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How to Put in Beard Beads: a Complete Guide for Stylish Men (2024)

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how to put in beard beadsJust as you master the art of shaping your beard, threading beard beads can elevate your style to new heights.

This guide will walk you through selecting the perfect beads and securing them with finesse. Whether you’re aiming for a touch of historical flair or a modern twist, you’ll learn how to put in beard beads with confidence, ensuring your facial hair not only looks great but also reflects your innovative spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Beard beads have a rich cultural heritage, often associated with Norsemen and Vikings, and have been used as a symbol of honor, wisdom, and status throughout history.
  • Proper beard preparation is crucial for bead installation, requiring a minimum length of 3-4 inches, along with washing, conditioning, detangling, and nourishing with beard oil to ensure the beard is clean, soft, and manageable.
  • When selecting beard beads, it’s important to consider the type and texture of the beard, choose beads that complement the beard’s color and style, and express personal style or seasonal themes through unique or rugged bead designs.
  • Installation of beard beads should involve the use of floss or string for threading, securing the beads with hair ties for a snug fit, utilizing a bead setting tool for precision, and regularly adjusting and maintaining the beads and beard for optimal appearance and health.

How to Put in Beard Beads

How to Put in Beard Beads
To put in beard beads, first secure a tuft of beard hair with a hair elastic, then use a beading tool to slide the bead up into place.

Understanding Beard Beads

Understanding Beard Beads
You’re about to explore the rich history and diverse materials of beard beads. These decorative pieces have adorned men’s facial hair across cultures and eras, adding both style and significance.

Historical Significance

Diving into the history of beard beads, you’ll find a rich tapestry woven by Norsemen influence and Viking hairstyles.

These weren’t just fashion statements; they were badges of honor, symbols of wisdom, and markers of status.

Ancient Egyptian adornment also embraced this trend, showcasing the cultural significance across civilizations.

Archaeological evidence confirms that beard jewelry, from beads to rings, was more than mere decoration for Vikings and Norse warriors alike.

Types and Materials

When diving into the world of beard beads, you’ll find a treasure trove of types and materials.

  • Types: From the classic beard ring to the whimsical beard charm, options abound.
  • Materials: Metals, woods, and even glass offer a palette for your facial canvas.
  • Tools: A bead setting tool can be a game-changer.
  • String: The silent hero, making bead threading a breeze.

Preparing Your Beard

Before you start adding beads to your beard, it’s crucial to ensure it’s the right length and well-groomed. A minimum of 3-4 inches of beard hair is needed to securely hold most beard beads.

Length Requirements

Transitioning from understanding the allure of beard beads, let’s dive into the essentials of beard maintenance, particularly the length requirements.

Your beard needs to be just the right length—not too short, not too long—for optimal bead attachment. Think of it as preparing a canvas for a masterpiece. Ensuring your beard is well-groomed and at a healthy length is crucial.

Regular use of beard growth products can help achieve the ideal length for showcasing your chosen beard styles.

Cleaning and Combing

After ensuring your beard meets the length requirements, it’s time to prep it for those stylish beads.

  1. Wash your beard with a quality beard shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and soften.
  2. Detangle using a comb or brush designed for beards; this makes threading beads a breeze.
  3. Nourish with beard oil to keep it healthy and manageable, ensuring your beads sit snugly and comfortably.

Selecting Your Beads

Selecting Your Beads
Choosing the right beads for your beard is crucial to achieving the look you desire. Consider both the type and color of the beads to ensure they complement your beard’s style and texture.

Matching Beads to Beard Type

Once your beard is primed and ready, it’s time to pick your beard beads.

Consider bead shape and material—handmade glass beads add a unique touch. Your beard size and texture will influence your choice.

For a Viking beard, opt for rugged styles that complement your beard color. It’s like choosing the right armor for battle; each bead enhances your facial hair’s character, turning beard care into an art form.

Color and Style Considerations

Choosing the right beard beads isn’t just about snagging any old trinket.

It’s a dance of color matching and style preferences, where seasonal themes and personal expression lead.

Think of your beard as the canvas and these accessories as the paint.

Whether you’re leaning into the latest accessories trends or sticking to timeless hair beads, it’s all about complementing your unique style and elevating your beard grooming game.

Installation Techniques

Installation Techniques
You’re ready to take your beard game to the next level with beard beads. Let’s explore how to use floss or string, secure them with hair ties, and utilize a bead setting tool for a flawless installation.

Using Floss or String

Ready to elevate your facial hair game? Grab some floss or string, and let’s thread those beard beads. Think of it as lacing up a Viking’s boot—precision meets style. Floss tension matters, so pull snugly for a secure fit.

Securing With Hair Ties

After prepping your beard with hair oil for smoothness, it’s time to dive into securing those beads.

  1. Select a sturdy hair tie.
  2. Gather a suitable amount of beard hair.
  3. Place the tie where you want your bead.
  4. Adjust for snugness without discomfort.

Utilizing a Bead Setting Tool

Ready to level up your beard game? Grab a bead setting tool for a game-changing experience. It’s a time-saver, cost-effective, and simplifies bead placement. Plus, it neatly stores your accessories. Watch your beard transform as beads slide on effortlessly, promoting both style and hair growth.

Maintaining Beaded Beard

Once you’ve adorned your beard with beads, keeping them and your beard clean is crucial. Regular adjustments and replacements will ensure your beaded style remains sharp and comfortable for long-term wear.

Cleaning Beads and Beard

After mastering the art of bead installation, keeping your beard and beads pristine is crucial.

  1. Opt for chemical-free cleaning products.
  2. Explore natural solutions for healthier hair.
  3. Try homemade remedies for bead shine.
  4. Regularly clean to prevent buildup, ensuring your beard remains a beacon of style and hygiene.

Adjusting and Replacing Beads

Adjusting your beard beads isn’t rocket science, but it does require a bit of finesse. If a bead’s stuck, gently coax it out to avoid a hair-ocalypse. Loose beads slipping? A tiny hair tie can be your knight in shining armor, keeping those Viking treasures firmly in place.

Tips for Long-Term Wear

For long-term wear, keeping your beaded beard in top shape is key. Here’s how:

  1. Regularly perform bead maintenance to prevent hair damage.
  2. Choose durable beads to avoid frequent replacements.
  3. Detangle carefully to prevent hair loss.
  4. Explore styling options that promote hair regrowth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can beard beads cause hair damage?

Beard beads won’t wreck your whiskers if you’re gentle. Yanking them out is a no-go; it’s like treating your beard like a Viking tug-of-war rope—bad news for your face fuzz.

Are beard beads suitable for all hair types?

Beard beads are a versatile accessory, fitting for any hair type. Whether you’re sporting fine strands or a thick mane, there’s a bead style out there that’ll snugly embrace your beard’s unique character.

How often should beard beads be cleaned?

You should give your beard beads a good scrub every few weeks to keep them shining.

Do beard beads interfere with eating?

Beard beads won’t cramp your dining style if you’re savvy. They’re like silent partners, subtly enhancing your look without getting in the way of a good meal.

Can beard beads trigger metal detectors?

Beard beads made of metal might set off detectors, but it’s a rare hiccup in your journey. Keep a smile, explain your Viking flair to security, and you’ll sail through with your style intact.


Surprisingly, 60% of men believe that grooming boosts their confidence.

Mastering how to put in beard beads can significantly elevate your style and self-assurance.

By selecting the right beads and employing effective installation techniques, you ensure your bearded look is both unique and eye-catching.

With patience and the right approach, your bearded style will reflect your personal flair and innovation, making a statement wherever you go.

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