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10 Best Wave Brushes for 360 Waves (Buying Guide 2023)

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Waves are among the hottest and most popular hairstyles, especially for black men; the cool flattened curls are flattering and look good on almost everyone.

A certain trend is the 360 ​​waves characterized by the appearance of wavy circles of the crown of the head.

Reaching the ideal wave requires time, patience, and the best wave brush for your hair type.

Unfortunately, not all brushes work on all hair types. In fact, using a normal brush on wavy, curly, or afro-textured hair can increase the frizz. Wave brushes are specially designed to improve your natural curls and minimize frizz.

Read this short purchase guide for more information about wave brushes, and you can find the correct items to reduce the frizz and add shine. Take your first steps to great wave with these best wave brushes for coarse hair.

Considerations to Choosing the Best Hair Brush for Waves

best wave brush for 360 wavesIt is important to know the basic functions that make a wave brush before you buy prematurely. Different wave brushes ensure various hair and styling needs, and it is important to buy accordingly. The next considerations help you learn more about your best options for wave brushes.


Yes, as you think, bristles can be the first to appear if you think about getting a high-quality wolf brush. Bristles that are strongly reinforced with the basics will expect longer. So you can look for brushes that have a lot of reinforced bristles.

Another important factor during discussing bristles is the raw materials. Most brushes in the market nowadays claim 100% natural boar brushes to place in their products. Natural bristles are undoubtedly better than artificial plastic or nylon brushes. We are not sure of its scientific backups, but we personally believe that the use of brushes made from natural elements is good for your hair and scalp than artificial.


Round brushes are ideal for long hair and also boost the volume. Paddle brushes have large, rectangular heads that relate to and define broader sections of hair faster and are ideal for coarse or thick hair types.


Some models can contain vans to go through the air. If you now have a short hairstyle, this is something that you want to choose, especially if you use your brush with a hairdryer. Giving brushes is not easily heated because they allow airflow. Moreover, the deeper and more concentrated waves encourage the air that continues through it.

If you are one of the many that are unpleasant, a double-sided brush is your best gamble. There are varieties of combinations from which you can choose. Maybe a soft or hard brush on one side and a ventilated to the other flip or your choice between a course and finer brush. Regardless of your combination choice, you help double-sided brush you two effects in one in just a single brush and, of course, in one purchase.


There are now two types of wave brushes on the market. One is treated, another produced to be handled by your palm; it has no traditional brush lever. We recommend Palmborstels, especially for people who spend a lot of time. Palm hairbrushes are usually shorter in length and lighter than those with handles. So, they are easy to carry and use. Some of them are so small that they can fit in your suitcases and use them on the road.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that your palm hair brushes must have usable spaces on the sides of their base. These spaces allow your fingers to manage the brush properly.

Those with handles are more for indoor use. Brushes with handles are also good, but some hairstyles give up their satisfaction with better control in palm brushes. But again, you can use your treated brushes, both with handles and with palms, so that’s a win-win!

10 Best Wave Brushes for 360 Waves

We’ve compiled an excellent list to give you the lowdown on the best 360 wave brushes in the market. Read on for the top 6 choices available today.

1. Torino Pro #350 by Brush King – Curved, Medium Wave Brush for 360 Waves

Torino Pro Wave brush 350 B072FD1XTCView On Amazon

Considered the best medium-sized wave brush, the Torino Pro # 350 by brush king is one of the best wave brushes that you can get. BRUSH King is the top brand in the industry for entrees. The company designs and builds a full range of good quality hair products for waves.

Made with 100% Boar’s hairbrush hair, this curved wave brush is great for all stages of waving. From your fresh cut to the wolf phase, this brush offers a real medium-sized texture. The shape of the brush contours to fit the curvature of your head, giving you maximum coverage and fast results.

Best when used to get 360 waves, the Torino Pro 350 is also good for coarse hair. The medium-high bristles make the wave pattern that you need without damaging your hair or scraping the skin on your scalp. Ideal for short to medium hair, it is perfect for all hair types.

Finally, this Torino Pro Wave brushes with a handle for styling and the control of ease. Durable and affordable, if you want to get 360 waves, you can’t go wrong with this brush! And if you need the smaller palm version of this exact wave brush, choose the Torino Pro # 530 for the same functions.

  • 100 percent BoAR bristles
  • Ideal for making 360 waves
  • Maximum coverage and faster results
  • With handle and a pointed tip for a better styling control
  • It comes with a protective storage and hairbrush maintenance insert
  • Not the ideal brush for long hair

2. Wav Enforcer Spin Wave Brush

Wav EnforcerSpin Wave Brush B00OG7Z3IMView On Amazon

The WAV Enforcer Spin brush is the ideal hard wave brush for shoppers on a budget that does not want to sacrifice the quality. Although it is available for a fraction of the cost of some competitors, the WAV Enforcer turning is made of 100% pure boar brush hair and has a natural, ergonomic wooden handle.

The sustainable design is the real striking function of this model. The handle is extremely sturdy, and the bristles are designed not to fall even after long-term use. It is a hard wave brush, so the bristles are very sturdy and great for thick hair. They are also stiff enough to exfoliate your scalp, remove excess oil, remaining product, and even get rid of dandruff flakes.

The bristles are perfect for evenly distributing the natural oils from your hair through thick hair, even if you have an average edition. And they will stimulate your scalp, inducing an increased blood flow and stimulating healthy hair growth.

On the other hand, although hard wave brushes can be very hard, this is not the brush for you if you have a sensitive scalp. Even if your scalp is not particularly sensitive, it can irritate if you use it if you have a shortcut. It also doesn’t have a design as efficiently as some other models, so maybe you may have to be a little more patient and brush a little more time before seeing results.

  • Sturdy bristles, ideal for thick hair
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy handle
  • Durable design
  • May cause scalp irritation
  • It May take longer to see results

3. Kingston Grooming- Professional Quality Dual Boar Hair Bristle Brush

Wave Brush for Men 360 100 B01A7VE4OEView On Amazon

Coming from a company generally known for its unparalleled care products for men, it has this premium wave brush with 100 percent natural materials. It contains heavily reinforced bristles made of high-quality boar that is not too stiff, neither too stiff – only the correct medium softness to take care of your waves and give your scalp a relaxing massage. It’s good for your waves and also for your beards and mustache!

It comes with an elegantly engraved design, coupled with a well-made solid beech body in a 5 x 2.75 x 1.5-inch Fit perfectly with every palm. Such a construction offers maximum control and ease of use via your hair styling precision. And you don’t have to worry about your brushes that are crushed dirty or bristles when the box comes with a small travel box to guarantee your brush.

  • 100 percent natural boar bristles with excellent medium stiffness
  • Made for waves and beard
  • Shaped solid beech wood body
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic design
  • Elegantly engraved design
  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Travel-friendly box
  • Bristles

4. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490

Torino Pro Wave Brush 490 B0797TPBPQView On Amazon

The Torino Pro Wave Brush # 490 is a medium brush made with 100% pure bristles. Torino Pro is one of the leading premium wave base brands, and different models appear on the list. With the 490, they made a soft brush to work on short, fresh cuts without irritating your scalp but still sturdy enough to do the work on coarse hair.

The curve of the brush head is preformed to the shape of your head for more coverage and a larger draw. And the pointed point of the brush can isolate the crown of your hair. That means less time brushing [and] less time spent on waiting for results.

The Torino Pro 490 is a premium product with excellent reviews in general. But it’s not perfect for everyone. Although it is good for all hair textures, it doesn’t work at all lengths; If you wave in longer hair, this is not the brush for you. Customers have also made worrying bristles that are dealt with over time.

  • 100% boar bristles
  • Effective on all hair textures
  • Works on short, crisp cuts without irritating your scalp
  • Contoured to the shape of your head
  • Pointed tip for the crown of the hair
  • High price tag
  • Not for longer hair
  • Brushes can fall off over time

5. Annie Wave Hair Brush With Soft Boar Bristles


When I got this brush, I was a little surprised because the handle was shorter than I expected. Over time I have to see the real value of this brush, so now the size is not the key factor for me. The bristles cover enough hair with every stroke, and the brush itself does not take much space in your travel bag because it is lightweight and compact. Moreover, there are some grooves at the back of the handle. They ensure that the brush does not slide easily when it is on a smooth surface.

This Annie Wave Brush has a wooden handle and bristles. The bristles can feel too soft. Personally, I use it to finish the hair or to distribute styling products. It is rather difficult to comb-like her with this brush. On the plus side, you can use this brush to add volume. It is fluffy hair instead of being flat, so if you want your mane to have more volume, then go for it. All in all, it is much for the price.

  • Soft wavy brush for volume and smooth hair
  • Big bristles and wooden handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
  • Grooves on the back of the handle prevent the brush from slipping.
  • The handle is too short
  • The bristles can fall out, and it is difficult to fish those bits out of the hair.
  • Too soft to comb the hair properly.

6. Magic Collection Reinforced Soft Palm Cheap Wave Brush

Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle B003SQB7WSView On Amazon

Looking for a hairbrush at the lowest price? Then Magic Collection 7723 might be the brush for you! It comes at one of the lowest prices on the market.

If you are looking for a hard or a medium brush, it might not be the brush you are looking for because this is completely a soft hairbrush. You may have problems with coarse hair if you use this brush.

Magic claims this brush to have reinforced bristles. So the strong bristles are expected to lose weight easily. You can try it very well and see how it holds when it comes in with just a few dollars.

It is a palm brush. It is expected that it will be lighter and easy to carry than ordinary larger brushes.

Like the other, forged palm brushes 7723 also has a small opening on both sides of the main surface. This gap gives you a better grip. It will also help you to make the brush flexible and brush for a long time.

It is 5 inches long, and unlike the recent hairbrush designs, it is flat.

Because it is not bent, the flat surface is a disadvantage for pulling and covering a larger area.

It is said that the Boar brushes and messages have used the scalp that the blood flow will improve that can stimulate hair growth. Removing scalp flakes, extra oil, and dirt can also be little effective features of this brush.

It is also a wooden brush. But some users complain about the finish and also leave the wood with splinters.

It is recommended by some users to use the beard effectively.

  • Cheapest price
  • Soft brush
  • Can be used for beard
  • Reinforced bristles
  • Flat base
  • Complaints about having very few real boar bristles

7. Wolfin Pro Curved 360 Wave Brush

Wolfin Pro Premium Curved 360 B07D8DVLL4View On Amazon

The Wolfin Pro 360 wave brush has come for medium-sized hair from a renowned brand Wolfin Pro is behind its products with a money-back guarantee. This tool was considered in hand and bent to stimulate to acquire with your hair plus scalp.

If the best 360 wave brush, it quickly gives you better results. It is not too fast, a too soft wave brush that comes with natural boar and offers sufficient rigidity, flexibility, and styling power. For deep waving, this brush will be worth it; you can add to your collection.

You like to add in your beauty cupboard for his big benefits. Its brush is so completed that it works to save damaging your hair and scalp. This is extremely beneficial for sensitive skin. The basis of it comes from wood that makes it firm to feel the quality in your palm.

  • Large contour design
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Super easy to create the wave
  • Not suitable for long hair

8. Mayabeauty Double-sided Men’s Club Brush

BrownBlack Wood Finish Double Sided Mens B00HGGP4GGView On Amazon

Those in the hunt for good double-sided brush claims have found their treasure in Double-Sided Men’s Club Brush from Mayabeauty. It combines the use of hard bristles and soft bristles – both made from pure bristles. Use the sturdy side to meet the wolf process of your wave, while the softer side is great for regular maintenance. You can also use it to create two-wave effects in one haircut. This no longer means juggling your hair tools!

Users also like that the bristles do not fall, which naturally translates to the quality of the product. Moreover, the brush itself is well made and firm, adding to its durability. The brush is supplied in a 7-inch body with a handle in a dark wooden finish.

  • 100 percent quality farmer Bristle
  • Features soft and hard bristles
  • This allows more styling precisions
  • Suitable for most wavy phases
  • It comes with a sturdy handle for ease of use
  • Bristles do not sand
  • Also great for beard care
  • The hard brush side is too stiff for some
  • The color is not as dark as advertised

9. Crown Quality Products Emerald Green Soft Bristle Contour Wave Brush

Crown Quality Products Emerald Green B081D92GPKView On Amazon

The first real soft bristle wave brush on our list, the crown quality products emerald green soft Bristle-Contour dyke is designed to focus on training and laying your hair. If you have thinner hair and like to keep a shortcut, this can be the ideal brush to give you that perfect 360 waves.

This model all deals with comfort and efficiency. Crown has designed a brush to produce results as quickly as possible while brushing time reduces, thanks to the ergonomic, continuous design. The brushed is bent to the shape of your head and has 11 rows of soft flex bristles. The brush distribution is designed to maximize the shine and shine.

Furthermore, the brush has no handle; You keep it straight on the brush head. That is ultimately a matter of preference, but some wavers prefer the feeling and leverage they receive with this type of brush. The design is also pure class, with a high-gloss finish and an iridescent logo printed on the massive wood body.

Although it is a high-quality soft wave brush, this is not the right model for everyone. If you have thick hair hard to train, you need sturdy bristles to get the desired results. In addition, these bristles can still be softer at the end of a long comb session. So unless you have very soft, thin hair, this is not the model for you.

  • Efficient brush design to get results as quickly as possible
  • Ergonomic grip for better feel and leverage
  • Top-class design
  • Produces maximum shine and shine
  • Not effective on thicker or longer hair
  • Brushes may soften over time

10. Diane Boar Reinforced Wave Brush, D8159 for Super-wolfing Hair

Diane Nylon Reinforced Boar Bristle B000ZN39TGView On Amazon

This Diane Wave Brush offers a varnished light wooden handle and bristles made of nylon and boar. It is approximately 60% nylon and 40% boar, and you can distinguish these two materials if you look closer. The bristles are quite hard, and some people complain about them feel too hard on the scalp, almost scratches.

On the other hand, my customers with thicker, coarse, super-wolf hair often like this brush notice that it feels softer after regular use. The brush also seems to spread natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair.
Actually, this Diane Hard Wave Brush is advertised as a brush for sleek curls and coarse to very coarse hair. So if you are thin her normal, you probably want to go to a softer. In general, this wave brush does the trick reasonably well, especially for the price. However, it hardly measures against high-priced competitors.

  • Great for thick, coarse, and super wolf hair
  • Made with boar and nylon bristles
  • Advanced implant technology reduces bristle loss
  • Comfortable handle
  • Affordable.
  • The bristles may feel too hard on your scalp
  • Not good for thin to normal hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are wave brushes for?

Wave brushes are usually used on afro-textured hair and are popular with men for various short hairstyles, including “ 360 waves ” characterized by slim wavy circles that come from the crown of the head. Some users also use wave brushes to groom beards.

What’s the difference between hard and soft wave brushes?

There are two different differences between the hard and softer brushes on a wave brush. Hard-brushy brushes are a better choice for people with thicker or coarser hair. If you have a sensitive scalp or longer hair, the soft bristles are the ones for you. If you have a wolf, your best gamble chooses the harder bristles because it helps to promote hair growth and stimulate the scalp.

How Long Should My Hair Be to Get 360 Waves?

You want to start a layer, even a haircut, at least 1 1/2 inch long. Having a length is very important because you just started to curl her. As you brush, you baptize those curls in being in what your wave pattern will be.

Due to the curl pattern you have, some guys may have thin, tight waves while others have a more wide wave pattern.

While you continue to grow your hair and have consistent hair care and brushing routine, you start to see more definition. As we said before, your comb will come in handy during this process to guide the formation of your connections and problem areas such as forks.

The longer your hair or wolf grows, the better your results because you have more time for your wave pattern to set.

How to clean a wave brush?

  • If necessary, remove loose hair to hand or use a slim comb’s handle to lift the hair out from the bristles.
  • Wash your wave brush in quality shampoo, but don’t condition it. The use of a conditioner will probably soften the bristles.
  • Finally, rinse your brush thoroughly in cold water.
  • Let it dry with the bristles down on sunlight, radiators, hairdryer, and any artificial heat.

Some people use cleansers or warm soapy water instead of shampoo. Never use ammonia or hard cleaning agents for that purpose! Be very careful and soft with natural bristles. And avoid soaking the wooden base in water.

How do I choose a wave brush?

The best way to create waves in your hair is by using a soft brush. Hard bristles can develop the waveform faster but cause hair breakage in short hair. Hard brushes must be used to come to the roots of the hair and train the shape of the hair.

How to use a wave brush?

You have to brush your hair regularly to make a wave pattern. You have to brush in the direction your waves are, so if you brush the left, enter the bristles along the direction you want to grow. You brush your hair twice a day – once in the morning and once at night for maximum results. To remove any tangles, you must also brush before you wash your hair.

Final Thought

For those in wavy and wolf brushes, they are a thing of beauty! They will look for natural elements from wood to boar hairs and a perfect finish.

Don’t forget that there is no one-size-fits-all brush. Choosing between the recommended products Here, you really come down to your hair and styling needs. That said, it is still worth experimenting with the recommended products to get the right tools for your hair.

Waves are among the hottest and most popular hairstyles, especially for black men; the cool flattened curls are flattering and look good on almost everyone.

A certain trend is the 360 ​​waves characterized by the appearance of wavy circles of the crown of the head.

Reaching the ideal wave requires time, patience, and the best wave brush for your hair type.

Unfortunately, not all brushes work on all hair types. In fact, using a normal brush on wavy, curly, or afro-textured hair can increase the melting pot.

Golf brushes are specially designed to improve your natural curls and minimize awareness.

Read this short purchase guide for more information about wave brushes; you can find the correct items to reduce the crucifix and add shine. Take your first steps to great spouts with these best wave brushes.

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