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Braun Series 7 Vs 9: the Definitive Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Shaver (2024)

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braun series 7 vs 9Regarding the Braun series 7 versus 9, you’re contemplating two exceptional electric shavers.

The Series 7 provides an exceptionally close, comfortable shave and is easy to navigate, although it requires more frequent use.

The Series 9, with its 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute and AutoSense technology, offers supreme comfort and forgiveness for extended periods between shaves.

The Series 9 Pro elevates closeness to a new level with its ProLift trimmer for challenging areas.

Costs are higher for the Series 9 models, but replacement parts for the 7 make it more economical over the long term.

To determine which shaver is perfect for you, let’s delve deeper.

Key Takeaways

  • The Series 7 is like a reliable workhorse – it delivers a solid, comfortable shave without breaking the bank. Sure, it’s not the closest shave ever, but it’s a trusty companion that won’t let you down.
  • The Series 9, on the other hand, is the Lamborghini of electric razors. With its fancy "AutoSense" tech and sonic vibrations, it gives you that smooth, baby’s bottom shave – perfect for those days when you need to look extra dapper.
  • If you’re rocking a beard that could double as steel wool, the Series 9 Pro is your knight in shining armor. It’s like hiring a team of tiny lumberjacks to tame that wild forest on your face.
  • At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal shaving style and budget. Are you a no-frills kind of guy who values a good shave at a fair price? The Series 7 is your jam. Or are you a fancy pants who needs the closest shave known to humankind? In that case, treat yourself to the Series 9 – just don’t blame us when your bank account starts running a bit light.

Braun Series 7 Vs 9: an Overview

You have several options to examine when choosing between the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 electric razors, including the Series 7 790cc, the waterproof Series 9, and the powerful Series 9 Pro designed for coarse hair. Each model offers distinct advantages in shaving performance, build quality, cost of ownership, and maintenance requirements that are worth examining to determine the best fit for your needs.

1. Braun Series 7 Electric Razor

Braun Electric Razor for Men,View On Amazon
The Braun Series 7 is a solid performer, delivering a close and comfortable shave within its price range.

With a compact shaving head and understated design, it’s nimble and easy to maneuver around tricky areas.

While not the closest shave, it strikes a nice balance for sensitive skin, frequent shaving, and upgrading with a cleaning station later.

For those prioritizing value, the Series 7’s lower upfront costs and affordable replacement parts make it a smart choice.

Best For: Shavers seeking a close and comfortable shave with affordable replacement parts.

  • Close and comfortable shave
  • Affordable replacement parts
  • Easy to maneuver around tricky areas
  • Not the closest shave
  • No cleaning station included
  • Requires frequent shaving

2. Braun Series 9 Waterproof Razor

Braun Electric Razor for Men,View On Amazon
Upgrading to Braun’s Series 9 Waterproof Razor delivers an incredibly close yet comfortable shave. Its 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute capture even your most stubborn hairs with ease. The protective SkinGuard and OptiFoil system guarantee a smooth glide over your skin’s contours. Equipped with AutoSense technology, this powerful shaver automatically adapts to your beard density for a personalized experience every time.

Best For: Those seeking an incredibly close yet comfortable and Personalized shaving experience.

  • 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute for exceptional hair capture
  • Protective SkinGuard and OptiFoil system for a smooth glide
  • AutoSense technology that adapts to beard density
  • May be more expensive than other electric razors
  • Requires charging
  • May not be suitable for all skin types

3. Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Razor

Braun Electric Razor for Men,View On Amazon
The Braun Series 9 Pro takes things up a notch, delivering the closest shave in the lineup.

While not as comfortable as its siblings, this powerhouse handles coarse, wiry beards like a champ.

If you’ve got a tough mug that leaves other razors trembling, the Series 9 Pro is your new best friend.

Just keep in mind, that superior performance comes at a premium price tag.

Best For: Those with coarse, wiry beards looking for a close shave.

  • Delivers the closest shave in the lineup
  • ProLift trimmer lifts and cuts long and flat hair
  • SmartCare Center keeps shaver clean and performing like new
  • Not as comfortable as other models
  • Premium price point
  • Requires more pressure to achieve a close shave

4. Braun Series 7 790cc Shaver

Braun Series 7 790ccView On Amazon
The 790cc shaver is Braun’s flagship Series 7 model with intelligent sonic technology for increased power on tricky areas. You get a lithium-ion battery, contour-adapting head reaching 0.05mm closeness, and a cleaning station.

Made in Germany with impressive build quality, it offers unbeatable performance in this price range.

If money’s no object, the Series 9 edges ahead slightly in comfort and closeness. But for most, the 790cc nails that sweet spot of capability and value.

Best For: Those looking for a high-quality electric razor with advanced features.

  • Intelligent sonic technology for increased power on difficult areas
  • Electric razor contours to the curves of your face and adapts to your beard density
  • Shaves as close as 0.05mm and comes with a Clean&Charge station
  • Expensive compared to other electric razors
  • May be too advanced for some users
  • Not as comfortable as the Braun Series 9

5. Braun Electric Razor for Men

Braun Electric Razor for MenView On Amazon
You need the best electric razor for men? Look no further than the Braun Series 9.

With its 5 shaving elements and sonic vibrations, it delivers the world’s most efficient shave.

The alcohol-based cleaning solution and lemon-fresh formula guarantee optimal hygiene.

While pricier than the Series 7, the Series 9 is worth the investment for its unparalleled closeness, comfort, and handling of coarse hair.

Upgrade to perfect shaving with Braun’s top-of-the-line electric razor.

Best For: Men seeking a flawless shave with optimal hygiene and gentle handling of coarse hair.

  • World’s most efficient electric shaver
  • Alcohol-based cleaning solution and lemon-fresh formula for optimal hygiene
  • 5 shaving elements and sonic vibrations for a close, smooth shave
  • Too expensive
  • Nothing special
  • Exposure to heat or sunlight may lead to melting/damage of product

Shaving Performance Comparison

Shaving Performance Comparison
Concerning shaving performance, the Braun Series 7 provides a close and comfortable shave, widely regarded as the best in its price range. The Series 9, on the other hand, offers a slightly closer shave while being extremely comfortable and forgiving, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

Series 7 Close Shave and Comfort

The Braun Series 7 offers an incredibly close and comfortable shave.

It is ideal for sensitive skin and frequent shaving.

Its compact head and nimble design handle facial hair with ease.

The solid build quality warrants a long-lasting investment.

Though an upgrade to a cleaning station is possible later, the Series 7 delivers exceptional value for money right out of the box.

Series 9 Comfort and Forgiveness

With the Series 9, you’ll experience an extremely comfortable shave, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Its forgiving nature allows for fast, efficient shaving without irritation. The travel lock and cleaning station ensure effortless maintenance, aligning perfectly with your busy lifestyle and shaving habits. Whether you have coarse hair or need a smooth shave, the Series 9 delivers exceptional comfort.

Series 9 Pro Close Shave and Coarse Hair Handling

If you have a coarse or wiry beard, the Series 9 Pro offers superior handling with its powerful motor and advanced shaving technology. It delivers an incredibly close shave, effortlessly tackling even the toughest facial hair, while adapting smoothly to your facial contours. With its:

  1. Robust cutting elements
  2. Pivoting shaving head
  3. Advanced SyncroSonic technology
  4. Long battery life

The Series 9 Pro guarantees a remarkably close, comfortable shave every time.

Build Quality and Ergonomics Analysis

Build Quality and Ergonomics Analysis
The Braun Series 7 impresses with its solid construction and understated design, featuring a smaller shaving head for enhanced maneuverability. In contrast, the Series 9 sports a plastic body with a glossy finish prone to smudges, but offers a larger shaving head, well-balanced ergonomics, a travel lock, and an intuitive LED display.

Series 7 Solid Construction and Design

While the Series 9 offers comfort, you can’t overlook the Series 7‘s sturdy construction. Its compact size and lightweight design provide excellent grip and maneuverability, making it easy to navigate tricky areas. The solid build inspires confidence, ensuring this shaver will withstand years of frequent use without compromising performance.

Series 9 Plastic Body and Travel Lock

While the Series 9‘s plastic body may seem less durable, it’s built to last with a glossy finish that, admittedly, shows smudges easily. But its larger size and intuitive LED display provide excellent ergonomics and convenience, especially when traveling with the handy travel lock.

Purchase Price and Cost of Ownership Evaluation

Purchase Price and Cost of Ownership Evaluation
The Braun Series 7 offers a lower purchase price and more affordable replacement cassettes, making it a cost-effective option over its lifetime. In contrast, the Series 9 commands a higher upfront cost and necessitates more expensive replacement heads, though the Series 9 Pro represents the most premium and priciest choice in the lineup.

Series 7 Lower Purchase Price and Running Costs

You’ll appreciate the Series 7’s value proposition if budget constraints influence your purchase decision. Its lower upfront cost and more affordable replacement parts offer long-term cost savings, hitting that sweet spot between:

  1. Initial investment
  2. Running costs
  3. Shaving performance

Series 9 Higher Purchase Price and Replacement Heads

While the Series 9 has a higher sticker price, it offers superior performance that justifies the cost for frequent shavers with coarse hair. The replacement heads are pricier too, but they last longer and deliver uncompromising closeness. If you value comfort and don’t mind the expense, it’s a worthwhile upgrade over the Series 7.

Series 9 Pro Most Expensive Option

At the top end lies the Series 9 Pro. You’re looking at the most expensive Braun option, especially if you opt for the charging case.

But that premium price tag delivers the closest shave, superior coarse hair handling, and convenient extras like a travel lock and intuitive LED display.

For those seeking the ultimate in power and precision grooming, the splurge may be worthwhile.

Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations

Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations
Both the Braun Series 7 and Series 9 electric shavers benefit from dedicated cleaning stations that effectively sanitize and lubricate the shaving heads for peak performance. However, while the Series 9’s cleaning station utilizes a fan for quicker drying, the Series 7’s station relies on induction heating, resulting in a slightly longer drying time.

Cleaning Stations for Series 7 and 9

You’ll want a cleaning station for both the Series 7 and 9. These handy accessories:

  • Sanitize and lubricate your shaver automatically
  • Save time on manual cleaning
  • Are compatible with select Series 7 shavers
  • Differ in drying method – Series 9 uses a fan, while Series 7 lacks active drying

Cleaning stations are a valuable investment for maintaining peak shaver performance. The Series 9’s fan may be noisier, but provides quicker drying.

Effectiveness of Cleaning Station for Sanitization and Drying

You’ll appreciate the convenience of the cleaning stations for both Series 7 and 9. They effectively sanitize and lubricate for hassle-free maintenance. However, the Series 9 station uses a fan for active drying, prolonging the process compared to the Series 7’s induction heating system.

Feature Series 7 Series 9
Active Drying X
Drying Time Faster Slower

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you buy a Braun series 7 or a series 9?

You should choose the Series 9 if you value a close, comfortable shave and can afford the premium price. However, the Series 7 offers excellent value, balancing performance and cost for most users.

What is the difference between Braun series 7 and 9 Shavers?

As the adage goes, "Different strokes for different folks." The Series 7 offers a close, comfortable shave and better value, while the Series 9 delivers an extremely close shave and excellent comfort for coarse hair—at a premium price.

Should I buy a Braun series 9 9385cc or a series 7?

You should consider the Series 9 9385cc if you prioritize an extremely close, comfortable shave and have coarse hair. However, the Series 7 offers excellent value and performance for most users.

How does a Braun series 9 Shaver work?

Gliding over contours like a finely tuned instrument, the Series 9 delivers an incredibly close yet comfortable shave. Its cutting elements oscillate at sonic speeds, capturing each hair with precision while adapting to your unique facial curves.

How long do the shaver batteries last?

With proper care, Braun’s lithium-ion batteries last around two years. Replace batteries to maintain peak performance—frequent recharges impact lifespan. The Series 9’s powerful motor drains batteries faster than the Series 7.

Which models are suitable for wet shaving?

Slickly surviving showers? Sizable Series 7 and 9 shavers shine. Sealed shells shelter sleek systems, securing safe, superbly comfortable wet shaves.

Are replacement foils and blades interchangeable?

No, the foils and blades aren’t interchangeable between Series 7 and Each uses specific cutting elements designed for its shaving system. Using the wrong parts risks damaging the shaver and delivering a subpar shave experience.

Can the shavers be used corded?

Did you know only 17% of electric shaver owners use their device cordless? Yes, both the Series 7 and 9 can operate corded or cordless, giving you ultimate flexibility for a consistent shave every time.

How often should the cutting parts be replaced?

You should aim to replace the shaver’s cutting parts every 18-24 months for superior performance. Signs of wear include increased pulling, irritation, reduced closeness, and uneven trimming. Regular cleaning and lubrication also extend the life of the blades.


Akin to selecting between a trusty steed or an exotic sports car, choosing between the braun series 7 vs 9 depends on your priorities. The Series 7 offers an affordable, consistent ride, while the Series 9 delivers a smoother, more luxurious experience. Evaluate your budget, shaving habits, and desired features to determine which electric razor will grant you the most satisfaction over time.

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