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Which Hair Color Makes You Look Younger? Top On-Trend Shades (2024)

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which hair color makes you look youngerAre you looking to take years off your look? Hair color can make a big difference in how youthful or aged you appear. Whether it’s highlights, lowlights, ombré, balayage, or an all-over hue, there are plenty of on-trend hair colors that will help give the appearance of a younger age.

From caramel highlights to broomstick blonde and rich copper tones, we’ve rounded up the top shades that’ll make you look like time is standing still! Let’s explore which hues might be right for your next visit to the salon.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for hair colors that add warmth, dimension, and brightness to your hair.
  • Consider playful pastel vibes with hair colors like caramel highlights and golden melon.
  • Choose face-framing brightness with hair colors like broomstick blonde and bronde sombré.
  • Enhance your hair with rich copper tones if you are a brunette or redhead.

Hair Colors That Make You Look Younger

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If you’re looking to freshen up your look with a new hair color, there are many options available that can help make you look younger. Caramel highlights, golden melon, bronde sombré, and pink champagne will all add warmth and dimension to your hair, while broomstick blonde and golden balayage will give face-framing brightness.

Rich copper is perfect for enhancing brunettes or redheads who want a fiery vibrancy.

Caramel Highlights

Try caramel highlights to add a youthful glow and soften features — it’s like Jennifer Lopez in one hair color! The lightening effects of this shade create brightening shades, while coloring techniques bring out warmer highlights.

Get the rich shade of caramel you crave with golden balayage or playful pastels.

Golden Melon

Experience a fresh and ashy look with Golden Melon. Perfect for those seeking to turn back time! Strawberry blonde meets melon in this brightening hue that makes you feel like a celebrity. Benefits, maintenance, styling, and color trends – it’s the ideal hair color for young girls looking younger.

Bronde Sombré

Uncover the magic of Bronde Sombré – a celebrity-approved look to instantly brighten and add contrast. Subtle highlights, golden brown, ashy blonde; Matt Rez’s signature style for permanent hair colors.

Ashy blends seamlessly into blonde ombre for youthful vibrancy like never before! Golden melon brings stunning dimension to your locks: let liberation and power be yours with this gorgeous hue.

Pink Champagne

Let your inner star shine with Pink Champagne! This playful pastel adds a youthful spark to any hairstyle, just ask Kate Hudson. Benefits include color combinations, maintenance tips, hair care routine, and styling ideas.

Brown hair color gets a face-framing lift from pastel shades like Halle Berry’s.

Broomstick Blonde

Discover the perfect combination of cool and warm tones in Broomstick Blonde for a youthful look that celebrities like Cara Delevingne adore! Benefits include temporary hair color, a metallic look, a brightening effect, and styling techniques.

Golden Bayalage

Try Golden Balayage for a face-framing, fiery hue that adds vibrancy and youthfulness to your look! Benefits include adding warmth and depth, creating contrast with darker hair tones like Ayesha’s Red Hair, plus celebrity colorist Matt Rez recommends it as an alternative to golden melon.

With the right styling tips, you can combine this shade with other colors for eye-catching effects – but make sure you understand any disadvantages before making your choice.

Rich Copper

Experience a dramatic, electrifying transformation with Rich Copper hair color! Transform your look in an instant and flaunt fiery vibrancy that’ll make you feel years younger. Maintenance is key to keeping copper tones looking vibrant – opt for highlights/lowlights, quality products, and expert advice.

For the daring few ready to enter fruit territory, adding Golden Melon will give radiant skin and bold red hues too! Or combine Foil techniques for a truly unique look.

Lighter or Darker Hair Color?

Lighter or Darker Hair Color?
Whether you crave a subtle warmth or an all-out fiery transformation, opting for lighter shades of golden melon and pink champagne or darker hues of caramel and rich copper can give your look the youthful boost it needs.

Adding dimension to hair with warm highlights, such as Caramel Highlights, creates a softer facial feature while avoiding too-dark brunette color that can make you look older.

Lighter hair colors like Golden Melon are great for strawberry blonde/melon looks as well as Bronde Sombré which adds brightness and contrast to the hair.

For playful pastel vibes try Pink Champagne just like Kate Hudson does!

Broomstick Blonde is perfect if you want the Cara Delevingne look; keeping your base closer to natural color but still adding foil and balayage highlights at face framing lengths will ensure this style looks amazing on everyone!

To add even more youthfulness opt for Golden Bayalage which Jennifer Korab swears by – her gorgeous face framing colour will be sure have heads turning in admiration!

Rich copper is perfect for enhancing redheads who desire more vibrancy in their locks without going overboard with bold colors that could age them prematurely.

No matter what shade suits best both lighter shades of golden melons and pinks champagnes along with dark hues from caramels to rich coppers provide options when considering how best achieve young looking appearance through creative use of coloring techniques.

Hair Colors That Can Make You Look Older

Hair Colors That Can Make You Look Older
If you’re looking to maintain a youthful appearance, don’t make the mistake of choosing an overly dark hair color. Consider lighter shades such as golden melon and pink champagne for subtle warmth instead.

Monochromatic dyes without streaks can also age you prematurely, so be sure to add dimension with warm highlights or balayage techniques.

You should also avoid leaving your hair half grey – opt for a brighter hue like rich copper to enhance brunettes and redheads while maintaining vibrancy in locks! Lastly, don’t do too much with your hair; middle-parting it or going overboard on styling won’t help you look younger either!

Don’t Choose a Color That’s Too Dark!

Avoid choosing colors that are too dark, as they can age you prematurely – stick to highlights and balayage for a youthful ‘pop’ of color! Natural tones such as golden melon, warm highlights of lighter shades, or subtle grey blending are safe bets.

For those wanting more impact, try pastel colors or purple hair color with black roots. Whatever look you choose, stay away from over-highlighting and avoid bold looks like deep browns, which may be aging in the long run.

Don’t Go for Monochromatic Dyes Without Streaks

Instead of opting for a monochromatic dye job, consider adding streaks to break it up and create contrast. This will help you maintain a youthful glow! Warm tones and subtle highlights in lighter shades like golden melon or strawberry blonde can give your hair a soft hue.

For something bolder, try the Jennifer Korab celebrity colorist Matt Rez’s look with deep reds and blues.

Don’t Leave Your Hair Half Grey!

Don’t let your locks be half-grey – opt for a hair color that will add some brightness and vibrancy to keep you looking youthful! Avoid grey streaks, a middle parting, over-dyeing with dark shades, or ashy tones.

Try celebrity colorist Matt Rez’s look for huge differences in the way you look – as seen on Bryce Dallas Howard.

Don’t Middle-part Your Hair!

Part your hair to the side for a youthful look. Balance facial proportions with bright, vibrant colors like golden melon or rich copper! Don’t over-highlight; avoid ashy shades and gray streaks for natural vibrancy.

Don’t Do TOO Much!

Go easy on the styling and avoid overdoing it with too many colors – a soft, natural look will have you looking vibrant and youthful! Avoid over-highlighting; keep gray to a minimum. Choose subtle streaks of color that match your dark brown hair color with warm tones like golden melon or rich copper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a hair color last?

Permanent hair color typically lasts up to 4-6 weeks, while temporary colors last only a few washes. An interesting statistic shows that women who dye their hair one shade lighter look, on average, 3 years younger! It is recommended to choose a hue that flatters your skin tone for the best results and a fresher look.

What are the best products to use for coloring my hair?

For the best hair color results, try using semi-permanent or demi-permanent dyes. They’re gentler on your strands and won’t damage them like a permanent dye would.

How often should I get my hair professionally colored?

Get your hair professionally colored every 8-12 weeks for a look that’s always on point. Try out different colors to flatter your complexion and keep you looking younger.

What are the best practices for maintaining my hair color?

Maintain your hair color by getting regular trims, using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for gentle cleansing, and applying a deep conditioning mask once or twice a month.

Are there any natural remedies for restoring hair color?

Try using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, and apple cider vinegar to help restore your hair color. Regularly massage these into your scalp for nourishment and a vibrant appearance. For optimal results, use a gentle shampoo that will not strip away the essential oils.


When it comes to looking younger, the right hair color can make a big difference. Choose a hair color that will soften and brighten your features. Stick to more natural shades like caramel or honey and avoid dark shades that can make you look older.

To make sure you look your best, get a professional consultation. As the old adage goes, you can never be too rich or too young.

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