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How to Trim Eyebrows: Expert Guide in 6 Steps (2023)

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how to trim eyebrowsReady to take control of your brows? It’s time to learn how to trim them like a pro. Whether you’re looking for a subtle tweak or a complete overhaul, this expert guide will show you exactly what steps are needed for perfect eyebrows.

From cleansing the skin and choosing the right tools to avoiding common mistakes when trimming, it’s all in here! Follow these six simple steps and get ready for beautiful brows that last through any occasion.

Key Takeaways

  • Assess the hair growth rate to determine the frequency of eyebrow trimming.
  • Use the proper tools, such as tweezers, scissors, brow comb/brush, and eyebrow gel.
  • Brush the eyebrows up and to the side before trimming, following the Golden Ratio technique.
  • Avoid common mistakes like over-grooming and shaping brows that don’t suit the face shape.

How Often to Trim Eyebrows?

how to trim eyebrows 1
You should assess your own hair growth rate to determine how often you need to do maintenance between appointments, as over-grooming can lead to brows that don’t suit your face. Trimming tools such as tweezers and scissors are helpful when it comes to keeping up with regular trims.

The golden ratio technique, created by Anastasia Soare, is a popular method for achieving beautiful eyebrows. However, Joey Healy and Tonya Crooks have developed the ABH Golden Ratio Shaping Technique, which takes into account individual facial features for perfect brows tailored specifically to each person’s needs.

A magnifying mirror isn’t necessary either. Regular trims will give you a natural look without any difficulties in distinguishing hairs that may be too short or too long.

Best Technique for Trimming Eyebrows

Best Technique for Trimming Eyebrows
Greetings! Before trimming your eyebrows, it is important to cleanse the skin to remove product buildup and excess oil. The recommended tools for eyebrow trimming are tweezers and scissors, while brushing should be done upwards and outwards with a spoolie brush.

Finally, when actually trimming the brows, one hair at a time in a downward angle will give you the most natural look without any over-grooming mistakes.

Cleansing the Skin

Before trimming, it’s important to cleanse the skin to remove product buildup and excess oil for a clean, fresh look. Depending on your skin type, choose cleansing products that work best with your complexion.

Be sure not to use a magnifying mirror as this makes it difficult to tell if you’re cutting or grooming in a straight line. A pair of scissors and an eyebrow gel can help keep up maintenance until the next appointment where the golden ratio shaping technique is applied according to individual facial features and lighting conditions.

For perfect brows tailored specifically for personal needs!

To keep your brows looking neat and tidy, you’ll need the right tools – sharp scissors, a brow comb or brush, and some eyebrow gel. For a natural look when trimming, opt for ABH’s Brow Trimming Scissors or Joey Healy’s Precision Brow Trimmer.

Proper Brushing Technique

Brush your brows up and to the side with a comb or spoolie to determine their shape. When trimming, carefully snip hairs at a downward angle for natural-looking arches that match your face. Avoid over-grooming by using light strokes, ensuring you have total control of each hair, like giving them a crew cut! Proper lighting will give a better sense of symmetry from the middle of your nostrils to the corner of each nostril.

Trimming Technique

Gently snip away any stray hairs using a downward angle to give your brows a clean, natural look that flatters your face. For precise cutting, use the right mirror and proper lighting. Follow the natural shape of your brows while trimming with sharp scissors or tweezers for excess hair removal.

Avoid over-grooming by using a mechanical pencil for shaping and clear eyebrow gel for unruly eyebrows instead of magnifying mirrors.

Beauty is all about subtlety; let each step be done delicately so you don’t end up regretting it later on!

Common Mistakes When Trimming Eyebrows

Common Mistakes When Trimming Eyebrows
Greeting! When trimming your eyebrows, it is important to be aware of the common mistakes that can occur. Over-grooming and shaping brows that don’t suit the face are two of these missteps. To ensure you achieve natural-looking, perfect brows every time, pay attention to details such as using a normal mirror and lighting for better precision while trimming, rather than relying on magnifying mirrors.


It’s easy to get carried away when grooming your eyebrows, so be careful not to over-groom them.

For example, Laura had a tendency of shaping her brows too severely – which didn’t suit the rest of her features – and ended up having to start almost from scratch with re-growing them!

Over plucking or going for the wrong shape can ruin any chance of achieving a natural look.

The ABH Golden Ratio Shaping Technique is one way you can achieve personalized perfect brows, but magnifying mirrors should be avoided as they make it harder for precision trimming.

Founder Tonya Crooks recommends an occasional trim using tweezers or scissors while brushing upwards and outwards with a spoolie brush in order to remove stray eyebrow hairs that are outstanding past the desired line.

Shaping Unsuitable Brows

Avoid the temptation of shaping your brows into something that doesn’t suit your face – you’ll regret it later! Celebrity brow artists use a Tailoring Technique to help create perfect, natural-looking eyebrows.

This involves following the Golden Ratio when trimming and brushing in an upward direction from the center of your face towards the outer corner of each eye. To ensure precision, Tonya Crooks recommends using a normal mirror rather than a magnifying one.

Keep in mind:

  • Start small by removing only one hair at a time.
  • Trim downward for best results.
  • Brush up and out with a spoolie brush regularly to maintain shape.

Avoid making mistakes that will be difficult or impossible to correct – the tailoring technique is key!

Do You Need to Trim Your Eyebrows?

Do You Need to Trim Your Eyebrows?
You must frequently assess your eyebrow growth rate to determine if you need a trim – otherwise, all that hard work maintaining them in-between appointments could be for nothing! A good rule of thumb is to trim any hairs growing longer than your desired shape every two weeks.

When it comes time to do some maintenance, make sure the skin is cleansed beforehand so product buildup and excess oil don’t interfere with the process.

Recommended Tools:

  • Small scissors or tweezers
  • Brow brush

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Brush brows up & outward
  2. Trim one hair at a time
  3. Downward angle for a natural look

Most people are familiar with ABH’s Golden Ratio Shaping Technique; an innovative guide that helps achieve personalized perfection for eyebrows best suited on each individual face shape. However, it can be tricky getting those perfect lines right without making mistakes like overgrooming or shaping too much of an arch when looking into magnifying mirrors as opposed to normal mirrors and lighting which provide better precision while trimming anyway.

Following this step by step guide will give you a better idea of what works best on the outer sides of the face and how exactly you should go about practicing proper eyebrow care techniques such as ‘how to trim eyebrows’.

How to Trim Your Eyebrows

How to Trim Your Eyebrows
Trimming your eyebrows can be a tedious task, but it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance in order to have the perfect brow shape.

To begin, brush your brows upwards and outwards before trimming any long hairs that are growing beyond what you desire for your desired look.

After each hair has been trimmed downwards at an angle, repeat this process until all of the longer hairs have been cut off.

Lastly, check other directions such as from above and below, which may require some additional grooming.

Comb Your Brows

Before you start trimming, it’s important to brush your brows up and outward for a better perspective of what needs to be tended. Pay attention to the hair length: long or short? Consider using styling tools like tweezers and scissors based on the most common mishaps Manhattan-based celebrity brow artist Soare sees.

Also, use ABH’s Golden Ratio technique for creating a flattering eyebrow shape that suits your face best.

Trim Long Hairs

Gently hold one hair at a time, angling it downward and snip away any excess length for an even, natural-looking finish.
Trimming Tools
Common Mistakes People Make
General Rule of Thumb

Repeat the Process

Once you’ve trimmed the long hairs, go through the same process to take care of any shorter ones. Brush up first and repeat in different directions for a polished beauty look. Trim with caution, check the shape, and use quality tools – tweezers may be intimidating, but they’re worth it! Cleanse the skin from product buildup and make sure to use a regular mirror in good lighting – this will help ensure precision when trimming brows.

Brush Your Brows

Brush up your brows with a spoolie brush and use the ABH Golden Ratio Shaping Technique for personalized perfect brows. Editor’s tip: avoid magnifying mirrors, always opt for a normal mirror in good lighting to ensure precision when trimming.

Check Other Directions

Check all angles of your brows to ensure you haven’t missed any hairs. Utilize a brushing technique, trim individual hairs downward one at a time for a more natural outcome, and adhere to the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products should I use to prepare my skin before trimming my brows?

Prepare your skin before trimming by cleansing it with a gentle cleanser to remove product buildup and excess oil. Use an exfoliant for additional hydration, then apply a light moisturizer to keep the skin soft and supple.

What is the ABH Golden Ratio Shaping Technique?

Discover the power of perfect brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Golden Ratio Shaping Technique. This revolutionary method uses a signature numerical formula to determine the ideal symmetry and shape that is customized for your face, giving you beautiful results every time! Unlock your confidence and gain control over how you frame your features with this amazing tool.

Is it better to use a magnifying mirror or a normal mirror when trimming my brows?

It is better to use a normal mirror in good lighting than a magnifying one. Magnified views can lead to over-grooming and shaping that does not suit your face.

How can I avoid over-grooming my brows?

Avoid over-grooming your brows by taking it slow. Trim one hair at a time, using proper technique and tools to create the desired shape in an organized manner. Ensure that the skin is clean before trimming and utilize natural light for better precision when shaping with the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique.

How can I choose a shape of brows that suits my face?

Choose a shape that will complement your facial features. Consider the ABH Golden Ratio Shaping Technique for customized, perfect brows: Measure and mark points on each side of your face to create an ideal ratio.


It’s important to get your eyebrows trimmed regularly to keep your look fresh, but it’s also important to do it right. You don’t want to over-groom or end up with a look that doesn’t suit your face. Take your time to figure out what technique works best for you, and don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for advice.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to trim your brows like a pro. Just remember to always use natural lighting and a non-magnifying mirror for the best results. With a little practice, you’ll be able to have the perfect brows you’ve been dreaming of.

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