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Shave a Perfect Pencil Moustache for Your Face! Full Guide of 2023

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The pencil mustache is a classic facial hair style that has been gracing the faces of men for centuries. It’s sophisticated and timeless look can add an air of mystery to any man who dares wear it.

If you’ve decided to take on this iconic ‘stache, then you’ll need some tips on how to shave it properly so as not to ruin its shape and overall appeal.

We’ll go over what exactly constitutes a pencil moustache, discuss which tools are best suited for shaving them, examine different techniques used when trimming your moustache, provide aftercare instructions once complete- plus much more.

So let’s get started!

What is a Pencil Moustache?

how to shave pencil mustacheI’m looking to learn more about the Pencil Moustache. It’s a type of moustache that sits low just above the upper lip, and was popularized by celebrities such as Jean Dujardin and Sir Bruce Forsyth. Styling it requires some dexterity; you’ll need to ensure your moustache is trimmed evenly, with regular shaving and touching up needed for maintenance.

Definition and History

A Pencil Moustache is a low-sitting style of facial hair that’s seen a resurgence in popularity over the years, with celebrities like Jean Dujardin and Sir Bruce Forsyth being known for their signature looks.

This type of moustache can be styled from as little as two weeks’ worth of growth and suits white tie attire to an open collar shirt with an optional Ascot tie. It also has gender differences, as thicker pencil moustaches look better on darker hair while thin ones work well for men with fairer locks.

Its cultural significance varies depending upon region; however, there are still some popular trends which tend to remain constant throughout time such as its ability to flatter different face shapes including diamond shaped faces needing softer styles while those who have heart shaped or oval faces will benefit most from this modest sized ‘stache’.

Product recommendations include using shavettes or beard trimmers instead of modern razors when trimming it- seeking out a competent barber would ensure better results too! With careful consideration given to styling and maintenance routines paired with celebrity inspiration driving much interest in recent times, the Pencil Moustache continues its reign amongst many fashionistas worldwide today.

Styling and Maintenance

Opting for a shavette with an open blade or well-designed beard trimmer is key to achieving the perfect Pencil Moustache, as modern razors can be too harsh and could result in uneven trimming. Upgrading your tools and maintaining the shape of your moustache are essential elements when styling a pencil moustache.

  • Trimming Frequency: Regularly trim any stray hairs that may have grown beyond 1/8 inch (5mm) from the bottom line of your mustache using precision scissors or clippers.
  • Styling Products: Use waxes, oils, pomades and other specialized products to give it texture and add color if desired. Always keep product use light so as not to weigh down hair growth – this will create added volume at its base while making sure you don’t end up looking like an oil slick!
  • Adding Color : To achieve more creative looks such as dyed tips or colored highlights try out some temporary dyes available on the market today!

Just make sure they are semi-permanent which means they won’t last forever but they will give you plenty of time to experiment before having commit long term with permanent dyes.

How to Shave a Pencil Moustache

I’m going to show you how to shave a pencil moustache. First, you’ll need the right tools: an open blade razor or well-designed beard trimmer, and shaving cream or foam. Next, prepare your moustache by lightly combing it downwards and defining the parting line with a brush if needed.

Tools Needed

For achieving a perfect Pencil Moustache, it’s essential to use the right tools. Imagine yourself in front of the mirror with all your shaving equipment laid out before you – shavette with an open blade, precision scissors and clippers for trimming stray hairs beyond 1/8 inch (5mm) from the bottom line of your moustache; waxes, oils and pomades to give texture; as well as semi-permanent dyes for creative looks.

It’s important that you choose high-quality blades or razors when shaving any type of facial hair- this is especially true when grooming such a distinct style like a pencil moustache.

When it comes to selecting the best razor types and trimmers for grooming your pencil mustache look no further than professional barbershop products that specialize in men’s facial hair care products including creams specifically designed for thinning down coarse strands or providing shine depending on what kind finish you’re looking achieve.

Preparing the Moustache

Preparing the moustache correctly is essential to achieving a perfect look, and it’s important to equip yourself with quality tools and products before starting. Start by examining your growth pattern; as this will determine how long or wide you should keep your moustache.

The length of hair can be determined by using either scissors or clippers; use whichever one feels most comfortable for you. Next, shape the sides of your Pencil Moustache using sharp barber’s scissors that allow precise cutting without risking snipping too big an area off at once- trimming in smaller increments works best! Pay close attention while twirling each end into points so they don’t get too thick at any point along their length, then brush them outward towards the corners of your mouth with a styling product such as wax or pomade for extra hold and definition.

Shaving Technique

With great care and finesse, one must take the time to execute a precise shave in order to perfectly capture the desired Pencil Moustache look. When it comes to moustache grooming, having the right products is key for achieving a successful shave.

Investing in quality shaving supplies such as badger-hair brushes, sharp blades and waxes will help create an even application of product before commencing with your trimming routine. To support growth tricks like applying oils or balms can provide additional nourishment that may be lacking from traditional shampoos or conditioners specifically designed for facial hair types.


After the shave, it’s paramount to properly pamper your precious penmanship. Keeping facial skin hydrated and nourished with moisturizers or oils is essential for preserving the Pencil Moustache look. To ensure that you achieve a well-crafted style, consider trimming tips and beard grooming techniques to balance length evenly throughout all sides of your moustache.

If in need of product recommendations, explore razor selection options available on the market today – from shaving foam to aftershave balms – as these products can help deliver an optimal sharpness without sacrificing comfort.

Choosing the Best Pencil Moustache for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Best Pencil Moustache for Your Face ShapeChoosing the right Pencil Moustache for your face shape can be tricky, but with knowledge of the different variations available and an understanding of how they cater to various facial structures, you’ll be able to find a style that suits you perfectly.

Factors such as facial texture, hair type and skin tone should all play a part in choosing your perfect moustache. Additionally, beard length and mustache width also affect what kind of pencil moustache is best suited for each individual face shape.

For Oblong faces it’s important to ensure that their moustaches are not too thin so as not to make their faces appear larger than they actually are; thicker styles tend work better on these types of shapes while keeping a wide parting between both wings will help keep the look balanced.

Square-faced men benefit from slightly wider versions since small ones may get lost among other strong features; opting for something more voluminous helps sharpen up those edges without overdoing it or making them look out-of-place against harsh jawlines or chiseled cheekbones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I shave a Pencil Moustache?

Shaving a Pencil Moustache can be tricky, but with the right stubble frequency, trimming tips and hair growth knowledge it’s doable. As facial hair grows at different speeds on all individuals, some may need to shave their moustache every day while others just 3-4 times per week depending on how fast their Hair Growth is.

What products should I use to style a Pencil Moustache?

Styling a Pencil Moustache requires the right products and grooming habits to ensure it looks its best. Protective gear, such as an open blade shavette or well-designed beard trimmer, should be used when trimming.

Styling products like wax can add texture and hold for longer lasting results. To achieve more subtle fading tips use a razor with less pressure in order to create finer lines around the edges of your moustache.

What is the best way to part a Pencil Moustache?

Parting a Pencil Moustache is crucial for achieving the desired look. The process can be daunting but with proper knowledge, it’s easy to master. Start by using split combination scissors to distinguish between longer and shorter hairs on either side of the philtrum—the spot that runs from nose-to-mouth in between your lips.

This helps give you more texture control and length adjustment when sculpting your moustache shape.

How long does it take to grow a Pencil Moustache?

Growing a Pencil Moustache can take anywhere from two weeks to several months depending on the natural growth of your hair. It’s no secret that this style is fading in trends, but with some proper grooming options and styling tips you can look like a classic movie star or even Sir Bruce Forsyth.

You’ll want to consider your facial structure when deciding which type of moustache will best suit you- thinner moustaches tend to work better for darker hair while thicker styles are preferable if you have lighter or patchier growth.

Are there any health risks associated with Pencil Moustaches?

When it comes to facial hair, the pencil moustache is a classic look that has been around for decades. Although there aren’t any specific health risks associated with this style of facial hair, proper care and hygiene habits are essential to maintaining good skin health and avoiding irritation.

To ensure your pencil moustache looks its best, take into account factors such as texture of your hair and grooming tips like trimming regularly or using a shavette with an open blade instead of modern razors.


Finally, the key to achieving and maintaining the perfect Pencil moustache is finding the right shape and style for your face. Whether you favour the classic Double or parted moustache, the single Pencil, or the bolder Thick Pencil, there’s a look out there for everyone.

With the right tools, patience and practice, you can create a look that’s unique to you and that will leave a lasting impression. So go ahead and give the Pencil moustache a try! Who knows, you might just find your new favorite style.

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