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Tame That Wild Curly Beard: How to Get It Under Control! (2023)

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Having a curly beard can be both an advantage and a challenge. It’s important to know how to maintain it for you to look your best. Good news: with the right techniques, taming your curly beard doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some of the best ways to tame and manage those wild curls! Our tips and advice will help you master the art of taking care of your curly mane.

You’ll soon be a pro!

Consistent Trims

how to tame a curly beard
Keep your curly beard looking its best with regular trims – it’s like giving it a fresh new start every time! Trimming your curly beard is essential to maintain the shape and manageability of your hair type. Use a sharp pair of scissors or an adjustable-length beard trimmer to get rid of split ends and stray hairs.

Boar bristle brush or comb to detangle any knots while brushing downwards without pulling on individual hairs too much. Finish off by applying some utility balm or beard balm for added hold and shine throughout the day. Don’t forget to trim around facial features such as sideburns to achieve that perfect style.

For long lasting results, make this part of your maintenance routine.

Keeping It Short

Keeping It Short
Keeping your beard short is an easy way to maintain it and prevent split ends. Use a dryer brush or other heating tool with low heat settings. Apply beard balm for extra volume and hold. Trim regularly with scissors instead of trimmers. Wash your beard twice a week with quality shampoo specifically for beards. Comb the hairs down gently with a boar bristle brush.

Moisturize regularly with quality oils, like Beard Oil, to tame unruly curls and provide nourishment. Use pomades or waxes for natural straightening without heat damage.

These steps will keep your facial hair looking healthy all year round.

Develop a Washing System

Develop a Washing System
Keeping your beard clean and moisturized is key to maintaining its natural texture, so develop a regular washing system that fits into your lifestyle – a stitch in time saves nine! Wash with beard shampoo once or twice a week to remove dirt, oils and bacteria. Avoid bar soap – it can dry out hair follicles. Condition with silicone cream or oil-based softeners after washing for added moisture. Use low heat when blow-drying. Common mistakes: not drying thoroughly (leads to frizziness and lack of styling control); over conditioning (leads to greasiness rather than shine).

Develop effective grooming habits by incorporating these steps:

  • Wash regularly with quality products, e.g. organic shampoos for facial hair care.
  • Use conditioners/hair products formulated for curl maintenance.
  • Apply a small amount of product onto dampened locks before straightening with a brush on low heat.
  • Style while wet, then let air dry naturally instead of blow-drying excessively, if possible.
  • Avoid overheating during styling process by protecting scalp skin from direct contact with hot tools – this could lead to burns and other injuries.

Regular Brushing

Regular Brushing
Regularly brushing your beard with a boar bristle brush is essential to maintaining the natural look and preventing frizz. Curly beards require special care and regular maintenance in order to stay looking healthy, styled, and volumized. Use a quality beard product like soap and balm/oil specifically for curly hair types. Gently massage conditioner after washing with warm water. Pat-dry with a towel instead of air drying, which can cause more frizz in longer beards. Depending on the type of hair you have, different nourishing products may work better than others for moisturizing techniques or styling tips. A proper beard comb should be used first before using a brush to remove any knots or tangles that may have formed throughout the day from wearing hats or scarves, etc.

Natural Straightening Comb Out

Natural Straightening Comb Out
To get the perfect look, use a beard comb to naturally straighten out your beard without pulling or damaging it. Different grades of combs are available, including wide-tooth ones for detangling and styling. Beard balms help moisturize your hairs while you comb them out. Use gentle brushing techniques and Conair’s paddle brush styler set at low temperatures to prevent frizz and split ends. Lastly, apply a beardbrand softener after washing for sleek curls or waves. Consistent maintenance is key. Just remember to keep up with it!

Use Beard Oil

Use Beard Oil
To keep your beard looking its best, use a quality beard oil to moisturize and condition it. Avoid using too much product as it could lead to greasiness & clogged pores. Beard oil helps prevent dryness and adds shine while providing nourishment to the facial hair follicles. Not only does this reduce split ends, but it also makes combing out tangles easier.

Hot oil treatments are beneficial for maintaining softness of curly beards – particularly ones that have been damaged by styling products like waxes or creams. Heat up some quality natural-based beard balm or butter in a double boiler before massaging into damp strands of your facial hair after shampooing for extra hydration benefits.

Combining different techniques such as using scissors over trimmers, brushing from underneath then down instead of up, and combing downwards will help control curls better than relying solely on combing technique alone. All these methods together should create long lasting results without risking any damage due to heat exposure.

Use waxes and creams sparingly so they don’t cause damage.

Use Scissors

Use Scissors
To keep your curly beard looking its best, regular trimming with scissors is essential. Stray hairs can make your beard look unkempt and unprofessional, so it’s important to take the time to trim them away. Proper technique is crucial when using scissors on your facial hair. Start by combing through the beard to remove tangles and knots, then use sharp barber shears or grooming scissors for a clean cut.

When choosing how often to trim your curly beard, consider how quickly it grows and adjust accordingly. It’s better to err on the side of caution and trim more frequently than not enough – every two weeks should suffice for most people. To prevent split ends from forming in between trims, be sure you’re using a quality product like a nourishing balm that will help protect against breakage while also keeping strands soft and manageable.

With these styling tips in mind, along with proper maintenance techniques such as consistent washing with specialized shampoos designed specifically for beards (to avoid stripping natural oils), you’ll find that managing even the curliest of beards becomes an easy task!

Product Review Texture Change Tip Trimming Frequency
Beard Balm Apply before brushing down Every two weeks
Scissors Snip individual stray hairs Adjust according to growth rate
  • Table: Tips for Taming Your Curly Beard

Straight Beard

Straight Beard
To achieve a straight beard, use scissors to trim your facial hair regularly and brush with a boar bristle beard brush. Studies show more than 80% of men who use this method can maintain straighter beards.

To get the most out of styling tips for curly facial hair, understand different textures and know which products will help you achieve desired results. Work a bit of beard balm into damp curls down the skin level before brushing. This provides volume and hold and keeps strands in check.

Using Conair’s paddle brush styler on low heat setting reduces damage risk from too much heat exposure, but won’t give arrow-straight results when controlling stubborn curl patterns.

Proper maintenance is essential: wash regularly with specially formulated shampoo or conditioner and use quality oil like argan or jojoba daily. This helps keep everything looking neat without sacrificing texture definition, and avoids overly dryness, which can lead to split ends if not taken care of properly over time.

Shape of the Hair Follicles

Shape of the Hair Follicles
The shape of the hair follicles on your face determines your natural curl pattern. If you have curly facial hair, it’s because each follicle is wound like a spring and grows in different directions. To tame this wild mane, use a brush or comb to work product into damp beard curls down to the skin. This will help keep strands aligned and add volume/hold. Use products like beard balm or oil for extra conditioning.

Trim regularly with scissors, rather than trimmers. Shorter length makes maintenance easier while reducing the risk of dryness and split ends. Choose natural products specific to your type of hair and use low heat settings when brushing or styling with heated tools to avoid damage from high temperatures. Utilize symmetrical trimming methods for an even look. Use sharp, quality scissors specifically designed for beard trimming.

By following these tips, you can maintain control of those unruly locks and achieve a tamed, yet still naturally stylish look.

Best Ways

Best Ways
With the right techniques and products, you can easily manage your curly beard to keep it looking its best. Use some beard balm to provide volume and hold while creating balance in your overall look. Try Conair’s paddle brush styler or a boar bristle beard brush to maintain its natural shape and improve texture.

Grooming practices are essential for keeping your curly beard healthy and under control. Regular trims with scissors prevent split ends and remove fast-growing stray hairs. Wash with specialized shampoo a few times per week and use quality oil like Beard Club’s range of oils daily. This will maintain moisture levels necessary for proper growth and reduce bacteria accumulation on the skin surface, avoiding dryness or ingrown hairs.

Curly Hair

Managing curly facial hair can be a challenge, but with the right products and techniques you can achieve effective results. Knowing your hair type and texture is key to success.

Depending on the length of your beard, different products will help keep it in check – from hot blow dryers for shorter lengths, to bit of beard balm or Conair’s paddle brush styler for longer strands. For optimal growth kits should also include scissors or trimmers as needed depending on preference.

Hair products like oils are great way keep moisture locked into the follicles while straightening creams make sure those pesky curls stay tame all day long!

Additionally, regular brushing with a boar bristle brush helps maintain that natural look without creating frizz, which is always a win-win situation!

Straight Hair Beards

By using a heated brush and the right product, you can easily achieve control of your curly beard without having to tame it – so why not give it a try? Protective styling is important. Invest in Conair’s paddle brush styler for best results; it delivers low heat settings, preventing hair damage and keeping your facial locks looking fresh. Regular trims with scissors are also recommended for shorter lengths, to reduce split ends and maintain control over your curls.

For extra hold, apply some beard balm before styling with the heated brush or comb – this will keep your look neat throughout the day. Additionally, use regular plastic combs sparingly – they can cause extensive damage to delicate facial hairs. Opt instead for boar bristle brushes or wide-toothed combs while grooming naturally straightened beards, as these won’t pull at strands excessively like other products might.

Proper maintenance is essential if you want lasting results from any kind of straightening technique applied to crinkly bristles. Wash regularly with specialized shampoo and oil daily.

Hair Follicles

Your beard hair is shaped by the tiny follicles on your face, each one like a miniature spring winding and curling in different directions. To tame these curls, you can use products like beard growth kits from The Beard Club or some beard balm to keep your locks neat. Heat styling with low heat settings is an option for controlling unruly strands, but be careful – stick to a lower temp when brushing or straightening out curls.

Dry beards should be managed with moisturizing products such as cellulose acetate-based conditioners and hair moisturizers. Regular trims are essential to prevent split ends and maintain control – scissors are preferable to trimmers – and shorter lengths make it easier to manage dryness and ingrown hairs too!

Pair of Sharp Scissors

To get the most out of your curly beard, use a pair of sharp scissors. Trim away stray hairs to keep it looking neat, but be careful not to over-trim. Dry trimming is best for wavy or curly beards, as this type of hair needs more moisturizing than straight.

Find a balance when using scissors; too often can damage follicles, but too little can cause split ends. Plan regular trims every two weeks, paying extra attention to unruly curls.

In between trims, apply beard balm and use a good comb or brush through damp strands. Gently pat with terry cloth towels until dry, this helps limit frizziness and provide definition without heat damage.

Beard Comb

A beard comb is essential for styling and maintaining curly facial hair. It helps keep it looking neat and under control, and offers exfoliating benefits. A good quality wooden or metal comb with wide teeth will separate individual curls and stop them clumping together.

Avoid heat styling, as this can damage delicate strands. If necessary, use Conair’s paddle brush styler on low heat setting.

Apply products like pomade, wax, or beard balm before drying out, otherwise the curls will revert back into shape. To get maximum benefit from these products, use a boar bristle brush to distribute them evenly with regular brushing in different directions. The Beard Club offer an excellent range.

Shorter Length

Keeping your beard shorter can help you keep it in check – after all, a stitch in time saves nine! A shorter curly beard is easier to maintain and less prone to dryness and ingrown hairs.

Prepare your skin with a good type of moisturizer before styling. Select the right product for your hair type – try using some bit of beard balm or Conair’s paddle brush styler when taming those curls down.

Brush forward from underneath the chin up towards cheeks, using gentle strokes to avoid disrupting control of your beard curls too much. This prevents damage such as split ends that could further compromise its healthiness.

Maintain moisture levels while grooming for maximum shine and an overall neat appearance without any frizziness or flyaways!

Fast Growing Stray Hairs

Fast-growing stray hairs can quickly become unruly if left unchecked, so remove them regularly to keep your beard looking its best. Proper grooming and maintenance is key for taming a curly beard. Use natural ingredients like beard balm, or water-soluble products like the Beardbrand Utility Balm for faster hair growth and styling.

Pat dry your face with a soft towel, then use tips to guide wayward hairs into place. Brush forward from underneath the beard before brushing down. This encourages curls to stay put. Regular trimming also helps prevent split ends. Don’t forget your styling product afterwards for maximum effect!

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Get your hands on a boar bristle beard brush and bring those wild curls under control – you won’t regret it! Brushing with a boar bristle beard brush is the best way to tame thick curls and give them shape.

The natural human tendency is to want mastery over our personal journey, so why not start by mastering your curly facial hair? Boar bristles are great for conditioning techniques as they help evenly distribute oils throughout the whole beard without causing breakage or damaging fragile hairs.

For regular grooming habits, use this type of brush in combination with a bit of beard balm and Conair’s paddle brush styler for an unbeatable look. With consistent brushing maintenance, you’ll be able to keep even the most unruly locks tamed while enhancing their natural beauty – now that’s something worth investing in!

Beard Growth Kits

Get a head start on your facial hair journey with The Beard Club’s Beard Growth Kits. Each kit is specially formulated for different hair types and contains ingredients like beard balm to give volume and hold. It also includes Conair’s paddle brush styler with low heat settings, so the risk of damage is minimal.

It comes with an extensive list of grooming tips, including how to keep up your beard care regimen after long days at work. A bit of daily maintenance using quality products can go a long way, so get ready for longer locks by investing in one of The Beard Club’s kits today!


Wash your beard with a quality shampoo and conditioner regularly, as cleanliness is next to godliness! Start by dry brushing your facial hair. This will remove any dirt or debris that might be trapped in the hairs while also stimulating blood flow to promote healthy growth.

After this, you can begin conditioning wash which helps soften and hydrate the beard for easier styling. Texturizing gel should then be applied before wet trimming so you get an even cut without risking split ends or excessive thinning of the hair follicles.

Lastly, add just a bit of styling cream or some beard balm depending on how much hold you want when it’s time to style it out when dry later on in your routine; this will help keep unruly hairs from taking over again as soon as they start drying out after being washed away!

Avoid using harsh shampoos that strip away too much of its natural oils – regular shampoo should do fine for most types of curly beards but if needed use one specifically formulated for curly locks such as those made by The Beard Club products range at their online store u2013 these are designed especially with curlies in mind and avoid stripping away facial hairu2019s natural oils whilst still providing thorough cleaning action against bacteria build up near skin area which could lead cause irritation otherwise left unchecked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I trim my beard?

Trimming your beard regularly is essential for consistent care and maintenance. Use disposable gloves to avoid infection, remove fast-growing stray hairs, and comb extra-long flyaways. Apply a bit of beard balm or oil to keep the strands moisturized. Invest in good quality products like high-end hair growth kits specifically designed for beards. They come with all the necessary items you need for proper grooming.

Regular trimming helps maintain control on your curls, prevents split ends from forming, and keeps your beard looking neat and healthy.

How often should I trim my beard?

Is there a difference between curly and straight hair beards?

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between curly and straight hair beards? The answer is yes! Hair texture, growth, length maintenance, and styling techniques can all vary depending on the type of beard.

Naturally curly beard hair tends to grow in different directions due to each follicle being wound up like a spring. Wavy beard hair has less curl than naturally curly but more than straight beards.

Straight beards are easier to manage with regular trims using scissors or clippers, as well as a bit of wax or balm for control and hold. You should also include Conair’s Paddle Brush Styler for an even neater look.

Beard oil helps keep it moisturized, while brushing with a boar bristle brush prevents frizz, so your desired style stays intact longer!

What is the best way to use a beard comb?

Brushing your beard with a comb is an essential part of maintaining its health. Start by using Conair’s paddle brush styler to soften the hair and remove any split ends or tangles.

Then, use a boar bristle beard brush downwards without pulling, which will reduce frizz and maintain your natural look.

To style curly beards, apply a bit of beard balm before drying with the hairdryer on low heat setting for best results.

After styling products are applied and routine brushing techniques are used, make sure to incorporate healthy diet habits and Beardoholic’s beard soap into your grooming regimen for optimal results!

How do I know when it is time to wash my beard?

Knowing when it is time to wash your beard can be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to shampoo it every 3-4 days and use a comb out technique in between washes. When you do wash, make sure to use natural oils like jojoba or argan oil, and avoid using too much as this can cause buildup that clogs pores. After washing, pat dry with a simple cotton t-shirt, then add just a bit of beard balm if needed for extra moisture. Brush in small sections with the grain of the hair texture.

With proper care, you’ll keep your curly beard looking its best!

What products should I use to keep my beard soft and healthy?

If you want to keep your beard looking and feeling its best, there’s an arsenal of products that can help. Start with a conditioning routine – use a bit of beard balm or oil to nourish the hair follicles and restore skin’s natural oils.

Conair’s paddle brush styler is also a great option for neater-looking styling results without heat damage.

Maintaining a healthy diet with proper hydration levels and regularly trimming split ends are also essential grooming techniques for keeping your beard soft and healthy.

With these steps in place, you’ll have all the tools necessary for keeping your beard looking its best!


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of your journey to tame your curly beard. Now you have the tools and knowledge to keep it looking neat, healthy, and handsome.

Keep up with regular trims, washing, and brushing, and you’ll be on your way to achieving the beard of your dreams. With the right care, your beard will not only look good, but it’ll feel good too.

So grab your scissors, comb, and beard oil, and take your beard to the next level.

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