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Add Body and Volume to Flat Hair With a Round Brush and Flat Iron Full Guide of 2024

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how to add volume to your hair with flat ironYou’re tired of your limp, lifeless locks. We’ve all been there – flat, drab hair that falls flat no matter what you do. But don’t despair. With a few simple techniques, you can pump up the volume and get hair that’s full of body and bounce.

The secret lies in clever use of your trusted flat iron. By following a few pro tips, you’ll lift your roots and get hair that looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

Best of all, it only takes minutes to go from flat to fab. Grab your flat iron and get ready to get volume! A quick pass at the roots and ends as well as a final run through with a roundbrush will have your hair looking voluminous and vibrant in no time.

Say goodbye to flat hair and hello to seriously sexy, full and lifted locks.

Key Takeaways

  • Apply heat protectant before using the flat iron to avoid damage.
  • Straighten sectioned hair starting at the roots for a solid base.
  • Angle the flat iron upwards while gliding down the hair to boost volume.
  • Focus on the roots, straightening upwards from the scalp for added lift.

Prep Your Hair

Prep Your Hair
Welcome to straightening and volumizing your hair with a flat iron. Before using hot tools, apply a heat protectant spray or product to prevent damage. Then, section your hair using clips for manageability, working in 1-2 inch sections starting at the hairline and crown.

Varying sentence length and structure improves readability. Breaking this into shorter sentences could help: Apply a heat protectant spray or product before using hot tools. This prevents damage. Section hair in 1-2 inch pieces using clips. Start at the hairline and crown.

Apply Heat Protectant

You’d better lather on plenty of heat protectant before scorching your mane with that hot iron! Applying heat protectant spray generously throughout your locks before blow-drying or using hot tools guards strands against thermal damage.

Liberally coat your hair, concentrating on the ends which are most vulnerable given their constant exposure to heat. Always begin styling by providing defense – your hair deserves that protective barrier.

Regular use furnishes a safeguard, fending off harm from aggressive straighteners, curling irons, or dryers. Nourishing formulations with conditioning ingredients transform styling prep into self-care.

Section Hair

Section your mane into small areas for easy handling, girl. Part your locks vertically down the middle or horizontally ear to ear for straightforward sectioning. Secure tresses out of the way with clips when focusing on a particular area. This prevents thick hair from tangling during precision styling.

Simply work in 1-2 inch pieces around the crown for volumizing with a hot iron. Containing sections aids in lifting roots and creating fullness.

Straighten With a Flat Iron

Straighten With a Flat Iron
When using a flat iron, it is important to clamp the iron close to the scalp without burning and pull it upward away from the scalp. You’ll achieve the most lift and volume by beginning at the roots, gently clamping the iron near the scalp, and slowly straightening each section from roots to ends in smooth motions.

Clamp Close to Scalp

Place the barrel near the roots and carefully pull it downwards. Position the flat iron close to the scalp for precision styling. Clamping too far from the roots misses your target. Master control by gripping near the base without singeing sensitive skin.

This skill enhances volume by lifting hair from the crown. Carefully perfect your technique. Liberate lush locks with a delicate touch. Achieve salon-sleek body minus the burns.

Straighten Roots to Ends

Focus on straightening each section smoothly from the roots all the way to the very ends. Making sure to get the roots straight is key for achieving that sleek, voluminous look. Clamp the iron close to the scalp and glide downwards in one fluid motion. Be mindful of temperature and technique to avoid damage.

Repeat for each section, from root to tip, keeping hair taut for efficiency. Add a volumizing product once cool for extra lift and body.

Create Volume

Create Volume
Creating volume while straightening with a flat iron requires lifting at the roots and finger combing for extra lift. As you straighten each section, clamp the iron close to the scalp and direct it upward rather than pulling straight down to lift hair from the roots.

After releasing each straightened section, run your fingers through at the roots to boost volume before moving to the next section.

Lift at the Roots

You’ll boost body by angling the iron skyward as you smooth strands.

  1. Position the iron at an upward 45-degree angle near the roots.
  2. Lift and roll as you glide down shafts.
  3. Target areas prone to pesky flatness like the crown.
  4. After finishing each section, tousle roots with fingertips.
  5. Mist with volumizing spray for extra lift and fullness.

To create maximum volume, focus the flat iron’s heat on roots while rolling hair around the barrel. Target flat zones with extra concentration when redirecting the iron vertically.

Finger Comb for Lift

Scruffin’ up your locks with your fingers after ironing sections will lend tons of uplift.

Grab those unruly roots with ease by:

Technique Reason Result
Comb through with fingers at the scalp Breaks up flat sections Adds alluring texture and fullness
Tease lightly around part line Lifts limp roots Boosts volume at crown
Turn head upside down and tousle Amplifies hair’s natural body Creates sexy, dimensional style

Running fingers through hair post-ironing disrupts flat sections, lending alluring texture and uplifting volume for a bombshell mane.

Smooth and Add Volume With Round Brush

Smooth and Add Volume With Round Brush
After straightening sections from roots to ends, it’s time to boost volume. Grab a round brush and blow dryer to smooth hair and add lift.

  • Wrap a 2-inch section of hair around the round brush and use the dryer to smooth it as you roll the brush back towards your scalp before releasing the curl.
  • Make sure to keep the dryer nozzle pointed down at all times so air blows along the hair shaft.
  • Roll sections away from your face to curve ends under rather than flipping them out.
  • Finish each section with a cold blast from the dryer to set your voluminous look.

Finish With Touches for Protection

Finish With Touches for Protection
After using the round brush, run a wide paddle brush through your hair for extra sleekness. Also, apply a smoothing hair serum or oil to condition hair and avoid dryness from heat styling.

Use Paddle Brush

Now hit the roots with your paddle brush for that sleek, smooth finish. Using a paddle brush after flat ironing (specifically concentrating on the root area) will help increase volume. The paddle bristles will grip and slightly lift roots for extra volume. After each section is flat ironed, brush upwards starting at the crown to seamlessly blend hair.

Make sure to brush until the shine returns after ironing. Use smooth, long strokes from hairline to ends with the paddle brush.

Apply Serum or Oil

Run your fingers through your tresses to smooth any frizz, then work a few drops of serum into your hair for extra sleekness and shine. Finally, seal the style by massaging lightweight oil into your locks to provide hydration, nourishment, and hold.

These styling essentials will help control frizz and flyaways while imparting luminous shine to your voluminous, straightened hair.


You can achieve gorgeous volume and body in your flat hair by following these simple steps. Like a sculptor molding clay, lift and separate each section with care to create the perfect canvas. Let the round brush be your tool to add shape, and the flat iron to set and smooth.

A few finishing touches, like a serum to seal in moisture, will leave your hair shining with healthy, voluminous body. Remember, with the right techniques, you can transform limp locks into luscious, lively tresses.

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