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Beard Beads: How to Put Them in Like a Pro! (2023)

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Taming your beard can be like taming a wild beast. Applying the right tools and techniques will help you keep it under control and make sure each strand of hair is perfectly in place. Beard beads are one such tool, allowing you to add some extra flair while keeping your facial hair neat and tidy.

In this article, we’ll show you how to put in beard beads so they look their best – no matter what style or length of bead you choose!

Start by threading the beads onto a piece of string. Make sure the string is thin enough to pass through the bead’s hole.

Next, part your beard into two sections and tie the string around the base of one side. This will make it easier to insert the beads.

Now, carefully slide the beads onto the string one at a time. When you’re done, tie the string to the base of the other side of your beard.

Finally, use a pair of scissors to trim the excess string. You can also use a comb to tidy up your beard.

And that’s it – you now know how to put in beard beads! With the right tools and technique, you can give your beard a unique, stylish look.

What You’ll Need

how to put in beard beads
You’ll need some floss or string, a few hair ties, and your chosen beard beads to get started. To make sure your styling options are customized just for you, there are several types of beads available – like the opening of the beard ring and a free hand triangular coil bead.

Before getting started, tie off one strand at the tip with a small looped length of floss or string. Gather enough hairs together so that they will fit in the opening on either side when wrapped around it.

If this is too much trouble, consider enlisting professional help from barbers who specialize in this kind of look. With guidance from an experienced hand (and some patience), you can create looks that suit both lifestyle and occasion.

Step 1: Choose Your Beads

Step 1: Choose Your Beads
Pick your beard beads carefully – you only get one chance to make a badass, lasting impression! There are several different types of braiding techniques for styling and maintenance. Alternatives to traditional beard rings include hair ties and charms. For best results, use coconut oil in place of regular conditioner or shampoo.

When it comes to styling with a 6-inch loop, select two portions from both sides of the face that measure at least 3 inches each – this will create tension needed if the ring falls out. With smaller beads, try tying off no more than 2 inches worth strand together. For charm pendants or other jewelry pieces, thread through its opening – remember less is more here!

Beard charms provide an interesting alternative style choice while still allowing easy access if you decide to take them out. Just twist clockwise until loose then brush away any remaining strands easily by hand.

Step 2: Choose Your Hair Strand

Step 2: Choose Your Hair Strand
Tie off one end of the floss or string around the length of hair you’ve selected. Make a loop with another piece and pull through it to fit tightly over the strand from your beard. Secure firmly into place using Jojoba oil. This’ll keep everything together in its intended position and create patterns with other colors, if desired. Customize design choices for even more intricate looks.

Step 3: Thread the Hair Through the Bead

Step 3: Thread the Hair Through the Bead
Using the loop of floss or string, pull your strand of hair through the opening in the bead. This process may seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but with patience and practice you can master it.

Different types of beads such as hollow and plug-in ones are available, offering plenty of options for high quality growth power. Eric McClure suggests experimenting with various braid patterns like triangular coils.

This will help achieve maximum results out of your hair accessories.

Step 4: Create a Loop

Step 4: Create a Loop
Tie a horizontal strand of your beard hair together with a hair tie, creating the loop you’ll need to secure the bead. This process is the same for both beard beads and larger rings. Use a 3-4 inch length of hair when tying off the latter. Choose which type of bead best suits your style; traveling beads are perfect for those who want movement while colored or decorative styles work with specific facial features or types of beards.

Different sizes and shapes will require varying amounts (and types)of hairs: charm enthusiasts may only need 2 inches but those wishing to create full volume should use 4-5 inches.

Finally, use premium organic essential oils as part of your daily routine. This will help keep everything looking its best!

Step 5: Tie the Loop

Step 5: Tie the Loop
Tighten the loop of floss or string around your strand of hair to secure the bead in place. This is crucial; it’ll help keep your beard jewelry in place and add color, style options, and character to your facial hair.

After tying off the loop, use castor oil to increase blood circulation. This promotes better hygiene when growing a beard!

When styling with multiple charms for an outstanding look, remember the tip of the coil catches easily. So use enough tension when attaching them.

For single charm placement, directly under the chin works great. But don’t forget other options, such as sides and backside placements for maximum effect!

Beard care should always come first before any styling. Use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, or beeswax on a regular basis for desired length and thickness.

Step 6: Choose the Location

Step 6: Choose the Location
Choose the location for the bead, whether it’s directly under your chin or further down in your beard. Adjust its position to reflect your preference. Dye beads or style them with creative ideas like braiding strands of hair together. Go full Viking by using a larger portion of hair to hold more beads. No matter how much hair you have, this process is a winner when it comes to styling options. So choose where best suits your beard style and enjoy those majestic facial accessories!

Step 7: Attach the Bead

Step 7: Attach the Bead
To attach your bead, slide it onto your facial hair using floss or string and tie off the strand with a hair tie. Tying a horizontal length of 3-4 inches in standard length is important for stability. This will help keep the bead from slipping out. Use it to pull through the opening of the bead until you reach desired tightness. You may need additional tension, so utilize more strands of beard when braiding to increase tension and hold securely in place.

Beard beads are a great way to accessorize and maintain your facial hair. Eric McClure, a former educator on natural beard growth products, recommends choosing pieces that match your style and paying attention to tool selection (like specific types of floss). Incorporating natural ingredients can soothe skin inflammation and encourage healthy growth over time. This results in a unique adornment that’ll make you stand out!

Step 8: Repeat

Step 8: Repeat
Repeat the same process with additional beads to create a unique look that showcases your personal style. Braiding techniques, such as tying off strands of hair and wrapping them around each other, can help you achieve a well-put together look. Depending on what bead styles work best for you, use general rock or viking ship building techniques to secure the bead in place. Additionally, using good products like those used by Norsemen are essential in maintaining your facial styling goals since they contain natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and promote growth.

For an even more adventurous look try experimenting with different sizes or colors – this is where creativity truly shines! Beard maintenance takes time and effort but it’s worth it when done right. Start out by finding a good starting place (3-4 inches) then tie off two lengths of hair around either side so that one end goes through the opening of the bead before securing both ends tightly together at their base points near your chin area.

Then brush down everything afterwards to make sure all hairs have been tucked away neatly into its rightful position. Repeat these steps until desired effect has been met!

Step 9: Trim the Excess Hair

Step 9: Trim the Excess Hair
Once you have the bead in place, snip off any excess hair to complete your look and make sure your beard is neat! For this step, it’s important to use a pair of sharp scissors that will give you precise control over how much hair is cut.

Braiding techniques with creative writing and styling tips from ancient Egyptians can help you maintain a natural growth formula for healthy facial maintenance.

Invest in quality styling tools such as clippers or trimmers designed specifically for men’s beards so they are less likely to get damaged during the process.

It’s also important to trim in front of a mirror for accuracy and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I reuse the same bead multiple times?

With a bit of practice and the right techniques, you can successfully reuse your beard beads multiple times. To start, select beads in colors that match your desired look and opt for a size based on the length of your facial hair – bigger rings require more hair to pull together.

Brush down before putting in each bead or charm and use larger portions of beard for added tension if needed.

Don’t forget about styling options! Mix up single charms with unique symmetrical lengths or even add darth vader helmets for an extreme look! This advice comes from wikiHow staff writer Eric McClure, who has decades worth of experience braiding massive Viking beards.

Are there any risks associated with using beard beads?

Braiding your beard is an art form. Whether you have long or short hair, thick or thin strands – there are styling tools to suit all types of beards for any occasion. Waxing methods such as tying together a 3-4 inch horizontal portion of facial hair using floss or string to slide on jewellery materials like beads is just one method. But it’s important to be aware that there could be risks associated with this technique if not done correctly.

It may also depend on the type of bead chosen; larger rings require more tension, so use caution when selecting your accessories and follow digital chapbook instructions carefully for best results.

No direct evidence has been found supporting Norsemen wearing these items in history. But what we do know is that Beard & Company use the highest 256-bit encryption security measures. They source their products from trusted partners across the United States, which ensures freshness and quality every time!

How long does it take to put in a beard bead?

Putting in a beard bead doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. With the right beads selection and hair preparation, it can take as little time as you like! Start by looping your chosen strand of hair with floss or string before pulling it through the opening on the bead. Once attached, trim any excess hair sticking out from underneath using scissors for a tidy finish. It does require a bit of dexterity but once you get used to it, putting in one’s beard beads becomes second nature!

For first-timers looking for the simplest way to do this, there are two main types of beads – hollow and plug-in – that allow different attachment processes at varying lengths along the bottom of your beard. So don’t worry; with some practice and patience, anyone can master how to put in their own Beard Beads!

Is there a way to make the bead stay in better?

Putting on a beard bead isn’t much different than styling your hair. The only difference is you’ll need to use floss or string instead of a brush. With the right braiding techniques and some styling options, you can make sure it stays in place all day. If it’s your first time, start with basic hair care tips like brushing down before putting the charm in. But if you want something more custom, experiment with different types of beads from Beard & Company: hollow ones require enough hair inside for stability, while plug-in type doesn’t need tight placement. They also have products formulated with premium organic essential oils to treat dry skin and dandruff, as well as promote growth, so finding what works for you should be easy! No matter the size or style, it mostly comes down to personal preference when deciding where to put the bead. Remember symmetry looks great too!

Are there any particular types of beads that are better for facial hair?

Are you prepping to get your facial hair looking perfect? Then it’s important to consider the type of beads you choose. Depending on the size of your bead, as well as your facial shape and threading technique, certain types may work better than others. For instance, large hollow beads require a lot more hair inside for stability than plug-in versions – so if that’s what you’re after, make sure it fits!

As far back as Egyptian times, people have been accessorizing their beards with charms and baubles – so why not add some modern flair too by experimenting with various bead sizes and colors?

With DePaul University providing an answer to this simple question: What are the best beard bead options? You can feel confident in finding just what works for you!


Your beard beads are now in place! With a few simple steps, you’ve upgraded your look with a badass and cool style. It’s been a long journey, but now you can proudly show off your new manly look and enjoy the compliments.

Your facial hair is part of you, a symbol of your manhood, and a reminder of your strength and determination. A few more steps and you’ll enjoy the full benefits of wearing beard beads. Don’t wait! Get your style on and show off your manly prowess.

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