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How to Style a Long Beard for an Epic Look: Tips From Braun UK! (2023)

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Growing a long beard is an ancient art that’s increasingly popular in modern times. From the Viking era to hipster culture, facial hair has been used as a way for men to express themselves and gain recognition.

Now more than ever, you can find yourself with the ability and knowledge needed to master this powerful look! With just some basic grooming tips, anyone can learn how to style their long beard like a pro.

So let’s get started on your journey into becoming the epitome of manliness!

The Power of a Long Beard

how to style a long beard
You can command respect, exude confidence, and look absolutely dashing with a power beard! To get started on your facial hair transformation, you’ll need some high-quality hair care products, such as a good quality shampoo for beards, conditioner specifically designed for men’s locks, and some wax or balm specifically made for bearding.

It’s essential to keep up with daily facial hygiene, too. Brush your beard everyday using either a wide-tooth comb or brush depending on what works best with your type of hair.

Amongst all the best long beard styles, even ones like faded sideburns combined with longer locks require an established grooming routine to keep it neat & tidy at all times, while still looking distinguished enough to turn heads. Regularly trim split ends, oil and condition occasionally, and use natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel to soften hairs and aid styling.

Soon enough, you too could have that well-groomed bearded look everyone loves so much!

Popular Long Beard Styles for Men
Are you looking to try a new long beard style? With so many options, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

Faded long beard and long beard with faded sideburns, harden, full polished or power styles – there’s something for every face shape.

For an edgier look, try a Power Beard with Walrus Mustache or Long Mustache and Thick Beard. Or go for classic options like Uniform Beard, Even Flow Beard or Long Natural Beard – all make great statements!

The Razor’s Edge is popular, as well as the Lumberjack and Warrior Beards.

If your style is wilder, opt for Wild & Carefree, Hipster, Two-tone, Bold Shaped Pompadour Viking or Goatee beards – each offering their own unique personality!

1 Faded Long Beard

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a sophisticated look? Try the Faded Long Beard and let your personality shine through!

Growing this style requires patience and dedication, as it’ll take several months for it to reach full potential. To achieve a perfect faded long beard, start by growing out all of your facial hair so that there is at least 5 inches of length.

After allowing time for growth, use trimmers or scissors to blend in shorter lengths on either side while keeping an even fade along the sides.

Keeping up with regular grooming such as using beard balms or oils can help maintain healthy skin underneath and keep hairs conditioned while styling them into place throughout the day.

With proper care and maintenance tailored specifically towards this particular style, you’ll be able to flaunt a neat yet fashionable look that suits any face shape within no time!

2 Long Beard With Faded Sideburns

Take your look up a notch by styling a long beard with faded sideburns for an effortlessly trim and sharp appearance. To maintain the length, use products such as beard oils and waxes regularly to keep it healthy and hydrated. Different types of styling products can help achieve desired coloration or fading techniques on facial hair.

When growing out a long-faded style, focus on thick sideburns until they reach desired length before gradually fading them into the full beard style.

Use quality shaving supplies such as razor blades designed for beards when grooming. Invest in good quality beard oil which will nourish both skin and hair follicles. Experiment with various styling products for the fade you’re looking for – from light scruffy styles to mutton chops.

Regular care and maintenance will help achieve the perfect long-faded look.

3 The Harden Beard

Take your look to the next level with a Harden Beard. An awe-inspiring facial hair style that requires growing out at least five inches of beautiful luscious locks, inspired by NBA star James Harden. This beard isn’t for the faint-hearted, rather for those who want to make a statement and exude power and masculinity.

Maintaining this long chin beard can seem daunting, but with proper grooming techniques and some patience, you can achieve the perfect Harden Beard shape that suits your unique facial hair shape. To manage itchiness during growth stages, use high-quality beard care products such as oil or balm specifically designed for men’s long beard styles like yours.

The styling options are endless – you can go for a rugged look or a polished appearance. There’s always something new to try when it comes to shaping your face mane into perfection! Don’t forget to keep up maintenance by regularly trimming stray hairs and using quality products such as conditioner or shampoo made explicitly for beards in-between barber visits if necessary.

4 Full Polished Beard

Take your look to the next level with a full polished beard – an established grooming routine is key. It gives you a desired clean-cut and masculine appearance, which’ll help in your professional life and give you a higher social status.

To achieve perfect looking clean lines of long beards, use quality products like beard oils, balms and waxes designed specifically for men’s long beard styles. Keep up with regular trims every few weeks and practice proper hygiene by washing daily with specialized shampoos made for beards.

Match the natural color of your hair while maintaining length; otherwise it can easily become unruly and difficult to manage! With the right styling techniques and product choices, achieving that perfectly groomed look could never be easier!

5 Power Beard

Take your look to the next level with a Power Beard – no pain, no gain! A power beard is one of the most popular men’s long beard styles, requiring hair to be grown out at least five inches.

Regular trims and quality products like Braun UK’s styling range help to achieve a mature, masculine look that will have people taking notice.

To perfect this style, create a straight line from sideburns down to your chin for an edgier appearance, or razor edges on cheek lines for more definition.

For added impact, choose different colors in facial hair maintenance, or use grooming techniques like oiling and combing regularly – paying special attention to split ends. It’ll all be worth it in the end!

6 Power Beard With Walrus Mustache

Take your look to the next level with a Power Beard and Walrus Mustache combo – it’s sure to turn heads!

Brush your beard daily with a soft-bristled brush, taking extra care around the mustache area. Use quality beard oil or balm for conditioning and hydration; apply it from top of the beard down towards skin.

If needed, trim any curly texture that may have formed at shorter lengths. But keep in mind longer hair requires more time and maintenance before shortening length.

Finish off by using soothing balm on ends of whiskers for added shine and protection against split ends – essential for maintaining hygiene while achieving desired men’s long beard styles like power beards or walrus mustaches!

This style requires patience as well as an established grooming routine, but you’ll be sure to turn heads once you’ve achieved it!

7 Long Mustache and Long Thick Beard

For a masculine look, consider growing out your mustache and beard together for an impressive long thick combo that’ll have you standing out. With styling tips, products, and knowledge of 21st century beard care standards, this timeless look is achievable. Keep in mind your natural hair texture when trimming for a bulky bottom and even flow throughout. This’ll help you maintain modern trends while adhering to men’s long beard styles. You’ll please any onlooker with your new polished style!

8 The Uniform Beard

Take your beard game to the next level with a Uniform Beard – a full-face look popularized by Ghengis Khan. It’s created by growing hair out until it’s 6+ inches long on all sides of the face. Trim and shave regularly to maintain the uniform look.

You can leave length around the chin area and keep cheeks short if desired, but it takes more grooming time than other long beard styles. Braun UK offers tips to help you achieve success with this look: use scissors not clippers, avoid over-trimming, keep the mustache well-trimmed, use quality products like brush waxes or oils daily.

With a bit of time and effort, you can have an impressive yet manageable full-face look in no time!

9 Even Flow Beard

Give your beard a unique and majestic look with an Even Flow Beard – a style that cascades like waves, creating a beautiful image of harmony.
To achieve this look, proper grooming techniques, hygiene habits, and the right balance of beard health and nutrition are needed.
Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Allow free rein for cheek hair growth.
  2. Trim your neckline regularly.
  3. Follow Abraham Lincoln’s famous shape guidelines.
  4. Use styling products carefully so as not to damage facial hair follicles.
  5. Consider seeking professional advice from barbers for best results.

With these simple steps in mind, anyone can create an even flow of their own long-bearded glory!

10 Long Natural Beard

Unleash your inner lion with a long natural beard, and give yourself the look of rugged masculinity. Growing and caring for such a style requires patience, dedication, and maintenance. Start by growing out the bulk of the beard until you achieve even length all around. Then use an adjustable clipper to trim it down to desired size while using scissors or small electric trimmer for details like edges or mustache shape up.

Keep in mind that maintaining men’s long beard styles requires regular grooming: wash your face twice daily; apply some quality conditioner followed by specialised products like balm/oil/wax; brush through regularly with a boar bristle brush – this will help distribute oils evenly along strands as well as tame them into shape; finally, use a dedicated comb-like tool known as a beard shaper to define cheeks line from time to time if needed!

Following these simple steps can help keep your manly facial hair looking sharp at all times!

11 Razor’s Edge

Get a sharp, well-defined look with Razor’s Edge beard – a long, flowing bottom paired with clean and crisp cheek lines. Maintaining length for this unique big beard style can be achieved by using the right styling products and proper grooming practices. To get that razor-sharp edge like Brad Pitt or King Leonidas in 300, you’ll need to invest time into your daily care routine. Use quality men’s long beard accessories such as trimmers, scissors and combs to ensure it stays neat throughout the day. With practice, you’ll soon have an impressive looking mane of facial hair that’ll turn heads wherever you go!

12 Lumberjack Beard

Show off your burly side with a Lumberjack beard – a thick, masculine style that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Growing and maintaining this look requires patience, care products for conditioning and styling, as well as shaping techniques to create an ancient warrior’s firm foundation.

Invest in quality beard care products such as oils or balms. Use both a comb and brush to evenly distribute product throughout your facial hair. Regularly trim stray hairs and shape edges of mustache/goatee so they don’t grow too wild.

With these tips on men’s long beard styles at hand, soon enough guys everywhere can become the envy of their friends with big burly beards!

13 The Warrior Beard

Take your look to the next level with a Warrior Beard – a long facial hair style inspired by history’s greatest heroes. This classic style combines length and razor-sharp edges, making it an ideal fit for men who are looking to emphasize their best features while expressing their ancient warrior spirit.

Wash your face with gentle cleansers, then apply natural oils or conditioners to keep skin nourished underneath. When styling, focus on creating sharp lines using trimmers or scissors. This will give each corner a precise yet masculine look, not to be confused with more modern styles adopted from ancient cultures.

Take your time to get the timeless look you want!

14 Wild and Carefree Long Beard

Embrace your wild side with a carefree long beard – an untamed facial hair style that oozes confidence and expression. This popular men’s long beard style combines the best of both worlds – rugged burly beards and free-spiritedness.

While it can take some time to perfect, the pros of having a wild yet controlled feel far outweigh any cons once you get used to maintaining your look!

A wide toothpick-style comb is essential for styling this ‘do, as well as regular trimming around the neckline for hygiene purposes. When it comes to grooming tips for this look, keep in mind that using wax or other products may help maintain shape and volume but should be done sparingly so you don’t weigh down those beautiful locks too much!

With proper maintenance such as brushing regularly with a soft-bristled brush or boar bristle brush, combing out tangles from root to end, followed by light oiling twice a week, you’ll get the desired results from this bold hairstyle!

15 Hipster Long Beard

Treat yourself to a luxurious look with the hipster long beard. An iconic facial hair style that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Regular grooming and proper skin care are key to maintaining length. Use necessary products such as conditioners, waxes, balms or oils to keep your beard looking healthy and shiny.

When it comes to styling men’s long beard styles in modern times; try adding some boldness with a walrus mustache or a perfectly created pompadour, along with a faded hairstyle for maximum effect!

16 Two-tone Long Beard

Show off your rebellious side with a two-tone long beard – perfect for macho men who want to make a statement. A carefully curated beard requires balance and skill; it’s important to maintain different textures and colors when styling this look.

Develop an optimal care routine that includes proper washing, conditioning and drying of facial hair. Use shaping tools like scissors or trimmers to create neat lines. Choose complementary color combos that reach down the neckline for maximum impact.

With its neatly combed coifs combined with more rugged aspects such as split ends and faded sides – all tied together in one package – this is one of the most popular men’s long beard styles available today!

17 Bold Shaped Long Beard

Show off your macho side with a bold shaped long beard – the perfect look for those who want to make an impression. Maintaining care of this full, substantial beard style requires more attention than other styles; however, with proper grooming and the right tools, it can be achieved. To keep your bold shaped long beard looking its best, you’ll need to take into account different hair types and shapes when deciding on how to shape it.

Using high quality products such as beard oil or balm will help nourish the facial hair while keeping skin beneath healthy too. Investing in good quality men’s long-beard styling tools is essential – scissors are great if you’re aiming for precision or trimmers that come with adjustable guards if you prefer something less precise but still neat and tidy.

Finally, don’t forget about handlebar mustache wax – this helps create smooth lines which takes any polished full-beard style up a notch! Cleanest long beard styles include a classic handlebar mustache along with faded sides, making sure all hairs grow out evenly so they blend together naturally, creating one uniform length throughout the face, giving complete control over the desired outcome and ensuring the healthiest possible version of a bold shaped long beard style possible!

18 Pompadour With Long Beard

Flaunt your manly look with a pompadour and long beard combo – a timeless style for those who want to make an impact. To achieve this look, you’ll need to maintain length in both the beard and hair by regularly trimming them. Coloring and highlighting can also be used to create focal points within your overall look.

Long-beard hygiene is essential; use specialized products designed specifically for men’s long beard styles or natural oils like jojoba or argan oil once per week for optimal results. When it comes time to trim shapes into your bearded creation, keep lines clean using an electric trimmer with adjustable guard lengths – this will help you control how much is trimmed off each section without going too short!

With some patience and care, the pompadour plus long-beard combo will become the ultimate fashion accessory that makes heads turn wherever you go!

Use specific products made just for men’s long beards. Trim shapes with an electric trimmer and adjustable guard lengths. Patience and care are required for the ultimate fashion accessory.

19 Long Goatee Beard

Give your look a unique twist with the long goatee beard and watch heads turn in your direction! This distinctive style will help you stand out from the crowd while giving you an edge that’s sure to keep people guessing. To maintain this style, proper growing techniques are essential. When growing a long goatee, avoid trimming for at least three months until it reaches its desired length. Once grown, comb styling is crucial to ensure it looks neat and well-kept. Using beard balms can also help maintain optimal beard health by keeping it moisturized and nourished.

While some men may experience beard loss or patchiness when attempting this style, staying committed to regular care routines can prevent these issues from occurring. Men’s long beards styles have become popular fashion accessories over time; however, not all styles suit every face shape or personality type.

Big beards are sought after but require more maintenance compared to other styles like braids, which take less upkeep. This is mainly due to just needing brushing occasionally throughout the day instead of constant combing/styling efforts being required each week/month/year depending upon how fast one wants those results achieved.

The best approach is to find an optimal balance between personal preferences and facial features that complement them well while incorporating individuality into any chosen look. Ultimately, this will help you achieve mastery in both maintaining your new hairstyle choice and gaining confidence along with compliments wherever you go!

20 Viking Long Beard

Unleash your inner warrior and conquer the world with a fierce Viking-inspired long beard! Growing a Viking Long Beard is an ambitious undertaking, but one that carries immense rewards. This adventurous norse style requires patience and training to achieve – not trimming – so it’s best to start growing out hair at least six months prior for maximum effect.

Once you’ve achieved your desired length, use beard care tips such as regularly washing with shampoo and conditioner appropriate for facial hair, regularly combing or brushing your beard in order to keep its shape intact while promoting healthy growth.

For styling techniques, try creating defined cheek lines on either side of the face using either scissors or clippers; this creates a trimmed outline which will make sure all hairs fall into place accordingly when styled correctly.

Finally add some viking culture influence by tying up part of the mane under chin level before adding oil products like beeswax or moustache wax onto strands in order to hold everything together during wild adventures!

Long Beard Styles Fa

Long Beard Styles Fa
Are you intrigued by the possibilities of long beard styles? Trimming, styling, and maintaining can be challenging, but with the right techniques and products, it’s achievable.

Understanding how to trim your facial hair, finding the perfect hairstyle that works for you – there are plenty of things to consider when deciding on a new look.

Knowing how to prevent hair loss or how long it takes for your desired style are all important factors when growing out a full beard.

With some practice and dedication, you’ll have an impressive mane in no time!

How to Trim Long Beard Styles?

To keep your long beard looking its best, you need to trim it regularly with precision and finesse – a task that requires the same level of commitment as tending to an intricate garden.

Shaving techniques such as using an electric shaver or razor can help shape your coif.

Adding in products like beard oil and dandruff solutions will ensure proper nourishment for healthy growth and maintenance.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect men’s long beard style tailored just for you!

What Hairstyles Go With a Long Beard?

Choosing the right hairstyle to complement your long beard can help you create a look that’s tailored to express your personality and unique fashion sense. Combing techniques, styling products, heat styling, and other beard care tips can all help you achieve different texture variations with men’s long beard styles. A flannel shirt for guys with beards is an easy way to instantly boost your style points.

For those experiencing hair loss or thinning hair due to balding or aging, growing out their facial hairs into a full-grown manly beard may be the best option. It’s not only fashionable but also provides great coverage over any visible patches on their head. This allows them to maintain an overall masculine appearance without looking unkempt.

Are Long Beard Styles Easy to Maintain?

Keeping a long beard doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools and techniques, you can easily maintain your luxurious facial hair. Use good quality grooming products such as a sturdy comb or brush designed specifically for beards. Incorporate daily maintenance routines like using a mild cleanser to keep facial skin healthy. Shape your beard by trimming it into distinct parts while keeping in mind that you should aim for overall balance rather than perfection.

Don’t forget to nourish your locks from the inside out – adding fatty acids found in foods like salmon and nuts will give them luster while also increasing growth rate. With these basic tips and tricks, along with appropriate styling products at hand, achieving an attractive yet low-maintenance look is easy!

How to Prevent Hair Loss When Growing a Long Beard?

To prevent hair loss when growing a long beard, it’s important to incorporate proper grooming techniques and nourish your locks from the inside out. Make sure you’re getting all the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth, like biotin, zinc, iron, and calcium. Pay attention to hygiene practices, like washing with gentle shampoo or conditioner at least once a week to keep bacteria away. Use styling products like curling wax or hairspray sparingly, as too much can cause breakage due to stiffness in the facial hair follicles. Invest in specialty products like beard oils to reduce irritation under the beard, which can lead to dandruff and bald spots from excessive styling.

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Long Beard?

To achieve a long, luscious beard, it’s important to know that growing it out can take time and patience. The rate of growth is different for each individual depending on genetics and nutrition. Some may be able to grow their beard in just a few months, others might need more than six months or even longer.

Regular maintenance, such as grooming and trimming the facial hair at least once every two weeks plus using specialized products designed specifically for men’s long beard styles, will help you reach your desired look faster.

There are numerous long beard styles available, from the faded look all the way up to wilder ones like the lumberjack style. But regardless which one you choose, they all require dedication and proper care if you want them to look perfect.

Growing a long beard takes time and patience, plus regular maintenance and specialized products. But with the right care, you can get your desired look faster and leave lots of facial hair envy behind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take to grow a long beard?

Growing a long beard isn’t an overnight process. It requires patience and commitment to achieve the desired style. With the right care routine, you can have your dream look within 6-12 months, or even sooner.

To prevent itchiness and keep your beard clean from food bits, regular brushing and distributing natural oils throughout strands is key. Trim corners of your mustache or goatee every 4 weeks with an electric shaver. This way you can maintain a polished appearance until reaching full length.

By following these tips, anyone can learn how to grow a long beard without compromising their hygiene or good looks!

How often should I trim my long beard?

Maintaining a long beard can be tricky. One wrong move and your razor-sharp, styled trimmed coif has become an unkempt mess. To keep it looking great, you’ll need to find the right balance of not trimming too often or leaving it too untamed.

How much maintenance depends on the length of your beard – shorter lengths will require more frequent trims with an edge trimmer for outline of the entire beard, while longer lengths may only need occasional touch ups using clippers and scissors.

Invest in quality men’s long beard styles care products like conditioners and balms, as well as hygiene practices such as regular shampooing, to ensure your facial hair looks its best at all times.

What products should I use to maintain my long beard?

You need the right products to keep your long beard looking groomed and well maintained. Beard oils, balms, combs, and brushes will help you style it however you like. Harden Beard or Wild & Carefree? Use beard oil for hydration throughout the day. A brush will detangle longer beards. Balm tames thicker beards. Combs with wider teeth keep you within the lines of long beard styles.

These tools help you achieve any of today’s popular facial hair styles and keep a well-groomed look.

How can I keep my long beard looking neat and tidy?

Maintaining a neat and tidy long beard doesn’t have to be intimidating. Use just a few drops of quality beard oil along the side walls and perimeter of your long beard style for extra shine, followed by combing it out with a quality brush or comb. Trim any stray hairs on the cheek line or neckline for clean lines that look salon-fresh every day. Don’t forget about those hard-to-reach areas like behind ears where hair tends to overgrow; use an electric trimmer set on low power so as not to damage skin in these delicate areas while still achieving desired results!

With proper maintenance you’ll be sure to keep up appearances with men’s long beard styles that make heads turn!

How do I deal with split ends in my long beard?

If you’re dealing with split ends in your long beard, the best solution is to make sure you practice good conditioning and grooming habits. Invest in some quality beard products designed for nutrition and hydration. Use a nourishing oil on your facial hair every day. This will keep it soft and free from split ends.

Always use the sides of the clippers when trimming your beard instead of razor-sharp edges like Conrad’s Beard. This reduces damage caused by cutting too close to the skin, which can lead to beard dandruff or split ends.

With proper hygiene care and maintenance techniques used regularly over time, you’ll have an attractive mane that won’t suffer from pesky splits again.


You’ve heard the theory that beards give men an air of power and respect. There are many long beard styles to choose from – full and polished, wild and carefree, or Viking – and you can find one that suits your face shape and lifestyle. Investigate the truth of the theory and see how a long beard can make you feel confident and respected. With the right maintenance and care, you can find the perfect style for you.

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