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The Best Beard Dye for Black Men (Top 10 Reviewed 2024)

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You have grown a full beard as a black man and have everyone’s attention. You love him, but it’s not enough. It would help if you had something else to make you stand out.

Sometimes, the best way to care for our beards is by enrolling the help of the best beard dye for black men. This can restore a juvenile brightness, a reinforcement thickness, and help shape your beard as you want it.

Black men’s beard products are usually unique due to the skin type, hair texture, etc.; with as many beard dyes as possible, it’s not always easy to know which to buy.

To help with this, here are some of the best beard dyes for black men currently on the market.

How to Choose the Best Beard Dye for Black Men

How to Choose the Best Beard Dye for Black MenBefore jumping to our list, consider the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a beard dye.


The fact that a product can change the color of your beard means a dye that contains some chemical ingredients. When it comes to products used for your beard, we always go-to natural and organic products.

Ammonia is a common ingredient (chemical) used in beard dyes, as it helps to open the hair cuticle that allows the color of the dye to penetrate the hair follicle. However, large doses of ammonia can irritate the skin and eyes, especially for men with sensitive skin.

To avoid harmful chemical substances, opt for natural dyes such as Henna. Its allergic potential is lower in its natural state, not like black henna. However, as black henna, it has PPD, which reduces the time of application and increases color intensity.


Color is probably the most critical factor in choosing the best beard dye for black men. You want to coincide your natural hair as best as possible, but that is easier to say.

Unfortunately, it is easy to choose a color that is too dark because our hair contains many different tones that come together to compensate for our unique natural hair color. So, when it comes to color, the main rule is to select a dye with a few lighter tones than its natural beard color to reduce the possibility of choosing a very dark color.

Color can be particularly challenging for black men because their hair is usually very dark. While looking for the right color, keep in mind that it is not easy to detect if you dyed it too dark if you accidentally dye too light hair.

Beard Dyes Type

There are two types of beard, temporary and permanent beard dyes. If you use a permanent beard dye, it will last more than a month or more. Therefore, you will not have to reapply again and again.

Whereas, if you use a temporary beard dye, it will last a week. After a week, reapply again.

Therefore, what type of beard dye you want to apply to your beard depends on you.

Some beard dyes are difficult to apply, while some are easy to apply. You must go for a beard dye that is easy to use and instantaneously after your application affects your beard.

10 Best Black Men Beard Dyes of 2024

So, what is the best beard dye for black men? The best black men’s beard dye is the one that provides natural hair color to its beard, is made of organic ingredients, and is accessible to its application.

Let’s look at the best beard dyes for black men who can protect your hair and skin while providing a natural color.

1. Bigen Ez Beard Dye for Black Men

Bigen Ez Beard Dye for Black MenView On Amazon

Bigen EZ color for men is an excellent option for black men because it contains fewer chemicals than its competitors, although it is a chemical dye. It does not have ammonia, a victory for sensitive skin, and low peroxide levels. While some customers have reported reactions on the skin, this EZ color for men is still less likely to irritate the skin than its counterparts with more chemical products.

This black men’s beard dye comes as part of a kit that includes an applicator comb, a cream dye, and a cream developer opening the hair cuticles and darkening the color of the dye. The cream and mixed consistency of the products means more minor disasters during dyeing. Nor does he have to worry about buying any other tool.

Bigen EZ color for men is an affordable beard dye brand and a good value since a kit handles multiple applications. How long do dyes depend on the hair growth rate, but will they generally have to reapply from every two weeks to once a month?

  • Available in a wide range of dark tones, including black jet, real black, and darker brown
  • Includes aloe extract and olive oil to calm and moisten the skin
  • Do not stain skin
  • Easy, fast, and the free disorder process
  • Includes everything you need in the Kit
  • It is not necessary to mix
  • It contains chemical products, even if they are at lower doses
  • Caused reactions in some customers
  • Have to reapply more frequently than you would expect with a permanent dye

2. Just for Men Mustache and Beard Coloring

Just for Men Mustache and Beard ColoringView On Amazon

This is another product aimed at Beardsmen African-Americans. It is specifically formulated for dye and treat thick hair. It is also straightforward to apply. Mix the color base and the developer, apply the mix with the included applicator brush, wait five minutes, rinse your beard, shampoo your face once, and be ready. The formula is creamy for a more straightforward application and contains biotin, aloe, and coconut oil to support hair health.

The mustache is only for men, and beard coloration is a long-lasting product. An application can even last four weeks. However, this uses chemical products that have the potential to cause fierce chemical burns.

  • Durable – Up to four weeks
  • Easy to apply
  • Supports hair health
  • Strong chemicals can potentially create a chemical burns

3. Godefroy Color Tint Kit – Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

Godefroy Color Tint Kit - Beard Dye for Sensitive SkinView On Amazon

Godefroy is unique because it allows the dyeing of the target areas instead of the application everywhere. This is especially useful for men with gray hair spots.

Because it is free of ammonia, it is less complicated in the beard and the skin. While it is not such a natural beard dye, it is soft enough to use for black men with sensitive skin.

The kit comes with a color capsule and a developer. Mix the capsule and developer and let it feel for minutes before applying.

  • Free of ammonia
  • Long-term color
  • Different shades of black or brown are generally popular colors of choice for black men.
  • Thin consistency
  • It is not effective for wide application
  • Expensive

4. Blackbeard for Men Formula X – Instant Brush-on Beard and Mustache Color

Blackbeard for Men Formula X – Instant Brush-on Beard and Mustache ColorView On Amazon

Do you want the best mask for the beards of black men? The Formula X of Blackbeard for men gives you that, if not more.

This formula is created to appear as if your beard will multiply. It makes your mustache and beard attractive since they give a pulse of length and volume. Romel can serve as a temporary dye for your beard.

Blackbeard, for men, will not leave you with a group since he goes without problems in the beards. He causes his mustache and beard to be naturally darker. There are three colors available: brown, dark brown, and black. This might not be the best beard dye for black men, but it can serve as one when you need it.

If you have a salt beard and pepper, you can apply the mask carefully to retain nature in black and white. The product will give you the desired aspect with its non-toxic formula and is free of allergies. Your beard will surely keep your color all day. Another good thing about Blackbeard for men is that it does not sacrifice quality.

You can use it daily, apply it at the beginning of the day and wash your beard at the end. Ensure there are no excesses before using the applicator brush on your mustache. The hypoallergenic formula on the brush can result in dark spots. In addition, a fabric can be used to remove the stripes.

In addition, the Blackbeard waterproof mask for the beards is skidily. And like most masks, men can also use them on their eyebrows. BlackBeard must be presented in your beard toilet routine if you apply other products to your beards. In addition, it is better to avoid beard products that may affect the adhesion of the mask.

  • Provides versatility in physical appearance
  • Ideal for men with slimming or patchy beards
  • Easy to apply and rinse
  • Dure only one day
  • It is not suitable for very thick beards

5. The Henna Guys – Best Color Range

The Henna Guys - Best Color RangeView On Amazon

Since Henna guys do not have color developers (chemical products to accelerate them), it takes approximately four hours to dye the beard. However, this is a good thing because it is sure that there are no harmful chemicals put there to accelerate things.

It’s available in the black jet, natural red, orange-red, dark brown, and Auburn tones, so you can experience it as often as you want.

Finally, it is not very cheap as you use approximately 2/3 of a package to cover a full beard. However, the results are exceptional.

Henna is the best natural blackballing beard dye, and millions have been used for generations. Therefore, you can trust the guys from Henna to dye your beard naturally.

  • Vegan
  • All-natural ingredients beard dye
  • Easily rinse
  • Without pillows stains
  • Throw slightly in the shower

6. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard DyeView On Amazon

Grizzly Mountain beard dye is an organic tint completely free of chemical products that offer an excellent alternative for sensitive skin that can not handle any complex chemical. It is a permanent beard tint that lasts about seven to ten days, depending on your needs and hair growth.

When you buy this product, it includes the dye and the base. You have to mix this dye, which can cause a disaster during the application. Some customers have had difficulty getting the color they want with grizzly mountain beard dye, although they report that it is an exceptionally natural aspect when they achieve the correct color.

When using grizzly mountain beard dye, it is better to apply it at night due to the possible discoloration of the beard. Sometimes, the user experience is a green or purple tint when they first eliminate the dye, which fades during the night in black.

  • Hypoallergenic beard dye
  • Adapts to the texture of your beard
  • A fresh mix of plants and herbs
  • Very natural-looking color thanks to the process of natural oxidation
  • Process much faster than other natural beard dyes
  • Capable of achieving several black tones depending on the mix you create, the time you leave the dye, and the number of applications
  • More expensive than other options
  • Strong land smell that can be unpleasant for some users
  • Can temporarily give beards a green or purple dye, although it becomes black the next morning

7. Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)View On Amazon

If you are a black man with sensitive skin, the source dye is perfect for you. Despite containing chemical products, it is known that it does not irritate. While it was initially made for hair, it also works well for the beard and eyebrows.

It is a long-lasting permanent beard tint, so you will not have to apply it regularly. A negative about this product is that you have to buy the beard dye and the developer separately.

  • Durable
  • Has a versatile use
  • Easy to apply
  • No cause skin irritation
  • A small tube (but a little goes a long way and lasts a week)
  • A developer does not come with the product

8. Folliclebooster Beard Pen

Folliclebooster Beard PenView On Amazon

The Folliclebooster Beard Pen uses a small boar brush attached to the end of a pen to apply the beard dye. The dye comes in black, black, and black jets. The colors are pretty well combined with the common types of African-American hair.

Only you get 1/4 inch of the stick, and the rest is hollow. They could have added much more dye to this product. In addition, the dye can be pretty dry at some moments.

  • Well rounded colors
  • A small applicator brush is composed of wild boars
  • A little too dry
  • To the stick is hollow

9. Cremo No Mix No Mess Hair and Beard Color

Cremo No Mix No Mess Hair and Beard ColorView On Amazon

So far, this review of the beard dye for black has Henna, creams, and mixes. Now, let’s go to a beard dye foam without mixing. Interesting, right? Cremo is a natural hair color dye and beard with black, light brown, and deep black tones. It lasts up to six weeks in its beard, so it is profitable.

We can call it a plug-and-play: Set the brush of the applicator into the container, shake it, brush the beard.
His beard looks darker or more transparent in about five minutes, depending on the shadow he chooses. You do not even need gloves.

  • Simple application process
  • Without mess or mixtures
  • Works on beard and hair
  • It can irritate the skin

10. Softsheen-Carson Natural Hair Dye For African American Men

Softsheen-Carson Natural Hair Dye For African American MenView On Amazon

This is a shampoo dye-containing, Aloe Vera and Honey to block the color and leave soft, healthy beard hair. It is essential to keep in mind that this beard dye is long-lasting. It can even last up to six weeks.

Sftsheen-Carson Dark and natural hair dye for African American men was explicitly made to address the type of hair of black men, so it is in three tones, all of which are the levels of Black commonly that is among the African-American population.

Note that this beard dye requires protective gloves to apply and does not include gloves. It is also apparently very messy.

  • Purpose made for American type African hair
  • Available in three different tones of black
  • Protective gloves are not included
  • Very messy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Use Beard Dye for?

The beard dye is used to color the beard. This is often done to cover gray hairs or revitalize a patchy beard. It can be used to dye your beard or only particular parts.

Is Dye Beard Safe?

The beard’s dye explicitly helps the males reverse the signs of aging when the gray patches begin to emerge in their facial hair. However, if you wonder if the dyeing is safe, the general response is that the practice is safe. When choosing the correct dye and following the instructions when applying it, you will not experience any problems. You must take safety precautions, use latex gloves when applying the beard dye, and make sure it does not contact your eyes. I immediately wash the stray dye off your skin, and you will be safe.

Is a Beard Dye the Same as a Hair Dye for African American Men?

In general, they have almost similar ingredients. They have dyes, whitening and oxidizing agents. For some brands discussed in this review by Dye Beard Beard Black Men, such as Bigen EZ, you can use the best hair dye for black men as a beard dye.

For other brands, such as Just For Men, hair dye is different from beard and mustache dye. Your facial skin is more sensitive than your scalp, so you may want to go with beard dyes.

How Can I Darken My Beard Without Dye?

Hydrating your beard with beard oil creates a darker look. There is also a special oil darkening oil that you can consider if you do not want to use the beard dye for black. There are different beard oils that you can get and help darken your facial hair. Hydration for hair is essential as it helps retain dark color. In addition, you must keep your beard prepared and prevent it from drying. The hydrated beard can preserve its color and keep it a good look.

How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

Beard dyes can last from any other hour to entire months. It would help if you thought about exactly what you want before buying. If you only want to touch some patches for a special occasion, it is better that you go for instant beard dye, which is easily washable.


To get a suitable dye, you should consider the color, ingredients, kindness, ease of use, and the time it lasts. We have put at work for you our list of the best beard dyes for black men.

If you are using a beard dye for the first time, you can take a bit of a learning curve. But in reality, it is pretty easy to apply. The more you use it, the easier it gets. Although we provide you with the best and how to apply them, that counts.

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