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How to Braid Your Beard: a Step-by-Step Guide for a Fabulous Facial Look! (2023)

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Do you want to know how to braid your beard? You’ve come to the right place! Braiding a beard is an art form that has been around since ancient times – timeless and used for various styles, from classic Viking braids to wizard twirls and goatee braids. There are so many options. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or full-on statement-making, this guide will help get you started.

Tips on what tools and products work best, plus step by step instructions. Get ready – it’s time to show off your inner Viking!

Different Types of Beard Braids

how to braid beard
Braiding your beard can be exciting. The Classic Viking Braid, Wizard Twirl, Beard Bun, Goatee Braid and Three Prong are classic styles. If you’re looking for something more unique, try the Forked Braid. With patience and practice, braiding your beard can become easy. Creating these intricate styles will seem like second nature!

Classic Viking Braid

You can emulate the ancient Viking look by creating a classic braid that will descend majestically from your chin, like a waterfall of strength and power. To start, you’ll need at least four inches of facial hair. Before beginning any braiding techniques, use a beard comb or brush to detangle your facial hair and remove knots or tangles. Consider coloring or styling products like waxes or creams to ensure proper maintenance.

Start on the classic viking braid – separate sections of three strands each below the chin area before intertwining them together until reaching desired length. With practice and patience, you’ll masterfully create this timeless style while keeping it secure throughout its lifespan!

Wizard Twirl

With just a few simple twists, you can easily create the fun and stylish Wizard Twirl look for your facial hair! Proper beard care is important: wash and condition regularly, keep it clean, nourished, and free from knots or tangles. Use oil before brushing it out – it’ll make braiding much easier. For best results, invest in good elastic bands, quality wax, and practice.

The Wizard Twirl consists of two French braids, one on each side, starting from behinds ears down towards chin area. Twist both ends together underneath chin to form one big braid. Add beads or other accessories if desired. Have patience with yourself during the learning process – practice makes perfect!

Beard Bun

You can easily create the stylish Beard Bun look with just a few simple knots – it’s one of the most popular beard braid styles, donning beards of over 50% of men in some surveys.

Wash your facial hair using a gentle beard conditioner to ensure no dirt is trapped while styling. Use small bands or hair ties at either end to hold back extra length, then create cornrow-like braids all around your face and neck until they reach below the chin. Secure them with a rubber band for added stability.

Continue up towards the midline where two sections should meet as one big knot beneath the chin. Don’t pull too tight so as not to damage skin or facial hairs.

Add final touches such as an accessory if desired. Make sure whatever product you choose doesn’t contain harsh chemicals which could irritate sensitive areas like behind ears etc.

Goatee Braid

You can easily achieve the Goatee Braid look with just a few simple knots – it’s one of the trendiest facial hair styles!

To start, make sure your beard is at least 4 inches long and thick enough to be braided. If you have a shorter or thinner beard, try using some styling products such as wax to help hold your braid in place. You’ll also need some hair ties or decorative accessories for tying off the end of your goatee braid if desired.

Begin by separating out 3 sections from each side of your chin down towards where they meet in line with the bottom lip – these are what will form into two distinct sides facing opposite directions that create an iconic fork shape when finished.

With both hands holding onto those sections firmly on either side, use alternating motions between left hand and right hand while pulling back tightly so that all three strands weave together as you work them through each other until reaching underneath chin area below lips where knot should be tied off securely for finishing touch.

With regular maintenance and proper care this new style can last up to several weeks before needing refreshing again depending upon individual’s lifestyle habits – making it perfect choice for anyone looking to add extra flair to their current facial hairstyle setup without having to commit too much time or effort into the upkeep process itself!

Three Prong

Show off your braiding skills and take it to the next level with a unique style like the Three Prong – an expertly crafted masterpiece for those who want to stand out from the crowd!

This popular beard braid features three strands of hair on either side, which are then intertwined in a complex pattern.

To achieve this look, you must have good facial hair hygiene habits such as washing and oiling regularly. Additionally, use beard shampoo when needed for best results and apply wax or oil before styling if desired.

When starting this style of braid, hold one strand section in each hand: left is fixed while right hand holds onto its strand section creating tension so that both sides match up evenly during braiding process.

With practice comes mastery; after some time experimenting with different techniques you can switch up your look by adding variations such as using beads or rings along the way for added texture and flair!

Forked Braid

Show off your expert braiding skills with a unique style like the Forked Braid. Wash and condition your facial hair before applying oil to make it easier to work with. Use a comb to separate the bottom section of your beard into two equal parts. Then begin braiding each side, using small elastic bands or wax to secure them in place as you go along. Reach the end of each braid and tie them together underneath for an even more unique look. Or, incorporate extensions for added length if desired.

With these simple DIY tutorials and maintenance techniques at hand, anyone can master this forked braid style for their own personal grooming routine!

Tools You Need to Braid Your Beard

Tools You Need to Braid Your Beard
Braiding your beard is a great way to add some style and variety to your look. To make the process easier, you’ll need certain tools: a good beard comb, hair ties or elastic bands for keeping everything in place, conditioner for softening it up before styling, and oiling which helps keep things neat. With these items on hand, you can start creating stylish looks with ease!

Beard Comb

Combing your beard is essential for achieving any braided look, so make sure to run a quality comb through those facial locks and get ready to show off your stylish ‘do! It’s important to keep in mind the thickness of the beard when selecting a comb, as well as considering braid patterns that suit different hair textures. Trim techniques should also be taken into account depending on desired lengths; longer beards need more attention while shorter ones need fewer strokes.

A great way to add texture and personality is by incorporating Viking-inspired braid styles such as long double braids or unique styles like goatee braids or even Beard Buns – all of which can help create an aesthetically pleasing appearance with maximum impact!

Hair Tie

Secure your look with a stylish hair tie and show off your braiding prowess! Hair ties are essential when it comes to braiding your beard. They can help you create the perfect braid, while also keeping all of those hairs in check. Opt for ones with different colors or sizes so you have options to match any style or color palette.

For simple braid styles like the Classic Viking, use small hair ties at both ends – this’ll keep everything secure while still providing enough room for growth. If you’re going bolder with multiple braids or intricate designs like Forked Braid, colored rubber bands may be better suited as they provide more flexibility and hold up against heavier strands. With these tips, regular maintenance, and accessories like beads/rings – masterful styling techniques await!

Elastic Bands

You can further secure your look with elastic bands, helping you create the perfect braid and allowing for flexibility in styling. Elastic bands are a crucial tool when it comes to beard braiding techniques, as they keep each section of hair tightly bound together. This is especially important if you’re attempting more intricate styles like the Three Prong or Forked Braid. Using elastic bands also allows for easy adjustments during the braiding process, ensuring that everything stays neat and tidy.

Invest in good quality rubberized elastics made specifically for hair and use small, clear elastics instead of colorful ones. Securely tie off each section after applying wax from root to tip beforehand. Keep some extra elastics on hand just in case and remove carefully when taking down the style.

To hold sections securely while adding embellishments (i.e., rings), add texture by wrapping some thinner string around certain areas before placing over top. To combine different types/styles into one cohesive look, use elastic bands. When done correctly – either loosely tied at strategic points along its length or pulled tight against skin beneath facial fuzz – this accessory will help take any braid style from ordinary to extraordinary without much struggle involved!

In addition to their practical uses, elastic bands also offer opportunities for beaded styles – simply slide beads onto individual sections of your beard before securing them with an elastic band. Don’t forget to keep up regular maintenance practices such as moisturizing with oils or balms and washing regularly so that those strands stay healthy-looking throughout all Viking hairstyles!

Beard Conditioner

To maintain your beard’s natural luster and sheen, use a quality conditioner. Proper grooming is essential for a perfect braided look. Trim your facial hair evenly with a right hand trimmer. Oil the top of the middle section from chin to neck, then brush gently in the opposite direction. Apply a beard moisturizer or styling product over the entire length, following instructions on the packet. Part each side into two sections symmetrically, working outwards towards the temple area until your desired braid size is reached. Be careful not to pull too hard, as this could damage follicles and lead to permanent hair loss.


Oiling your beard will make it easier to braid and nourish each strand. Deep conditioning with natural oils can reduce split ends and help maintain texture. Oils promote hair growth, so regular oiling is essential for a long beard. Use your middle finger to separate strands into even sections before creating a top knot or intricate design. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll soon be sporting impressive facial hairstyles.

How to Braid Your Beard

How to Braid Your Beard
Braiding your beard is easy. Separate the hair into three sections: left, right, and middle. Tie off the top of the middle section with elastic bands or clips. Braid each side separately, then braid them together. Secure them at the bottom with elastic bands. Add decorative beads (optional) to complete your look.

Follow these instructions and you’ll have a stylish beard braid!

Step 1: Separate Strands of Hair

Separate your beard into sections with your middle finger, just like you would separate pieces of yarn for a knitting project. When it comes to braiding beards, there are many different styles including the Double Dutch, Fishtail Braid, French Plait and Dutch Plait.

To create these styles you need a full beard that’s long enough so you can easily separate strands without tugging. Achieving your desired look takes patience and time, but once mastered, it’ll give you a new take on facial hairstyles!

Step 2: Tie Off the Top of the Middle Section

Tie off the top of your middle section with an elastic band to create a neat and secure base for your braided beard. This is one of the most important steps when it comes to braid techniques. Proper hair maintenance requires time commitment and attention to detail.

Once you’ve done this, there are many styling options. Create a nice little strand of beard hair, or divide the small section into distinct sections. Get creative with braid design. Adherents of the wizard twirl should pay special attention here.

Follow these tips and you can achieve great results from among all the best braided beard styles out there.

Step 3: Braid the Left Hand Strand Section

With the right-hand section secured, it’s time to take your left-hand strand and weave it into a unique design. To create an eye-catching look, you’ll need to understand some basic braiding techniques.

Partition off sections of hair for a single braid or double plait. Secure each strand with elastic bands to keep them in place and maintain tension.

Start weaving one bit at a time until all three strands are intertwined – adding decorative beads along the way if desired. With practice, these steps will become more familiar, allowing you to perfect any beard braid style for a polished result.

Step 4: Braid the Right Hand Strand Section

Now it’s time to get creative with the right-hand section. Braiding techniques, hair care tips, and styling ideas are essential when creating a unique braid style for your facial hair. Explore different types of beads or accessorizing options. There are a number of different styles you can create, depending on how long or short your beard is – from simple braids to complex multi-strand designs.

It’s important to use quality products like good elastic bands and specialised beard shampoos, so the results last longer and you don’t damage your locks. With practice comes mastery – experiment with various braids until you find one suitable for yourself.

Step 5: Braid the Middle Section

Grab the middle section of your beard and start weaving it into a pattern like an intricate tapestry. Before you begin, prep your hair with a small amount of your favorite beard oil. Sectioning is important to make sure each braid looks even. Divide the middle section in two, then separate into thirds for more complex braiding patterns. Once done, use tools like small elastic bands or decorative beads to secure it in place if desired. You may need to repeat this a few times before getting satisfying results, so don’t be discouraged. With patience and practice comes mastery – happy braiding!

Step 6: Secure the Ends With Elastic Bands

Secure your braid with small elastic bands or decorative beads to give it a finished look. Braiding time is the key factor in achieving the perfect beard braid, so take your time and don’t rush.

Using professional scissors and tightening up ends are essential for any hot beard braid style. Tighten them by pulling the hairs together tightly and securing them with an elastic band or bead.

Hair care is important too. Use quality products specifically for facial hair. Oil your beard to keep it healthy and make styling easier.

With practice, you’ll soon reach pro-level status. Follow these steps carefully, and learn which parts need trimming/shaping. You’ll be a great in no time!

Step 7: Add Decorative Beads (optional)

Adding a touch of personality to your beard braid by accessorizing with beads or trinkets is the perfect way to show off your creativity and unique style! You’ll need at least 4 inches of beard growth for braiding techniques, so watch how long your hair follicles get. With patience and care, you’ll see noticeable gains in length and thickness.

There’s a range of accessories for braiding that can add flair, such as:

  • decorative beads
  • rings
  • charms
  • feathers
  • ribbons & scarves
  • tassels & pendants

To get the most out of these elements, use hair care tips like:

  • washing regularly with shampoo & conditioner (no need to wash before each braid)
  • oiling it after every wash/style session
  • using wax on occasion for extra hold – don’t overdo any products used on facial hairs!

Choose from various styles such as French Braid, Wizard Twirl, Classic Viking Braid, Beard Bun, or come up with something totally new – whatever suits you best!

Maintaining Your Beard Braids

Maintaining Your Beard Braids
Maintaining your beard braids is key to achieving the look you want. Use a good quality conditioner after every wash, oil it with an all-natural oil like jojoba or argan, and avoid too much circulation when styling. Trim any loose hairs regularly.

With these tips, you’ll be able to flaunt those stylish braided beards!

Tip 1: Use Beard Conditioner

To ensure your braided beard looks great and lasts, use a good quality conditioner to keep it soft and manageable. Select the right product depending on your beard’s length, texture, and shaving habits. When using conditioner, treat it kindly. Scratch rather than tug at it. Apply care when using styling products like waxes or oils. Add a couple of drops of oil before combing through after conditioning if needed. With this methodical approach you can look forward to many compliments about your facial hair masterpiece.

Tip 2: Oil Your Beard

Oiling your beard is essential for keeping it healthy and strong, so don’t skimp on this step – it’s like the icing on the cake of braiding success! Use a few drops of quality beard oil to reap all the benefits that come with it. Vitamin E found in many oils stimulates circulation and keeps those follicles active.

When styling techniques are involved, you’ll need more than just conditioning effects from using oil – you’ll require hold too. Use enough product to cover every strand without making them appear greasy or heavy; just one drop per section should do the trick. This will give you the perfect braided beard look.

Tip 3: Avoid Too Much Circulation

Avoid pulling and tugging on your beard too much when braiding – it can cause circulation issues that aren’t easy to manage. Use a gentle but firm grip while creating the braid. Good grooming habits like washing and conditioning regularly, and eating healthy foods high in vitamins A & E, are essential. Supplement with biotin-rich products to keep your beard strong externally. When selecting a style of braids, consider different beard shapes and choose accessory options carefully for extra hold without breakage.

Use quality shaving cream and other products designed specifically for facial hair care. Treat it kindly in different places where needed most (e.g. behind ears). Don’t divide hairs into same-sized parts during the entire process either – it could hinder progress and create inflammation, which is difficult to heal properly after removal of accessories from the braid(s).

Tip 4: Use Opposite Sided Section

When oiling your facial hair, make sure to use sections of hair from opposite sides for a strong hold that will last. It’s no good having all your hard work go down the drain!

Separate the beard into two distinct parts with one side slightly longer than the other. Begin by taking sections from either side to create different patterns.

This double braid technique can be used for long-braided beards such as Viking or Goatee style. For a more minimalistic look, tie each section together after braiding them in place at right intervals. Finish off with tying a band around both ends for securing everything in its place.

Using opposite sided sections ensures that you have created something truly unique which will stay intact throughout any activity – so don’t forget this step when mastering those intricate looking styles!

Tip 5: Trim Your Beard Regularly

Regularly trimming your beard will ensure the intricate braids you’ve created stay sharp and on point. It’s important to maintain regular maintenance, as split ends can occur over time due to natural oils not being able to reach all parts of the beard.

To trim your beard properly, buy the proper brushes and other accessories specifically designed for beards. When cutting or shaving, make sure the parts are even to avoid ruining any braid pattern.

Use a good quality shampoo for cleaning, and brush every day with conditioner. This keeps the hair healthy and helps prevent breakage during styling, which could ruin any desired look, such as those seen from braided beards.

The Best Braided Beard Styles

The Best Braided Beard Styles
You can create many different braided beard styles to suit your individual style. Long Viking-style braids, short cornrow braids, and multiple smaller plaited beards are all possible options.

If you’re feeling creative, try out a unique look like the Braided Beard Crown or Multiple Braids with Beads for a truly eye-catching hairstyle!

With patience and careful practice, anyone can learn how to braid their own facial hair in various stylish ways.

Long Braided Beard

Try out the long braided beard look for a unique and stylish twist on your facial hair! Braiding techniques involve gently separating strands of your beard then intertwining them to create various designs. Hair maintenance is key; you don’t want too much circulation or it could damage the follicles.

If done properly, this domain of ancient vikings can make you stand out from the crowd! Here are some tips on how to achieve perfect French braid:

  1. Invest in good elastic bands;
  2. Use beard wax to secure style;
  3. Keep braid in at night for training;
  4. Add beads or rings as personal style choice.

Various braided styles such as Long Goatee Braid, Classic Viking Beard Braid and Three Prong Braid showcase expertise that goes beyond mere styling ideas – they’ll leave an impression that won’t soon be forgotten!

Short Braided Beard

Try a shorter braided beard style for an edgy look that’ll have everyone talking! Shorter beards are easier to maintain and still achieve the same level of sophistication.

Scrub your beard regularly and use beard oils to keep it soft.

Plenty of DIY tutorials online for various single-braid beard styles like the minimalistic plaited or zigzag braid style.

Consider your face shape when choosing a short braided style – some may emphasize features more than others.

Experiment with different techniques until you find one that works best for you!

Cornrow Braids

Try out the unique cornrow braids for a modern look that will stand out from the crowd! To achieve this style, you need to master some basic braiding techniques and styling tips.

Start by moisturizing your beard with oil or wax before scratching it so that every strand of hair lies flat against your face. Then part your facial hair into sections and create separate small braids using an even tension throughout each row.

Depending on how intricate you want to be, accessorize with beads or other decorations for added flair in achieving a viking look.

Hair maintenance is key when having a long-term relationship with any kind of bearded style – keep up regular trims and apply beard oils whenever needed for best results!

Braided Beard Crown

Take your braided beard game to the next level with a bold Braided Beard Crown! This trendiest of all braid styles is achieved by scratch-braiding and intertwining small, individual strands around the crown of your head.

You’ll need patience, quality tools like a comb, trimmer and scissors, and good elastic bands. Use beard oils or waxes for styling options that pull everything together nicely.

To complete the look you can add decorative accessories such as beads or rings at specific points along each strand – just be sure not to go overboard on these details!

With practice you’ll soon master all techniques needed for crafting intricate hairstyles out of even simpler braids. So why not try creating a Braided Beard Crown?

Multiple Braids With Beads

You can take your braided beard game to the next level by adding multiple braids with beads for an eye-catching look! Proper hair maintenance, such as using quality beard oils in rough weather, is crucial, as well as taking B vitamins for improved growth.

You’ll need thin teeth combs or small brushes, elastic bands, and decorative beads or jewelry if desired.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to craft new styles while keeping up with current trends in facial hair fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I wash my beard before braiding?

Braiding your beard is a great way to shape and groom it, but it can be tricky to know how often to wash your facial hair before doing so. Brushing frequency should be every 2-3 days, depending on beard length. This will help keep the texture in check and avoid excess water. When washing, use a specialized shampoo made for beards, as regular shampoos may strip away oils from the skin beneath.

To get desired braid length and stay consistent with maintenance, make sure your beard is well-maintained beforehand. This means it should be free from knots or tangles. After every wash, use oil to follow proper grooming tips.

Will my braided beard look better if I use beard wax?

Yes, using beard wax can make your braided beard look even better! It adds texture and variety to your style, and helps keep the left strands in place for a well-groomed look. Wax is especially beneficial for those looking to stimulate growth as its ingredients are nourishing and help with hydration. It provides a sharp appearance that’s easy to maintain while also promoting healthy hair growth through natural oils like coconut or argan oil. Used correctly with other styling techniques, like combing out knots or an appropriate shampoo/conditioner combo, it will show in time.

What is the best way to keep a braided beard in place overnight?

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to wear your beard, the braided beard trend is perfect. To keep it looking great overnight, start by washing it with a mild shampoo or conditioner and make sure all knots are removed. Use the right hair product – beard oils can help add shine and keep it in place. Oiling up once every two weeks will help keep skin and strands hydrated. For an extra clean look come morning, try chemical treatments like straightening or perming during braid removal.

With these tips plus practice mastering popular styles like the Viking Beard Braid, Wizard Twirl, Goatee Braid and Three Prong Forked Braid, you’ll have no problem succeeding with this trendy facial hairstyle!

Are there any health benefits to having a braided beard?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a braided beard but are worried it might not be good for your health, think again. Not only can regular maintenance and proper hygiene habits help keep facial hair looking its best, there are real health benefits associated with having a braided beard.

With the right care routine involving quality beard oils or specialty shampoo and conditioners, you can ensure your skin is properly nourished beneath the surface while promoting healthy hair growth above.

Plus, by selecting various styling ideas like the loose French braid style or ferocious Viking look to more intricate styles such as multiple braids bunches or the most stylish of them – plaited beards – you’ll get greater rewards in terms of boosting self-confidence through increased personal presentation without compromising on the well-being of your face!

How long does it usually take to create a braided beard?

Creating a braided beard is an art form. The amount of time it takes to craft one depends on how long your facial hair is and what type of braid you’re trying to make. For beginners, it’s best to start with a simpler style like French braiding or Wizard Twirls. For more advanced styling techniques such as the Three Prong Braid or Forked Braid, you’ll need lots of facial hair to separate different strands in the right way.

If you’re adding beads or rings, this will add time to creating your contemporary style. Whether it’s an ancient Viking look with intricate beading techniques or something modern like multiple beard braids – taking care over every step ensures any desired result looks its best!


Congratulations! You now know how to braid your beard and create various styles with it! It’s an art that takes patience and time, but it’s worth it. Not only does it look great, it’s also a great conversation starter. Statistics show that braided beards are one of the fastest growing styles, with a 27% growth rate in the last year. Whether you want to rock a classic Viking braid or a unique twist, braiding your beard is the way to stand out. So go ahead, be bold and create your own masterpiece!

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