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Grow a Man Bun With Shaved Sides: Tips & Tricks of 2024

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Hey there! If you’re looking to try out the man bun trend but don’t want all that hair touching your ears or neckline, then a man bun with shaved sides is for you. You may think it takes too much effort and time to grow out your hair; however, growing a man bun can be done if you have the right tips and tricks up your sleeve! With regular maintenance, of course.

Key Takeaways

how to grow a man bun with shaved sides

  • Growing a man bun with shaved sides requires regular maintenance and a healthy diet.
  • Avoid going to the barber during the growing-out stage to prevent losing length.
  • Regular trims every few weeks are necessary to maintain clean lines between faded sides and the top knot.
  • Looser styles that don’t pull tight against the head reduce tension from hair follicles and prevent traction alopecia.

How to Grow a Man Bun With Shaved Sides

How to Grow a Man Bun With Shaved Sides
If you’re looking to grow a man bun with shaved sides, the first step is to avoid your barber and hold on through the awkward growing-out stage. To strengthen strands during this time, make sure to have a nutritious diet, drink plenty of fluids for hydration, and condition your hair regularly.

Step 1: Avoid Your Barber

To get the look you’re after, skip your barber for a while and let your hair grow out naturally – it’ll be worth it! Strengthen strands with a nutritious diet, hydration, and conditioning.

With long locks, you can style both low buns and high buns depending on preference. To achieve a man bun fade with shaved sides, avoid barbering to prevent hair loss as well as possible traction alopecia from tying up tight styles.

Step 2: Strengthen Your Strands

Strengthen your hair with a nutrient-rich diet, plenty of hydration, and regular conditioning to give it the strength for a bun – no matter what style you choose! Wax styling can be used to create different man bun styles, including high buns or top knots that offer texture even if there isn’t enough length.

To preserve these hairstyles, use hair care tips such as using oil on the scalp and wrapping at night. Low ponytails are great for casual looks, but don’t forget about messy low buns which add interest without taking too much effort! To ensure any man bun look stays looking neat and trendy all day long, avoid tugging on strands and follow these styling tips.

Step 3: Don’t Stress Your Strands

Avoid over-styling and pulling your hair tight, or you’ll risk permanent damage to your locks. To ensure this doesn’t happen, opt for natural styles such as avoiding barbering and strengthening strands with a nutritious diet.

Choose the right style that suits you, whether it’s a high bun or top knot using texturizing wax.

Regularly oiling your scalp helps keep it healthy, while low fades offer protection from the tightness of tying back hair into buns.

How to Make the Signature Man Bun

How to Make the Signature Man Bun
Once you’ve grown your hair out, it’s time to master the art of styling a man bun – and that means avoiding a tight pull when putting your ‘do together for an effortless yet eye-catching look.

To style a signature man bun, try these techniques:

  • Twisting Techniques – Use bobby pins or clips while twisting the strands around each other in order to create textured locks which will become more striking once secured with hairspray.
  • Top Knots – For those who don’t have enough length for full on twists can go for half up top knots instead — this is one of the best ways to show off thick long hair without having too much hassle.
  • Cornrow Braids– Take braiding skills up another notch by incorporating cornrows into any undercut man bun styles; texture adds depth and visual interest!

Hair care should also be taken seriously if wanting to keep locks looking their best — oiling scalp regularly keeps strands nourished and wrapping at night stops breakage from occurring. Long hairstyles are all about playing games with different looks until finding what works best individually so get creative! With dedication and patience, anyone can rock an undercut man bun fade no matter their starting point as long as they take proper care of their tresses along the way.

How to Make a Half-Up Man Bun

How to Make a Half-Up Man Bun
For an effortless yet eye-catching look, try rocking a half-up man bun – a stylish combination of buns and fades! This lived-in look can be achieved with the help of some simple tips:

  1. Twist your hair into sections using bobby pins or clips to create textured locks.
  2. Try out top knots if you don’t have enough length for full-on twists.
  3. Get creative by incorporating cornrows for texture and depth.
  4. Style it up further with Tigi matte separation workable wax; this will give volume while keeping everything in place.

To get the perfect faded undercut to go along with your half-up man bun, opt for either low or skin fades that will keep hair away from ears and nape without compromising on style. For those wanting something extra special, twisted man bun styles are a great way to add interest – plus, they’re easy to maintain too! If longer hair is desired, then invest time in growing out strands but make sure not to overthink messy buns as imperfections are part of its charm! Finally, accessorize your hairstyle properly so it looks like you tried even when you didn’t put much effort into styling it — just remember to use quality products designed specifically for men’s haircuts like Tigi matte separation workable wax.

How to Make a Messy Man Bun

How to Make a Messy Man Bun
Try your hand at creating an effortlessly stylish look with a messy man bun and shaved sides! For those looking for a rustic-looking hairstyle that is both hip and edgy, this style will definitely do the trick.

Here’s what you’ll need to create it: twisted technique, bobby pins, long hair (at least shoulder length), natural bristle brush, and little styling tools such as wax or pomade.

To start off, separate your hair into sections using the brush or tail of a pony, then twist each section as desired before securing with bobby pins.

A samurai vibe can be created by adding cornrows, while braids add extra depth if desired.

Don’t forget regular maintenance is necessary for keeping edges clean and sharp. Plus, sleep on silk pillowcases to preserve oils from seeping out of strands during nighttime hours – this way you won’t have any issues when rocking different types of messy bun hairstyles whenever needed!

How to Make a Twisted Man Bun

How to Make a Twisted Man Bun
You can create a unique and eye-catching look by styling your long locks into a twisted man bun with faded sides. To begin, you’ll need to grow out your hair for at least six months before attempting this style.

Nourish it with regular hair care treatments such as deep conditioning masks, use the right products such as wax or pomade, and maintain a nutritious diet full of vitamins to promote healthy growth.

Once your hair is long enough (at least shoulder length), use tools like bobby pins to separate sections in the middle of your crown before twisting them tightly together. This helps keep loose ends from sticking up when finished! Next, secure each twist with bobby pins until all twists are complete.

Think 3 twists on either side if desired. Then, pull back remaining strands into an updo top knot that sits just above the nape of the neck without touching ears.

Add cornrows or braids down one side for extra texture and flair while also considering adding subtle fades along edges around temples/cheekbones area so they remain cleanly cut against the background color pattern created by the twisted bun itself.

Man Bun Styles to Try

Man Bun Styles to Try
Are you searching for a trendy and stylish hairstyle that will turn heads? Look no further than the man bun! This versatile look offers many different styles to try, such as the high bun, low bun, half-up/half-down style, or undercut.

High Bun

Show off your style with a high bun for an eye-catching look. Use texturizing wax to add volume and create different variations, such as the top bun or half-down top knot.

Low Bun

Rock a low bun for an effortless look that’s sure to turn heads. Incorporate braided buns, skin fades, or bald fades with your low fade. Add texture and strength by creating a top knot or last wrap – this simple look is an easy feat with the right tips! Browse men’s style boards for inspiration and master the perfect man bun in no time.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Try rocking a half-up, half-down man bun to instantly add texture and volume for an edgy yet polished look. Look to men’s style boards for inspiration – braided buns, top knots with bald fades or low fades create the perfect samurai vibe.

Natural texture creates warmth, while tight braids give this modern men’s hairstyle an unmistakable finish.


Upgrade your look with an undercut man bun to make a bold statement that will turn heads. Fade techniques like taper, burst, and bald add intricate artwork for the ultimate goal. Texturizing wax helps create texture at the tail of your ponytail while cornrow braids give it a samurai vibe.

Low Messy Bun

Embrace the laid-back vibes with a low messy bun – an effortless and stylish look that will keep you cool all summer long. Get creative with texturizing wax to add dimension, or pair it with a sharp fade for contrast.

Neaten up your simple medium-length style by adding in an intricate shaved line for structure. Regular maintenance is key for this neat look, but don’t worry — inspiration abounds online! With proper care and upkeep, you can rock your low bun like no other.

Tips for Maintaining a Man Bun With Shaved Sides

Tips for Maintaining a Man Bun With Shaved Sides
Maintaining a man bun with shaved sides can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Regular maintenance and oiling of your scalp are key to keeping your look neat and stylish. Sleeping with a bun up or out can help prevent traction alopecia, while adding in some facial hair complements the style perfectly.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your man bun looking sharp, regular maintenance is essential. Scalp care and avoiding hair pulling are key. Hair oiling and wrapping will protect both the style and follicles while you rest. Dressing up with products from men’s magazines helps complete the look for a busy workday or night out – consider the man bun’s cooler sibling: the top knot! Keep the basis of the messy bun loose, focusing on the ends of the hair facing away from the scalp to create volume without tugging too hard at the roots.

Oiling the Scalp

Oiling your scalp is vital for maintaining a man bun with shaved sides, as it can reduce hair loss by up to 86%.

Most Important Advice Braiding Techniques Shave Fades
Keep it loose Add interest Create depth

While this hairstyle allows for complete freedom in styling, it does require upkeep. To maintain a perfect rounded line, shaving every few weeks is necessary. For those with longer hair, high buns can provide a samurai vibe.

Textured up-top fades can add an edgy touch to the overall look when paired with braided styles or beards.

Sleeping With a Bun Up or Out

Deciding whether to sleep with your bun up or out can make a big difference in maintaining your man bun fade.

Traction Alopecia

Be mindful of tension on hair when wearing a man bun fade. Traction alopecia can cause permanent damage.

Tip Description Benefits
Use Bobby Pins Securely fasten hair without pulling or tugging strands Reduces follicle stress and avoids traction alopecia
Oil Scalp Before Bed Nourish the scalp with natural oils before going to sleep Maintains healthy roots, minimizes breakage, and promotes growth

Regular Maintenance
Keep up with regular trims every few weeks to maintain the look you want. This ensures clean lines between faded sides and top knot.

Loose Man Bun
Consider looser styles that don’t pull tight against the head. This takes away tension from hair follicles and reduces the chance of traction alopecia.

Sleeping Habits
Sleep with the bun out instead of up and wrap hair in a silk scarf at night to prevent matting. This prevents strain caused by pulling roots while sleeping.

Incorporating these tips into your routine will help reduce tension on your shaved sides while styling a man bun fade. With proper care, this trendy men’s hairstyle can be easily maintained without causing any long-term damage.

Complementing With a Beard

Complement your man bun fade with a beard for an edgy, modern look. A braided bun, bald fade, skin fade, and top knot all contribute to the overall undone coolness of this hairstyle. Adding a Samurai vibe adds a definite head-turner factor, allowing you to master the basics of one of today’s most popular haircuts.

Dressing Up or Down

You can dress up or down a man bun fade depending on the occasion. Layer products, use texture wax, and bobby pins to create sleek looks for red carpet events. For an everyday style, the top bun is the most common way to rock such neat man bun haircuts.

Medium Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

Try out some of these 10 dapper styles for medium hairstyles with thick hair to find the perfect look for you. From a high top knot and skin fade to bobby-pinned half-updos, cornrows, and twists, you can even try out a man bun style! With regular maintenance, these looks will keep heads turning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to grow a man bun with shaved sides?

Growing a man bun with shaved sides can take anywhere from three to six months. Let your locks flow freely and enjoy the journey of mastering this timeless look! With proper care, dedication, and patience, you’ll be rocking this style in no time.

Is a man bun with shaved sides easier to maintain than other man bun styles?

Yes! A man bun with shaved sides is much easier to maintain than other styles. It requires less product and time, and can look great for days without needing a touch-up.

Can I keep my man bun with shaved sides in place without using bobby pins?

With the correct technique, you can keep your man bun with shaved sides in place without using bobby pins. The key is to be gentle so as not to tug or pull on any strands. A loose knot will create a more eye-catching look and provide freedom from worrying about slippage.

Is the man bun with shaved sides suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, a man bun with shaved sides is suitable for formal occasions. The sleek look of the fade will bring an extra bit of style to your outfit and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event.

What type of facial shape is best for a man bun with shaved sides?

A man bun with shaved sides looks best on men with strong facial features and angles. It’s a cool and neat look that works well for those who want to showcase their individual style while still looking put-together.


Wrapping up, the man bun with shaved sides is a great look for any man. It’s an up-to-date style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It requires dedication and patience to grow out the hair, but with the proper tips and products, you can rock this look with ease.

Think of it as a blank canvas – like a snowflake, no two man buns are the same, and you can customize it to suit your individual style. So be brave, grow out your hair, and fashion a man bun that’s as unique as you are.

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