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Cherry Lola Treatment: Boost Curls & Moisture in Hair (2024)

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cherry lola treatmentDiscover the transformative power of the Cherry Lola Treatment, a game-changer for curly and coily hair since its inception in 2009.

This DIY marvel, crafted by Cherry Lola herself, harnesses the nourishing properties of yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids to deliver unparalleled moisture, tame frizz, and define curls like never before.

Ideal for those seeking mastery over their mane, this treatment not only promises to revitalize your hair but also encourages you to innovate your hair care routine.

Dive into the world of Cherry Lola and experience the joy of moisturized, frizz-free, and beautifully defined curls.

Key Takeaways

The Cherry Lola Treatment is a DIY hair mask designed to enhance hair moisture and strength, particularly beneficial for those with low porosity hair and scalp issues like dandruff. Key ingredients include yogurt for moisturization and frizz reduction, baking soda for removing buildup and exfoliating the scalp, and liquid amino acids for strengthening and moisturizing hair.

Benefits of the treatment include improved moisture retention, frizz reduction, enhanced curl definition, and potentially improved scalp health. The treatment is applied by mixing the ingredients into a smooth consistency, applying to dry hair, and rinsing after 30-45 minutes, with the frequency of use varying based on hair type and porosity.

Cherry Lola Treatment Overview

Cherry Lola Treatment Overview
The Cherry Lola Treatment is a DIY hair mask created by Cherry Lola in 2009, designed to enhance hair moisture and strength, particularly for individuals with low porosity hair. This treatment combines yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids to create a mixture that’s applied to the hair.

The yogurt component is known for its moisturizing properties and ability to reduce frizz, while the baking soda helps remove product buildup and exfoliate the scalp. Liquid amino acids are included for their ability to penetrate the hair shaft, bond with proteins, and strengthen the hair.

Despite its benefits, there are concerns regarding the use of baking soda in the treatment. Baking soda has a high pH level of around 9, which can make the hair alkaline, potentially leading to an opened cuticle, increased dryness, breakage, dandruff, and other scalp issues.

It can also damage the hair structure, and its effects can vary depending on individual hair and scalp characteristics.

To mitigate these concerns, an alternative approach suggests avoiding baking soda and instead incorporating Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids into protein treatments. This can be done by mixing the amino acids with a conditioner or deep conditioner and applying heat to enhance penetration.

The benefits of this modified approach include increased moisture, strength, and color retention, as well as reduced frizz, retained moisture, and enhanced shine.

The Cherry Lola Treatment is particularly suitable for individuals with curly or coily hair who are seeking to repair damage, hydrate, or loosen curls, and it’s also beneficial for those with dandruff or scalp issues.

However, it’s important to not overuse protein treatments, as they can leave hair crunchy or brittle, and to always follow with a deep conditioner. It’s recommended to consult with a stylist if unsure about the treatment’s suitability for your hair type and individual needs.

History and Creation

History and Creation
You might’ve heard about the Cherry Lola Treatment, a DIY hair mask that was created by Cherry Lola in 2009.

This treatment gained traction among those following the Maximum Hydration Method, offering a way to boost moisture and define curls.

Invented by Cherry Lola in 2009

You stumbled upon the Cherry Lola Treatment back in 2009, and it’s been a game-changer for your curly or coily hair ever since. This DIY concoction, whipped up by Cherry Lola herself, has been a beacon of hope for those battling with frizz and seeking hair health nirvana.

  1. History: Cherry Lola, a British YouTube blogger, concocted this treatment in 2009, and it’s been a hit in the natural hair community, especially among those following the Maximum Hydration Method.
  2. Ingredients: The magic potion includes yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids—each playing a pivotal role in transforming your tresses.
  3. Benefits: Expect a trifecta of moisture retention, frizz reduction, and curl definition that’ll make your hair sing.

Now, don’t let the simplicity fool you. This isn’t just any old hair mask; it’s a protein-packed powerhouse that strengthens and moisturizes your hair, making those curls pop. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility—use it wisely to avoid the pitfalls of over-proteinizing your precious locks.

And if you’re wary of baking soda, there are ways to modify the treatment to suit your hair’s needs. So, whether you’re a curly-haired maven or a coily hair enthusiast, the Cherry Lola Treatment could be your ticket to luscious, hydrated locks.

Just don’t go overboard—too much of a good thing can be a hair-raising experience!.

Connection to Maximum Hydration Method

The Cherry Lola Treatment, a concoction you can whip up at home, has a special bond with the Maximum Hydration Method (MHM). It’s like the dynamic duo for your curls, with the treatment playing the role of a trusty sidekick.

MHM is all about quenching your hair’s thirst to the max, and Cherry Lola is the opening act, setting the stage for deep hydration. But let’s not sugarcoat it; while the treatment can be a curly hair’s best friend, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Baking soda, one of the key players, can be a bit of a wild card, potentially leaving your hair feeling like it’s been on a desert trek if not used carefully.

Here’s a quick table to break down the essentials:

Ingredient Benefits Considerations
Yogurt Moisturizes and reduces frizz Watch out for protein overload
Baking Soda Cleanses and exfoliates scalp Can disrupt hair pH
Liquid Amino Acids Strengthens and moisturizes Great for low porosity hair

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients
The Cherry Lola Treatment is a DIY hair mask that harnesses the power of three key ingredients: yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids. These components work together to moisturize and strengthen your hair, while also addressing issues like frizz and tightness of curls.

Yogurt provides moisture and protein, which can help to reduce frizz and add shine. Baking soda helps to remove product buildup and exfoliate the scalp, although it should be used with caution due to its potential to raise hair pH and cause dryness or damage.

Liquid amino acids penetrate the hair shaft, bonding with proteins to strengthen and moisturize the hair, making it particularly beneficial for those with low porosity hair.


Let’s talk about yogurt, a key player in the Cherry Lola Treatment. This creamy delight isn’t just for your breakfast bowl; it’s a hair care hero that brings a trifecta of benefits to the table:

  1. Dandruff Defense: Yogurt’s anti-fungal properties help keep the flaky foes at bay, ensuring your scalp stays clean and clear.
  2. pH Perfection: It’s all about balance, and yogurt has a knack for maintaining your scalp’s pH, which is crucial for healthy hair.
  3. Moisture Magic: Dry strands begone! Yogurt infuses your hair with moisture, making it a go-to for hydration.

Imagine your hair as a garden; yogurt is like the nourishing rain that helps it flourish. It’s a protein-packed powerhouse that turns the frizz into fabulous and the dull into dazzling. So, next time you’re whipping up a hair mask, remember, yogurt might just be your curl’s new best friend.

Baking Soda

Let’s talk about baking soda, the unsung hero of the Cherry Lola Treatment. It’s like the friend who always brings the party to life but sometimes doesn’t know when to call it a night. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a powerhouse in this hair treatment, working to clarify and cleanse.

But, as with any good shindig, there’s a line between having a blast and a full-blown hair hangover.

Here’s a quick table to help you weigh the pros and cons:

Baking Soda Benefits Baking Soda Concerns
Removes buildup Can raise hair pH
Exfoliates scalp May increase dryness
Promotes hair growth Potential for damage
Balances pH balance Scalp health issues
Part of a healthy hair routine Might alter hair structure

Liquid Amino Acids

Moving from the gritty debate on baking soda, let’s dive into the pool of liquid amino acids.

These little dynamos are like undercover agents, sneaking into your hair’s inner sanctum to bond with proteins and reinforce each strand. They’re the unsung heroes in the battle against brittle locks, working tirelessly to lock in moisture and keep your hair’s structure robust.

If your tresses could talk, they’d be singing praises for Bragg Liquid Aminos and its band of amino acids, which not only strengthen but also add a layer of protection against the elements. It’s like giving your hair a shield and a sword to fend off dryness and breakage.

And for those with low porosity hair, it’s a match made in heaven, as these aminos know just how to cozy up to each strand, ensuring moisture sticks around like a loyal friend.

So, if you’re looking to give your hair a protein-packed pep talk, incorporating liquid amino acids into your treatment might just be the secret handshake your hair has been waiting for.


The Cherry Lola Treatment offers a trio of key benefits that can significantly improve the health and appearance of your hair.

Firstly, it excels in moisture retention, ensuring your hair stays hydrated longer, which is crucial for those with naturally dry or curly hair types.

Secondly, it effectively reduces frizz, making your hair more manageable and giving your curls a more defined, polished look.

Lastly, it enhances curl definition, allowing your natural curl pattern to shine through more vividly.

These benefits combined make the Cherry Lola Treatment a valuable addition to your hair care routine, especially if you’re looking to boost hydration, minimize frizz, and accentuate your natural curls.

Moisture Retention

The Cherry Lola Treatment is a DIY hair mask designed to enhance moisture retention in your hair. It’s like a thirst-quenching drink for your parched strands, combating moisture loss and leaving your hair feeling as lush as a well-watered garden.

Think of it as your hair’s personal hydration station, where dry scalp and brittle strands aren’t welcome.

This concoction is a cocktail of hair-loving ingredients like Greek yogurt, which acts as a smoothie for your scalp, and liquid amino acids, the secret sauce for protein balance. It’s a DIY hair treatment that’s as innovative as it’s nourishing, turning loose curls into tight, well-defined spirals and brightening hair like the summer sun after a long winter.

And let’s not forget the raw honey—a sweet treat that not only tastes divine but also works wonders on your hair, locking in that precious moisture. So, if you’re ready to whip up your own batch of Cherry Lola goodness, remember, it’s all about giving your hair the TLC it deserves.

Frizz Reduction

Frizz Reduction

Continuing from the moisture retention benefits, let’s tackle another hairy issue—frizz. You know the drill: one step outside on a humid day, and your hair puffs up like a startled porcupine.

  1. Ingredients Synergy: The combo of yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids in the Cherry Lola Treatment works like a charm to smooth the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and adding definition to your curls.
  2. Variations for Victory: Whether you stick to the original recipe or try a twist with blackstrap molasses, the treatment’s variations cater to different hair needs while keeping frizz at bay.
  3. Benefits Beyond Belief: Not only does it fight frizz, but it also moisturizes and strengthens your hair, giving you those plump, envy-inducing curls.
  4. Side Effects? Sidelined!: By following the treatment with a deep conditioner, you can mitigate potential side effects like dryness from baking soda, ensuring your hair stays healthy and hydrated.

Curl Definition

The Cherry Lola Treatment is a DIY hair mask created by Cherry Lola in 2009. It has gained popularity within the natural hair community, particularly among those with curly or coily hair types. The treatment is known for its ability to moisturize hair, reduce frizz, and enhance curl definition.

It is made with yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids. These ingredients work together to strengthen hair, promote elasticity, and balance protein levels.

However, there are concerns regarding the use of baking soda in the treatment. Baking soda can raise the hair’s pH to an alkaline state, potentially leading to increased dryness, breakage, and scalp issues.

To address these concerns, some modified approaches suggest avoiding baking soda. Instead, they recommend incorporating liquid amino acids into protein treatments mixed with conditioner or deep conditioner.

This alternative method aims to provide benefits such as increased moisture, strength, and color retention without the potential damage that may arise from using baking soda.

Application Process

Application Process
The application process of the Cherry Lola Treatment is straightforward and designed to enhance the natural texture and moisture of your hair.

You’ll start by mixing the ingredients, which include yogurt, baking soda, and Bragg Liquid Aminos, to create a treatment that targets frizz, dryness, and curl definition. Apply this mixture to dry hair, ensuring thorough coverage, and let it sit for about 30-45 minutes to allow the ingredients to penetrate deeply and work their magic.

After the waiting period, rinse your hair thoroughly and follow up with a conditioner to seal in moisture and maintain the treatment’s benefits. This process not only aims to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair but also makes the application enjoyable and effective in achieving plump, shiny, and well-defined curls.

Mixing Ingredients

After diving into the benefits of the Cherry Lola Treatment, let’s get our hands dirty and mix up this magical concoction. You’ll want to ensure the ingredients blend to a creamy consistency that won’t leave you dripping like an ice cream cone on a hot day.

  • Yogurt: The base of your hair feast, providing moisture and protein.
  • Baking Soda: The fizz factor that helps clarify and exfoliate.
  • Liquid Amino Acids: The secret sauce for strength and elasticity.
  • Mixing Time: Whip it up until it’s as smooth as your best dance moves.
  • Storage: If you’re not using it straight away, store it like a fine wine, cool and sealed.

Application to Dry Hair

Once you’ve mixed your Cherry Lola concoction to a smooth, creamy consistency, it’s time to apply it to your hair. Remember, this isn’t a race against the clock; timing considerations are key to avoid potential damage.

Apply the treatment to dry hair, ensuring every strand is coated from root to tip.

Ingredient Purpose Alternative
Yogurt Moisturize & reduce frizz Conditioner
Baking Soda Cleanse & clarify Apple Cider Vinegar
Liquid Amino Acids Strengthen & moisturize Hydrolyzed Protein

Don’t rush the process; let the treatment sit for about 30-45 minutes. It’s like giving your curls a spa day—they’ll come out rejuvenated and ready to shine.

Rinse and Condition

After slathering your dry locks with the Cherry Lola concoction, it’s time to rinse and bring your hair back to equilibrium.

You’ve just given your strands a feast of protein and moisture, but now it’s crucial to restore the pH balance and seal the deal.

Follow up with a deep conditioning session to quench your hair’s thirst and lock in the goodness. This step is like the cherry on top of a well-executed hair care sundae, ensuring your mane isn’t only clean from product buildup but also primed for a frizz-free, shiny future.

Frequency of Use

Frequency of Use
When it comes to the Cherry Lola treatment, it’s all about striking the right balance. You’re probably eager to see those curls pop and feel the silkiness of well-moisturized hair, but hold your horses! Overdoing it can turn your hair’s world upside down, especially if you’re rocking low porosity locks that are sensitive to protein treatments.

Here’s the scoop: if you’ve got type 3 hair, you might want to indulge in this curl-boosting concoction twice a month. But if you’re flaunting type 4 hair, you can be a bit more generous and use it as often as your hair demands.

Just remember, after each session, cozy up with a deep conditioner to keep your hair from throwing a tantrum.

Now, let’s talk about those with low porosity hair. You’ve got to play it cool and not get too protein-happy. The Cherry Lola treatment can be a godsend for moisture retention and curl definition, but too much protein can leave your hair feeling like a crunchy snack, and not in a good way.

So, listen to your hair, and if it starts to feel overwhelmed, take a step back.

In a nutshell, treat your hair like you’d a delicate plant – give it the nourishment it needs, but don’t drown it in love. Keep an eye on how your hair responds, and you’ll find the perfect rhythm for your Cherry Lola treatments.


If you have curly or coily hair, the Cherry Lola Treatment might be a suitable addition to your hair care routine. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those with low porosity hair, as it helps to increase moisture retention.

However, it’s important to consider the potential effects of baking soda on your hair’s pH and health before deciding to incorporate this treatment.

Ideal for Curly or Coily Hair

If you’re on the hunt for healthier hair and you’ve got curls or coils that seem to thirst for moisture like a wanderer in the desert, then the Cherry Lola Treatment might just be your oasis. This DIY marvel, concocted with natural ingredients, is a godsend for those looking to quench their hair’s parched state.

Imagine this: you whip up a batch using some kitchen staples—yogurt, baking soda, and liquid amino acids—and voilà, you’ve got yourself a homemade potion that could rival any fancy salon treatment.

It’s like you’re a hair alchemist, turning frizzy strands into luscious locks with the flick of a whisk.

But here’s the kicker—it’s not just about slapping on a mask and hoping for the best. The Cherry Lola Treatment is a knight in shining armor for those with low porosity hair, penetrating deep into the hair shaft to deliver moisturizing benefits that stick around longer than your ex.

It’s the hair care equivalent of finding a twenty in your pocket; unexpected and oh-so-satisfying.

So, if you’re ready to embrace alternative treatments and DIY techniques that lead to healthier, happier hair, the Cherry Lola Treatment could be your ticket to a frizz-free, moisturized mane that shines brighter than a diamond in a goat’s.

. well, you get the picture. Just remember, while it’s a treat for your tresses, don’t go overboard—too much of a good thing can lead to a hair horror story, and nobody’s got time for that.

Considerations for Low Porosity Hair

If you’re navigating the curly world with low porosity hair, you’ve probably had your fair share of trial and error. Enter the Cherry Lola Treatment, a beacon of hope for those tight cuticles that seem to lock out every drop of moisture.

But here’s the twist: while this concoction can be a game-changer, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Baking soda, a key player in this mix, can be a double-edged sword. Sure, it might lift those stubborn cuticles, but it can also invite a host of hair horrors if overused—think dryness and breakage.

So, what’s a curl lover to do? Consider baking soda alternatives that are gentler on your strands. And when it comes to protein treatments, remember, moderation is key. Too much protein can leave your hair feeling like a crunchy snack rather than a luscious lock.

But get it right, and you’ll be strutting around with curls so defined, they could have their own zip code.

For those with low porosity hair care woes, incorporating Bragg’s Liquid Aminos into your routine could be your secret weapon. This ingredient doesn’t just moisturize; it’s like a bouncer at the club, making sure moisture doesn’t leave your hair party too soon.

And if you’re worried about hair damage prevention, rest easy. Liquid amino acids are like a personal trainer for your hair, strengthening those strands without going overboard.

In the end, finding the perfect balance for your curls might feel like you’re mixing a potion. But when you find that sweet spot, you’ll unlock a world where your curls aren’t just surviving, but thriving.

So, experiment with curl looseners and treatments, but always listen to your hair—it’ll tell you what it needs.

Baking Soda Concerns

Baking Soda Concerns
While the Cherry Lola Treatment has gained popularity for its moisturizing and curl-enhancing benefits, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with baking soda.

Baking soda can significantly raise the pH of your hair, making it more alkaline and potentially leading to increased dryness, breakage, and scalp issues.

If you’re considering this treatment, it’s crucial to weigh these risks against the benefits and to consider alternatives if you have sensitive hair.

Potential for Hair and Scalp Damage

While the Cherry Lola Treatment has been a game-changer for many, it’s important to tread carefully when it comes to baking soda.

  1. Baking soda can hike your hair’s pH to a lofty 9, pushing it into the alkaline zone. This isn’t a walk in the park for your strands.
  2. It’s like opening the floodgates – your hair cuticle layers lift, potentially leading to a desert of dryness and a playground for breakage.
  3. Dandruff and scalp issues might decide to crash the party, thanks to the unwelcome changes in your scalp’s pH balance.
  4. Over time, the structural integrity of your hair could be compromised, leaving you with less than stellar locks.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, consider baking soda alternatives and lean into the liquid amino acid benefits. Always keep hair porosity considerations and scalp sensitivity concerns in mind. And remember, a little modification can go a long way in keeping your hair happy and healthy.

Alternatives for Sensitive Hair

If your locks are whispering (or maybe shouting) for a break from the Cherry Lola Treatment due to its baking soda content, don’t fret! There’s a world of alternatives that promise to be gentler on your sensitive strands.

Consider this your hair care detour: swap out the baking soda and instead, dive into the world of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos mixed with your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner. This switcheroo isn’t just about avoiding the alkaline adventures baking soda can take your hair on; it’s about embracing a treatment that’s rich in proteins and moisture, without the drama.

Add a dash of heat to this concoction, and you’ve got yourself a recipe that not only respects your hair’s boundaries but also boosts its health, shine, and tangle-free glory. So, if your hair’s been through the wringer with baking soda, consider this alternative route.

It’s like giving your hair a spa day, minus the harsh chemicals and with all the pampering it deserves.

Modified Approaches

Modified Approaches
In response to concerns about the harshness of baking soda on hair, the Cherry Lola Treatment has seen various modifications to its original formula. These adaptations aim to maintain the treatment’s benefits while minimizing potential damage.

For instance, some individuals opt to exclude baking soda altogether, focusing instead on incorporating Bragg’s Liquid Aminos into their routine hair care treatments. By mixing these amino acids with conditioners or deep conditioners and applying heat, users can enhance the treatment’s penetration, leading to increased moisture, strength, and color retention in their hair.

This approach allows for a more tailored application, addressing specific hair needs while mitigating the risks associated with baking soda.

Avoiding Baking Soda

If you’re wary of the high pH and potential damage from baking soda, you’re not alone. Many curl enthusiasts are ditching it for gentler alternatives. Instead, focus on the liquid amino acids, the unsung heroes of the Cherry Lola Treatment.

These power-packed molecules dive deep into your hair shaft, reinforcing strength and locking in moisture. They’re especially a boon for low porosity hair that’s often on the defense against hydration.

For a homemade hair mask sans the baking soda, mix your liquid amino acids with a rich conditioner or deep conditioner. This combo won’t only boost protein levels but also increase moisture and color retention.

Don’t forget to throw in a bit of heat to help these nourishing ingredients penetrate even further.

Incorporating Into Routine Treatments

Continuing from the previous discussion on avoiding baking soda due to its potential for hair and scalp damage, let’s explore how you can still reap the benefits of the Cherry Lola Treatment by incorporating it into your routine treatments with some alternative ingredients.

  1. Moisture Enhancement: Mix Bragg’s Liquid Aminos with your favorite deep conditioner to infuse your hair with moisture without the harsh effects of baking soda.
  2. Curl Preservation: For those with low porosity hair, consider using a milder alternative like apple cider vinegar to maintain your curl pattern while still effectively cleansing your scalp.
  3. Incorporating Frequency: Depending on your hair’s porosity and health, adjust the frequency of this modified treatment to prevent protein overload, aiming for once a month or as needed.

Personal Experiences

Personal Experiences
When considering the Cherry Lola Treatment, personal experiences and testimonials offer valuable insights into its effectiveness and potential drawbacks.

Some individuals have found the treatment to be a game-changer, praising its ability to moisturize hair, reduce frizz, and enhance curl definition.

However, concerns about the use of baking soda, due to its alkaline nature potentially leading to increased dryness and damage, have led others to modify the original recipe or avoid the treatment altogether.

These varied experiences highlight the importance of understanding one’s hair type and needs before trying out the Cherry Lola Treatment.

Why Some May Avoid It

You might be wondering why some folks give the Cherry Lola Treatment the cold shoulder, despite its rave reviews. Well, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. For starters, low porosity hair can be quite the diva, demanding specific care to avoid a full-blown tantrum.

Baking soda, while it can clear the stage of buildup, might just hit a sour note, raising pH levels and causing damage concerns. Then there’s scalp sensitivity; for some, baking soda is like playing with fire—too risky for comfort.

And let’s not forget personal preferences; what’s one person’s hair potion could be another’s poison. So, while the Cherry Lola Treatment might be the belle of the ball for many, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Here’s a quick table to sum it up:

Concern Description Alternative Ingredients
Low Porosity Hair that resists moisture and can be protein-sensitive. Use milder protein sources or humectants.
Scalp Sensitivity Baking soda can irritate sensitive scalps. Opt for gentler clarifiers like apple cider vinegar.
Damage Concerns Fear of hair structure damage due to pH imbalance. Seek balanced pH treatments that don’t open the cuticle.
Personal Preferences Individual hair needs and treatment responses vary. Tailor treatments with preferred oils, butters, or aloe.

Positive Outcomes and Testimonials

While some folks might give the Cherry Lola Treatment the side-eye, fearing it’s a one-way ticket to Frizzville or Dryness Town, countless curl enthusiasts have sung its praises from the rooftops.

  1. Moisture Galore: Imagine your hair soaking up hydration like a sponge in the Sahara. That’s the kind of thirst-quenching action we’re talking about.
  2. Curls on Point: If your curls were a bit shy before, this treatment coaxes them out to play, giving you definition that could make a dictionary jealous.
  3. Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Who needs a spotlight when your hair can reflect light like it’s its job? Get ready for a luster that turns heads.
  4. Frizz, Be Gone: Frizz doesn’t stand a chance. It’s like sending it on a one-way trip to nowhere, leaving your hair smoother than a jazz tune.

So, while the thought of mixing up a DIY concoction might seem as appealing as a blind date with a porcupine, the rave reviews and jaw-dropping results speak volumes. It’s not just about giving your hair a treat; it’s about unlocking the potential of your curls, making them pop like they’re headlining their own show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Cherry Lola Treatment affect hair dye or chemically treated hair?

The Cherry Lola Treatment can impact hair dye or chemically treated hair. Its ingredients may affect color and texture.

Proceed cautiously, as the treatment’s alkaline nature and protein content could alter chemically treated hair.

How does the Cherry Lola Treatment interact with different climates or seasons?

In different climates or seasons, the Cherry Lola Treatment’s effectiveness can vary. Humid summers might make your curls sing, locking in moisture and reducing frizz.

However, in dry, cold winters, be wary; the baking soda could potentially strip too much oil, leading to brittleness.

Always listen to your hair’s seasonal symphony!

Are there any specific hair types or textures that should avoid the Cherry Lola Treatment?

If your hair is protein-sensitive or easily becomes brittle and dry, you might want to skip the Cherry Lola Treatment due to its high protein content.

What are the long-term effects of regularly using the Cherry Lola Treatment on hair health?

Regular use of the Cherry Lola Treatment can lead to protein overload. This can cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Can the Cherry Lola Treatment be altered for those with protein-sensitive hair?

For those with protein-sensitive hair, tweak the Cherry Lola Treatment by reducing or skipping the liquid amino acids.

Opt for a milder protein source or focus on moisturizing ingredients.


Just as the legendary Phoenix rises from its ashes, the Cherry Lola treatment has revolutionized the way individuals with curly and coily hair embrace their natural texture.

By blending the nourishing properties of yogurt, the cleansing power of baking soda, and the hydrating essence of liquid amino acids, this DIY concoction promises to breathe new life into your hair. You’ll experience enhanced moisture retention, significant frizz reduction, and beautifully defined curls.

Whether you’re battling with dryness, seeking to tame unruly frizz, or longing for well-defined curls, the Cherry Lola treatment offers a beacon of hope. Remember, while its benefits are manifold, it’s crucial to tailor the frequency of use and ingredients to your hair’s specific needs, especially if you have low porosity hair or are sensitive to baking soda.

Embrace this transformative treatment and let your curls flourish in their natural glory.

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