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Braun Series 7 Vs 9: Which is Better? [2024 Comparison]

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Braun is known for its closest shaving stairs and modern shaving technology. But the recent launch of the Braun shaver series 9 has left everyone in a dilemma.

Are the latest series 9 shavers better than Barun’s most popular shavers from Series 7? Here are the “ Braun Series 7 vs 9 dilemmas.”

After both have been tested extensively, in this article, we will tackle the Braun series 9 vs 7 comparisons and try all relevant aspects an objective and have an unbiased way.

We will discuss the differences between the series and compare them side by side to give you a better idea of ​​what is offered from every series so that you can make a well-informed choice. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of Braun series 7 vs series 9 as well as which functions and options are available within each series.

Braun Series 7 Vs 9: Overview

braun series 7 vs 9Both the 7 and Series 9 shavers series are known as the best shavers for men. To determine the comparison between Braun Series 7 vs Series 9, we discuss their strengths and weaknesses. But before we start with the comparison, let’s choose a shaving model from each series.

Today we will compare the Braun series 7 with the 9 series. First, let’s go all aspects that you need to know about these two shavers.

Braun Series 7 Review

This electric razor came out 5 years ago and is still very loved. It has a unique design, specially developed by Braun, which is applied to the other models. With a silver simple design, the razor is lightweight, and it has a nice grip.

It comes with a trimmer, but it was uncomfortable on the side and feels cheap. It is also important to understand that this razor does not supply completely wet and dry shaving. The 7856 model is the only one that really offers in this line of Series 7, so keep that in mind when making your final purchase.

It comes with a curly charging cable and a mobility travel case. The travel housing itself is nice, but the material will attract a ribbon if you travel in the bottom of your bag. Another great feature that comes with Braun-Razes is the cleaning and charging stations. It is easy to use and takes the car aside from the maintenance of an electric razor.

If it arrives at speed, the 7 series 7 also offers five different speed settings that have not been translated into the newer models. The variability of options can appeal to people who have different routines every morning and do not always hurry to come somewhere.

  • The razor is supplied with a cleaning station that uses an alcohol-based cleaning solution.
  • The razor head can move in 8 directions, which is difficult to shave, like under your chin can be shaved with ease.
  • Reliable razor for those with sensitive skin and/or shaving for the first time.
  • 5 different speed options are available.
  • Replacement Razor Heads are pricey! On average, around $ 36, this can be a problem for people with thicker hair that experienced razers faster.
  • Unwanted battery screen, located at the bottom of the handle.
  • Only the 7856 model offers wet and dry shave.

Braun Series 9 Review

Braun has advertised their series of 9 shavers as the most efficient shavers. The 5 razor elements and the specialized trimmers make it the electric razor that shaves as close as a blade. With responsive intelligence technology, the shaver can automatically adjust to your shaving needs.

In addition, minimize the ten thousand micro-vibrations produced by Sonic technology, minimize friction. As a result, you can enjoy a good and soft shave. The 10-D Flex head and the extendable trimmers also make the shaving of the hard-to-reach places effortless.

This 9 shaver series comes with a clean and charging station of five actions. You can not only clean and charge but also lubricate and use your shaver with it. You can also enjoy shaving with this shaver for 50 minutes. And you get all this with a touch of a single button.

Finally, this shaver can be used both wet and dry. And you even get a battery countdown on the LED display. Moreover, the extra travel housing and brush make travelers friendly.

  • Close shave with 40,000 cutting actions per minute
  • 10d Contour Flex Head
  • Mounted trimmer
  • Travel Lock function
  • Their most expensive razor

Braun Series 9 Vs 7: What’s the Difference Between Them?

Every model within a series has added or removed different functions, as well as different color schemes. However, the actual shaving performances used in each series are identical. That is why this article will not compare specific models and instead concentrate on comparing the series.

Shaving Head Comparison

braun series 7 vs 9 Shaving Head ComparisonFirst, let’s look at the essential feature of Braun 7 series and 9 series electric shavers – the shaving head.

Choose between these products amounts to whether or not you need the extra piece of cutting element in the more expensive series 9.

Series 9

Series 9 is different from the shaving elements, and it is also equipped with a direct and carving trimmer, make sure that all directions grew. Apart from that, the Activelife trimer titanium is coated, which greatly improved its performance.

Series 9 Comes with a contourflex head that is capable of working in 10 different directions. This increases the “ macro motion ” – direction movement aimed at the larger contours of the face and “ micromotion ” direction movement aimed at the smaller contours of the face, each element in the shaving head with itself individual suspension. Series 7, Pivot Head can move a maximum of 40 degrees in both directions.

All this can give you a really tight-fitting shave compared to other previous models. The only con to having all these elements in one shaving head is that it becomes great.

Series 7

The Braun Series 7 was one of the first foil shavers supplied with 3 different cutting elements. These include two optifoil cutting heads that flank the ActiveLift trimmer in the middle.

The latter catches flat surfaces in problem areas such as the neck and the cheek, lifts them, and the option plate mows them.

Braun adds a skin protector to protect the skin from the friction of these cutting elements to make things comfortable.

To help her with different contours, the 7 shaver series has a free-floating head where the cutting element rotates independently. Interestingly enough, series 7 and Series 5 have the same cutting element design.

To understand what 8-D means each of the cutting elements can be left and right separately, so this creates 6 different movements. Add to that the wavy shaving head that turns to 40 degrees in both directions. And you have parts in 8 different directions, hence the term 8-d.

Build Quality and Ergonomics

braun 7 series vs 9 series ergonomicsView On AmazonEvery Braun owner will tell you that their electric shavers have the excellent build quality, and it is clear with both variants.

The Braun series 7, during launch, set a high standard and yet a high standard in a robust design that will stand the test of time.

Are a few years old, the design is a bit dated but still scores high when it comes to functionality.

Most options in the 7-line series offer a matte, dark gray finish that is resistant to fingerprints.

The building quality feels fixed, and the thick body adds more to that feeling. It uses a lot of rubber on the sides, ensuring that this does not slide out of your hands, even in moist conditions.

There are a few issues with the 7 series (more about that a bit), but in general, it will be shaving daily in the coming days.

The series 9 looks more with the pendulum setting and a more glossy finish. I am not a big fan of glossy finishes because it is a magnet for fingerprints and will relegate faster over time.

Fortunately, the series 9 gives you the option to finish with a matte finish – the 9291cc is in mind. The matte finish will resist stains and fingerprints than chromium.

Both razors have plastic exteriors. I hoped that the series 9 would come with a metal exterior, but that is not the case.

The Series 9 is a larger version than the series 7, with a longer handle and a huge shaving head.

, even with the larger body, ergonomics is not affected by the sleigh handle. The back of the Series 7 has a rubber insert that helps to offer a safer grip.

A potential issue would be the size of the head. The other trimmer contributes to the bulk and can be difficult to maneuver around the lip area.

However, if you are used to the format difference, it is not difficult to use it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Image 4Unless you choose to save a little money and get a model that does not have a cleaning and charging station, your maintenance will hardly exist. The cleaning station will clean the cartridge, disinfect and lubricate with a single push of a button.

The only one that you have to do is place the shaver in the docking drive and press the button, and the drive does the rest. It would help if you replaced the alcohol-based solution, but this is easy to do. Replacement Solution Packs are available immediately.

The Series 9 cleaning station is a sled and has only one button for activation. However, it uses a fan to dry the shaver that, while quieter than most other fan wording, still makes noise. The cleaning station of series 7 uses inductive-to-lever to dry the shaver faster and silence.

General maintenance also means that you must remove foam or shaving gel on the head on the head before using the cleaning station—the foam and gels clogging the cleaning station to prevent it from doing well.

The cleaning station of the series 7 has a small advantage over the series 9—the faster dry time and silent activation. The just above the Braun shaver series 9 models.

Wet-dry Operation

Both Series 7 and Series 9 offer wet and dry operation. You can dip them in five meters of water without damage. And they are advertised as 100% waterproof.

You can use them with shaving soap or gel while wet shaving. Moreover, cleaning under running water is also great.

There is no real difference between their wet and dry effect.

Battery Life

The shaving can sometimes take time, and considering that the battery life of a blade is important! Fortunately, these models promise a 50-minute shaving time before you need a charge. The series 8 also boasted that it could go a month with a charge, although we have not tried the theory.

These models use a Li-ON battery, and starting with the 8 series, give the LED screens at the battery level. If your battery dies and needs quick shaving, there is a fast shaving function that allows the shipyard to start after loading for only five minutes.

We believe that this is an important feature to consider because it also reflects the longevity of the product’s useful life. If your blade is constantly dying, then your long-term reliability may also be in question.

Braun’s shavers are usually consistent with their shaving times and their loading times. We found that these characteristics are important for those who constantly shave and that their electric shawls are a large part of their morning routines. If shaving every day is not something I support, then buying an older model could be your speed.

Shaving Experience & Performance

braun series 7 vs series 9 Shaving ExperienceView On AmazonAt first glance, you can consider the Braun series 9, given the linear motor speed of 40,000 CPM compared to 30,000 CPM in the Braun series 7. Yet the difference between the two is almost neglected in real-life applications, and the Reason is simply easy.

The series 7 790cc and the series 9 rely on the technology of the Syncro format that broadcasts 10,000 micro-vibrations to retrieve the traditional pace of the linear motorcycle speed. Overall you will feel a slight edge for the 9-Performance series because of the extra hyperlift trimmer instead of the motor.

About the intensity of the shaving process, the 7 790CC series 5 has different shaving modes for entering a clean shave, the fastest is the turbo mode, and the slowest is the sensitive mode.

Because the series 7 is exceptionally soft on the skin, you will probably not use the 5 personalized modes and let the foil shaver adjust the force according to the shaving scenario. But how is that possible?

The Braun 7 series vs 9 series Battle equilibrium reaches when you know that the series 7 is the same autosense technology found in the Spirent sensor determines how did your beard is and Adjusts the performance 13 to second and adjust the optimum power required for the shaving session.

If you have fully specified, the series 9 absolutely wins. Still, when it comes to the use of real life, there is such a subtle difference that you will not even notice whether you are just concerned about getting a clean shave.

Braun Series 7 vs Series 9: Similarities

As for the technology used, both are very similar in various features, such as:

  • Sonic Intelligent Technology: It gives you 10,000 micro-vibrations of each razor. The Shavers of Braun are the only ones equipped with this technology.
  • Active cooling system: When the blades work behind their blades, therefore, they can cure Braun’s afflict to cool his skin, as long as they do not rush; therefore, do not worry about burning or Irritation later.
  • Microcomb: The trimmer that is very efficient when it comes to erasing those flat hairs.
  • AutoSense Technology
  • SkinGaurd
  • Optifoil
  • Similar lithium-ion batteries, 50 minutes of runtime when fully charged (within an hour)

Braun 7 Series Vs 9 Series: Which is the Better Option?

After completing the essential characteristics, it is now time to choose between the Braun series 7 versus 9.

If you are looking for an electric shaver that costs, is efficient, comfortable, and reliable, the series is equilibrium. 7 models can be the best option. The series 7 is still the most popular shaver on the market based on sales and reviews. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin that shaves daily and who might have coarse facial hair.

Are you willing to release more for the Braun Series 9, or you don’t mind shaving a little longer, but save some money with the 7 series that is willing to get more Spend on the Braun Series 9, or you don’t do that ‘I find it very much shaving, but save some money with the series 7.

You must buy the Braun 7 series if:
  • Don’t you want to spend much for the 7 series but still want a decent shave.
  • Dun to moderate facial hair that the extra trimmer does not need.
  • If you want a little comfort to use sensitive skin shaving.
  • Need a shaver that you can use every other day.
You must buy the Braun 9 series if:
  • If you want a great stage from an electric razor that will shave quickly and comfortably.
  • Have coarse facial hair that will take advantage of the extra trimmer.
  • Let your facial hair grow and only shave every 3 to 5 days or so.
  • Have sensitive skin.
  • I don’t mind paying the extra $$$ for a top-of-the-line shaver.
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