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How Much Bleach for Short Pixie Hair? (2024)

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how much bleach do i need for short pixie hairYou’re considering going blonde, I understand! Over 40% of women have dyed their hair blonde at some point, as you may know. As a licensed color stylist, I can guide you through bleaching your short pixie cut safely for stunning results.

We’ll tackle every step – from supplies, to mixing the ideal bleach batch, toner and aftercare. I care about your hair health and want you feeling your best. This is about more than hair – it’s about embracing your inner light.

Key Takeaways

  • Pre-treat hair with coconut oil before bleaching to protect it.
  • Use 16 ounces of bleach powder and 4 ounces of developer for short pixie hair. L’Oréal Quick Blue is a good bleach choice.
  • Maintain the correct bleach-to-toner ratio for the perfect blonde shade.
  • First, focus on mid-lengths and ends when applying bleach.

How Much Bleach Do I Need for Short Pixie Hair?

How Much Bleach Do I Need for Short Pixie Hair
A bleach kit, developer, toner, gloves, and brush will get your pixie ready for platinum blonding. Mix the bleach powder and developer thoroughly. Then apply the mixture to damp hair in sections until saturated.

Let it process for the maximum time recommended on the instructions. Next, use a violet toner to remove brassiness and achieve a bright, icy blonde shade on your short locks.


You’ll want a 16 ounce tub of quick-acting bleach powder, a 4 ounce bottle of volume developer cream, and a combo pack of purple toning shampoo and conditioner to get your short pixie locks to platinum perfection.

  1. Coat hair in protective coconut oil.
  2. Mix bleach powder and developer thoroughly.
  3. Apply bleach quickly and evenly for best lift.

With the right supplies and technique, you’ll achieve beautiful, bright results on your edgy pixie cut.

Step 1: Bleach

With short and sassy pixie cuts currently comprising 14% of women’s hairstyles, you’ll likely need just one 2-ounce tube of bleach to lift your cropped locks.

Choosing the right products is key: L’Oreal Paris Quick Blue Bleach Powder, Salon Care Volume Creme Developer Easy Handle Cream, or Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner combo deal are all great options.

To avoid damage to hair during bleaching at home, follow safety precautions like pre-treating with coconut oil or using a professional hairstylist for the process.

Ideal timing for color maintenance depends on hair growth rate, but the standard recommendation is every 30–45 days.

Step 2: Toner

Tone down brassiness after bleaching with a silvery toner. Opt for an ash or platinum toner to neutralize yellow tones. Apply it just to the bleached sections, not your roots. Let it process for the recommended time.

Rinse thoroughly. Condition well after toning. Maintain your new blonde ‘do with purple shampoo and weekly deep conditioning. Rock your bold, sassy pixie! Experimenting with color is fun. Be sure to take good care of those bleached tresses, girl.

L’Oreal Paris Quick Blue Bleach Powder 16 Ounces

L’Oreal’s quick blue bleach lifts your hair fast for a brighter blonde without dust or drips. This professional-grade lightener moisturizes as it brightens, staying creamy during application for even lifting.

With concentrated, dust-free formula comparable to the salon, you’ll achieve multi-level lifting in a single process.

Condition hair beforehand and mix to exact directions for brilliant color without damage. Massage oil into your pixie before applying bleach in even sections, checking frequently to avoid overprocessing.

Rinse thoroughly once desired lightness is reached. Tone to cancel brassiness for a flawless platinum pixie.

With L’Oreal’s quick blue your short hair easily transforms into a head-turning blonde. Trust this lightener to lift fast yet gently so your hair remains healthy through the dramatic change.

Salon Care Volume Creme Developer Easy Handle Cream

Salon Care Volume Creme Developer Easy Handle Cream
Try the Salon Care creme developer in a 4oz bottle for uniform lifting when coloring your pixie cut. This stabilized formula is designed for aging hair that needs gentle yet effective lifting and depositing of color.

When lightening your short pixie hair at home, be mindful of these key points:

  • Do a strand test first to check for sensitivity.
  • Mix the bleach and developer in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Apply the mixture quickly and evenly throughout your hair.
  • Process for 15-20 minutes, checking often.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly and deep condition afterwards.

Using professional lightener like Quick Blue with the Salon Care developer will give you salon-worthy results safely with your pixie cut. Maintain your bright, lightened color by conditioning weekly and touching up your roots every 4-6 weeks.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo Conditioner Combo Deal

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo Conditioner Combo Deal
Wash your freshly bleached pixie cut with Clairol’s shampoo and conditioner combo to remove brassiness and yellow tones for that beautiful silvery shine you’re after. This protein-rich duo tones down unwanted brassiness and lifts out dull yellow from blonde and gray hair.

Users praise it for achieving lovely color on silver hair. While some find the perfume scent overpowering, the results are worth it.

For best results, use weekly until reaching your ideal tone, then switch back to regular shampoo and conditioner. Some experience a temporary purple tint from overuse. But overall, the dramatic reduction in brassiness and yellowing makes this beloved combo a must-have for freshly bleached pixie cuts seeking that bright, icy, silvery sheen.

The Fix

The Fix
First off, when lightening your pixie cut at home, be sure to use a professional lifting powder like L’Oréal Quick Blue with the proper developer ratio for maximum lift without frying your strands. Massaging coconut oil into your hair and scalp the night before bleaching will help protect your hair’s protein structure from damage during the lightening process.

Recommendations for DIY Bleaching

You’d be wise to do a strand test before lightening your whole head.

  • Use 20 volume developer for minimal lift.
  • Apply petroleum jelly around the hairline to protect skin.
  • Focus on mid-lengths and ends first.
  • Rinse with cool water and deep condition.
  • Tone to neutralize brassiness.

When lightening your pixie cut at home, patience and taking small steps are key to avoiding damage. Approach it as a journey, not a one-time event. Your hair will thank you for taking this gradual approach.

Pre-treating Hair With Coconut Oil

Drench those locks in coconut oil to shield against damage before lightening. Slather coconut oil generously over all of your hair one day before bleaching. The fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients in coconut oil will hydrate each strand, nourishing and supporting the hair.

Coconut oil boosts shine, strengthens, and softens for maximized color results when bleaching. Massaging it into your scalp too will protect from irritation caused by bleach. Let the coconut oil soak in overnight, then rinse it out before applying the bleach.

The Results

The Results
Looking to go platinum blonde with your new pixie cut? Our salon-quality bleach kit will get you there faster and brighter than the professionals, while taking steps to maintain your hair’s health and prevent damage.

We will walk you through the proper techniques and aftercare to keep your hair in top shape throughout the lightening process.

Achieving Faster, Brighter Results

Hit the ground running with L’Oreal’s supercharged powder to lift your locks in a flash. The concentrated bleach formula stays moist for hassle-free application. Unleash brighter tones in record time with this professional lifting kit.

Surpass your old bleaching routine with 7X faster results from roots to ends. Breathe new life and vibrancy into your mane by experimenting with blonde bombshell or pastel pixie styles. Embrace your freedom and sense of belonging by daring to try bold colors – break free from the mundane with dazzling hues.

Comparison to Salon Treatments

This DIY bleaching provides fast, bright results comparable to the salon’s. L’Oréal’s pro-quality bleach can lift up to 7 levels for a brighter blonde similar to my highlights. You can safely achieve salon-worthy lightening at home with the proper products and techniques.

Pick a volume developer like Salon Care’s easy-grip cream to protect hair health. Weekly deep conditioning post-bleach is recommended. With the correct at-home steps, your hair will rival the blonde bombshell looks I create in-chair.

Maintaining Hair Health and Preventing Damage

Weekly deep conditioning works wonders for your hair. To keep your pixie color vibrant, alternate protein and moisture masks. Try some Olaplex and argan oil treatments too. Rotate nourishing shampoos and conditioners to restore lipids and fortify strands.

Protect those ends with leave-ins like It’s A 10. Regular trims keep split ends at bay.


It’s no surprise that short pixie hair is the perfect choice for going blonde. With less hair to bleach, the process is faster, cheaper, and easier to do DIY root touch-ups. However, it’s important to know exactly how much bleach to use for short pixie hair in order to avoid excessive damage.

A combination of L’Oreal Paris Quick Blue Bleach Powder, Salon Care Volume Creme Developer, and Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo Conditioner should be used with caution. Pre-treat the hair with coconut oil to protect from damage, and ensure you use the correct ratio of bleach to toner.

Following these steps will help you achieve the perfect shade of blonde, without the risks of excessive bleaching. So if you’re looking for an iconic pixie look, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

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