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How to Grow a Man Bun With Shaved Sides: Get the Look Now! (2023)

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We’re here to help you get the look you want. Growing a man bun with shaved sides can be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ll tell you what hairstyles work best for this style and how to grow your hair out properly so that when the time comes, it’s easy as pie getting your new ‘do just right!

With our tips and advice on maintaining and styling your man bun with shaved sides, we guarantee that soon enough all eyes will be on you!

Benefits of a Man Bun With Shaved Sides

how to grow a man bun with shaved sidesWe love the modern, edgy look of a man bun with shaved sides – it’s stylish and trendy! Menswear trends often reflect the latest hairstyles for men, and this is certainly true when it comes to the man bun.

Not only does sporting a top knot bring out your inner hipster style, but there are also several benefits that come along with having hair pulled up off of your face. For example, using certain hair care products can help reduce frizz or split ends while styling techniques like twisting can add texture to thinning locks.

Hair loss solutions such as Rogaine or scalp massagers may even be used in conjunction with growing out a man bun if needed for those experiencing premature balding.

With so many advantages associated with creating an awesomely unique hairstyle like this one, it’s no wonder why more guys are opting into the trendier side-shaven version of their favorite long-haired looks these days!

Popular Side Shaven Man Bun HairstylesWe’re here to discuss popular side shaven man bun hairstyles and how to grow a man bun with shaved sides. From the twisted bun with a shaved line, small top knot buns, double man buns, braids with a man bun and fade designs to pink braids for round faces as well as dreadlock buns with shaved sides and slick fades – there are plenty of options out there! Even curly or afro hair can be styled into these modern looks.

Plus samurai top knots done up in an undercut style will keep you looking stylish on any occasion.

Twisted Bun + Shaved Line

We love the angular, edgy look of a twisted top knot with a shaved line – it’s stylish and modern! To achieve this style, you’ll need to start by growing out your hair long enough for a man bun.

Then, braid two sections of the sides together and secure them near the back on each side. Use an elastic band to twist the remaining hair into one section at the centre of your head.

Shave or trim any excess hairs along both sides around where you have braided so that it is even with no flyaways sticking out from either side. Secure halfway up along one side using bobby pins in order to add texture without losing structure.

Lastly, use hairspray if needed for extra hold throughout the styling process as well as when finished styling for added shine and hold all day long!

This Twisted Bun + Shaved Line look is perfect for those who want an edgier hairstyle that stands apart from other more traditional styles yet still looks polished and neat!

Small Top Knot Bun

We love how the small top knot bun adds a subtle yet stylish statement to any look, giving us an effortless way to express our individual personalities!

To achieve this hairstyle, start by straightening your hair with a flat iron or blow dryer. This technique will help smooth out the texture of your locks and make them easier to work with.

Afterward, gather all of your hair at the crown of your head and secure it in place with either an elastic band or bobby pins. You’ll need some basic tools such as a comb or brush for detangling, hairspray for hold, elastic bands for securing, and bobby pins for helping keep everything in place along with clips if you choose that option instead (to section off pieces).

Depending on how long and thick your mane is, it can take between 5-15 minutes using these techniques but once done, you’ll be ready to rock this classic man bun style variation!

Popular variations include adding braids into sides shaved portions which give extra texture as well as incorporating beads into the design creating more dynamic styles that inspire admiration from those around us!

Double Man Buns

We love how double man buns give us an edgy, modern look that’s sure to turn heads! To style this look, start by giving yourself a short buzz cut or bun fade on the sides.

You can use a braided bun for one side and just tie up the rest of your hair in another classic top knot for more texture and dimension.

Either way, it’s sure to be an eye-catching hairstyle that will draw attention wherever you go. The Bun Buzz is also popular among those who want to try something different from their normal everyday looks – whether it’s done as single or double man buns, this style gives off some serious cool vibes thanks to its shaved sides paired with unique textures in either sleeked back locks or voluminous curls atop one’s head.

Plus, there are numerous ways you can experiment with accessories like barrettes and beads if desired too! Transitioning into Small Top Knot Bun–

Braids With Man Bun

We’re excited to explore the trendy, bold look of braids with our favorite hairstyle! Embrace your individual style and create a unique statement by combining these two elements for an eye-catching look.

Here are some popular options you can consider:

  • Braided Bun: Add texture and thickness to your hair while still rocking a man bun with this stylish option that has shaved sides.
  • Ponytail Bun: This is perfect for those looking for low maintenance but high impact as it combines the sleekness of a ponytail with the cool factor of shaved sides.
  • Man Bun Undercut: Make sure all eyes are on you when you’re sporting this classic combination that features buzzed sides and voluminous topknots.
  • Bun Updo: This is ideal if you want an updo without having to worry about styling every single strand – just combine multiple small buns into one large design featuring bald patches at each side.
  • Bun Fade: For those who don’t feel like committing fully, try out this fade variation which starts off as short on top then slowly grows in length down towards your neckline so there’s no hard line between styles.

All these looks transition seamlessly into one another, allowing us to express ourselves uniquely through our artful creations!

Fade With Design

Let’s add a touch of edge to our locks with the bold and daring Fade With Design style! This look is perfect for those who want a unique twist on their man bun hairstyle.

To achieve this look, you need to start by getting your hair trimmed into an undercut or fade that will allow you to create freehand designs. After selecting the right products for protection and styling, it’s important to pay attention to hair health care when creating these looks.

Be sure to not only use protective styling techniques but also select good quality products that are gentle on your scalp and strands while providing hold throughout the day.

The possibilities are endless once you’ve mastered this technique so take some time experimenting until reaching desired results; just remember practice makes perfect! Transitioning from one session of experimentation smoothly into another requires careful selection in terms of product usage as well as knowledge about basic fundamentals such as color theory which can help give structure when designing intricate patterns along sideburns or nape area – ultimately giving us infinite opportunities in order express ourselves through our hairstyles without sacrificing healthy tresses in exchange for radiance!

Pink Braids

Let’s add a splash of color to our look with the bold and daring Pink Braids style! The perfect way for those with round or square faces to show off their man bun. This unique hairdo incorporates braiding techniques and an array of hair accessories.

To begin, it’s important that your hair care regimen includes protective styling such as deep conditioning treatments. As you braid your tresses into several thin strands, use small pieces of colorful yarn or threading for a more eye-catching effect.

For best results when growing out a pink braided man bun with shaved sides hairstyle over time, we recommend regular trims along with specialized hair growth treatments like protein masks weekly or biweekly respectively depending on individual needs.

With enough patience, anyone can achieve this stunning look. Why not give it a try?

Messy Man Bun Braid

We’re embracing our edges with this tousled man bun braid that’s perfect for round and square-shaped faces. This messy look is created by braiding the hair on top of the head, leaving some strands loose to frame the face.

To style a man bun braid, start by gathering all your hair at the center crown area and tie it into a ponytail or small knot at just below ear level – depending on how long your hair is. Secure it with an elastic band or clip if necessary, then begin French braiding from one side across to another until you reach mid-length of your scalp where you can finish off in a regular three strand plait down towards ends of your locks.

Accessorize this hairstyle further by adding cute clips along each section for added texture before securing everything together in an asymmetrical half up/half down style using more elastics bands as needed.

Bun maintenance requires frequent trimming so don’t forget to give yourself bangs trims every 4 weeks minimum – especially when sporting short haircuts like these ones! Make sure also to keep hydrated while wearing any type of bun hairstyles since they tend absorb moisture faster due both its shape and length making them prone breakage over time without enough care taken towards their upkeep.

As we transition into discussing about Small Top Knot Buns next, let’s remember that regardless what kind styles we decide recreate, they should always reflect personal aesthetic allowing us express ourselves freely through fashion choices!

Dreadlock Bun With Shaved Sides

Let’s take our style up a notch and rock a dreadlock bun with shaved sides that’s sure to turn heads! Dreadlocks can be intimidating, but with careful maintenance, they’re the perfect man bun hairstyle.

To get started, you’ll need to begin growing out your hair until it reaches shoulder length or longer. You may also want to invest in some quality hair accessories like clips or bands, as well as styling products such as waxes and gels for optimum scalp health and protection from balding issues.

For extra hold, you can separate each lock of hair into two strands before twisting them together into one big knot at the back of your head – this is what will become your dreadlock bun!

With regular upkeep using appropriate styling techniques combined with proper conditioning treatments on a weekly basis, you’ll have an amazing looking man bun every time.

Let’s now explore how small top knot buns add subtle sophistication for oval or square-shaped faces.

Slick Man Bun Fade

Us dudes can instantly add a touch of cool to our look with a slick man bun fade. This style combines several popular looks, such as braided buns, faux hawks, slicked back hair, and side parts. It’s an easy way for men to express their individuality while maintaining the classic man bun hairstyle.

Here are some tips to achieve this stylish look:

  • Start by trimming your sides close or shave them completely. Then use wax or pomade on the top of your head for it to lay flat against your scalp when you tie up the top section into a ponytail/man-bun shape.
  • If using wax, make sure that you don’t apply too much, otherwise it will become hard and crunchy. Stick with small amounts at first until the desired texture is achieved.
  • Gather all sections together towards the center on top of the head (like how one would do if they were putting hair into ponytail), but instead just hold them there without actually tying anything off yet. Brush down so everything lays smoothly and evenly across the scalp before finally securing in place with a rubber band/hair tie, etc.
  • Finish styling by combing through any remaining loose hairs around outside edges for an even more polished appearance, making sure each strand lies neat and tidy against the scalp. Voila! Now you have yourself perfectly prepped Slick Man Bun Fade ready, set, go rock out the world!

With its clean lines and subtle design features, this modern twist on traditional man buns makes heads turn wherever we go!

Sleek Man Bun With Undercut

We can add a cool, edgy twist to our look with the sleek man bun undercut – combining an effortlessly stylish top knot with shaved sides for a daringly unique statement.

To create this hairstyle, we need to use hair gel and wax in order to slick down our hair and make it stay in place. We should then tie the long strands of hair into a high or low ponytail secured at the nape of our neck using an elastic band or bobby pins.

Finally, if desired, we could braid sections of our locks together before forming them into a bun or alternatively experiment with fades designs like blonde dreads on one side combined with cornrow braids on the other side for added flair!

This powerful combination will give us that perfect mix between classic sophistication and modern edge.

Braided Mohawk With Shaved Sides

Let’s add some serious attitude to our look with a braided mohawk, featuring shaved sides for an ultra-cool finish. This Big Bun Style is perfect for those who want to make a statement and stand out in the crowd while still maintaining their manly masculinity.

The key here is making sure that your Mohawk braid sits high on the head so it can be seen clearly from all angles. To achieve this, take sections of hair at each side of your head and start braiding them together until you reach the crown area where you’ll join both ends into one large top knot bun secured with accessories or elastic bands if needed.

With these long locks swept up into an impressive updo, complete it off by shaving both sides down close giving you a stylish yet edgy contrast in texture between soft strands above and smooth skin below!

Transitioning seamlessly into Small Top Knot Bun style as we explore more ways to rock Man Buns with Shaved Sides looks!

Curly Man Bun With Undercut

We can take our man buns to the next level by adding a curly top knot and undercut, creating an eye-catching contrast between soft curls and smooth sides.

For example, Jason’s been sporting this look with great success. His combination of textured curls on top and shaved sides gives him an edgy yet stylish finish!

Achieving this style requires twisting technique using hair length that’s long enough for the bun placement. When styling your hair into a man bun, don’t be afraid to use some hair accessories like ties or pins to secure it in place.

The key here is finding the right balance between tightness, so you get plenty of texture from your curly locks, while keeping everything neat at all times!

With these guidelines in mind, you’re well on your way to perfecting the art of achieving a fashionable Curly Man Bun With Undercut look that’ll surely turn heads wherever you go!

Braided Top Knot With Shaved Sides

Let’s elevate our man buns to the next level by braiding a top knot and adding shaved sides for an ultra-trendy yet stylish look.

To achieve this, start with freshly washed hair and use styling products such as mousse or hairspray to hold your style in place. Divide your hair into small sections before you begin braiding each section separately.

Then, tie the braids at the crown of your head using elastic bands or clips, making sure that all of them are secured together tightly so they don’t come undone throughout the day.

When finished with all sections, shave off any excess hair on either side to create a sharp contrast between long locks and short shaved sides – giving it more definition! Finally, finish off by applying some serum or oil for added shine and protection from environmental damage while keeping bun maintenance in check over time through regular trims every few weeks if needed.

With these simple steps, you can have an amazing looking man bun hairstyle with shaved sides – perfect for those who want something unique but still fashionable!

Tousled Man Bun With Shaved Sides

Let’s rock that tousled man bun look with shaved sides, giving our style an edge while staying on trend!

To achieve this hairstyle, it’s important to first protect the hair from damage. Protective styling and accessorizing your bun can help reduce split ends and breakage. Additionally, following a proper hair care regimen will ensure healthy growth of your locks as well as keep them looking sleek and polished during the process.

When styling products are used in combination with protective measures, they create a strong foundation for maintaining shape throughout regular wear-and-tear activities like showering or sleeping on it overnight.

With all these tips in mind, you’ll be rocking those tousled man buns with shaved sides before you know it.

Shaved Sides With Samurai Top Knot

Let’s take our style to the next level with a sleek samurai top knot and shaved sides! This look is perfect for those who want an edgy, yet sophisticated hairstyle.

To achieve this look, we recommend starting your man bun journey by properly caring for your hair. Use the right shampoo and conditioner that are tailored specifically to your type of hair. This will ensure that you have healthy locks before styling them into a bun or ponytail shape.

After washing and conditioning, use some oil-based products such as pomade or gel to help hold it in place while adding shine as well.

Finally, when securing it into place with an elastic band, make sure there aren’t any bumps along the sides which would be visible after shaving them off.

Afro Man Bun With Beard

Let’s take our look to the next level with an Afro man bun and beard combo, perfect for those who want a bold yet stylish hairstyle.

This style is particularly suited for round and square-shaped faces as it uses twist dreads to create a sleek bun on top of the head that can be paired with either shaved sides or a mohawk fade.

To make this hairstyle even more impressive, you could add some pink braids at the front; this’ll give your look an extra pop of color while still maintaining its sophisticated edge.

With proper care and maintenance, such as regular washing and moisturizing, your afro man bun can last all day long without losing its shape or shine!

Transitioning into something different? A small top knot bun gives you similar results but requires less commitment than other styles!

Dreadlock Bun With Hair Design

We can add an extra level of style to our look by creating a dreadlock bun with a unique hair design, invoking feelings of creativity and individuality.

To achieve this hairstyle, one must maintain their dreadlocks through proper care and styling techniques such as oiling the scalp regularly or using an appropriate shampoo for their hair type. Additionally, accessories can be used to hold the manbun in place securely such as bobby pins or elastic bands.

Furthermore, it’s essential that one follows a specific haircare routine when sporting this particular hairstyle, which includes shaving techniques for the sides that will complement the fullness of your manbun on top properly.

Using these tips, we can easily gain mastery over creating DIY manbuns with shaved sides designs like never before! This provides us with endless possibilities in terms of creative expression, allowing us to express ourselves freely while looking stylish at all times.

How to Grow a Man Bun With Shaved Sides

How to Grow a Man Bun With Shaved SidesWe’re here to help you with growing a man bun with shaved sides. The first step is to grow out your hair, so that it’s long enough for the style. Next, decide on the exact look you want and find a barber who can give you the right cut for your face shape and desired style.

Step 1: Grow Out Your Hair

To begin, we must let our hair grow out before styling it into the man bun with shaved sides look. This is an essential step to achieving the perfect hairstyle. The length of your hair plays a major role in determining how you style your man bun, whether you opt for a twist or knot, as well as which products and tools will be needed.

If done correctly, growing out your locks can take anywhere from three to six months depending on the individual’s natural growth rate and desired end result. Additionally, investing in regular trims at least every four weeks helps maintain healthy ends while also keeping split hairs away that could detract from having neat looking edges when promoting long-term maintenance time with minimal barber costs associated.

Product-wise, there are many choices available such as gels and pomades that help keep everything tidy throughout each day without fading or leaving residue behind on clothes either! Taking all these factors into consideration allows us to confidently move forward towards selecting the right trendsetting style for our unique face shape next!

Step 2: Determine the Style

Now that our hair’s the perfect length, it’s time to decide on a style that’ll make us look stylish and modern. Depending on our individual hair length, texture and face shape, braiding techniques can be used for creating man buns with shaved sides.

For long and angular faces, a twisted bun with a shaved line is perfect. If our face shape is oval or square-shaped, a small top knot bun is ideal. If we want something more daring, we can go for double man buns or even dreadlock bun with shaved sides.

Additionally, incorporating different lines or designs into the shave adds an extra touch of detail to really stand out from the crowd.

Hair products such as pomades also help in keeping our hairstyle looking fresh all day long while maintaining its shape too. Transitioning into Step 3 without writing ‘step’, let’s move onto how to effectively maintain this look so it stays fashionable at all times.

Step 3: Choose the Right Barber

Let’s find the right barber to help us rock this modern, trendy hairstyle! The cost of a haircut can vary from place to place and person to person. It’s important for you to ask questions about the price before booking an appointment with a particular barber.

You want someone who’ll be able to provide quality service without breaking your bank account.

Additionally, it’s essential that you research what products they use so that you know if their ingredients are safe for your hair type or not, as well as how long each product typically lasts in between appointments.

When choosing a new barber, look into styling tips and techniques they may employ when cutting your man bun with shaved sides, such as using clippers on certain areas of the head or face-shaving designs along with any other creative styles associated with them so that you’re fully satisfied after receiving their services every time.

Furthermore, it might also be beneficial if the same barbershop offers professional advice regarding daily hair care routines suitable for maintaining healthy-looking locks over extended periods of time while still providing great results on short notice too when needed! Finally, being aware of proper etiquette at salons like tipping appropriately helps ensure good customer relations, which’ll make future visits more enjoyable experiences overall – something we all strive towards when picking our preferred choice in haircuts!

Step 4: Maintain the Look

Now that we’ve got our perfect man bun with shaved sides, let’s make sure it stays looking great for as long as possible! Proper styling essentials and beard care are essential to maintaining the look.

Invest in good quality products such as waxes, pomades, and hairsprays that’ll help keep your hair in place. It’s also important to regularly trim your beard or shave off any designs you may have created on the shaved side of your head.

Additionally, be mindful of how often you use heat-styling tools like flat irons or curling wands when working with curly hair textures; excessive heat can cause damage if used too frequently.

To complete the look even further, consider adding some facial hair styles like stubble or a full goatee.

Tips for Maintaining a Man Bun With Shaved Sides

Tips for Maintaining a Man Bun With Shaved SidesWe’re here to talk about maintaining a man bun with shaved sides, and how you can achieve the perfect look! Keeping your hair clean and moisturized is essential for healthy growth. Make sure to trim it regularly too as this will help keep it looking neat and tidy.

Lastly, use products that are specifically designed for man buns—these will help prevent any damage from occurring while keeping your style intact.

Keep Your Hair Clean and Moisturized

To keep our man bun looking its best, we need to make sure it’s properly cared for – so why not start by keeping our hair clean and moisturized? Hair care is essential when it comes to maintaining a man bun with shaved sides.

We should be washing and conditioning regularly as well as using leave-in conditioners or oils after every wash.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Use moisturizing shampoo that nourishes your hair while cleansing; avoid products containing sulfates which can strip away natural oils from the scalp and cause dryness.
  • Apply an oil or cream based conditioner before styling, focusing more on the ends of your locks than on the roots where product build up is more likely to occur.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water instead of hot water which can also dehydrate follicles over time leading to breakage or thinning strands; cool rinses help seal moisture in better too!
  • After every shower use a lightweight oil such as argan, jojoba or almond oils for added moisture protection against heat damage caused by blow-drying tools like curling irons & flat irons etc…

Moisturizing will help prevent excessive dryness & itchiness due to styling products used afterward plus aid in preventing premature balding & split ends from occurring prematurely. Due diligence now pays off later! By following these simple steps, we’ll have healthier-looking tresses that require less maintenance overall making transitioning into different styles easier down the road – like trimming our hairs next step towards achieving the perfect ‘man bun’.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

We all know that keeping our man bun looking fresh requires regular trims to maintain its shape and style. To ensure the best possible results, it’s important to use protective styles like braids or twists.

These styles will help protect your hair texture during styling with tools such as scissors and clippers.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can try out a few barber skills using different techniques for trimming your man bun. These techniques may include layering, texturizing, or thinning the sides of your hair.

With some practice, patience, and creativity, you’ll soon master the art of maintaining a well-groomed man bun with shaved sides.

Furthermore, having access to proper styling tools such as combs and brushes, along with professional products designed specifically for men’s haircuts, can help give an even more polished look in no time at all!

Use the Right Products

We’re always on the lookout for the best products to keep our head-turning hairstyle looking sharp and polished. When it comes to man buns with shaved sides, protective styling is key for hair care and growth maintenance.

Product selection is of utmost importance when creating a sleek, sophisticated look that will last more than just one day.

Here are four essential items you should consider adding into your daily hair routine:

  1. A good shampoo– Finding a sulfate-free shampoo or moisturizing conditioner will help maintain healthy locks while keeping them soft and shiny throughout the day.
  2. Leave in conditioner– This product helps nourish scalp’s natural oils while protecting against heat damage from blow dryers or flat irons used during styling processes like braiding or dreadlock bunning sessions with shaved sides designs.
  3. Hair oil — Used sparingly, this product can add shine without weighing down your mane as well as lock moisture in place preventing brittleness caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure.
  4. Heat protector spray — For those who use hot tools often, this product provides an extra layer of protection against burning strands by forming an invisible shield around each strand before using any heated devices.

By incorporating these products into our daily routines, we can ensure that our beloved man bun styles remain stylish no matter how long they’ve been growing out! With proper care and maintenance, they’ll be sure to turn heads wherever we go – transitioning smoothly into trimming regularly so that all aspects of our style remain flawless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of face shape is best suited for a man bun with shaved sides?

When it comes to styling a man bun with shaved sides, the face shape is an important factor. Whether you have a round, square, heart-shaped, or oval face should all be taken into consideration when selecting your hairstyle.

Round faces look great with small top knot buns and braids, whereas angular oval faces do well with double man buns. Square and oval faces are perfect for sleek fades or messy braided styles, while those with heart-shaped features can try out stylish twists and tousles.

It’s also important to consider other factors like beard styling, hair texture/thickness, as well as the right products for your hair type in order to achieve the best results according to your desired style proportionately balanced against facial shape proportions!

Do I need to use specific products to maintain a man bun with shaved sides?

We know that man buns with shaved sides are a great way to show off your style, but it’s important to take proper care of them.

To maintain this look, you’ll need the right haircare techniques and styling methods as well as the right products. Professional advice from a barber or stylist is essential for achieving good results.

You can also get product reviews from professionals so you can find the best products for your hair type and texture – some people might even opt for specialised barbering techniques!

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an amazing looking man bun with shaved sides that will last all day long!

How long does it typically take to grow a man bun with shaved sides?

Growing a man bun with shaved sides can take some time, depending on the length of your hair. Generally speaking, it’ll typically take around 2-3 months for short to medium-length hair and 6+ months for longer hair.

To ensure optimal growth and reduce split ends while styling your man bun, make sure to use quality products designed specifically for men’s scalp care. Use shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients like aloe vera or jojoba oil.

Additionally, select styling products with low hold levels so you don’t damage your roots or cause excess strain when tying up into a man bun each day.

Is a man bun with shaved sides suitable for all hair types?

We know that the man bun trend is in full swing with shaved sides, but is it suitable for all hair types?

The answer depends on your specific hair type and styling needs. Hair types such as curly or afro can be styled into a man bun or ponytail with shaved sides, although extra care should be taken to ensure that these styles are properly maintained.

When accessorizing and using styling tools like gels, waxes, sprays etc., it’s important to keep your particular hair type in mind so you don’t cause any further damage.

Is a man bun with shaved sides a permanent hairstyle?

We often hear the phrase, change is the only constant, and this especially holds true for hair styling trends. A man bun with shaved sides is no exception – while it may be a popular look now, it’s not necessarily a permanent hairstyle solution.

When considering if this style is right for you, consider your face shape and hair type as well as DIY styling tips to get the most out of your look.


We know that man buns with shaved sides can look great, but some people worry that it’s too much effort.

But don’t worry, with a little patience and dedication, it’s easier than you think.

With regular trims, the right products, and an experienced barber, you can easily get the look you want.

Plus, the benefits of the man bun with shaved sides go beyond just looking great.

It’s a great way to express yourself and show your style.

So don’t be afraid to try something new – you might just love it!

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