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Is Arko Shaving Soap Any Good? Budget-Friendly Lather King [Review 2024]

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is arko shaving soap any goodAre you curious about Arko shaving soap? You’re not alone. This budget-friendly Turkish classic has entered wet shaving routines for decades.

But is Arko shaving soap any good? In this review, we’ll dive into the lathering prowess, slickness, and overall value of this affordable option.

Whether seasoned wet shaver or newcomer, you’ll find why Arko is considered one of the lather kings and if it makes a worthy addition to your arsenal

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Key Takeaways

  • Lather fit for a king on a peasant’s budget: Arko whips up a thick, slick foam that’ll make your razor glide like it’s on ice skates. Talk about punching above its weight class!
  • A scent that’s not everyone’s cup of tea: The lemony aroma might have you feeling fresh as a daisy or holding your nose. It’s like the cilantro of the shaving world – love it or hate it.
  • Wallet-friendly wonder: At under $2 a pop, Arko’s easier on your bank account than a kid’s lemonade stand. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear every time you lather up.
  • Globe-trotting soap star: Available in 50 countries, Arko’s more well-traveled than your average jet-setter. Whether you’re in Istanbul or Indianapolis, this little stick’s got your back

Is Arko Shaving Soap Any Good?

Yes, Arko shaving soap is surprisingly good, especially considering its budget-friendly price. This traditional Turkish soap lathers quickly and abundantly, providing a slick surface for your razor.

While its strong lemony scent can be divisive, it fades fast. The tallow-based formula offers decent protection, though it may not be the most hydrating option.

Available in stick and bowl forms for under $2, Arko’s value is hard to beat. It’s widely accessible in 50 countries and lasts for months with daily use.

If you’re looking for an affordable, no-frills shaving soap that gets the job done, Arko’s worth a try. There’s more to uncover about this vintage classic

Arko Shaving Soap Overview

Arko Shaving Soap Overview
You’ve probably heard of Arko shaving soap, a budget-friendly option that’s been around since the 1950s. This traditional Turkish soap comes in both stick and bowl forms, featuring a tallow-based formula that’s known for its exceptional lathering abilities

Inexpensive, Traditional Turkish Shaving Soap

You’re in for a treat with Arko, a vintage classic from Turkey. This budget pick‘s a shaver’s dream, offering stellar value for money. Don’t let its low price fool you—it’s a beginner’s best friend and seasoned pro’s travel companion

Available in Stick and Bowl Forms

You’ll find Arko Shaving Soap in two convenient forms: stick and bowl. This versatility makes it a perfect travel companion and suits different lathering methods. Here’s why you’ll love both options:

  1. Stick: Easy to apply directly to face
  2. Bowl: Great for brush lathering
  3. Compact sizes: Ideal for on-the-go shaving
  4. Affordable: Fits any skincare routine budget

Tallow-based Formula

You’ll find Arko’s tallow-based formula doesn’t pull any punches for performance. Made from tallow, its cheap base soap has everything needed to have enough lather for a great one. Proof that traditional tallow soaps can enhance your shaving experience without costing an arm and a leg.

Ingredients and Performance

Ingredients and Performance
Arko’s shaving soap contains a blend of ingredients including potassium tallowate, linalool, citronellol, glycerin, sodium, and magnesium. You’ll find it lathers easily with just a small amount of water, creating a thick, slick lather that helps your razor glide smoothly over your skin with minimal irritation

Contains Potassium Tallowate, Linalool, Citronellol, Glycerin, Sodium and Magnesium

The secret sauce for Arko comes from its ingredients. Potassium Tallowate, Linalool, Citronellol, and Glycerin—along with Sodium and Magnesium—all come together to assist. The only fault some find with it’s a bit of a citronella smell—but nothing your average shaver can’t handle. Now, let’s break Arko down a bit.

  • Cost-effective formula
  • High-performance ingredients
  • Balanced blend for optimal output
  • Scent tolerable to the most

Lathers Easily With a Small Amount of Water

You’ll be amazed at how easily Arko lathers with just a splash of water. Whether you prefer the shaving stick to face method or bowl lathering, you’ll get a great lather that’s slick and protective. While the scent mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, the hydrating effect and decent glide make it a top contender

Cost and Value

Cost and Value
You’ll be impressed by Arko’s unbeatable value, with both the 90-gram plastic bowl and 75-gram stick costing under $2. The 75-gram stick lasts around 3 ½ months with daily use, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious shavers looking to try a traditional soap

90. gram Plastic Bowl: Under $2

You’ll love Arko’s budget-friendly 90-gram plastic bowl. At under $2, it’s a lather king that offers:

  1. Convenient packaging
  2. Bulk savings potential
  3. Travel-friendly design

Perfect for gifting or subscription services too!

75. gram Stick: Under $2

You’ll love the 75-gram Arko stick’s compact, portable design. At under $2, it’s incredibly affordable. Users report a close, clean shave using the brush-to-stick method. Clean lemon scent included!

Excellent Value, Worth Trying at Under $2

You’ll find Arko Shaving Soap’s value unbeatable. Here’s why it’s worth trying:

  1. Compact and portable
  2. Easy to find in person
  3. Great performance, despite the "urinal cake" smell some mention

Is Arko shaving soap any good? Absolutely!

75. gram Stick Lasts Around 3 ½ Months With Daily Usage

You’ll love how budget-friendly Arko is. The compact 75-gram stick is a daily shaver’s dream, lasting around 3 ½ months with regular use. It’s portable and stretches your dollar


You’ll find Arko shaving soap easily accessible in 50 countries worldwide. It’s readily available in physical stores like pharmacies, Ulta Beauty, and SEPHORA, as well as online marketplaces, making it convenient to purchase wherever you are

Available in 50 Countries

You’ll be pleased to know that Arko Shaving Soap boasts impressive international distribution. With availability in 50 countries, you’re likely to find this budget-friendly lather king wherever you go. Here’s what makes Arko’s global reach stand out:

  1. Wide geographical coverage
  2. Consistent product quality across markets
  3. Adaptability to different shaving cultures
  4. Reliable supply chain management

Easy to Find in Person and Online

You’ll find Arko shaving soap easily, both in stores and online. Its widespread availability means you’re never far from a lather. Pop into pharmacies, Ulta Beauty, or SEPHORA for a quick grab. Or, if you prefer convenience, order from various online marketplaces. With its affordability and ease of use, Arko’s always within reach

Lather and Volume

Lather and Volume
You’ll be impressed by Arko’s lathering capabilities, as it quickly produces an abundant, rich foam that outshines many other soaps. Its performance in this area is so exceptional that users often rate it a perfect 10/10, making it a standout choice for those seeking a budget-friendly soap with superior lather

Lathers Quickly and Easily

You’ll be impressed by Arko’s quick lathering. It’s a breeze to work up a rich foam, even with minimal water. Perfect for travel, this soap’s lather duration won’t disappoint

Produces Abundant Lather

You’ll be amazed at the abundant lather Arko produces. It’s not just quick; it’s generous too. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Thick, creamy consistency
  • Long-lasting foam
  • Ample coverage for multiple passes
  • Easy reactivation with water

No Comparison to Other Soaps Tried

You’ll find Arko’s lather quality unmatched. It outperforms pricier soaps, leaving you amazed at its slickness and hydration. While scent preferences vary, the lathering experience is truly exceptional

10/10 Rating

You’ll be impressed by Arko’s lather and volume, earning it a perfect 10/10 rating. Here’s why it’s a top performer:

  1. Abundant, creamy lather
  2. Exceptional cost-to-performance ratio
  3. Widely available, making it easy to experience its stellar lathering capabilities


You’ll find Arko shaving soap impressively slick, especially when you nail the water-to-soap ratio. It provides excellent protection for your skin during shaving, earning a solid 7-8 out of 10 rating for its slickness factor

Very Slick, Especially With Proper Water-to-soap Ratio

You’ll find Arko’s slickness truly impressive when you nail the water-to-soap ratio. It’s a game-changer for your shave. Let’s break down how this budget-friendly soap performs:

Factor Performance
Slickness Excellent
Lather thickness Rich
Protection capability High
Drying potential Moderate
Coconut oil hack Enhances

7. 8/10 Rating

You’ll find Arko’s slickness impressive, earning a solid 7-8/10 rating. When you nail the water-to-soap ratio, it’s like your razor’s gliding on ice. For extra hydration, try the coconut oil trick—it’s a game-changer

Provides Good Protection

You’ll find Arko’s slickness provides excellent protection during your shave. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Smooth glide across your skin
  • Reduced irritation and nicks
  • Comfortable, close shave
  • Long-lasting lather
  • Ideal for travel with its compact size

The scent may be divisive, but the protection is undeniable


You’ll notice Arko’s strong lemony scent right away, but it fades quickly during use. While some find the smell divisive or off-putting, others appreciate its neutral quality that won’t clash with other fragrances

Strong Lemony Scent

You’ll notice Arko’s strong lemony scent right away. It’s a divisive feature, but many find it refreshing. Let’s break it down:

Aspect Description
Scent Profile Citrusy, sharp lemon
Intensity Strong, noticeable
Reception Mixed, some love it
Value Effect High considering the cost

Scent Diminishes Quickly

While the lemony scent starts strong, you’ll notice it fades quickly. This can be a relief or disappointment, depending on your preference.

  1. Initial burst of citrus
  2. Rapid scent dissipation
  3. Changing olfactory experience
  4. Personal perception variability

Divisive Characteristic, Some Dislike the Smell

While the scent fades quickly, it’s still a divisive aspect. You’ll find opinions split on Arko’s unique fragrance:

Scent Profile Lather Consistency Post-Shave Hydration
Lemony Rich and creamy Slightly drying
Citronella Thick and slick Improved with oil
Soapy Abundant volume Quick rinse-off
Polarizing Consistent Skin-protective

Neutral Enough for Those Who Tire of Scents Easily

If you’re easily overwhelmed by strong fragrances, Arko’s mild scent might be your sweet spot. It’s there, but won’t linger all day

6/10 Rating

You’ll find Arko’s scent average, hence the 6/10 rating. It’s a budget-friendly, traditional soap that lathers well and offers slick, affordable shaves

Post-Shave Feel

Post-Shave Feel
While Arko’s post-shave feel isn’t its strongest feature, it’s not a deal-breaker for most users. The soap can leave your skin feeling a bit dry, but you can enhance its moisturizing properties by adding a few drops of coconut oil to your lather

Not the Most Hydrating

While Arko’s scent might divide opinions, its post-shave hydration isn’t its strong suit. You’ll notice your skin feeling a bit dry after use. Here’s what you should know:

  • Tallow formula doesn’t prioritize skin hydration
  • Post-shave care may be necessary
  • Consider affordable alternatives for better moisture retention

Washes Off Easily

While Arko’s lemon scent mightn’t hydrate like premium soaps, it’s a breeze to rinse off. Let’s compare its performance:

Aspect Arko Premium Soaps
Rinse Easy Can be sticky
Travel Convenient Bulky
Scent Strong lemon Varied
Hydration Limited Better
Value Excellent Pricier

Can Be Drying

Although Arko is easy to rinse off, this usually leaves the skin quite dry. If you’re constantly prone to skin irritations, then you’d likely be better advised to look for a product that’s more moisturizing or even perhaps a hydrating balm.

Coconut Oil Hack Improves Hydration

While Arko can be drying, you can improve its post-shave feel with coconut oil. This hack offers:

  1. Enhanced hydration
  2. Smoother skin
  3. Improved lather consistency
  4. Subtle scent enhancement

It’s an affordable solution that’s internationally available


Arko’s history dates back to the mid-1950s when it originated in Turkey as an inexpensive, tallow-based shaving soap. You’ll find it primarily in stick form, a traditional product that has stood the test of time and remains popular among wet shavers for its affordability and effectiveness

Produced Since the Mid-1950s

You’re using a time-tested classic. Arko’s been around since the 1950s, offering budget-friendly shaving solutions. Let’s explore its history:

Era Form Key Feature
1950s Stick Tallow-based
1960s-1990s Bowl introduced Inexpensive
2000s-Present Both available Turkish tradition

Originated in Turkey

You’re not just getting a soap; you’re experiencing Turkish heritage. Arko’s tallow-based formula, available in stick or bowl, has spread worldwide from its origins


You’ll love Arko’s budget-friendly appeal. This Turkish gem offers exceptional value-for-money without breaking the bank. Here’s why it’s a frugal shaver’s dream:

  1. Cost-effective stick form
  2. Affordable bulk-buying options
  3. Long-lasting formula
  4. Quality performance at a fraction of high-end prices


You’ll find that Arko’s tallow-based formula harks back to traditional shaving methods. It’s an inexpensive option that delivers a rich, moisturizing lather for your skin

Stick Form

You’ll love Arko’s iconic stick form. It’s practical and long-lasting. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sturdy 75-gram stick
  • Easy-to-grip design
  • Excellent stick quality
  • Lasts 3-4 months with daily use
  • Store in a dry place for longevity


Arko shaving soap is a traditional product that’s easy to travel with and offers excellent value for its price. While its strong lemony scent may not appeal to everyone, it’s worth trying for its impressive lathering ability and budget-friendly cost

Traditional Product

You’ll find Arko Shaving Soap to be a traditional gem. It’s inexpensive, yet delivers a rich lather that’ll make your grandfather proud. This Turkish classic has stood the test of time, proving that sometimes, old-school is the best school

Easy to Travel With

You’ll love Arko’s travel-readiness. This compact, portable soap stick fits easily in your toiletry bag. Its budget-friendly price means you won’t fret if it’s lost or confiscated. It’s the perfect affordable companion for wet shavers on the go

Scent May Be Unappealing to Some

While Arko’s portability is a plus, its scent mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Your olfactory experience can make or break your shaving routine. Personal preference plays a big role in whether you’ll love or loathe this soap’s aroma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Arko a good shaving soap?

Ever wondered about Arko’s shaving prowess? You’ll find it’s a solid choice. It lathers well, provides slickness, and offers great value. Though the scent’s divisive, Arko’s performance and affordability make it worth trying for wet shavers

Can you use Arko to shave a stick?

You can definitely use Arko to shave a stick. It’s designed for this purpose. Just wet your face, rub the stick directly on your skin, and lather with your hands or a brush. It’s quick and convenient

How do you use Arko shave soap?

You can use Arko shave soap in three ways: rub the stick directly on your wet face, lather it in a bowl, or swirl your brush on the stick. Each method creates a rich, slick lather for a smooth shave

What does Arko shaving soap smell like?

You’ll notice a strong, lemony scent when you unwrap Arko shaving soap. It’s got hints of citronella too. While the smell’s divisive, many find it pleasant. It’s clean and neutral, but can fade quickly during use

Is Arko shaving soap suitable for sensitive skin?

Hold onto your horses! Arko shaving soap isn’t ideal for sensitive skin. It’s quite drying and can cause irritation. You’ll want to moisturize well after use. Consider alternatives with more hydrating ingredients for your delicate dermis

How long does the Arko shaving soap scent last?

You’ll notice Arko’s strong lemony scent when you first open it, but it fades quickly during use. The fragrance doesn’t linger long on your skin post-shave, making it ideal if you’re not keen on persistent scents

Can Arko shaving soap be used with cartridge razors?

You can definitely use Arko shaving soap with cartridge razors. It’ll create a slick, protective lather that’ll help the cartridge glide smoothly across your skin. Just wet the soap, lather up, and shave as usual

Does Arko shaving soap expire or go bad?

While you might worry about expiration, Arko shaving soap doesn’t typically go bad. It’s long-lasting and can remain effective for years when stored properly. You’ll notice changes in lather quality or scent if it deteriorates, but that’s rare

How does Arko compare to artisanal shaving soaps?

While Arko’s affordable and reliable, artisanal soaps often offer superior ingredients, scents, and post-shave feel. You’ll find more variety and customization with artisanal options, but they’re pricier. Arko’s a solid budget choice, while artisanals cater to luxury preferences


Like a hidden gem in the shaving world, Arko shaving soap proves its worth. You’ll find it’s a budget-friendly option that delivers impressive results.

With its easy lathering, slick performance, and long-lasting value, Arko stands out as a solid choice for wet shavers. While the scent may divide opinions, its overall performance is hard to beat.

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