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How to Trim Eyebrows Best Ways Step by Step 2023

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trimming your eyebrows at home sounds scary, but it’s not that difficult.

But the fact is you have super long eyebrow hairs that are not cut and look crazy or unattractive.

how to trim eyebrowsSo you have to invest time in learning to trim your eyebrows.

In short, knowing how to successfully trim your eyebrows is a crucial part of an adult grooming routine.

Whether you want to clear up your eyebrows a bit or want a complete makeover, there are many ways to trim them and there are many styles to go for! The two basic methods, with the use of scissors or tweezers, are perfect for any grooming task.

We’ve put together this educational guide: So that even men who don’t know anything about trimming their eyebrows can look more attractive than ever

Should you trim eyebrows?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way: You need to trim your eyebrows. Hear us though.

We know that no one is in charge of you. You can see how you want, you can smell the way you want, etc. But untamed eyebrows are something people will remember about you, be it a first impression or a lasting reputation. And while we’re not your boss, we think your real boss likes to control those strays. Or, if you’re an independent millennial entrepreneur and really don’t have a boss, consider your eyebrows the last detail in your already intensive grooming regimen.

What is the best way to trim your eyebrows?

As for trimming that longer than normal hair, take a pair of mustaches and a fine comb and comb the brow straight up. Do this a few times to locate the offensive hair and then gently cut it along the eyebrow so that the hair no longer falls out of its natural order. Comb the forehead back in place and you’re all set. Seriously, that’s it.

Below you can read about the important types of eyebrow trimming and which ones are the best to suit you.

1. Trimming with Scissors

Eyebrow Scissors and Eyebrow Brush Image

  1. Brush your eyebrow hairs: Use a spoolie brush to brushing the top of your eyebrows straight up by sweeping repeatedly. Any hairs that protrude from the eyebrow should be trimmed.
  2. Hold the hair in place with the brush: Use the spoolie brush to comb the hairs to the top of the eyebrow. Use the brush to hold the hair while cutting to avoid cutting it too short.
  3. Use scissors to trim the hair above the brush: Use nail scissors or cutting scissors to cut the excess length that protrudes from the top of the brush. Focus on cutting the longest hairs and spread the length a bit by cutting each hair a little different length than the previous one. This makes your eyebrows look more natural.
  4. Brush the hairs at a 45-degree angle and cut them out: After cutting the long hairs, use the spoolie brush to comb the brow hairs at a 45-degree angle. Hold them in place with the spoolie brush, then trim the hairs that are too long.
  5. Comb the hair down and trim off the excess hairs: Now use the spoolie brush to brush the eyebrow hairs. Trim away the excess hairs at the bottom of the eyebrow.
  6. Repeat the entire process on your other eyebrow.

These scissors and brushes are perfect.

The scissors blades are curved to rest against your eyebrow surface and the brush is at least something you need for preparation.

  • Can be formed quickly
  • Less painful than tweezers
  • Carries risk of cutting too much
  • Requires a steady hand for effectiveness

2. Tweezing Your Eyebrows

Slant Tweezers - Tweezer Guru Image 3Tweezing your eyebrow is a proven method and is best when it comes to plucking individual hairs.

You can pull out your eyebrows with medical or sewing tweezers and everyone probably already knows how to best use them.

But we still discuss the most optimal tweezing technique, so you can pluck your eyebrows accurately and with minimal discomfort.

Step one

Before epilating, it is a good idea to shower or rub a warm washcloth over the flesh of your eyebrow to open your pores.

By doing this, you dissolve your skin individually with less friction.

This makes actual picking much less painful.

Step two

Brush your eyebrows, as we discussed above.

By doing this, you can more easily identify stray eyebrow hairs that are not in the optimal shape or that interfere with the overall appearance of an eyebrow.

It’s more difficult to tell which individual hairs to choose if your eyebrows are messy and your hairs are everywhere.

Step three

Grab the tweezers and hold it like you would hold a pencil.

Your thumb and index finger should be the two numbers used to press the exercise and squeeze the tweezers.

These two fingers are also the most accurate choices.

Step four

Pluck your brow hairs.

To do this, place the tweezers close to the root of each individual hair and give a sharp tug.

It doesn’t take much power. to pull the hairs out.

You probably only need to move your wrist, and that should be enough strength.

You want to pull the hair close to the root whenever possible as it causes less pain.

And the faster you choose, the faster it will pass; Do not hesitate and pull slowly.

Doing so will cause unnecessary discomfort to yourself.

Pulling out your eyebrow is the slowest method of eyebrow trimming, but it is also the most accurate.

You can go as slow as you want and there’s virtually no risk of accidentally plucking the wrong hairs or too many hairs and screwing up your brow shape.

Tweezers are also super cheap because you only need to buy one tweezer.

These will last a lifetime, or at least several years until you lose them!

You can also use tweezers for other body care efforts, such as removing splinters or helping pull in ingrown nails.

Any man who watches his face and body should already have tweezers.

Tweezers can be used for equally effective shaping and thinning of your eyebrow.

It is most commonly used for modeling as you can easily target eyebrow hairs on the brim and remove stragglers one hair at a time.

But it’s also great for thinning really bushy eyebrows, because of the slow speed you get every time you have a hair, it takes a second longer to track your progress.

Tweezers are one of the most versatile eyebrow trimming tools.

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Very accurate
  • Difficult to pull too much
  • A little painful
  • Slowly
  • Requires careful examination before picking

FAQs About trim eyebrow

How Often Should You Trim Your Eyebrows?

The exact time of eyebrow hair regrowth will obviously vary significantly from man to man.

But most guys can count on eyebrow hair to return in about four weeks.

We do not recommend checking your eyebrow only once a month.

This is because you don’t lose all your eyebrow hair during your first training session.

The ideal trimming schedule allows you to have your eyebrows examined about possible shapes and thinning about once a week.

You should check them out after that first trimming experience and see if you missed any areas or if other spots got a little wilder without the first hair you cut.

If this is the case, you will need to pluck a few extra hairs to cut, which is a week behind the regrowth schedule.

That’s why we recommend spending about 30 minutes a week examining and caring for your eyebrows.

You don’t have to and you don’t have to add it to every morning routine, but even a little bit of attention can drastically improve the look of your eyebrow and make something to be proud of.

Eyebrows How To Shape?

To eyebrow shapes trim out long hairs or protruding hairs. Tweezer minimal hair between eyebrows or strays.

Are There Certain Types of Eyebrows that Go Better with Beards or Clean Shaven Faces?

The shape of the eyebrow depends more on the structure of your skull and the heaviness of your forehead, as opposed to whether you have facial hair.

However, it can look strange to have a completely clean-shaven face. with large, bushy eyebrows.

A standard link is to have thicker brows with large beards and narrower brows with clean-shaven faces.

However, this is incredibly variable depending on your preference.


As you can see, trimming your eyebrows is no problem.

It’s not nearly as difficult as some people think, and it can bring huge benefits to your overall appearance and personal satisfaction.

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