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Grow a Badass Viking Beard: Step-by-Step Guide! (2023)

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Vikings were known for their long and full beards, which have become increasingly popular in modern times. A survey from the American Association of Facial Hair (AAFH) showed that one-third of men now have some sort of facial hair. So if you want to join the trend and grow your own Viking beard, here’s how.

Growing a Viking beard takes patience and dedication, but it’s worth it. Make sure you wash regularly, trim often (but not too much) and eat foods rich in protein. With care, you’ll soon have an impressive manly beard that will turn heads.

What is a Viking Beard?

how to grow a viking beard
A Viking beard is a powerful and striking statement of strength, masculinity, and cultural history. To achieve the perfect look, you’ll need patience and commitment to facial grooming techniques like proper maintenance and styling tips. Wash your beard regularly with specialized shampoo or conditioner, if needed.

Famous Vikings throughout history have worn various styles of long beards, often trimmed down in size but still kept full. To get the iconic viking look, invest time in growing it out until desired length is achieved. Don’t let it become stringy or unkempt during growth phases. Use products designed for bearded men such as oils & balms to keep skin healthy underneath and provide hold & shape on top layers, depending on style chosen (braids etc).

Properly cared-for Viking beards can last years without needing much attention, other than regular trims when required. So you can easily maintain a timeless yet modernized version of the classic Norse look!

The First Step: Patience

The First Step: Patience
Gaining a Viking-level beard of manly majesty takes time and patience, but you can make it happen with the right care. Meditation techniques, such as mindfulness or guided meditation, can help reduce stress levels which in turn will boost your testosterone levels – one of the main factors in beard growth.

Beard maintenance is important. Keeping the hair moisturized with quality products like oils and balms should be done regularly to ensure its healthiness. Eating a well-balanced diet full of protein rich foods that are beneficial for facial hair growth will also contribute. Make sure to take care any ingrown hairs from shaving rituals too.

Shaving off parts or trimming back certain areas may be necessary if you’re aiming for specific styles such as braids or goatees. Find something unique that speaks volumes about who you are and make it your own.

With dedication and effort, anyone can achieve their desired look – whether they want short stubble or long luxurious locks. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Taking Care of Your Beard

Taking Care of Your Beard
Taking care of your beard is essential for achieving the perfect Viking look. Eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, controlling stress, and taking care of any ingrown hairs are all important steps. Protecting your skin from sunlight will help keep it looking its best.

With patience and these tips, you can have the impressive Viking style you desire!

1 Eat a Well-balanced Diet

Nourishing your body with a balanced diet is essential for crafting the perfect Viking-inspired look. Take care of yourself from within – avoid stress and groom properly. Nutrition plays an important role in beard thickness and hair health. Eat foods rich in proteins, fats, and vitamins. Trimming frequency depends on personal preference and face shape – if opting for a single braid or multiple bundles. Quality beard oil will nourish your skin without weighing it down. With good care, your Viking inspired style should last long enough to make an impression!

2 Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining a strong, full beard. Research shows people who get 7+ hours of restful sleep each night have healthier hair than those who don’t.

To reach your maximum potential when it comes to growing a Viking beard, regular grooming and scalp massage is important, as well as using the right products – beard oiling and shampoo.

Proper nutrition helps promote healthy hair growth, and facial exercises can make the process even easier.

Lifestyle choices like avoiding smoking and drinking in moderation are key for achieving optimal results with your Viking look.

With all these tips combined with plenty of restful sleep every night, you’ll be on track for having the perfect Viking beard!

3 Control Stress

Reducing stress is essential to maintaining your Viking beard, so take time out of your day for activities that help you relax and de-stress. Exercise regularly, meditate with mindfulness or deep breathing, and practice good time management strategies. Minimize the things on your mental checklist, and don’t be afraid to say no when needed. Spend quality time with friends or family, go outside for a walk or run in nature, listen to music you enjoy, or play video games or read books. Do things that bring joy into your life!

A healthy beard requires less maintenance but still needs attention from its owner. Take care of yourself and manage your sources of tension to ensure long hairs fullness and overall healthiness, and achieve a desired viking style beard look.

4 Take Care of Any Ingrown Hairs

Take care of any ingrown hairs that may arise by gently exfoliating your beard with a face scrub to encourage healthy growth and prevent discomfort. Be sure to use the correct brushing technique – running the brush in an upward motion towards your face from the chin up, then over and across, while applying light pressure but not pulling on hair. Consider taking beard supplements or using styling tips such as trimming tools, beard oils or shaping waxes for faster results.

The rate of your Viking Beard growth will vary depending on genetics and lifestyle factors; however traditional Viking beards were famous for their fullness so it’s important to determine how far you want yours to grow before committing fully. Famous Vikings like Ragnar Lodbrok had long braided beards adorned with jewelry which can take many months of dedication if you are looking at this style!

Use a quality comb (like those used by Vikings!) twice daily instead of fingers when grooming since they help keep everything evened out while removing tangles more easily than just hands alone u2013 plus combs are much gentler than brushes which could lead to breakage if pulled too hard through knots!

Finally remember Odin’s story about his son Balder who was killed due in part because he neglected caring properly for his facial hair: never neglect proper maintenance especially during battle preparations!

5 Protect Your Skin From Sunlight

To ensure your Viking beard stands out, protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with a high-quality SPF moisturizer! Norse society valued facial hair as an indicator of strength and masculinity, so it’s important to take proper care of our beards. Here are some tips:

Use oils like coconut or olive oil to hydrate and nourish facial hair follicles.
Exercise to stimulate blood circulation and encourage healthy growth. Taking supplements like biotin may also aid in strong follicle development.
Comb through hair regularly to remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess oils that can clog pores, keeping them looking clean and full.
Don’t forget sunscreen when outdoors – those Scandinavian summers get hot fast!

With these simple steps, you’ll have no problem getting that perfect Viking look without too much effort or stress.

How to Grow a Viking Beard

How to Grow a Viking Beard
Growing a Viking beard is achievable with patience and the right tips. To start, keep your beard clean by washing and conditioning regularly; this will help promote even growth. Trim your facial hair occasionally to maintain shape and length, but don’t go overboard. Letting your beard grow naturally is key. Eat foods rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins A & E to encourage healthier looking hair. Be patient – it takes up to 8-12 months for longer styles, depending on genetics.

1 Clean Your Beard

To ensure your Viking-style beard looks its best, start by cleaning and conditioning it regularly! Dietary supplements can be beneficial for growing a full beard. Combining these with regular hygiene practices will help maintain the health of your facial hair. Beard oils are excellent at helping to nourish and condition the skin beneath the hair, encouraging better growth.

Famous Vikings in Norse sagas paid attention to their beards’ care – washing them, combing them out and styling with small items like beads or shells – so emulate their example by taking good care of yours too!

You should trim regularly if you want that iconic long Viking look, but not everyone is blessed with genetics conducive to such a style; some may opt for short stubble instead, which requires less maintenance than longer styles whilst still giving off an air of power inspired by famous vikings from Norse sagas.

2 Trim Your Beard

Trim your Viking-inspired beard to the desired length and shape, accentuating your masculinity with a look inspired by Norse sagas. Famous Vikings paid attention to their beards, with styles varying in length and fullness depending on genetics and time period. Modern Viking beard styles are long or short depending on preference; popular looks include braids adorned with jewelry.

For an ultimate Viking aesthetic, use supplements and balms to promote healthy facial hair growth while incorporating grooming techniques like beard shaping or styling. To keep your Viking-style looking its finest, regular trimming is essential – use scissors or clippers if necessary – as well as washing and conditioning the beard for optimal hygiene. Famous Vikings did this too!

3 Let Your Beard Grow

To achieve the ultimate Viking look, let your facial hair grow out untouched while following a healthy diet to encourage growth – why not give it a try? Taking care of your beard is important for growing long and full. Famous Vikings paid attention to theirs and cared for them daily with natural products like oils or washes.

Stop shaving completely to get full coverage. This can take months, depending on genetics, but it’ll be worth it.

Maintenance tips include using specially formulated oil-based products. These help keep skin nourished and tame flyaways. Applying them regularly will ensure maximum results!

4 Eat for Healthy Hair

To keep your beard looking its best, incorporate foods high in protein and healthy fats into your diet. Eating the right foods is an important part of the Viking’s legendary look. Famous Vikings paid attention to their nutrition for strong hair growth, just like we do today! Supplements specifically designed for beard health may also help with growing a viking style, providing essential vitamins and minerals.

Tempting as it may be to use dyes or waxing techniques on the beard, it’s recommended to let it grow in its natural state, as famous vikings wore theirs according to Codex Regius (a Norse manuscript). Nutrition intake should always come first when trying any new grooming routine. Eating certain foods can be beneficial towards achieving classic Viking-style facial hair, if done correctly.

5 Be Patient

No matter the beard style you’re aiming for, it’s important to remember: achieving a Viking-inspired look takes time and patience. Combining techniques like bleaching, natural oils and regular grooming are essential steps. Famous Vikings paid attention to their beards, just like modern men should today. Taking care of them with haircare tips – from washing to combing hair regularly – is key. A variety of different styles can be achieved, from short stubbles to symbols of masculinity like long, full braided ones. Depending on genetics and individual preference, this could take many months or even years. But with dedication, anyone can succeed at growing an impressive Viking Beard!

Viking Beard: Long or Short?

Viking Beard: Long or Short?
You can choose to have a long or short Viking beard, depending on your personal preference and face shape. Whatever you decide, make sure it suits your individual style! Grooming is essential for all types of facial hair. Regular maintenance like trimming and washing are needed to keep the beard looking its best.

Vikings paid attention to their hair care, which was an important part of how they presented themselves. Different styles vary from full-length braids adorned with jewelry, popular right now; small braids after only months of growth; natural styles, both long and short; stubble beards with tattoos peeking through; or goatee shaped ones. So many options for everyone’s taste!

The key is in the regular grooming: use combs made from authentic materials like bone or antler, found during archaeological excavations, just like famous Vikings did centuries ago. A well-maintained beard will add a symbol of strength to any man’s look, while embracing Norse culture at the same time!

Vikings Take Care of Their Beard and Hair

Vikings Take Care of Their Beard and Hair
As a Viking, you take pride in your appearance. That includes taking care of your beard and hair. Famous Vikings such as Ragnar Lothbrok had perfect beards, so it’s important to know how to replicate their look.

Regular exercise is key alongside a balanced diet with plenty of proteins for healthy growth. Additionally, using oils or balms can help nourish the facial hairs. Avoiding stress and reducing exposure to sunlight keeps them from drying out prematurely.

For those wanting more length on their mustache or chin area, men’s grooming products like waxes are available for styling purposes without compromising the healthiness of the facial hair itself.

Be sure to not only keep an eye on hygiene but also make use of these helpful tips when growing a famous Viking’s style beard!

Different Styles of Viking Beard in 2023

Different Styles of Viking Beard in 2023
Growing a Viking beard is back in vogue. The styles of 2023 are bolder than ever. The iconic braided Viking beard has become an enduring symbol of strength and masculinity. Beaded Vikings beards add a unique touch for those looking to stand out.

With patience and grooming tips, it’s possible to achieve your perfect look with any type of Viking-inspired facial hair you choose.

1 The Braided Viking Beard

Embrace your inner warrior and channel your own style with a braided Viking beard, perfect for adding an extra touch of ruggedness to any look. The intricate weaving techniques required for such styles were not only part of the Viking warriors’ grooming habits, but also used as kinds of ornamentation.

Famous Vikings earned many nicknames related to their beards, attesting to how important facial hair was in that cultureu2015the Chronicles of Englishman John Wallingford even report one particular man from Norway being known as ‘Bjorn with the long beard’!

To achieve this iconic look yourself, you’ll need some patience and maintenance: start by combing through regularly using specialized tools; then shape it according to what suits best your face structure; add some decorative beads or runes if needed – after all they are just another form of self-expression!

With time and dedication you will be able transform into a real life Bjorn!

2 The Beaded Viking Beard

Add a personal touch to your Viking-inspired look by adorning your beard with beads and runes that reflect who you are! A beaded Viking beard is one of the most popular styles, as it adds depth and character to the facial hair. It’s an ancient style adopted from Norse warriors, but modern Vikings have taken this trend even further.

You can choose small beads individually or combine them together in various patterns for more intricate designs. Maintenance tips include washing regularly, using conditioner for shine and softness, trimming stray hairs occasionally, and combing through daily to keep shape intact – all while adding some styling product if desired.

Accessorizing ideas range from simple single bead strands or multiple braid strands incorporating bold colors or metal pieces like rings around braids; whatever reflects your personality best!

With proper care routine and creative styling options available today – there’s no limit when it comes to customizing a unique Viking-style beard that stands out amongst others!

Maximizing Your Beard Growth

Maximizing Your Beard Growth
If you’re looking to grow a Viking beard, the key is taking care of your skin, boosting testosterone levels, using beard growth oil, and avoiding shaving or trimming too often. Taking good care of your skin ensures healthy hairs are produced, helping them grow faster. Increasing testosterone stimulates hair follicles, encouraging more rapid hair production. Applying a quality beard growth oil regularly strengthens existing hairs and nourishes new ones, while keeping the area moisturized for maximum effect.

Don’t shave or trim too often! Doing so reduces the overall length significantly, setting back progress considerably if done over time without giving enough time for regrowth between trims/shavings.

1 Take Care of Your Skin

Take care of your skin like a baby’s bottom to ensure that you have the best foundation for growing a spectacular Viking-style beard! Using beard oils and balms can help fight itchiness, reduce frizz, and give you thicker facial hair.

Proper grooming is essential when it comes to achieving the famous Vikings’ style of facial hair. Clean water should be used every day or two for washing away dirt, debris, sweat build-up on face. Comb to keep things in check and prevent split ends from forming due to heat or dry air.

Use products with natural vitamins such as jojoba oil, which are beneficial in maintaining healthy skin beneath your beard u2013 something younger men often forget about when beginning their journey towards mastery over their mane!

A good combo of these three rules will make sure any budding Viking has the thick fullness needed for an impressive looking long braided style just like those worn by famous warriors centuries ago. Don’t forget proper nutrition too!

2 Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Boost your manliness by increasing testosterone levels to get the full and thick beard of your Viking dreams! Improving hormone balance is key in boosting natural testosterone production, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep and reducing stress levels. Natural testosterone boosters like oysters, zinc, grassfed beef or bison liver can help increase the hormone’s production too. Using supplements designed to boost T-levels can also help achieve a better result faster.

Exercise has been shown to improve hormonal balance and benefit overall health while helping facial hair growth too – both weightlifting and cardio activities are beneficial.

When it comes time for beard grooming tips, remember that styling will add definition but trimming regularly is necessary for it not to become unruly. Famous Vikings paid attention to keeping their locks neat, even if they wore them with bundles, ornamentation at each one’s end – a true sign of commitment!

3 Use a Beard Growth Oil

Nourish your manly Viking-inspired beard with beard growth oil and let it become a symbol of strength, masculinity, and commitment! Choosing the right oils for your Viking facial hair can be daunting; luckily there are lots of natural products available to help you achieve the full look.

Include in your overall Viking look by investing in a good quality Beard Grooming Kit. This should include everything from shampoo to conditioners as well as various styling balms or waxes. Used regularly, these items will ensure that areas of your beard remain soft and healthy while promoting faster growth rates.

To complete the ritual, use some specialised Viking beard care rituals, such as using wooden combs or applying butter on those days when you don’t feel like washing it (just make sure no famous Vikings catch wind!).

Finally, finish off with some high quality organic Beard Growth Oil. This will provide all necessary nutrients for healthier looking facial hair – resulting in an enviable yet authentic Scandinavian style!

4 Avoid Shaving or Trimming Too Often

To ensure your Viking-inspired beard reaches its full potential, avoid trimming or shaving too often, as this can slow down the growth process. Natural oils and conditioners for beards are available to help nourish facial hair from the roots while keeping it clean at all times.

Beard grooming tools such as scissors, combs and brushes should also be used regularly to shape areas of your face. Taking vitamin supplements may encourage faster growth rates due to increased blood flow in the area you want your Viking beard!

Famous Vikings paid attention to their beards and had a good chance of achieving real length if they followed certain beard care routines. Quicker results can be achieved with these tools than with other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products should I use to maintain my Viking beard?

Ready to join the ranks of Kings of Beards? Proper Viking beard maintenance can achieve a look fit for a true Norseman. Famous Vikings paid attention to their beards with grooming habits that kept them looking neat even on the battlefield! Recent trends have made this style popular among younger men.

So, what should you use for proper Viking Beard care? Brush regularly, conditioner often, and invest in quality beard oil. These are all essential products when attempting any type of facial hair manipulation!

How often should I wash my Viking beard?

Brushing your Viking beard is essential to keep it looking its best. You should brush it two to three times a week with a natural bristle brush or comb. Additionally, use oils like jojoba oil to soften hairs and maintain shine.

Wash your beard every few days with natural conditioners that contain nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera or coconut oil for added hydration and protection from split ends and breakage.

For fuller results, add vitamins to your diet rich in protein, healthy fats, biotin-rich foods (such as eggs). This will help promote healthier growth over time, giving you the perfect Viking beard!

How do I prevent my Viking beard from becoming unruly?

Maintaining a Viking beard requires regular grooming and some patience. Start by lubricating the skin with an oil-based product to condition it. Avoid waxing as this can damage follicles. Use balm or leave-in conditioner to keep your facial hair soft and hydrated. Invest time in brushing out knots without ripping out hairs. Apply oils like jojoba or argan oil into the beard every few days for shine and strength.

Famous Vikings such as Ragnar Lothbrok were known for their beards – there are even several nicknames related to facial hair in modern culture that allude back to Viking culture! With proper care, you too can have a strong unruly mane worthy of any Norse warrior!

What foods should I eat to promote Viking beard growth?

Growing a Viking beard is an iconic way to show strength and masculinity, but it takes commitment and time. Eating healthy foods such as salmon, eggs, avocados and nuts are great sources of protein to promote your Viking beard growth. Exercising regularly, minimizing stress levels, and supplementing vitamins like biotin or collagen peptides can all help.

Famous Vikings were known for taking care of their beards; they gave them nicknames like Olaf’s Fury or Ragnar’s Mane for practical purposes, not just aesthetics. Norse tales reference beards as indicators of character traits, and popular TV shows have made the Viking beard even more desirable today!

Are Viking beard styles suitable for all face shapes?

Yes, Viking beard styles can be suitable for all face shapes. Regular grooming and nutrition habits are key to achieving the desired look, as genetics play a major role in facial hair growth. Depending on your average facial hair rate of growth, you can choose between alternative styles such as short or long, full or trim that’ll suit your entire face shape.

Famous Vikings paid attention to their beards and used them as indicators of a man’s character and status; so paying close attention to maintenance is essential for keeping the part of the beard that covers most of your face neat and stylish at all times!


You can get the Viking look you desire with the right care and dedication. Growing a Viking beard is an art that requires patience and attention to detail. With regular grooming and the right products, you can achieve the perfect look.

Take care of your skin, eat healthy, and be patient – the results will be worth it.

Get ready to exude strength and masculinity as you walk around with your Viking beard. Let the world know that you’re a true Viking warrior, ready to conquer anything that comes your way.

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