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How to Make Your Beard Grey – Simple & Safe Steps to Follow (2023)

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Hey there! Looking to make your beard grey? You’ve come to the right place. Turning your beard gray is as simple as following a few steps and using the right dye. Before you do that, it’s important to understand why beards turn gray in the first place so you can make sure yours stays healthy afterwards.

Grey hair typically occurs when melanin – a hormone responsible for darkening skin and hair – depletes over time. However, even just one strand of facial hair can go through various phases of greying before reversing itself again within three days if properly cared for.

Key Takeaways

how to make your beard grey

  • Regular maintenance and care are crucial for keeping a stylish gray beard intact.
  • Eating foods rich in vitamins A and E and drinking adequate amounts of water are essential for growing a healthy beard.
  • Using beard oil helps to soften the hairs to limit breakage when styling options become available.
  • True Sons offers a foam-based dye that is both affordable and discreet for achieving a natural look without sacrificing quality or health benefits.

How to Grow a Healthy Beard

How to Grow a Healthy Beard
With a healthy diet, regular cleaning, and moisturizing with beard oil, you can take control of your facial hair destiny and grow an impressive mane that will make heads turn.

Eating foods rich in vitamins A and E, as well as drinking adequate amounts of water, are essential for growing a healthy beard.

Regularly washing the beard helps keep it free from dirt or product build-up. Using Beard Oil helps soften the hairs to limit breakage when styling options such as braiding or twisting become available.

Professional grooming products, such as professional-grade Beard Wash, Beard Moisturizer, Beard Oil, and even special formulas like Wild Boar Bristle Brush, can help maintain a neat look without damaging any follicles or skin along the way!

For those looking to add color back into their grey beards, there is now an option: True Sons offers foam-based dye that’s both affordable and discreet, so you don’t have to worry about stains on anything else besides your stylish new look.

Whether you choose not to dye at all or opt for some subtle coloring, embrace your gray and enjoy being part of this distinguished group!

With proper care through quality products, plus eating right and staying hydrated, those silver strands just may become one’s greatest asset yet!

How to Dye Your Beard Gray

How to Dye Your Beard Gray
If you’re looking to add a touch of silver to your beard, dyeing it gray is a great way to do so! Make sure to prepare well by covering exposed surfaces and wearing rubber gloves. Then, trim your beard before washing it with warm water. Apply the True Sons foam-based dye directly from the bottle and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Afterward, wash off any excess with running water. Now, you can either blow dry on low heat or let it air dry.

Prepare Well

Before dyeing your beard gray, make sure to gather all the necessary supplies: rubber gloves, True Sons’ innovative foam-based beard dye in gray, and coverings for surfaces. Proper application and following directions will help you achieve a natural look while avoiding staining.

Trim It

Trim your beard to the desired length and shape before applying dye for a perfectly groomed look. Use trimming tips and advice from True, as well as maintain a healthy diet and manage stress for optimal results with demi-permanent dyes.

Wash the Beard

Wash your face with a mild beard wash to ensure the dye is applied evenly and won’t irritate the skin. Moisturize regularly to prevent dry, brittle beards in men. Choose a color that suits you best for a natural look, and use good-quality shampoo before applying the dye.

Use professional-grade products like True Sons’ demi-permanent foam dyes safely with an applicator or wipes for maximum coverage without irritation.

Apply the Dye

Cover any rubber gloves and surfaces before applying the foam-based dye directly from the bottle for a natural gray look. Consider proper application techniques, choosing a suitable color, maintaining its hue, and following simple tips for safe beard dyeing.

Wash Off Excess Dye

Rinse away the excess dye with running water to achieve a subtle, natural gray look! Afterward, moisturize your beard and nourish the skin beneath.

How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

How Long Does Beard Dye Last?
Transitioning to a different style of beard can be intimidating, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can easily dye your beard gray.

  • Avoid staining by covering exposed surfaces and wearing rubber gloves while applying.
  • Keep heat levels low when blow-drying after application so that hair strands remain healthy and vibrant in hue.
  • Choose an ammonia-free product like True Sons’ foam-based gray dye for discreet subscription plans that make life easier without sacrificing quality or look.
  • Go professional grade with a Beard Wash, Moisturizer, Oil & Balm combo designed specifically for maximum health benefits as well as moisture retention – essential for keeping those iconic gray walrus mustaches looking their best!
  • Lastly, watch stress levels! A high-stress lifestyle is known to cause hormonal imbalance, which impacts color growth in our hair strands; so take care of yourself too!

With these simple steps, you’ve got everything you need to maintain strong, healthy grey hairs all year round – no matter what life throws at ya’.

Where to Buy the Best Beard Dye Gray?

Where to Buy the Best Beard Dye Gray?
For a professional-grade gray beard dye, look no further than True Sons’ foam-based product.

Choose wisely when selecting the right product for you – avoid toxins that may strip away health and moisture from your gray hairs, as well as careless use of dyes. Cover exposed surfaces with polythene papers to prevent any staining while sporting rubber gloves to protect fingers and hands from color transfer.

Sage advice would be to watch stress levels; high tension can accelerate graying, so remain mindful of all factors influencing it.

Don’t forget about those ‘don’ts’, such as avoiding shaving off or using facial products loaded with nasty chemicals; they could do more harm than good! A neat grey beard is certainly attractive but requires careful upkeep, which means regular cleaning, grooming, trimming, and shaping sessions are essential components for achieving greatness in any great man’s life – making it much easier to embrace one’s age rather than hiding behind vanity or fearfulness over embracing silver locks!.

Embrace Your Gray Beard

Embrace Your Gray Beard
Embrace your silver locks and all that comes with it – experience, wisdom, maturity, stability, and dependability.

  1. Stick to a healthy diet.
  2. Prioritize regular cleaning using professional-grade products.
  3. Ensure you cover exposed surfaces with polythene papers during dyeing for best results!

When you start noticing those first signs of white hairs peeking through an already well-groomed beard, stand proud as this is the beginning of a new silver fox look! With the right care and maintenance regime in place, such as trimming regularly and moisturizing often with quality oils or balms, your gray facial hair will remain strong yet soft to touch throughout its lifetime journey!

Be mindful when selecting what foods go into our bodies too – oily or greasy fried dishes plus sugary snacks are no good for anyone, but particularly not beneficial when growing out grey beards as these can impact on coloration significantly, so watch consumption wisely here too! Similarly, steer clear from smoking and vaping, which contain nicotine and other toxins known to strip away any vibrancy from strands, plus opting out from harsh chemicals found in store-bought shampoos/conditioners, etc.

DON’T – Shave It Off

Don’t even think about shaving off that distinguished silver mane – it took time and effort to cultivate those luxuriant locks! Instead, opt for carefully dyeing your beard if you’re after a change in color.

Avoid the cheap grocery store color kits as they will cost more in the long run; instead, invest in True Sons foam-based dyes or a professional barbershop service which provides high-quality results at an additional cost.

A healthy diet is also essential to keeping your hair looking its best. Avoid oily and greasy foods, curries with turmeric, and limit coffee consumption as these can stain gray hairs easily.

Keep away from smoking or vaping altogether due to nicotine’s ability to strip strands of life while avoiding facial products with harsh chemicals that strip away moisture from grey hairs alike.

There are plenty of dos and don’ts when taking care of one’s silver fox look, but above all else, remember patience is key here – embrace it all along the way without ever losing sight of ultimate expectations.

DO – Be Careful With Dye or Don’t Dye at All

DO - Be Careful With Dye or Don
You should approach dyeing your silver mane like a tightrope walker, with caution and precision. It can be easy to slip up or make mistakes that could leave you regretting the outcome. Make wise choices when selecting professional-grade dyes and avoid toxins at all costs.

Invest in polythene papers for protecting surfaces from stains. Get the right information about gray shades, nasty chemicals in facial products, heavy dust environment, or poor diet – all of which will affect how color takes hold on your beard hairs.

DO – Focus on Beard Care

DO - Focus on Beard Care
Give your grey mane the TLC it deserves by focusing on regular beard care. To maintain a balanced, neat gray beard and achieve a natural look, start with good general health and diet.

Invest in professional-grade Beard Wash for cleaning as well as moisturizing with oil to enhance hairs’ health, moisture, condition of follicles, and skin. Groom regularly using polythene papers for protecting surfaces from stains when trimming or styling.

For discerning gentlemen looking for discreet plans that offer foam-based dyes to restore youthful vitality without damaging those distinguished silver strands – True Sons is the way forward!

Lastly, remember to watch out for bad habits like smoking and vaping, which can have an adverse effect on maintaining natural gray shades of your facial hair!

DO – Choose Wisely What You Eat and Drink

DO - Choose Wisely What You Eat and Drink
Choose your food and drinks wisely to help maintain the distinguished silver strands of your facial hair. Embrace gray beards as signs of experience, wisdom, maturity, and stability instead of shaving them off.

Avoid oily and greasy foods that can impact coloration or stain the beard hairs.

Monitor stress levels too—high stress can accelerate graying! Also, avoid chemicals like those found in some facial products; they strip away moisture from grey hairs leading to breakage over time:

  • Investing in professional-grade Beard Wash
  • Washing with polythene papers
  • Collecting necessary items before applying dye (rubber gloves!)
  • Utilizing natural oils/balms to preserve moisture

A well-cared-for gray beard will pay dividends long-term – it’s an iconic signifier of strength, so make sure you’re taking proper care!

DO – Watch Your Stress Levels and Avoid Toxins

DO - Watch Your Stress Levels and Avoid Toxins
Monitoring your stress levels and avoiding toxins like nicotine and chemicals found in facial products can help protect the distinguished silver strands of your facial hair, just as a knight protects his castle.

Avoid smoking or vaping to prevent harsh toxins from stripping away moisture from grey hairs, leading to breakage over time.

Regularly wash with polythene papers and professional-grade Beard Wash while moisturizing skin using natural oils/balms. When choosing dye, ensure it’s ammonia-free so it won’t irritate the skin or cause discoloration.

For best protection of your gray beard, incorporate routine maintenance into daily life: washing regularly (with polythene papers), trimming/shaping when needed, moisturizing with oil/balm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to dye my beard gray?

Dyeing your beard gray can be safe, but it is not the only option. Try embracing your natural color and maintaining a well-groomed look that speaks of experience, wisdom, and maturity.

Are there any products I should avoid when dyeing my beard gray?

Avoid products with harmful chemicals that can strip your gray beard hairs of their health, moisture, and vitality. Instead, prioritize natural care and use professional-grade Beard Wash, Moisturizer, Oil, and Balm to enhance the coloration of your grey beard.

How often should I dye my beard gray?

For a subtle, natural look that won’t fade away too quickly, dye your beard gray with True Sons’ foam-based dye once or twice a week.

Can I dye my beard gray if I have sensitive skin?

You can dye your beard gray, even if you have sensitive skin. However, it is recommended to use a foam-based product like True Sons’ to minimize any potential irritation and achieve amazing results! Their demi-permanent dyes provide an almost otherworldly transformation – you’ll be blown away by the stunning color shift!

Is it possible to reverse the effects of a botched beard dye job?

It is possible to reverse the effects of a botched beard dye job. With careful cleaning, trimming, and moisturizing, your natural color can be restored over time. For best results, seek professional advice from an experienced barber or stylist who will guide you on how to properly care for your facial hair and help you achieve the desired look.


Gray beards are a natural part of aging and can be embraced as a sign of experience and wisdom. It’s estimated that up to two-thirds of men will have gray beards by the time they turn 50.

Regular cleaning, grooming, trimming, and shaping can help maintain a healthy beard. Professional-grade Beard Wash, Beard Moisturizer, Beard Oil, and Beard Balm can enhance the health, moisture, and condition of your hairs, follicles, and skin.

For those wishing to dye their beard gray, True offers an easy-to-use foam-based dye, which can be applied weekly for a subtle, natural look. By following these simple tips, you can maintain a healthy and stylish gray beard.

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