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18 Best Short Beard Styles for Men (Attractive & Hot 2023)

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A beard doesn’t have to be bushy to look respectable. On the contrary, short beard styles are elegant and intelligent if you know how to grow them and design them.

Most men who can’t grow a beard these days tend to go for the classic look; they keep a beard to a shorter length.

Embrace your masculinity with the following list of the 18 best short beard styles for men. Give them many sexy, attractive, masculine, and elegant looks to choose from them.

What Face Shapes Look Better With Short Beard Styles

The right short beard style is not suitable for all face shapes. If you are unsure what your face shape is, a hairdresser can help you determine it. Only then should you look for your short beard style.

  • Square faces with solid jaws look hot with beards with full chins and short sides. You can keep your Beard full and short by growing the beard hair or the longer end of ‘short.’
  • For haircuts for round faces, go for a diamond-shaped beard; think of Jax Teller in “Sons of Anarchy” during his “Jack of Spades” facial hair phase. That means short sides and a longer bottom. Again, you may need to trim your Beard regularly, so it’s still on the short side. However, trimming at an angle also works.
  • For men with a longer face with a rectangular shape or a more rounded, elongated facial structure, the best Beard is short on the bottom and complete on the sides. An extended goatee is another winner – it’s more of a beard than a goatee, except it doesn’t have sideburns.
  • A diamond face with a narrow forehead, pointed chin, and strongly angled jaw benefits from a full beard. You can make it short but grow a full beard on the underside of your chin and neck. A chinstrap with a mustache can also work, and the combo counts. However, never rush to choose a chinstrap.

18 Best Short Beard Styles for Men of 2023

Whether you prefer full facial hair or something as simple as a soul patch or goatee, there are still plenty of styling options available, and the 15 popular short beard styles below should give you valuable ideas of what to create.

1. Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard - best short beard styles for menThe short boxed Beard, somewhere between a bushy beard and heavy stubble, is an excellent option for those who like the look of a full beard but prefer their facial hair a little shorter.

The key to getting this haircut preserved is preserved. Wandering in the unorganized territory is to establish a neckline. This can be done by using a razor or an unattended stubble trimmer and shaving all the facial hairs below the invisible line that runs from just below each earlobe, down and under the chin. Use Adam’s apple as a guideline for where the center of this line should be.

In terms of trimming, it’s about the same as stubble; choose a slightly longer setting on your trimmer. If you have vegetation high up on the cheeks, use a razor or unsupervised trimmer to trim it.

2. Short Stubble Beard


According to George Wilkins of Ruffians Barbers, freshly groomed stubble has a simple, classic style, flattering look. “Choose a length you are happy with and ask your hairdresser for that figure. What sets this apart is the clean-shaven, razor-shaved neckline, which gives a more groomed, smarter feel.”

This cropped beard style is easy to achieve from the comfort of your bathroom. Just put the desired number – usually less than an inch to avoid George Michael comparisons – on the beard trimmer. Prune every two to five days, depending on your beard growth rate.

3. Balbo Beard

Balbo BeardA Balbo beard can add some class to your look and work beautifully with elegant outfits. It is also one of the most excellent choices for office days. It is also very similar to the goatee’s and Van Dyke’s Beard, with the difference that you have a small uneven lock of hair on the jaw.

4. Beardstache

BeardstachePerhaps the most famous beard stache was sensationally worn by Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. However, you don’t have to be an international spy or movie star to rock this unique and masculine Beard.

This is a short beard style, but with the cheeks, jaw, and chin trimmed shorter than the mustache. As such, the mustache is recognizable as the Beard. Keep the extra length in your ‘stache’ with beard oil and regularly trim your beard area.

5. Circle Beard

Circle BeardAdmittedly, the curvy Beard has been almost entirely ruined by David Brent and Ali G., But if you want to look further afield, it can be an excellent option for those with patchy beard growth on the sideburns or cheeks.

]0]This style does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a circle of hair around the mouth, with hair on the rest of the face shaved to the skin. Due to its round shape, it best is avoided by anyone with a particularly round face shape. However, the edges can be chamfered to make it more angular.

Maintenance requires a steady hand and a razor. Failing that, tools on the market can be placed over the mouth and cut round to get the perfect shape.

6. Full Boxed Beard


This is essentially a full beard but kept short in the time-honored George Clooney tradition. “The length of this hairstyle depends on personal preference and hair type,” says Koca.

“In length, it is usually finger deep or slightly longer. To get a boxed look, you usually need quite thick hair. Ask for a boxy, full, medium-length haircut. Also, ask to keep the beard shorter around the sideburns and beard line it up under the chin and cheek lines.”

“A top tip is to comb it up to six times a day to keep the blood flowing continuously. Movement. This promotes healthy hair growth and keeps your beard in shape. And wash regularly and use beard oil and best beard conditioner.”

7. Short Ducktail Beard

Short Ducktail BeardDucktail beards are pretty pointy and ideal for men who want to lengthen their faces. The Beard is shorter on the sides and longer on the chin. Make it look perfect with a comb and some unique taming products.

8. Chin Strap and Mustache

Chin Strap and Mustache

This Beard with a chinstrap is ideal for men who cannot or want to grow into a full and long beard. Shave most of the face thoroughly to achieve this, leaving the mustache and hair long to the jawline. Then cut and outline the chinstrap to be even and straight, and trim the mustache as you like.

9. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke BeardThe Van Dyke beard is for you if your vibe is more naughty. This perfect short beard style comes from the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. Contemporary celebrity fans of this Beard include Johnny Depp and Pierce Brosnan. The style is characterized by a classic goatee with a soul patch and a loose mustache.

The Van Dyke is an excellent choice for younger gentlemen and anyone with irregular hair growth because it is more forgiving. Maintenance includes keeping the cheeks and jawline clean and occasionally shortening the length.

10. Anchor Beard Style

Anchor Beard StyleNamed for its signature shape, the anchor is a freestanding beard style with a mustache and goatee. It’s an excellent option for patchy growth as it targets the areas that usually have the thickest coverage.

Round and square faces can benefit from this style as it helps to flatten the face to a point. To line. Pull the bottom. . It also has the David Beckham seal of approval, although you probably shouldn’t get into the habit of copying everything he does with his hair.

11. The Medium-length Goatee

THE MEDIUM-LENGTH GOATEEA look Brad Pitt wears all summer, this one is trimmed tight just above the lip, says Wilkins. “Clean-shaven on the cheek line, but retaining stubble towards the jawline, neck shaved close with best beard trimmer, maybe shaved clean occasionally. Keep as much length at the chin as possible to elongate the face.”

“You can get away with not cutting it as regularly – it’s a haircut that looks great when it grows out. Shave the cheeks and trim the mustache above the lip regularly to maintain a cleaner look. Shampoo and condition and use natural beard oil to keep the beard and skin healthy.”

12. Defined Lines

Defined LinesThis Beard is the definition of perfection. The goatee should be partially shaved, leaving a little hair in the soul under the lip and the chin. This section of hair accentuates the masculinity of the chiseled jawline and chin.

13. Royal Beard

Royal Beard

Combine a mustache and a chin strip, and you have a royal beard. The short chin beard is a section of hair that runs vertically along your chin and can be as sharp thin beard as possible. In terms of a neat mustache, the strain best is becoming a classic beard.

However, try to aim for a balance of thickness between the mustache and the strip so that neither seems out of place. The cheeks and neck should be smooth, so nothing detracts from this distinguished style. Like Van Dyke, this short beard style looks great for anyone with more irregular growth.

14. Prominent Goatee

Prominent GoateeHere’s a short beard style with a rather goatee. To achieve this, shape your goatee as you usually would and trim the rest of the Beard a little more than you did for the goatee. It is best to start relatively thick and gradually trim the Beard until you achieve the desired look.

15. Short Goatee

Short GoateeA short goatee is rather old-fashioned but will suit short and long hair. To make it look perfect for your face, talk to your hairdresser and determine the width. If you are making this at home, we recommend making it comprehensive and gradually thinning it out until it suits you.

16. The 5 O’clock Shadow

THE 5 O’CLOCK SHADOWThe five o’clock shadow, or stubble beard, is as except a beard as you can get. It’s timeless, ageless, and also constantly well obtained. David Beckham, Adam Levine, Zac Effron, and many more have made the developer stubble a staple of men’s brushing, and we do not forecast it disappearing anytime soon.

As the name suggests, few men expand a real “5 o’clock shadow” in an issue of a day. Depending on how dark your hair is, a strong five o’clock shadow beard will certainly take around 2 to 5 days to expand. The darker your hair is, the quicker it ends up being noticeable.

17. Short Rounded Beard

SHORT ROUNDED BEARDA variant of the company beard, a rounded beard is the best short beard alternative for guys with round faces, square, or diamond-shaped faces since it follows the natural contour of the face without including much extra mass on the cheeks.

For men with wider face forms, the excessive cheeks size can have a chipmunk effect.

To get the short rounded beard, allow your beard to expand for one to 2 months and also keep whatever at a uniform size.

18. Faded Beard

FADED BEARDEssentially skin discolors on your face; the faded beard has been getting steam for years. The fading happens in two spots– the sidebar and on the face/cheek.

Eliminating cheek bulk assists in slimming and elongating the shape of the face by maintaining the density of your beard on the chin.

It’s a crisp design that looks finest when your beard is around 3 to 6 inches in size and is lined up with a barber’s accuracy.

How to Trim Your Beard to Get the Right Short Beard Length

The problem with short beard styles is preserving at the house for many of us– getting those lines right and symmetrical without having the specialist tools and touch. Getting a respectable set of hair clippers or a beard trimmer is crucial.

Familiarize on your own with the guard size lengths (which normally go from quality 1 to 8, in increments of 3mm approx) and use the open/close bar (generally a 0.5 grade which helps for additional information when fading).

Even if you want your beard short, there’s no requirement to storm in with a grade 1.

Cover yourself by beginning with a higher guard and functioning down; It is always much better to do it progressively.

But what concerning the fiddly bits– under the nose, the top lip, cheeks, and neckline?

When working around under the nose, you must trim right up to the nose line; Your top lip needs to be lined out, too– utilize the corner of the clipper and line out gently. I like to find up from the bottom lip to see what’s taking place.

On the neckline, always place your marker centrally and function outwards, yet beware of the contrary side to your side you’re working on with your clipper hand. For cheeks, reverse your trimmer blade and cut upwards to avoid taking the line also reduced.

If you want a hard line on the cheek, line it out with the clipper and afterward utilize a razor to obtain it super clean shave; by utilizing gel instead of foam, you can see the beard line through it.

FAQs About Best Men’s Short Beard Styles

What Length is a Short Beard?

There is no actual fixed length for a modest beard due to the variety of attractive short beard styles. For example, a beard made up entirely of sexy stubble is classified as a short beard, a thicker shade of 10 o’clock. The general rule is that a beard should not extend more than an inch or two past your chin to be considered short. Anything longer than that is, well, long. Just try to keep it tidy. Trust what you see in the mirror.

How to Comb a Short Beard?

After trimming your beard to the desired short beard style, you need to bring it back in line. You do this by combing your Beard.

For the best effect, use the best beard oil before combing your short Beard.

Use a beard comb to distribute the oil over the entire board, starting from the top of your Beard to the bottom and then from the side to the center.

You can also see if you missed any spots while trimming your Beard. This will also tame your facial hair and allow it to grow in the desired direction.

The texture of your Beard will determine which Beard comb to use.

It is recommended to use a beard comb with wider teeth initially and if you have a denser beard. Men with a softer beard benefit more from a beard comb with more okay teeth.

How Do I Choose My Beard Style?

When choosing the Beard that suits you best, you need to consider several things; the shape of your face, what you want to accentuate, and how much maintenance your chosen style will be. Diamond face shapes benefit from a beard that balances the cheekbones, while a square shape works best with a round or triangular beard.

How to Maintain a Short Beard?

Moisturizing and combing are two critical elements of short beard upkeep. It doesn’t hurt to shampoo your Beard, either, as long as you use a natural, chemical-free shampoo. Begin a conditioning regimen, too.

Trimming and shaping are also essential. You’ll have to decide how often you need to do both but always use caution. Start slow and never take off too much in the beginning. You can always trim your beard more, but if you cut off a chunk of your Beard, you have to wait for it to grow back.

How Can I Make My Short Beard Look Good?

One of the best ways to keep a short beard looking good is to maintain it no matter what style you choose. This means shaving and trimming regularly and keeping it tidy around the edges. Short beards require a lot of maintenance. You can also invest in a good beard oil or balm, which will moisturize the skin and prevent irritation.

Can Short Beard Styles Suit those with a Bald Head?

Those with a bald head can also try out the latest short beard designs and looks. The popular and most suitable are the circle beard, anchor beard, van dike, and stumbling Beard with a thick beard.

What are the attractive short beard styles for an Oval Face?

Oval face shapes work with most lengths, and you can style your Beard however you want, says Mills. “A goatee and Balbo also work well.”

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