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Compare Blue Vs Purple Shampoo: Which is Best for You? (2024)

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blue shampoo vs purple shampooAre you confused about which toning shampoo to use? Blue or purple? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between blue and purple shampoos so that you can make an informed choice for your hair color needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Purple shampoo neutralizes yellow tones in bleached or blonde hair.
  • Blue shampoo targets orange or brassy undertones in brunette hair.
  • Both shampoos provide root lifting benefits and heat protection.
  • Both shampoos help extend the time between salon visits and maintain vibrant hair color.

Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo

Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo
You’re probably familiar with purple shampoo, but have you heard about blue shampoo? This newer pigmented product can help banish brassy tones and give your hair the exact color you want.

Purple shampoo is popular among bleached and blonde-haired individuals as it neutralizes yellow tones. It is formulated with violet-colored molecules that deposit on the surface of the strands to counteract unwanted warm hues caused by factors like melanin and sun exposure.

On the other hand, blue shampoo was created for brunettes without blonde highlights to tackle orange or brassy undertones in their locks using a similar process of depositing pigment from its formula containing blue-violet molecules onto strands.

Both shampoos provide root lifting benefits as well as heat protection while adding subtle tinted shades to create desired results based on color theory principles found within a standard color wheel – yellow being opposite violet/blue while orange contrasting against purple/blue respectively.

Additionally, these products are useful for those looking for an extended time between salon visits or simply wish to maintain an even look throughout their mane when faced with salt-and-pepper colored hair types.

However, it’s important not to overuse either type, so always start by following instructions given before proceeding further in order to achieve the best outcomes without compromising one’s natural hue unnecessarily.

In addition, both offer advantages beyond just reining in unruly colors, such as helping nourish locks through beneficial ingredients incorporated into formulas which include gentle cleansing agents alongside essential vitamins needed for healthy tresses all around.

So why choose between them if both work equally towards the same goal – restoring beautiful balance back into any head full of rebellious tendrils?

What is Purple Shampoo?

What is Purple Shampoo
You’ll love how purple shampoo neutralizes yellow tones for a gorgeous blonde look. Purple shampoos are specifically designed to remove unwanted yellow tones caused by sun exposure and other factors, resulting in healthy-looking hair that is truly beautiful.

The violet molecules contained within these products deposit on the surface of your strands, helping you achieve and maintain your desired color without having to visit the salon too often.

What makes purple shampoo different from blue shampoo? Blue shampoos target orange or brassy undertones instead of yellow ones with their blue-violet pigments while also offering root lifting benefits along with heat protection so you can enjoy stylish locks at any time!

Both types provide excellent nourishment through essential vitamins as well as gentle cleansing agents which will keep your tresses looking fabulous all day long without overusing them either – just remember not to go overboard when applying either product for best results.

Whether it’s banishing brassy tones from brunettes or achieving a perfect shade of blonde, both purple and blue shampoos offer something special that can help bring balance back into any head full of rebellious tendrils!

So why choose between them when both work equally towards locking down unruly colors? Get ready to experience vibrant hues like never before – all without compromising one’s natural hue unnecessarily!

What is Blue Shampoo?

What is Blue Shampoo
Blue shampoo is the perfect solution for those looking to banish orange and brassy tones from their brunette locks, as well as adding a bit of life back into salt-and-pepper hair. With its blue-violet pigments, this color depositing shampoo can help even out melanin levels and sun exposure that cause yellow undertones in bleached blonde hair.

Not only does it neutralize these unwanted hues, but it also extends the time between salon visits with positive reviews across all types of users!

By avoiding brassy tones without having to use purple shampoo specifically designed for blondes or highlights on brunettes, blue shampoos offer an excellent choice when considering how best to preserve your desired hue.

This type of product is great for any level user because they are gentle enough not to strip away vital moisture yet strong enough that you’ll notice a difference after just one application.

For anyone wanting optimal coloring power along with superior conditioning benefits, then look no further than blue color-depositing shampoos – they work hard so your tresses don’t have to – providing an unbeatable combination, a surefire way to increase the lengthiness lifespan of your color without compromising its natural beauty.

Who Should Use Blue or Purple Shampoo?

Who Should Use Blue or Purple Shampoo
If you’re looking to preserve or achieve your desired hair color, purple and blue shampoos can help! Whether it’s blonde-haired heads hoping to neutralize yellow tones or brunettes wanting to banish orange and brassy hues – there is something for everyone!

Here are some reasons why using these conditioners might be the best choice:

  • Avoiding Fading: Both purple and blue shampoos deposit pigments that lock in color as well as moisturizing strands.
  • Removing Brassiness: Purple shampoo works wonders on blondes by eliminating yellow undertones whereas blue shampoo effectively eliminates orange/brassiness from brunette locks.
  • Color Maintenance: These special formulations provide essential vitamins that nourish each strand while keeping them vibrant without having to make frequent salon visits.
  • Moisturizing Hair: The formulas used in both types of shampoos also work towards restoring any lost moisture which can help protect against heat damage caused by styling tools such as hairdryers, curling irons, etc.

When it comes down to choosing between purple vs blue, it’s ultimately up to what kind of colors you’re trying to maintain—but regardless, consulting with a professional hair colorist like Bradley Leake will ensure optimal results every time when deciding upon which type of product may be best suited for your needs!

Ultimately, both products offer an unbeatable combination delivering long-lasting protection against brassiness while preserving & maintaining healthy tresses no matter how often one styles their mane; so whether going for blonde highlights on browns or simply seeking out a sun-kissed hue – give either (or both) options a try before making a permanent commitment – trust us…you won’t regret it!!

Significant Differences

Significant Differences
You may have heard of purple and blue shampoo, but what are the differences between them? Purple shampoo is formulated with violet-colored molecules to neutralize yellow tones in bleached or blonde hair, while blue shampoo deposits pigments to reduce orange and brassy hues for brunettes.

Both types of shampoos can help extend the time between salon visits by locking in color, restoring moisture, and protecting against heat damage. To make an informed decision on which one might be best suited for your tresses, it’s important to understand their unique properties.

Purple Shampoo

With its violet-colored molecules, purple shampoo can help you keep your blonde locks looking vibrant and fresh in between salon visits.

Even non-blondes can benefit from this color-shifting shampoo as it is great for highlighting darker tresses or adding gray coverage – making it an all-around winner! Purple shampoos come in varying strengths, so finding the best one for you depends on what kind of results are desired.

Those with lighter strands should opt for a strong formula, while anyone wanting more subtle hues may want to go with something milder.

To get the most out of your purchase, pair your chosen purple color-depositing shampoo with a good deep conditioning treatment that will nourish and protect each strand without overloading them.

Blue Shampoo

Try out a blue shampoo to pep up your tresses and neutralize orange and brassy tones for an unbeatable mane makeover! Blue shampoo is the newest offering in hair color depositing shampoos, specifically formulated to help brunettes achieve their desired shade.

The molecules deposit blue-violet pigments that can counteract yellow/orange undertones caused by melanin or sun exposure.

Benefits of using this type of product include:

  1. Neutralizing Orange Tones – Blue Shampoo helps banish unwanted brassiness from dark hair without having to resort to drastic measures like bleaching or highlights.
  2. Color Depositing – Popular products such as Color Wow’s Color Control Toning Shampoo & Fanola No Orange Blue Shampoo will help you maintain your dream hue.
  3. Extend Salon Visits – This type of shampoo also helps lengthen time between salon visits so you don’t have to worry about root touch-ups just yet!
  4. Salt & Pepper Coverage – Even those with salt-and-pepper colored strands benefit from this wash, restoring vibrancy back into grey hairs.
  5. Total Results – Achieve the look you desire while protecting each strand at the same time with Total Results’ new range of blue shampoos designed for all types of brunettes without blonde highlights.

Give your mane a makeover today and enjoy beautiful results that compliment any style!

Blue Vs. Purple Shampoo: Which One Should I Buy?

Blue Vs. Purple Shampoo: Which One Should I Buy
Deciding between blue or purple shampoo can be a daunting task, but understanding their unique properties will help you make the best choice for your hair.

Both types of shampoos provide hair care benefits including color preservation and damage prevention. But depending on whether you have blonde or brunette locks, one type may work better than the other in balancing out tones and achieving desired results.

Hair Type Benefits Pigment Deposited
Blonde Neutralizes yellow tones Violet-colored molecules
Brunette Neutralizes orange/brassy hues Blue-violet pigments
Salt & Pepper Beneficial for different tones Similar colors

Purple shampoo is formulated with violet-colored molecules to neutralize yellow undertones found in bleached or blonde hair caused by melanin and sun exposure. Blue shampoo, on the other hand, deposits pigments that can reduce brassy hues for darker colored tresses such as brunettes without highlights.

It also helps those sporting salt and pepper looks maintain similar shades throughout their strands more easily than regular shampooing alone would allow.

To get the most out of either option, it’s important not to overuse them since too much color depositing could lead to unwanted results like fading rather quickly.

Our Favorite Blue and Purple Shampoos

Our Favorite Blue and Purple Shampoos
If you’re looking for a shampoo that’ll keep your hair color vibrant and true, look no further than our picks of the best blue and purple pigmented products.

Color depositing shampoos can help banish brassy tones caused by sun exposure or natural pigment in blondes or brunettes alike. These special formulas deposit colored molecules to counteract yellowing on bleached tresses, while also neutralizing orange and red hues found in darker locks without highlights.

Regular shampooing with these specialized products means fewer salon visits as they help maintain already achieved colors longer!

We recommend Color Wow’s Color Control Toning Purple Shampoo for its ability to neutralize yellow undertones so easily; it’s gentle enough even for daily use if needed! For those with brown/brunette hair, we suggest Kenra Professional’s Blue Violet Brightening Shampoo which helps reduce brassiness while promoting vibrancy all at once.

No matter what type of hue you have going on up top though (blonde or brunette), following directions closely should ensure you get the best results from whichever product(s) chosen — always err on the side of caution when possible here too!

So go ahead – pick up one (or both!) today and see how much healthier your mane looks tomorrow thanks to these top-rated blues ‘n’ purples in town now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color tones does purple shampoo neutralize?

Purple shampoo neutralizes yellow tones, helping to maintain the desired hair color and banish brassy hues. It is the perfect solution for individuals with bleached or blonde hair who want to extend their time between salon visits.

What causes yellow undertones in bleached hair?

Yellow undertones in bleached hair can be caused by factors like melanin and sun exposure. You could have an excess of these elements, leading to a yellowish appearance. To counteract this, purple shampoo is used to neutralize the tones, while blue shampoo works well for orange/brassy hues.

What are the benefits of using blue shampoo?

Benefit from blue shampoo by neutralizing orange and brassy tones while maintaining the desired hair color. It’s great for brunettes without blonde highlights, as well as salt-and-pepper-colored hair.

Is blue shampoo suitable for those with salt-and-pepper colored hair?

Yes! Blue shampoo is a great choice for individuals with salt-and-pepper colored hair. It deposits blue-violet pigments to counteract orange and brassy tones, while also assisting in achieving or maintaining the desired color.

However, it is important to use it sparingly as excessive use may lead to damage.

How often should color-depositing shampoos be used?

Color-depositing shampoos should be used sparingly, as overusing them can lead to buildup and unwanted results. To maintain the desired hair color, use these products no more than once or twice a week.


Wondering which shampoo to buy? Look no further! Blue and purple shampoos can both be great options for maintaining a desired hair color. Whether you’re a brunette or a blonde, these shampoos can help you achieve your desired look.

While they both work to neutralize brassy tones, they are formulated differently and work better for certain hair colors.

But don’t forget, no matter which shampoo you choose, not overusing it is key to maintaining healthy hair and the color you love.

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