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Make Your Own Dwarven Yarn Beard in 10 Easy Steps! Full Guide of 2023

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Have you ever wanted a beard but don’t want to commit to the real thing? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible! With just some yarn and basic crafting supplies, creating your own fake beard with yarn can be done in an afternoon.

By following my step-by-step guide of 16 steps, plus tips on avoiding sweatiness and other resources for more intricate designs, having your own Dwarven Yarn Beard will become a reality.

The Dwarven Yarn Beard

how to make a fake beard with yarnCrafting the Dwarven Yarn Beard was a labor of love to fulfill an elusive dream. Personal desire led me to research a Halloween costume on Think Geek and, inspired by what I saw, I decided that creating my own beard would be the best way forward.

My goal was to make something light and easy but still full enough – after tinkering with some overly complicated red yarn versions, it became clear that this wasn’t going to be as straightforward as initially thought! After finally figuring out how best to do it however (which only took an afternoon without any trips needed) I had achieved my perfect facial hair accessory- plus there are other great options if you look around such as Lux Mirabilis’s more rigid tutorial too! Wearing yarn can come with its own challenges such as making sure your upper lip doesn’t sweat too much from being covered up all day though.

But ultimately being able create something unique for myself made all these minor issues worth enduring in exchange for fantastic results; using nothing but crafty skill combined with patience and care makes mastering the art of Dwarven fashion possible in no time at all.

Materials Needed

You’ll need a few materials to construct your Dwarven Yarn Beard, so let’s get started! Depending on the type of yarn you choose and its color, your beard can look as realistic or whimsical as you’d like.

You have numerous yarn options that you may use for substitutions. For example, if angora wool is too pricey for your budget then consider using acrylic instead. Consider selecting colors within the same hue family to ensure that even when placed next one another they don’t clash or create an overly bright effect; after all subtlety is key with this facial accessory! When it comes to maintenance and care of the Dwarven Yarn Beard think about gifting friends and family with their own beards- this way everyone can join in on the fun without having any hygiene issues due to sharing a single item between multiple people.

Finally when it comes time for cleaning up make sure not only do you remove loose fibers but also give each individual strand some TLC by gently brushing them back into place before safely storing away until next Halloween (or whenever else someone wants facial hair!).

Making the Beard

Making the BeardTo begin my journey to creating the perfect Dwarven Yarn Beard, I started by braiding a base using two skeins of yarn. After that was done, I proceeded to make the chin strap so it would hold securely on my face.

Lastly, with another small piece of yarn I created an initial mustache shape and began weaving strands together in order to achieve a realistic look.

Step 1- Creating the Braided Base

With the materials in hand, it’s time to get started on creating the braided base of your Dwarven Yarn Beard- a process that’ll bring your facial hair dream to life! Picture yourself standing before a full-length mirror with needles and yarn ready.

You take each strand of yarn and twist them together as if you were weaving an intricate fabric tapestry. Your hands move swiftly, like lightning across thunderclouds until you have created the perfect foundation for your beard- strong enough for any adventure, yet soft enough against skin.

Now comes adding colour! You can customise this part however you wish: do some strands need more depth? Or is there one particular hue which stands out amongst all others? Using faux fur helps add texture while making adjustments ensures everything looks neat – nothing too long or short.

Step 2- Making the Chin Strap

Once the braided base and colouring of your Dwarven Yarn Beard is complete, it’s time to attach a chin strap so you can don this fabulous facial hair with ease! To create the perfect chinstrap for your Dwarven Yarn Beard, begin by making a base pattern.

Measure out how wide and long you want it to be based on your own face shape. When determining what type of yarn will work best for creating the attachment methods, keep in mind that its strength should match or exceed that of the beard itself.

You may also wish to add some color variations into this step as well if desired.

Step 3- Creating the Mustache Base

To give your Dwarven Yarn Beard a truly authentic look, you’ll want to craft an impressive mustache base with the same care and attention that went into creating the chin strap. When it comes to adding color, there are plenty of yarn choices available for you to select from- choose one that matches your beard’s overall hue or opt for something bolder like red or blue.

You also have some flexibility when deciding on how big and wide your mustache should be – make sure it’s proportional relative to the size of your chin piece so everything looks balanced.

Step 4- Making the Mustache

To give your Dwarven Yarn Beard a truly authentic look, you’ll want to craft an impressive mustache base with the same care and attention that went into creating the chin strap- don’t forget to choose colors and textures that will perfectly complement each other! Styling options are endless when it comes to crafting an eye-catching mustache.

Consider color variations such as mixing two shades of yarn or three different hues so create an interesting pattern. Texture techniques can also be used like looping or weaving for added depth. Facial shapes should be taken into account too; if you have a round face make sure not use long straight fibers as they may not provide enough definition in order for your beard to stand out from others’.

Lastly, consider what type of yarn works best for your facial hair project- wool is often recommended since its softness makes it easy on sensitive skin but synthetic materials offer more flexibility when manipulating its shape without having any negative effects on comfortability levels.

Step 5- Braiding the Mustache Ends

Once you’ve crafted an impressive mustache base, it’s time to braid the ends for a truly unique and personalized look. Braiding techniques can vary depending on your tastes and desired mustache shape. If you choose to have multiple sections of yarn that come together in one spot, then use two separate strands of yarn per section when braiding the ends.

This will give each section more texture and body which will mimic real facial hair better than if all sections were combined into one big strand before being attached to the face with clips or glue like other methods suggest.

Additionally experimenting with different types of yarns as well as attaching methods such as hot glue or fabric tape can help create a more realistic looking beard while also making maintenance easier over time since stray hairs won’t be poking out from underneath any longer.

Step 6- Determining Beard Length

Deciding on the desired length of your Dwarven Yarn Beard is key to achieving a look that’ll stay put and give you the confidence to BOOM! With today’s modern technology, it has never been easier to determine exactly how long or short your beard should be.

Making the Beard Length is an essential step in creating your perfect Dwarven Yarn Beard. It requires precise measurements for each individual strand so that when finished, you can achieve that majestic fullness without any gaps or uneven patches.

Once satisfied with the initial measurement taken from one side, adjust accordingly on opposite end while making sure not overdo things too much – then repeat same steps until both sides match evenly throughout entire length (including inner areas).

Once done here comes opportunity experiment even further by playing around variations such as adding some extra fibers at top-end create fuller look there; alternatively making shorter bottom part make shorter overall effect yet still maintaining balance between two sides’ lengths – whatever suits personal preference best will work great here!.

Step 7- Attaching the Beard

With the perfect length achieved, it’s time to attach the Dwarven Yarn Beard securely and give it that sought-after look of authenticity.

  • Hand sewing techniques- This is one of the more traditional ways to attach your beard and gives you complete control over where you want it attached. It also allows you to make sure everything is secure and won’t come loose during wear.
  • Adhesive options- If hand sewing isn’t quite up your alley then there are plenty of adhesive options out there as well!

These range from craft glue all the way up to industrial strength adhesives so be sure pick something appropriate for whatever project you have in mind!

  • Styling Methods – Once your beard has been secured, now comes styling!

You’ll want do experiment with different shapes or coloring techniques until find a style that fits both looks good AND stays put during wear (this part might take some trial & error). The great thing about yarn beards is how versatile they can be; don’t feel limited by just following instructions—let creativity lead instead.

Beard shape ideas, coloring techniques—all these things go into making an eye catching piece like this Dwarven Yarn Beard stand out among others at events or costume parties alike.

Step 8- Attaching the Beard Sides

To attach the sides of your Dwarven Yarn Beard securely and give it that sought-after look of authenticity, you’ll want to experiment with different hand sewing techniques, adhesive options or styling methods.

Adhesive selection is an important factor in getting a great hold on your beard while still being comfortable enough for long wear times. Consideration should also be given to hair type when selecting an adhesive as some may not work well with certain textures.

Your yarn color choice can help set the tone of your fake beard; if you choose darker colors they can blend more naturally into facial features whereas lighter colors will stand out more dramatically.

Textures are another factor to take into account when crafting a realistic looking beard; coarser textures create fuller beards where finer ones offer lightness and airiness which looks better on shorter styles like goatees.

Step 9- Attaching the Middle of the Beard

To secure the Dwarven Yarn Beard in place, try different hand sewing techniques, adhesive options or styling methods to get an authentic look that’s still comfortable enough for extended wear. Creating a template is key when it comes to attaching the beard securely as this ensures consistency and helps with testing durability.

After creating a template, add color and texture through using yarn of various shades if desired- this will help enhance shape while also making sure you have enough material for any large gaps in between stitches.

Step 10- Fixing Droopy Beards

To make sure you can rock your Dwarven Yarn Beard all day, it’s important to avoid droopy beards. But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort for security! With the right styling techniques and yarn selection, you’ll get a beard that looks great and stays in place.

When crafting your Dwarven Yarn Beard, keep an eye on how thick or thin the beard becomes as you stitch away. Too much bulk may result in a too-droopy look; conversely if there isn’t enough support from within then even light weight fibers won’t stay put either! To ensure your desired shape is maintained throughout wear time choose relatively stiffer materials such as wool roving or polyester stuffing which will help keep its form without compromising breathability of your skin underneath.

Tips and Tricks

I’m really excited to discuss the different yarn beard instructables available out there. For example, Lux Mirabilis’ more rigid and full beard is a great option for those looking for something with a bit more structure to it.

Other Yarn Beard Instructables

If you’re looking for more creative yarn beards, check out the other wonderful instructables available online; from Lux Mirabilis’ rigid and full beard to Think Geek’s Halloween costume research, there are plenty of options to explore! Making a mustache is one of the first steps in creating a great fake beard with yarn.

With some patience and practice, you can use single or multiple strands of yarn to create your desired shape and texture. Adding hair strands is next; these should be longer than the mustache hairs in order for it look realistic when it’s finished.

Styling this part will depend on how long or short you want your beard – tight curls require shorter pieces while bigger waves need longer lengths.

Lux Mirabilis’ More Rigid and Full Beard

Lux Mirabilis’ instructable offers a more structured and voluminous option for those seeking to craft their own yarn-based facial hair, allowing DIYers to customize and personalize their creation. Crafting a beard using Lux Mirabilis’ method is like entering an entirely new realm of bearding mastery: one that requires precise measurements, quantifying rigidity with the right balance of tension between each strand; styling the beard so it follows your face contours perfectly; selecting the ideal texture – coarse or soft- depending on how much volume you want; determining correct lengths for different sections in order to create shapely locks throughout your masterpiece; maintaining its luster over time by applying conditioner after every wear.

These are all essential elements when creating a strong and full Dwarven Yarn Beard with Lux Mirabilis’ help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to make the Dwarven Yarn Beard?

Making the Dwarven Yarn Beard is a surprisingly quick process. With just an afternoon and some yarn, my facial hair dreams can come true! Alternatives materials such as ribbon or fabric strips can also be used to achieve desired beard styling effects.

I took special care of my beard by learning how to properly maintain it- from trimming stray hairs, brushing away tangles, to even applying oil for extra shine and softness.

Can the beard be made in multiple colors?

Yes, the Dwarven Yarn Beard can be made in multiple colors! By braiding a base with different colors of yarn and varying mustache shapes, you can create your own unique color combinations. It is also possible to attach the beard using several methods such as sewing or hot-gluing it on.

Once attached, there are many techniques for securing it in place including tying off ends and tucking them into the braid or weaving through sections of hair.

Are there any other materials that can be used instead of yarn?

If you’re looking for an alternative to yarn for your fake beard, there are plenty of other materials that can be used. Different fibers such as fabric scraps, wool roving and synthetic fibers can all make great additions to a beard.

Even crochet thread could be utilized if you want the smaller details in your creation.

Are there any other styles of yarn beards that can be found on Instructables?

I’ve always wanted a beard, and now I have the perfect way to make one- the Dwarven Yarn Beard! Not only is it light and comfortable, but you can also customize it with different colors of yarn. You can even dye the yarn for added effect or attach beads to give your beard unique shapes.

On Instructables there are many other fantastic styles of beards that you can create, allowing you to express your inner-dwarf like never before! With these tutorials in hand and some basic tools at my disposal, I’m ready to make any kind of facial hair imaginable.

Is there a way to make the beard more comfortable to wear?

Making a Dwarven Yarn Beard can be an enjoyable experience, but it’s important to make sure that the beard is comfortable enough to wear. There are some simple DIY comforts and comfort hacks that can help make your yarn beard more pleasant.

For example, using softening techniques like brushing the yarn with fabric softener or immersing it in warm water for 10 minutes before wearing will help reduce irritation from stiff fibers. Additionally, you might want to consider incorporating different materials into your beard design as well; fabrics such as silk or fur may provide better cushioning than traditional wool-based yarns do.

Regularly combing and styling your facial hair will not only keep you looking sharp but also ensure proper hygiene so that the particles of debris don’t irritate sensitive skin areas on your face.


I have to say, I’m pretty proud of my Dwarven Yarn Beard. It looks absolutely stunning and with it, I’ve achieved a level of majesty that can only be described as mythical!

My friends are amazed at the craftsmanship and the fact that I made it in an afternoon with no trips to the store.

This project has been an amazing journey and I’m so glad I decided to give it a try. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been inspired by Think Geek and Instructables- this project has truly been a labor of love.

And with just a few simple materials, I have crafted a Dwarven Yarn Beard that would make any dwarf proud!

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