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10 Best Japanese Shampoos to Treat Hair Loss for 2024

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best japanese shampoo for hair lossWant luxurious locks that turn heads? You’re in the right place. We’ve got the scoop on the top 10 Japanese shampoos that’ll restore your hair’s health and shine.

From volumizing formulas to scalp treatments, these exotic shampoos use gentle, natural ingredients that get to the root of hair loss.

Give your hair the TLC it deserves with camellia oil to smooth split ends or seaweed to unclog hair follicles.

Our favorites boost volume, prevent thinning and stimulate growth without chemicals that strip hair.

Understand causes, from stress to hormones, then pick the perfect product. With the freedom to choose gentle, effective shampoos, you’ll tame annoying tangles and flaunt gorgeous locks in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Kaminomoto’s 2-in-1 and Shiseido Tsubaki shampoos are top choices for hair growth and strength.
  • Milbon and Grease Proof Skin shampoos target scalp health and hygiene for improved hair growth.
  • Ingredients such as camellia oil, rice bran oil, and caffeine can help stimulate hair follicles and growth.
  • Using shampoos for hair loss works best in conjunction with massages, proper nutrition, and stress reduction for optimum results.

Top 10 Japanese Shampoos for Hair Loss

Here are the top 10 Japanese shampoos for hair loss to help treat thinning hair and promote healthy locks. Consider options like NatureLab Tokyo shampoo to add volume, or Kaminomoto’s shampoo and conditioner set, which contains growth-stimulating ingredients.

Other options include Ichikami shampoo to repair damage and reduce hair loss, and Milbon’s shampoo containing amino acids and ginseng. Shiseido’s Adenovital shampoo aims to improve scalp circulation, while Ryoe’s shampoo contains traditional Japanese herbs.

Look for MiN New York’s shampoo with antioxidant-rich matcha or Kracie’s Ichikami Peptide shampoo to strengthen strands. Many Japanese shampoos like Kao’s Asience or Shiseido’s Tsubaki contain moisturizing ingredients to improve texture.

Evaluate your hair’s needs to choose the best Japanese shampoo for hair loss and thinning hair.

1. NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Volume Shampoo Build Lift Body Flat Fine Limp Hair

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Volume Shampoo:View On Amazon
If you’re tired of flat, fine hair, revitalize limp locks with NatureLab Tokyo’s volumizing shampoo. This innovative blend of apple extract, rice protein, and sakura extract helps build body and bounce while preventing breakage.

The lightweight formula cleanses hair without stripping it and leaves strands full of weightless moisture.

Simply lather into wet hair and rinse for extra volume from root to tip.

  • Provides volume and body
  • Reduces breakage
  • Weightless moisture
  • Delicate cherry blossom fragrance
  • May not be strong enough for very thick or coarse hair
  • Daily use can be drying for some
  • Higher price point

2. Kaminomoto Scalp Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner

Kaminomoto Japan Medicated Scalp HairView On Amazon
You’d feel like Rapunzel as Kaminomoto’s 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner promotes hair growth faster than a beanstalk for all hair types. This Japanese brand combines vitamin B6 and natural extracts in a paraben-free formula ideal for daily strengthening and moisturizing.

Key ingredients nourish hair follicles while essential oils stimulate growth and improve scalp health.

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Strengthens and repairs hair
  • Improves scalp health
  • Softens and shines hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Daily use required for best results
  • Not sulfate-free
  • Refrigeration after opening recommended

3. Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Shampoo Repair Moisturize Damaged Hair

Oshima Tsubaki OSHIMATSUBAKI Camellia PremiumView On Amazon
There’s comfort in nourishing damaged tresses with camellia’s ancient secrets. Let your hair drink in the oil pressed from camellia seeds, just as Japanese women have for centuries.

This Oshima Tsubaki shampoo harnesses camellia’s repairing powers in a gentle cleanser that won’t strip hair further. Its soft foam contains no harsh ingredients – only camellia’s antioxidants to protect, smooth split ends and boost shine.

Massage this silicone-free formula into scalp and lengths, then rise away impurities.

Rediscover hair’s natural health with a little help from camellia’s time-honored care.

  • Gentle formula won’t strip hair
  • Restores softness and shine
  • Protects hair with antioxidants
  • Silicone-free
  • Uses traditional camellia seed oil
  • Higher cost than regular shampoos
  • Limited availability outside Japan
  • May not be effective for all hair issues

4. Milbon Plarmia Moisture Balancing Scalp Treatment

Milbon Plarmia Moisture Balancing ScalpView On Amazon
To promote scalp health, use the Milbon Plarmia Moisture Balancing Scalp Treatment. Its hydrating formula provides relief for dry, itchy scalps. This scalp treatment can regulate moisture levels to restore your scalp’s comfort.

The Milbon Plarmia line designed it to retain moisture without leaving residue. Use this treatment alongside other Plarmia hair products for optimal results. With its moisture-balancing action, it promotes a hydrated, soothed scalp for strong, healthy hair growth.

  • Hydrates and soothes dry, irritated scalps
  • Balances moisture levels
  • Leaves no greasy residue
  • Promotes scalp health and hair growth
  • May not be strong enough for severely dry scalps
  • Requires consistent use for best results
  • Can be expensive compared to regular shampoos
  • Some ingredients may cause irritation in sensitive scalps

5. Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Volume Scalp Treatment Japan

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty ExtraView On Amazon
Repair damaged hair and get soft, voluminous locks by reaching for Moist Diane’s Perfect Beauty Volume Scalp Treatment. Gentle enough for daily use, this Japanese formula contains antioxidant-rich argan and baobab oils to deeply hydrate hair without greasiness.

It reduces itching and flaking while restoring bounce and resilience to fine, flat hair. The soothing ingredients repair damage and protect hair from environmental stressors. This affordable treatment protects, smoothes, and volumizes for salon-beautiful locks.

  • Hydrates and repairs damaged hair
  • Restores volume to flat, fine hair
  • Soothes itchy and flaky scalps
  • Contains antioxidant-rich oils
  • Affordable
  • May not work for all hair types
  • Multiple applications may be needed
  • Results may vary
  • Limited worldwide availability
  • Scent may not appeal to all

6. Ichikami Smooth Sleek Shampoo Conditioner Set

Get smooth, sleek hair with this Japanese shampoo and conditioner duo. Formulated in Japan, this sulfate-free shampoo and lightweight conditioner work together to gently cleanse while adding shine and manageability.

The shampoo thoroughly cleanses without stripping hair’s natural oils. The conditioner smooths and detangles for easy brushing. Using them as a system leaves hair looking healthy, soft and luminously straight, ready for smooth, frizz-free styling.

  • Gentle and sulfate-free
  • Leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny
  • Makes styling and brushing easy
  • More expensive than regular drugstore shampoos
  • Need to use both for best results
  • May weigh down very fine or thin hair

7. Honest Company Silicone Free Conditioner Citrus Vanilla Baby

The Honest Company Silicone-Free ConditionerView On Amazon
Keep your baby’s curls soft and frizz-free with The Honest Company’s gentle, tear-free conditioner. This hypoallergenic formula nourishes hair without silicones, parabens, dyes or harsh chemicals. Dermatologist-tested for safety, it’s perfect for sensitive skin. The light citrus vanilla scent delights both parent and child during bathtime.

Tame unruly tresses and prevent knots, while retaining natural moisture for a smooth, brushable mane. Your little one will soak up the affection inherent in a head massage during conditioning. Strengthen your bond while gently detangling with fingers, wet brush or wide-tooth comb.

Feel confident using a formula free from irritants that could cause tears. Let that post-bath towel dry reveal shiny, touchable softness without frizz.

  • Hypoallergenic and tear-free
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Light, pleasant scent
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable
  • Price point higher than typical drugstore brands
  • Limited scent options
  • Need to use daily for best results

8. Grease Proof Skin Shampoo for Bust

[Medicated shampoo] sukarupu D sukarupusyanpu-View On Amazon
Shampoo thy bosom with cautious lather, lest excess bubbles blind thee. Gently cleanse the bust area to banish odors and oils with this specialty shampoo. Apply a small dollop to wet skin and massage gently onto chest and décolletage.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, taking care to avoid thine eyes. Repeat daily or as desired for optimal freshness.

This formula rinses cleanly without residue, leaving skin refreshed. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and avoid contact with eyes.

  • Specifically formulated for bust hygiene
  • Helps control oil and perspiration
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed
  • Potential eye irritation if not rinsed properly
  • Overdrying with frequent use
  • Limited area of use

9. Komenuka Bijin Hair Shampoo

Komenuka Bijin - Hair ShampooView On Amazon
Squeeze a pearl-sized amount into your palm and gently massage it into wet hair for a gentle daily cleanse. This Japanese shampoo contains rice bran oil to nourish hair, leaving it clean, manageable, and healthy-looking.

The formula’s mild enough for daily use and all hair types, including sensitive scalps. It has a light, natural fragrance that doesn’t overpower. This affordable shampoo strengthens hair over time by retaining natural moisture and enhancing shine.

  • Rice bran oil nourishes hair
  • Gentle daily formula
  • Good for all hair types
  • Light, natural fragrance
  • Not specialized for specific hair needs
  • Limited sizes available
  • Doesn’t treat hair loss directly

10. Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo

Shiseido TSUBAKI Extra Moist ShampooView On Amazon
Let me dazzle your locks with that magical Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo from Shiseido. It’ll leave your hair ridiculously soft and shiny, you’ll think you’re a shampoo commercial come to life! This Japanese shampoo harnesses the nourishing power of camellia oil, providing intensive moisture to revitalize dry, damaged hair.

As you massage the rich lather into your scalp, its antioxidants will protect each strand. With camellia’s botanical care, your hair will look supple and vibrant. Rinsing out easily without residue, your hair will air dry silky smooth.

  • Deeply moisturizes dry, brittle hair
  • Smooth, shiny results
  • Protects hair with antioxidants
  • Leaves no heavy residue
  • More expensive than regular shampoo
  • Strong floral fragrance

Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women
Lifestyle changes help combat hair loss and stimulate regrowth.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. Eat a balanced diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B to nourish hair follicles.

Avoid hairstyles that pull on the roots. Handle wet hair gently and choose soft bristle brushes. Limit heat styling tools that weaken hair structure. Reduce stress through yoga, meditation, or walks in nature.

Avoid over-shampooing, harsh chemicals, or silicone-heavy products that dry out hair. Consider mild, nourishing shampoos with natural ingredients to cleanse gently while reducing irritation, inflammation, and oxidative damage.

With diligent scalp care and lifestyle changes, you can curb hair loss and see healthier regrowth.

Identifying Hair Loss Patterns

Identifying Hair Loss Patterns
Examine your hairline and crown to spot thinning patches of the scalp like cornrows without kernels, signaling hair loss patterns that reveal themselves slowly then snowball. M-shaped receding hairlines, diffuse thinning across the entire scalp, and circular bald spots are common hair loss patterns.

Receding temples and vertex baldness in men plus widening of the central hair part in women indicates androgenetic alopecia. Scattered small bald patches may signal alopecia areata. Diagnosing the pattern helps determine causes like genetics, hormones, stress, or diseases.

Then explore effective treatments – medicated shampoos with minoxidil to stimulate growth, prescription meds like finasteride that alter hormones, laser devices, hair transplants, and always holistic hair health through nutrition, sleep, exercise.

Restoring your crowning glory relies on identifying the origins and patterns of hair loss early.

How Shampoos Can Help With Hair Loss

How Shampoos Can Help With Hair Loss
Scrub your scalp gently with a volumizing shampoo to stimulate blood flow and encourage new growth. Switching to a nurturing Japanese shampoo formulated for hair loss can help strengthen strands, soothe the scalp, and create an optimal environment for regrowth.

  1. Look for natural ingredients like camellia oil, rice bran, or botanical extracts that nourish the scalp and follicles.
  2. Consider a medicated formula with antiseptic or antimicrobial properties to treat issues like dandruff or itchiness.
  3. Opt for a volumizing shampoo that helps give fine or limp hair a lift.
  4. Seek out shampoos with growth factors or peptides to stimulate follicles.
  5. Ensure the shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and sensitive scalps.

With a little research, you can find a Japanese shampoo specially formulated to meet your hair’s unique needs. Focus on scalp health and targeted ingredients to help get your hair growing again.

Key Ingredients in Shampoos for Hair Loss

Key Ingredients in Shampoos for Hair Loss
Ye’ll find caffeine in thy shampoos helps invigorate follicles for denser growth. Essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, and tea tree help unclog hair follicles and stimulate growth. Minoxidil opens blood vessels around follicles for improved circulation. Biotin, keratin, and collagen strengthen and prevent breakage.

Anti-dandruff ingredients like zinc pyrithione reduce inflammation. Natural moisturizers like aloe vera and glycerin nourish the scalp.

Ingredient Benefits
Minoxidil Improves blood flow to follicles
Biotin Strengthens keratin infrastructure
Keratin Reduces breakage, repairs damage
Zinc pyrithione Fights dandruff and inflammation
Essential oils Stimulate follicles, increase circulation

Choosing a shampoo with targeted active ingredients supports healthy hair growth and a balanced scalp environment. Look for formulas with natural moisturizers and proteins to strengthen hair and improve volume over time.

How to Use Shampoo for Optimal Hair Growth

How to Use Shampoo for Optimal Hair Growth
To stimulate growth, massage the shampoo into your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

  • Apply shampoo to damp hair and work into a lather, focusing on massaging it into your scalp with fingertips.
  • Let the shampoo sit for 2-3 minutes before rinsing to allow active ingredients to work.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, removing all traces of shampoo.
  • Follow with a scalp-stimulating conditioner, applying mainly to hair ends and rinsing after 1-2 minutes.
  • Finish with a cool water rinse to close cuticles and boost shine.

Consistent scalp massaging while shampooing increases blood circulation for stronger, healthier new growth. Take the time to work the shampoo in deeply. Rinsing thoroughly prevents buildup.

To promote hair growth, it’s important to massage shampoo thoroughly into the scalp and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out completely. Applying conditioner mainly to the hair ends and finishing with a cool water rinse can also help optimize the hair washing routine for stronger, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

Taking the time to work the shampoo deeply into the scalp boosts circulation for maximum growth.

Results to Expect When Using Hair Loss Shampoo

Results to Expect When Using Hair Loss Shampoo
You’d find that such shampoos would gradually make your hair appear fuller before long. Using hair loss shampoos can improve scalp health, stimulate follicles, and over time lead to slower shedding and thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Most users see minor improvements in thinning hair after 2-3 months of regular use. Continued application helps strengthen hair to minimize shedding. It may take 6 months or more to achieve significant hair regrowth.

The best outcomes come from combining medicated shampoos with other treatments like vitamins, scalp massages, and laser devices. Have realistic expectations, take progress photos, and be diligent with treatments.

Healthy hair growth is a journey. With the right products and care, you’ll regain density and volume.


You’ve just stumbled upon a goldmine of Japanese shampoos to address your hair loss woes. Like a soothing fountain of youth for your thinning mane, these shampoo saviors nourish and revive lackluster locks.

Wave goodbye to limp strands and say hello to volumized vigor, as botanical extracts, oils and proteins breathe new life into weary follicles.

Scalp treatments balance and restore, while camellia’s antioxidant allure undoes damage. Your hair hums with hydration, dandruff and dryness a distant memory. Reclaim the flowing tresses of your glory days with these pampering potions from the land of the rising sun.

They’ll grant your hair its fondest wish – to be strong, smooth and full once more.

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