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How to Put in Beard Beads: a Step-by-Step Guide for Viking-Style Grooming (2024)

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Embrace your inner Viking and deck your beard out with some beard beading. You’ve grown a magnificent mane; now it’s time to dress it like a warrior.

This is the how-to article on using beard beads to make your face hair into a real statement piece. You’re going to learn everything from how to select the suitable material to mastering placement techniques.

Embrace this ancient practice to unveil a whole new level of personal expression. Get heads turning and channel your inner Norse legend in this brilliant ensemble.

Key Takeaways

  • Your beard needs to be at least 2-3 inches long before you can start channeling your inner Viking with some fancy beadwork. Patience is key – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Ragnar Lothbrok’s epic facial hair!
  • When it comes to beard beads, size matters! Choose beads that complement your beard’s thickness and length. Go big or go home with 11-15mm beads for bushy beards, or keep it subtle with 5-7mm ones for shorter styles. It’s all about finding that Goldilocks zone.
  • No fancy tools? No problem! You can add beads using just some string and a little elbow grease. It’s like threading a needle, but instead of fabric, you’re working with your magnificent mane. Who knew your beard could double as an arts and crafts project?
  • Beard beads aren’t just a fashion statement – they’re a connection to history. By adorning your facial hair, you’re not only turning heads but also paying homage to ancient Viking traditions. Just don’t expect it to help you navigate the open seas or raid coastal villages!

How to Put in Beard Beads?

To put in beard beads, start with a beard at least 2-3 inches long. Choose beads based on your beard’s thickness and desired style.

For a simple method, fold a string, thread the bead onto it, loop it around a section of beard hair, and slide the bead down. Alternatively, use a specialized beard bead tool** for easier placement.

Experiment with bead spacing and placement to achieve your desired look. Consider using smaller beads for shorter beards and larger ones for bushier styles.

Remember to secure beads regularly and apply beard oil to reduce friction. With practice, you’ll master this Viking-inspired grooming technique and create a striking, personalized appearance.

How Long Should My Beard Be for Bead Placement?

How Long Should My Beard Be for Bead Placement
Beard length is essential in bead placement. For this to work best, you’ll want a minimum of 2 to 3-inch growth. This allows for enough hair that the bead will wrap around it.

You’ll want to even out your beard before putting in the beads for even spacing. If your beard is longer, there can be more creativity involved with regard to the placement and style of the beads. You can have single beads or adornments down the length.

Which Materials and Sizes Are Suitable for Beard Beads?

Which Materials and Sizes Are Suitable for Beard Beads
Now that you have a good length with your beard, let’s talk about the materials and sizes you should be looking for with your beard beads. The main idea is to decide on materials that look good but feel comfortable.

Among the common beard bead materials are stainless steel, bronze, silver, and gold—all of them making a statement in their unique way.

As for the size, consider the thickness and length of your beard. For really bushy ones, the 11-15mm beads suit, while those who go for quick and short beards can get smaller beads of 5-7mm.

Bear in mind that getting the proper mix of material and size for your beads actually enhances the look of your Viking wear and indeed gives you a powerful, free feeling going around.

Techniques for Placing Beads in Your Beard

Techniques for Placing Beads in Your Beard
You’ll find two main techniques for placing beads in your beard: using string without a tool and utilizing your hair length. To begin, you’ll need to choose the method that works best for your beard’s thickness and the type of beads you’re using.

Using String and Beading Without a Tool

To add beads without tools, start by selecting your favorite beard beads.

Fold a strong thread in half and thread it through the bead. Grab a small section of your beard hair with one hand, then use the other to slip the thread loop around it. Slide the bead down the thread until it reaches your beard. Hold the bead in place and pull the thread ends to secure it against your hair.

Repeat this process for additional beads, spacing them evenly.

Experiment with different bead colors, shapes, and positioning to create your unique Viking-inspired look.

Utilizing Hair Length for Bead Placement

Consider the natural growth patterns of your beard when using hair length as a placement guide. On shorter beards, focus on the chin area, where the hairs are thicker. As your beard gets longer, experiment with space and density across the jawbones and cheeks.

Use different sizes of beads complementing different hair sizes to achieve that robust look like a Viking. Give a color gradation a workout—darker colors towards the roots and lighter towards the tip. Mixing and matching among bead styles adds that personal touch to it.

You see, beard beads aren’t simply an accessory; they’re an extension of your grooming routine. Embrace this ancient art in mastering your beard’s look and let the inner warrior within you unleash itself.

Exploring the Cultural and Stylistic Significance of Beard Beads

Exploring the Cultural and Stylistic Significance of Beard Beads
Now that you’ve mastered placing beads, let’s explore their cultural significance. Beard beads aren’t just fashion; they’re steeped in history and symbolism. Vikings used them to showcase status and achievements. Today, they’re a powerful way to express your unique style and connect with ancient traditions. Beard customization through beads offers:

  • A nod to Viking heritage and warrior culture
  • Personal expression of aesthetics and individuality
  • Symbolic representation of life milestones or beliefs
  • A bold statement in modern beard fashion

Where to Find Unique Viking Beard Beads

Where to Find Unique Viking Beard Beads
Want to get your Viking on? You’ll find one-of-a-kind beard beads in places you least expect.

Log onto online stores specializing strictly in Norse and Celtic arts and crafts. Chances are that it will help you discover some artisans who merge historical Viking beadmaking with a more contemporary feel.

At the same time, continue searching on Etsy for those singular pieces, then stop at specialty beard grooming shops for genuinely authentic designs.

Are you feeling like a Viking? Check for custom bead options that integrate runes or Norse symbols.

Tips for Securing and Maintaining Beard Beads

Tips for Securing and Maintaining Beard Beads
To ensure that your beard beads stay safely attached and look their best, follow these tips:

Check and tighten the beads regularly to prevent them from slipping.

  • Rub a little beard oil into the area to help create less friction and protect the hair
  • Avoid sleeping with beads in to prevent tangling and discomfort
  • Rotate bead placement to distribute weight and prevent hair damage

    • Experiment with bead size and material to maximize hold

Maintaining Hygiene and Cleaning Practices for Beard Beads

With your beard be

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to put beads in beard without a tool?

You’ll need string and patience. Fold a thread, loop it around beard hair, slide the bead onto the thread, then pull tight. Repeat for a rugged, Viking-inspired look. It’s tricky but rewarding – you’re mastering an ancient art!

How long does your beard have to be to put beads in it?

As the saying goes, "Rome wasn’t built in a day," and neither is a beard fit for beads. You’ll need at least 2-3 inches of growth for smaller beads, while larger ones require 4-6 inches of facial hair.

Why do men put beads in their beards?

You’re adding beads to your beard to express individuality and style. It’s a bold way to stand out, complementing your look or reflecting personal interests. Beads can symbolize cultural heritage or simply add a touch of flair to your facial hair.

How to keep hair beads in place?

You’ll find that securing hair beads is a breeze. Simply twist the bead tightly onto a small section of hair, ensuring it’s snug against the scalp. For added hold, use a clear elastic band beneath the bead.

Can beard beads cause hair damage or breakage?

You can minimize beard bead damage by using proper techniques. Don’t overtighten, choose lightweight beads, and rotate placement. Regular beard care and gentle handling are key. Remove beads before sleeping to prevent stress on hair follicles.

How often should I reposition or adjust beard beads?

Coincidentally, just as you adjust your beard beads, you’ll want to reposition them every couple of days. Check daily for comfort and appearance. If they’re loose or tangled, adjust immediately. This frequent maintenance will keep your beads from swinging all over the place and have them looking their most fabulous at all times.

Are beard beads suitable for professional work environments?

Beard beads aren’t typically suitable for professional environments. They’re often seen as too casual or distracting. If you’re set on wearing them, choose subtle, small beads and check your workplace’s dress code first. Consider removing them for important meetings.

Can beard beads be worn during sleep or exercise?

You might think sleeping or exercising with beard beads is impossible, but it’s not! While they can be uncomfortable, you’ve got options. Remove them before bed or workouts, or secure them tightly to prevent tangling and irritation.

How do beard beads affect beard grooming routines?

Beard beads affect your grooming routine by requiring extra attention. You’ll need to brush more carefully, wash gently around the beads, and adjust trimming techniques. They can also impact how you apply beard oils or balms.


Like a Viking warrior adorning his battle gear, you’re now equipped to conquer the art of beard beading. You’ve learned how to put in beard beads, from choosing the right materials to mastering placement techniques.

Keep experimenting with different styles, and don’t forget to maintain proper hygiene for your beaded beard. Embrace this ancient practice and let your Viking spirit shine.

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