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Get Platinum Blonde Hair From Golden Blonde: Tips & Tricks (2024)

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how to get platinum blonde hair from golden blondeReady to take your hair color up a notch? If you’re looking to go from golden blonde to stunning platinum locks, then you’ve come to the right place. Going light can be intimidating, but with our tips and tricks, we’ll have your strands shining brighter than ever before in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Use bleach like Brilliant Blondexx with 20 vol developer for 1-2 levels of lift or 30 vol for 3+ levels.
  • Apply bleach to the ends first if you have long hair, and then apply it to the roots separately until you reach a level 10 pale yellow. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Use an intense pearl toner like Intense Pearl 100V or Intense Silver 100B after bleaching to achieve a platinum shade.
  • Maintain the hue by using regular purple shampoo/mask to combat brassiness and strengthen strands.

What Hair Color Level Do I Need?

What Hair Color Level Do I Need
To achieve the perfect platinum blonde look, you must first lift your hair to level 10 pale yellow and then tone it with a professional-grade toner.

To do this, start by using bleach like Ugly Duckling Brilliant Blondexx with 20 vol developer for 1-2 levels of lift or 30 vol for 3+ levels. Apply ends first if you have long hair and roots separately until achieving a level 10 pale yellow color before rinsing out thoroughly.

Next, use an intense pearl toner such as Ugly Duckling Intense Pearl 100V or Intense Silver 100B to get that sought-after platinum shade – adding Extra Light Blonde will give vibrant results when processed with 20 vol developer over 10-20 minutes.

Maintain the hue through regular purple shampoo/mask washes, which also combat brassiness, and bond-building products designed to strengthen strands, preventing damage from breakage due to bleaching agents used initially in creating the final look!

Remember, heat tools should be limited while washing no more than once or twice per week, utilizing color-safe shampoos & conditioners to complete your journey of getting platinum blonde hair from golden locks!

Which Bleach to Use?

Which Bleach to Use
Take the plunge to platinum with Ugly Duckling Brilliant Blondexx – perfect for lifting your hair up to level 10 pale yellow! Achieve that sought-after platinum blonde look by applying the bleach ends first and roots separately, using 20 vol developer for 1-2 levels of lift or 30 vol if you want 3+ levels.

Once you have achieved a level 10 pale yellow color, rinse thoroughly before toning with an intense pearl toner such as Ugly Duckling Intense Pearl 100V or Intense Silver 100B.

Adding Extra Light Blonde will result in vibrant results when processed with 20 vol developer over 10-20 minutes.

To maintain this hue, use purple shampoo/mask regularly which also combat brassiness while bond building products strengthen strands preventing breakage from bleaching agents used initially in creating the final look! Heat tools should be limited and washing no more than once or twice per week utilizing color safe shampoos & conditioners completes your journey of getting beautiful Platinum Blonde Hair from golden locks!

So instead of relying on box dyes that may not get it right every time, why not switch it up and try something new? Make sure to stock up on gloves, towel bowl brush timer old shirt Vaseline Purple Toner Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask Keppi Plastic Gloves YANTAISIYU Dyeing Kit Colortrak Beaker so all preparations are made prior reaching out towards Platinum Bliss!

How to Apply the Bleach?

How to Apply the Bleach
You can apply the bleach by taking sections of your client’s hair and saturating them generously for a lift to level 10 pale yellow.

  • Preparing the space: Lay newspaper, wear an old shirt, and gloves, and set up supplies.
  • Examining the hair: Ensure it is clean, separate it into sections, and apply a barrier cream.
  • Mix the dye per instructions before applying mid-lengths to ends, then roots with a tinting brush or bowl accordingly.
  • Set the timer at 30 minutes for processing time while checking periodically for lightness in order to reach the desired level of platinum blonde from golden blonde without over-lifting or damaging strands!

To finish off this process properly, make sure not to forget about aftercare, such as avoiding hot water that could lead to brassiness, while using color-safe products when washing 1 – 2 times weekly.

When to Rinse Off the Bleach?

When to Rinse Off the Bleach
Once you’ve applied the bleach to the desired sections of your hair and set a timer for processing, it’s important to keep an eye on how light your hair is getting.

Make sure not to leave any product in longer than necessary as this can cause permanent damage or breakage. After rinsing out all traces of bleaching agents from locks with cool water, use conditioners that are designed specifically for platinum blonde dyed strands, such as Ugly Duckling Intense Pearl 100V toner or Bold Uniq Purple Hair Mask.

These products will help maintain vibrancy while offering protection against brassiness, along with strengthening effects for healthier-looking hair overall when used regularly in tandem! To prevent staining around the temples/hairline area due to bleached dye, applying Vaseline beforehand may also be helpful if needed.

However, extra caution must always be taken when using coloring supplies, no matter what kind they may be (i.

Platinum Blonde Hair Dye Bleached Hair Lift Silver Blonde Toner

What Toners to Use?

What Toners to Use
Put down the bleach and pick up a toner – it’s time to make your locks platinum, gorgeous!

For those who desire an icy white platinum blonde look, Ugly Duckling’s Intense Pearl Blonde Toner is one of the best options on the market. This toner works to neutralize brassiness and yellow tones while simultaneously conditioning, protecting, and strengthening hair for long-lasting results.

It contains purple pigments that help lift your color from golden blonde to a light pearl shade before gradually transitioning into true platinum with continued use.

For more vibrant results, you can also add 10V or 10B Toners plus Ugly Duckling’s Extra Light Blonde dye, which will help achieve desired levels quicker than just using Purple shampoo alone. But be sure not to leave this in longer than recommended as it could cause permanent damage or breakage if left too long.

With both products used together regularly over time, you’ll get maximum pigment lock-in for lusciously lustrous locks ready to shine like never before! So go ahead – have some fun mixing up purple shampoos, Lift Pearl blondes Toners (or even bold Uniq’s Purple Hair Mask)– whatever suits your tastes best when trying out different variations until achieving that perfect icy white Platinum hue everyone loves so much!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Will It Take to Achieve Platinum Blonde Hair?

To achieve platinum blonde hair, it typically takes 30-45 minutes with the correct supplies.

How Much Bleach Do I Need?

Bleach is the key to unlocking your platinum dreams. Depending on how light you want to go, use 20-30 vol developer and Ugly Duckling Brilliant Blondexx for a full lift. Tone with Intense Pearl or Silver toners for vibrant results and keep brassiness at bay with purple shampoo/mask combo.

Is Platinum Blonde Suitable for All Hair Types and Skin Tones?

Platinum blonde is suitable for all hair types and skin tones, with the right knowledge and care. Lift to a pale yellow before toning to a vibrant platinum hue, then maintain its vibrancy through regular use of purple shampoo and bond-building treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bond Building Shampoo and Mask?

Bond-building shampoos and masks help protect weakened hair from further damage and breakage. They restore strength, elasticity, softness, and shine to locks while keeping your color vibrant for longer.

Symbolically speaking, they can be seen as a tool that helps you gain mastery over your look so you can achieve a strong sense of liberation with each use.

Is It Necessary to Use a Vaseline to Avoid Staining?

Yes, it’s essential to apply Vaseline on your hairline before dyeing for platinum blonde from golden. Doing this prevents staining and ensures vibrant results with long-lasting color.


Achieving the perfect platinum blonde hue from golden blonde is no easy feat, but with a little know-how, you can be well on your way to stunning results. Start by determining which hair color level you need to achieve, and then select the right bleach for the job.

Be sure to apply the bleach generously and saturate fully for lift, and rinse when the desired level is reached.

Toners combat yellow, boost lift, and add pigment, so choose wisely and process as per instructions. Finally, maintain your platinum blonde hue with regular purple shampoo and mask treatments, and use bond building products to strengthen and prevent breakage.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be the proud owner of a beautiful, shimmering platinum blonde hue in no time.

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