best oil for your type of curls depending on if you need lightweight shine or heavy-hold control that lasts all day! Utilize shampoos that work in synergy with conditioners to maximize the moisture of the hair while using quality sourced ingredients in both products so they are safe for everyday use.

Enjoy a style that is vibrant and full of life with these simple tips!

Add Waving Grease to the Hair

Applying a light layer of waving grease to your hair will give you a strong hold and long-lasting waves while nourishing the follicles with natural oils for added shine. Wave patterning requires tough hair, weaving grease, and the right tools like combs and durag styles.

For short African American hair types, use an oil-based pomade that works great for maintaining wave patterns or a wax-based product if more control is needed. If you want maximum shine without weighing down your style, then opt for silicones such as dimethicone or cetearyl alcohol in combination with other conditioning agents.

With these tips in mind, get ready to achieve those 180 waves!

Comb the Hair

Combing your hair is essential to achieving those 180 waves, so grab a brush or comb and get started!

Part the hair into small sections using your fingers and start brushing from the scalp in circular motions.

Utilize specific brush techniques such as downstrokes for harder-to-manage areas or upstrokes for loose waves.

Use waving grease sparingly throughout each section of the parting while massaging it into the scalp gently with a stiff brush to ensure maximum hold without damaging fragile strands.

Make sure not to use too much product; you only need enough quantity of this product that will give perfect hairstyle boosts when styling later on.

Wrap your hair after completing each session with an easy freeing of any entangled hairs within its fabric by using either silk bonnets, durag caps, or headwraps made specifically for wave patterning purposes like Satinior Durag Caps Headwraps 8pcs set.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you are well on your way towards getting those enviable 180 degree curls!

Cover Your Hair

Once you’ve finished styling your hair, cover it with a silk bonnet, durag cap, or headwrap to help keep the wave pattern in place. Wearing good caps will have its benefits and drawbacks. Pros include constant brushing and the best time for direct sunlight exposure, while cons may be the type of hairstyle not suited to the particular cap.

Consider advantages such as increased control over waves without needing additional product or accessories. Also, consider disadvantages like scalping or tugging on hairs when taking off the caps too quickly.

How to Maintain Tools Used

How to Maintain Tools Used
Maintaining the tools you use to get 180 waves is key for achieving and keeping your desired look.

To ensure that your brush remains clean, make sure to remove all hair from it after combing.

Additionally, pay attention when using conditioner and shampoo – too much can weigh down the wave pattern while too little will not provide enough moisture or protection from breakage.

Moreover, regularly washing and drying both brushes (boar bristle as well as durag) helps keep them in top form so they last longer; this also applies to any other head wraps you may use.

Finally, don’t forget to wash your hair cover often since dirt build-up can cause damage over time!

Remove Hair From Brush After Combing

After combing your hair, take a few minutes to remove the tangled strands from your brush – you don’t want them showing up in tomorrow’s waves! It’s always a good idea to remove hair regularly.

To get and maintain 180 waves, use conditioner plus shampoo for cleansing. Then add grease to cover the scalp properly and proceed with brushing using primary tools like a boar bristle brush or soft bristles brush.

With the right instructions and easy steps, you’re on the right direction of achieving desirable results. Keep in mind that regular maintenance should be done with these steps as well as avoiding over-brushing, which can cause problems such as thinning or loss of curl definition.

Utilize all key elements provided by following these tips; it’ll help ensure the desired outcome for the 180 wave look is achieved without any issue!

Use the Conditioner and Shampoo in the Right Amounts

Make sure you use the right amount of conditioner and shampoo to keep your waves looking their best! Too much or too little can ruin even the perfect shape.

Conditioners are essential for achieving needed waves; they help nourish hair and scalp while preventing skin diseases. Hair shampoos, on the other hand, cleanse away dirt from daily activity without stripping away natural oils that provide hydration and shine.

Use a wave grease after to cover your scalp properly before using comb techniques. Primary tools like a boar bristle brush or soft bristle brush can be used for styling with a light hold but no sticky residue.

Regular maintenance is key here, so don’t forget to remove excess strands from brushes after each session.

Wash and Dry Your Brushes

To maintain the quality of your brushes and ensure they last for years, regularly wash and dry them thoroughly. Use a mild shampoo or soap to cleanse away dirt without stripping oils that hydrate hair.

When drying, be sure to remove excess strands from bristles between sessions with a comb or brush cleaner so perfect hairstyles are achieved each time you use the brush.

To prevent the risk of skin infections due to bacteria buildup, apply grease before using different types of wave hairstyle tools like durag caps and best caps – practice patience when cleaning!

Remember that regular maintenance is key for achieving the 180-degree curls you desire – keep your tools in top shape by following these tips!

Wash Your Hair Cover

Wash your hair cover weekly to keep it free from dirt and bacteria buildup, so you can maintain the perfect hairstyle for every wave session. Cleaning techniques, such as rinsing with shampoo or soap, help remove spot-like dirt, while grease application helps soften the toughness of your hair.

Wave formation is only possible when you have a good-looking hairstyle that suits both your face shape and the kind of brush used for your hair.

As an added bonus, these headwraps also protect against dust particles, which may otherwise cause scalp irritation and damage if not properly taken care of.

What Products Can Help Get 180 Waves?

What Products Can Help Get 180 Waves?
Try out products like SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Shine, Cantu Men Cream Pomade Flex Hold, and Diane Premium Boar Brush to give your hair the shine, hold, and volume needed for 180 waves!

For best results, pay special attention to proper maintenance of these tools. Coconut oil helps restore moisture while Durag Caps protect from breakage. A boar brush is perfect for smoothing locks into place as waving grease adds a bit of extra hold without stiffness or residue.

Flex Hold pomades are great if you don’t want too much heaviness on your head and need light control over the style that will last all day long.

If it’s been a while since you’ve tried new tools to achieve 180-degree curls, then look no further than this trio – they’ll get you styling with ease!

Plus, having a routine down pat ensures that every time you apply product, it follows through with the right procedure. So there’s never any guesswork involved when getting ready each morning or night before bedtime rituals take precedence.

With just one application lasting up to 24 hours at least once per week, plus regular deep conditioning sessions in between washing days, means thicker, healthier strands lead by example – be bold enough to make waves literally everywhere around town!

What Tips Can Help Me Get 180 Waves?

What Tips Can Help Me Get 180 Waves?
Taking advantage of the right products and maintenance techniques is key to achieving luscious 180-degree curls with ease! To get you started, here are some tips on how to maintain your waves:

  1. Use a good hair conditioner regularly – it’ll keep your hair hydrated and help prevent breakage from dryness.
  2. Cover up your head in between styling sessions with durag caps or other protective coverings for added protection against damage while providing an extra boost of hold for longer-lasting results.
  3. For extra hold, use waving grease before brushing out those waves – this helps seal split ends and encourages even distribution of oils across the scalp so that your style looks its best all day long!
  4. Don’t forget about shampooing too – using a mild cleanser specifically designed for curly/coily types can help remove product buildup without stripping away essential moisture levels from strands either!

When styling black hair into beautiful wavy locks, always remember to pay special attention to individual interests when selecting products; this means looking at ingredients lists carefully as well as being aware of any potential allergies or sensitivities beforehand too (in case you need something sulfate-free).

What Else Do I Need to Know to Get 180 Waves?

What Else Do I Need to Know to Get 180 Waves?
To perfect your 180-degree waves, make sure to nourish and protect your hair with regular conditioning treatments. Also, use waving grease strategically for added hold. Washing your hair every few days can help keep it in good shape while you’re styling.

Before using a boar brush to create the desired wave pattern, comb out any knots or tangles. This step is important as it helps evenly distribute oils from the scalp throughout each strand of hair.

Once you’ve achieved your desired look, be sure to wear durag caps overnight (or at least 20-30 minutes) for additional hold that will last all day long. This common style choice comes down to personal preference but is crucial if you want those wavy locks to stay put no matter what activities you’re doing during the day, whether it’s working from home or going outside for errands or exercise.

Investing in quality products and using proper maintenance techniques goes a long way towards achieving beautiful results. Take the time to experiment with different items until you find something that works best for your specific needs and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get 180 waves?

It typically takes several weeks or longer to develop 180 waves. You’ll need to brush your hair daily and use specialized products designed for the look you’re trying to achieve. Regularly wearing a durag can also help keep the curls in place while they form on their own.

How often should I brush my hair to get 180 waves?

Brushing your hair often to get 180 waves is key. Picture yourself as a sculptor, shaping and molding the clay of your hair with each brush stroke until you achieve greatness! Aim to brush twice daily, focusing on sections at a time.

How do I keep my hair from getting frizzy when I get 180 waves?

Using a good quality pomade, like OCEAN VIEW DEEP WAVES POMADE, can help maintain 180 waves and reduce frizz.

Is there a difference between 180 waves and 360 waves?

Yes, 180 waves and 360 waves are different. 180 wave patterns involve less brushing of the hair in a circular pattern, while 360 involves more strokes to create an even curl. The look is similar, but with subtle differences that can make one style stand out from the other.

How do I know when I have reached 180 waves?

You’ll know you’ve reached 180 waves when your hair looks like a wavy ocean, with perfect S shapes cascading down your scalp.


Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards getting the perfect 180 waves. You have all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your desired look. With the right combination of brushing, durags, shampoo, conditioner, and waving grease, you can create a stunning style that is sure to turn heads.

Just like the famous waves of the sea, your waves will be strong and beautiful. As you maintain the tools you use, you’ll find that your waves will last even longer.

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