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Best Clippers for Fades for 2024: Top-Rated Tools for Flawless Fade Haircuts

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best clippers for fadesFor the best clippers for fades, you can’t go wrong with the Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip or the Andis Master Adjustable Blade Trimmer. These top-tier tools deliver ample power and precision to craft flawless blends.

The Oster Fast Feed and Fagaci Professional are also excellent choices, offering adjustable blades and powerful motors.

When fading down to a bald look, consider the Wahl Super Taper II or Andis Fade Combo.

With the right clippers in your arsenal, mastering fades becomes a whole lot easier – but the real artistry happens when you take a closer look.

Key Takeaways

  • When it comes to fading, having the right tools is like wielding a master’s brush – and the Wahl Magic Clip and Andis Master are like Picasso’s palette. Invest in quality clippers and watch your Fade artistry flourish.
  • Don’t let a tight budget cramp your fade game. Entry-level heroes like the Wahl Cordless Magic and Andis Fade Combo pack plenty of punch for the money, making pro-level fades accessible to everyone from apprentices to at-home enthusiasts.
  • Effortless bald fades are the ultimate test of skill – kind of like a skydiving free fall for barbers. But trusty companions like the Wahl Super Taper II and Andis Fade Combo will be your parachute, delivering the control you need to soar through even the closest of cuts.
  • While the clippers do the heavy lifting, don’t overlook the supporting cast – guards, dusters, and quality products are like the stunt doubles that make your fade look flawless. A full arsenal means you’ll never be caught with your, well, blades down.

Best Clippers for Fades

You’re in the market for the best clippers to achieve flawless fade haircuts, and your search ends here. We’ve curated a list of top-rated tools like the Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip, Andis Master Adjustable Blade Trimmer, and Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper that professionals swear by for their precision, power, and versatility in executing seamless fades.

1. Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip

Wahl Professional 5 Star CordlessView On Amazon
The Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip reigns supreme for fades.

Its patented stagger-tooth blade delivers seamless blends and textures, while the crisp "crunch" sound confirms each hair is precisely cut.

This American-made workhorse boasts a durable, lightweight housing and an adjustable taper lever for customized tapering.

With 8 attachment combs, recharging transformer, and maintenance kit included, you’re equipped to craft flawless fades every time.

Best For: Professional barbers and stylists seeking a high-performance cordless clipper for precision fades and seamless blends.

  • Patented stagger-tooth blade for effortless blending and texturizing
  • Durable, lightweight housing for extended use
  • Includes 8 attachment comb cutting guides for versatility
  • Not suitable for home use
  • Pricey
  • May require frequent maintenance

2. Andis Master Adjustable Blade Trimmer

Andis 01557 Professional Master AdjustableView On Amazon
The Andis Master Adjustable Blade Trimmer is an absolute powerhouse for fades. Its high-torque motor and adjustable blades let you seamlessly glide from tight fades to longer styles. You’ll appreciate the one-handed operation, allowing precise control as you artfully blend hairlines. Professionals rave about its smooth cutting and zero snagging—a must-have for flawless fade execution.

Best For: Professionals and homeowners seeking precise fades and seamless transitions.

  • High-torque motor and adjustable blades for versatile cutting
  • One-handed operation for enhanced control and efficiency
  • Smooth, snag-free cutting action ensures flawless results
  • Limited warranty information
  • May be heavy for extended use
  • Not suitable for very thick or coarse hair

3. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable PivotView On Amazon
You’ll appreciate the Oster Fast Feed‘s powerful pivot motor that effortlessly slices through any hair, wet or dry. This workhorse boasts an adjustable steel blade that seamlessly changes from a close 000 to a 1 length. Its ergonomic, textured housing provides a steady grip for all-day cutting sessions. Plus, the included guides guarantee flawless fades every time.

Best For: Professional barbers or home users seeking a powerful, versatile clipper.

  • Cuts through all hair types effortlessly
  • Adjustable steel blade for precise cuts
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable all-day use
  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Not cordless
  • Limited accessories included

4. Fagaci Professional Hair Clippers

Fagaci Professional Hair Clippers forView On Amazon
The Fagaci Professional Hair Clippers deliver a flawless fade every time.

You’ll be amazed by the powerful pivot motor and sharp titanium blades that effortlessly slice through thick hair.

With an ergonomic, lightweight design, these clippers reduce hand fatigue for all-day trimming.

Even better, they’re cordless for maximum mobility.

The precision taper lever guarantees seamless fading and blending.

Master expert fades with ease using Fagaci’s first-rate clippers.

Best For: Professional barbers and stylists seeking powerful and precise hair clippers.

  • All-day battery life and turbo speed motor
  • High carbon steel blades and motor protection
  • Quiet operation and durable construction
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

5. Andis Professional Master Hair Trimmer

Andis 12660 Professional Master Corded/CordlessView On Amazon
You’re in for a real treat with the Andis Professional Master Hair Trimmer.

This beast boasts an adjustable ceramic blade that slices through even the most stubborn hair.

The lithium-ion battery lasts a marathon 90 minutes, so you can conquer fade after fade.

It’s lightweight yet durable, fitting like an extension of your hand.

Plus, the magnetic motor is a powerhouse, delivering 7,200 strokes per minute for ultra-precise fades.

Get ready to elevate your fade game to pro status.

Best For: Barbers and stylists looking for a high-quality, reliable hair trimmer.

  • Adjustable ceramic blade for precise cuts
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Powerful magnetic motor for fast, clean fades
  • Not waterproof
  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Not suitable for home use

6. Andis Fade Combo Envy Clipper Trimmer

Andis Professional Cordless Fade ComboView On Amazon
Experience fading finesse with the Andis Fade Combo Envy. This powerful duo packs a cordless clipper with a premium adjustable surgical blade (00000 to 000) and a slimline pro lithium trimmer with a close-cutting T-blade. With up to 2 hours of lithium-ion battery runtime and quick 90-minute charging, it’s the versatile maestro for flawless fades.

Best For: Professionals and enthusiasts seeking cordless precision for fades and all-around styling.

  • Premium adjustable surgical blade and close-cutting T-blade
  • Extended lithium-ion battery runtime and rapid charging
  • Lightweight and powerful design
  • Budget-friendly materials
  • Noisy operation
  • Limited feeding speed

7. Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic ClipView On Amazon
The Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clip is a powerful corded clipper engineered for precision tapering and fading. Its 2191 blade expertly cuts through thick hair, while the 8-foot cord allows unrestricted movement.

Complete with guards from 1/16" to 1", this versatile tool delivers clean lines and seamless blending for pro-level fades every time.

Though the missing 5/8" and 7/8" guards are inconvenient, the Magic Clip’s performance and durability make it a reliable workhorse in any barbershop.

Best For: Professional barbers and stylists seeking precision fading and tapering.

  • Powerful 2191 blade for cutting thick hair
  • 8-foot professional-grade cord for unrestricted movement
  • 8 attachment comb cutting guides for versatility
  • Missing 5/8" and 7/8" guards
  • May vary slightly from product images
  • Slightly heavy at 11.2 ounces

8. BabylissPRO Barberology GoldFX Hair Trimmer

BaBylissPRO Barberology Hair Trimmer ForView On Amazon
You deserve the BabylissPRO GoldFX Outlining Trimmer. This Ferrari of clippers boasts a high-torque, brushless 7200 RPM engine for precision fades. The knurled grip and exposed T-blade give you control for crisp lines. With zero-gapped blades and a lithium battery, you’ll outlast competitors. It’s an investment in your craft – and your client’s fresh look.

Best For: Professional barbers and hair stylists seeking precision detailing.

  • High-torque brushless engine for precise fades
  • Knurled grip and exposed T-blade for control
  • Zero-gapped blades and lithium battery for longevity
  • Price may be higher than desired
  • Battery life may be shorter than desired
  • Shipping package may not be adequate

9. Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Senior Clipper

Wahl Professional 5 Star CordlessView On Amazon
You can’t go wrong with the Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Senior Clipper.

This workhorse has been a go-to for barbers for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

With its powerful motor and adjustable blade, it effortlessly plows through thick hair, creating precise, professional-grade fades time after time.

The cordless operation offers unbeatable maneuverability.

The durable construction guarantees this clipper will be your trusty sidekick for years to come.

Best For: Barbers and professionals seeking a reliable and precise cordless clipper for traditional tapering and fading.

  • Effortlessly cuts through thick hair with a powerful motor and adjustable blade.
  • Unmatched maneuverability thanks to cordless operation.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity.
  • Proprietary charger.
  • Some users report the adjustment lever being stiff.
  • Not waterproof.

Cheap Clippers for Fades

Cheap Clippers for Fades
If you’re on a tight budget but still want to achieve professional-grade fades, there are some friendly options worth considering. For entry-level clippers that won’t break the bank, check out:

  1. The Wahl Cordless Magic Clipper – versatile and easy to maneuver for beginner-friendly fades.
  2. The Andis Fade Combo – a dual clipper/trimmer set perfect for home haircuts and close cuts.
  3. The Oster Fast Feed Clipper – a budget-friendly yet durable choice for versatile cutting needs.

These clippers strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality, making them ideal for home users looking to master the art of fades without splurging. With some practice, you can achieve barbershop-worthy results on a shoestring budget.

Clippers for Bald Fades

Clippers for Bald Fades
For precision bald fades, you’ll want clippers designed for zero-gapped cutting and blending. Here are 4 top picks:

  1. Wahl Professional Super Taper II – A barbershop staple with high-precision blades for ultra-close cuts.
  2. Andis Fade Combo – Combines an adjustable blade clipper and trimmer for seamless blending.
  3. BabylissPRO GoldFX – Powerful, lightweight motor delivers precise fades with minimal fatigue.
  4. Wahl Cordless Senior – Cordless maneuverability allows precise fading from any angle.

With routine cleaning and blade oiling, these clippers stay sharp for crisp, clean-cut fades. Combine with proper fade brush techniques, and you’ll achieve flawless skin fades every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best hair clippers for fade cuts?

Sharp as a razor’s edge, Andis Masters cut crisp fades. Wahl Magics cleanly blend lines; Oster Fast Feeds devour bulk. For premium performance, invest in these top clippers.

What is the best fading Clipper?

For the smoothest, crispest fade every time, you can’t go wrong with the Andis Cordless Master. Its powerful, adjustable motor and quality blades make precision cutting a breeze.

What is the best Wahl Clipper for fades?

Like a master craftsman’s tool, the Wahl Legend reigns supreme for pristine fades. Its precision blades and ergonomic design allow you to sculpt hair with utmost control and artistry.

Are fade cordless Clippers reliable?

You’re wondering if cordless clippers are reliable for fades? Absolutely! Top brands like Andis and Wahl offer cordless models packing pro-grade power and battery life. With proper maintenance, they’re a trusty sidekick for versatile, wire-free fade artistry.

How often should clippers be oiled and cleaned?

Suspense building…you should clean and oil your clippers after every haircut. This routine maintenance prolongs their lifespan, ensuring consistently sharp, precision cuts. Master this habit for exceptional fade mastery.

What accessories are needed for fading techniques?

For fading techniques, you’ll need high-quality clippers, guard combs or detachers, neck dusters, trimmers, and styling products like pomades or waxes. Proper equipment guarantees clean, precise fades every time.

How long do clipper blades typically last?

With proper maintenance, quality clipper blades can last several years. But if you’re fading frequently, plan to replace them every 6-12 months to keep that crisp, surgical line.

Whats the best technique for blending fades?

For seamless fades, use the corner of your clippers and work in upward sections. Start long on top, gradually tapering down the sides for a smooth blend. Apply firm yet gentle pressure, and comb frequently to check connections.

Are there any safety precautions when using clippers?

Beware the blades’ sharp edges; handle clippers carefully. Unplug or remove batteries before cleaning or adjusting guards. Mastering safety first enables the art of fading hair seamlessly.


Mastering the fade is a true test of skill. With the best clippers for fades, you’ll be equipped for success.

Whether you opt for the power and precision of the Wahl Magic Clip or Andis Master, the adjustability of the Oster Fast Feed or Fagaci Professional, or the specialized fading tools like the Wahl Super Taper II or Andis Fade Combo, investing in top-quality clippers will elevate your fade game to new heights.

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