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Slay Your ‘Hawk: Expert Tips for Cutting, Styling, and Dyeing Your Mohawk! (2023)

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We’ve all seen them- the mohawks, pompadours and fauxhawks that make heads turn. With a few simple steps, you can create an equally stylish look of your own! In this article, we’ll show you how to shave a mohawk like the pros – from centering it perfectly to dying it with vibrant colors.

We’ll provide tips on what products work best for different hair types and share inspiring examples so you can get creative with your style.

So grab those clippers and scissors – let’s get started!

What You Need for a Mohawk

how to shave a mohawkWe’re here to help you get the perfect Mohawk! To start, you’ll need hair clippers, scissors and a comb. Don’t forget styling product like gel or wax for textured hair, hairspray to keep it in place and bleach powder if going for bolder colors.

Lastly, add some developer (peroxide) when bleaching your hair as well as dye and conditioner or a hair mask after washing it out.

Hair Clippers

Using hair clippers with varying guard sizes, you can gradually fade the sides of your Mohawk to create a unique look. It’s like creating a masterpiece painting; each stroke is as important as the next.

Wearing protective gear such as gloves and glasses should be mandatory when using clipper settings higher than two or three on both sides to prevent cuts and irritations from metal dust particles caused by cleaning blades after every use.

Hair care products are essential for maintaining healthy locks while getting accustomed to barber training techniques that give more control over styling options for longer-lasting results.


To help create the perfect look, scissors should be used to refine and touch up areas of the Mohawk that may have been missed by clippers. Using texture with scissors can add a unique twist to your style; experimenting with color can also give you an edge over other styles.

When it comes to shaping tips for styling advice, having the right pair of scissors is essential for achieving precise lines and angles.


We all know a Mohawk is no walk in the park, but with the right tools, it’s totally doable. A comb can be used to help detangle and separate the hair, adding texture and dimension to this daring style.

For those who are hesitant about picking up a pair of scissors or clippers themselves, there are bleaching techniques available as well as coloring options that won’t damage your hair too much if done correctly.

With some cutting techniques under your belt — along with styling methods using product recommendations like pomade or wax — you will have mastered this high-maintenance look in no time! While most people use gel or spray for their ‘hawks, finding what works best for you depends on your individual type of hair: thick? Curly? Dry? No matter what dilemma you’re facing when styling your Mohawk (or fauxhawk), having an understanding of these basics will put you one step closer to having that perfect head-turning hairstyle!

Styling Product

Once you’ve cut your Mohawk, it’s time to add some product for the perfect finish; whether you opt for wax or pomade, gel or spray – depending on your hair type- there’s something out there to help bring this daring look together.

To get that extra shine and texture while creating an eye-catching style, we recommend starting with a bleaching process. Depending on the length of your hair and which color fantasy effect you’re going for will determine what developer volume (peroxide) is used in combination with bleach powder.

Afterwards use a step by step guide when dyeing your newly lightened locks — from Manic Panic to any other vibrant hue suited just right for you — keeping maintenance tips in mind like using conditioners after washing out all chemicals from dying process helps keep lengths healthy looking without much effort! Finishing touches such as blow drying upside down adds more volume at top making it easier later when styling products are added: gels work great if wanting spikes up standing tall whereas sprays give off glossy wet looks easily combed into place before adding hairspray ensuring no movements throughout day/night.


Once your desired style is achieved, hairspray can be used to help maintain it and ensure no movement throughout the day or night. When styling a Mohawk, you want to create a look that’s unique and eye-catching! To achieve this goal, you will need more than just some hair products; Fading Techniques for different Hair Lengths as well as varying levels of Hair Thickness are key elements in creating the perfect shape.

Parting Lines also play an important role in setting off any style. With all these factors taken into consideration applying hairspray after achieving your desired Mohawk will guarantee that it stays put all day long! Using only top quality hair products like waxes or pomades designed specifically for thicker curls can give an extra boost when it comes to maintaining the structure of your ‘do while allowing flexibility with various looks depending on what type of event you may have planned during the course of any given evening.

Bleach Powder

If you’re looking for a more drastic change, bleaching your hair with bleach powder and developer (peroxide) can help achieve vivid fantasy colors or lighten up to blonde shades; however, it’s important to use lower volumes of peroxide the first few times if unfamiliar with this process.

To ensure safe and successful color application, proper hair preparation is essential before going through any type of color transformation. Start by using a deep conditioning mask on your locks prior to the texture service – this will help protect the cuticle against damage caused by chemical processes.

It’s also important that you select tonal values that blend well together when choosing hues for highlights and lowlights.

Developer (peroxide)

We all know that peroxide is essential when it comes to achieving vivid fantasy colors or lightening up the hair to blonde shades. That’s why, if you’re new to bleaching your own hair, it’s important to use lower volumes of developer at first.

  • Mixing Ratios- Be sure that you measure out the right proportions of bleach powder and developer for maximum effectiveness.
  • Color Blending- Depending on your desired look, experiment with different mixing ratios until a color blend has been achieved.
  • Hair Length- Longer hair requires more product than shorter styles due its increased surface area; adjust accordingly!

It’s also important not only for safety purposes but also for aesthetic reasons that one wears protective gear while bleaching their mohawk such as gloves and eyewear in order avoid any staining or other unwanted effects from contact with skin/eyes respectively during application time period (especially near scalp).


After bleaching, it’s time to dye your mohawk – just make sure you don’t let the dye sit too long or else risk damaging your hair! Once you’ve got everything prepped and ready for dying, there are a few tips and tricks that can help make this process go smoothly.

Highlighting techniques like balayage and ombre add depth to mohawks; these methods give subtle definition without needing an extensive amount of upkeep. To keep up with the latest trends in coloring, consult celebrity inspiration images for color combinations that will compliment your look.

Hair care is essential when dealing with dyed hair; conditioning treatments before shampooing should be part of your weekly routine along with regular trims every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Conditioner or Hair Mask

Have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain a mohawk? After dyeing your mohawk, it’s essential to carefully condition and treat the hair with a nourishing mask or deep-conditioner in order to keep it healthy and vibrant.

  • Conditioner Benefits: Helps restore moisture, smooths out frizziness, protects from heat damage.
  • Hair Mask Benefits: Repairs damaged strands, adds shine and softness without weighing down your style.
  • Styling Tips: Use pomade or wax for thicker or curly hair types instead of gel/spray; blow dry upside down for added volume; use hairspray sparingly once finished styling.
  • Color Selection: Choose colors that won’t clash too harshly with natural skin tones when going for fantasy colors like Manic Panic dyes- stick with lower developer volumes if unsure about bleaching skills!
  • Maintenance Routine : Regular trims necessary every 6-8 weeks depending on desired length , as well as weekly deep conditioning treatments. With these tips , you can transform your look while keeping up appearances !

Centering Your Mohawk

When it comes to centering our Mohawk, precision and attention to detail is key! To make sure the cut is perfectly symmetrical, we can use a piece of masking tape across our head as a guide before using clippers.

With practice and skill with scissors and clippers, we’ll be able to create the perfect Mohawk for any occasion.

Importance of Centering

Centering your mohawk correctly is essential for achieving a polished and symmetrical look; it’s the key to ensuring you get the style you desire. Using a piece of masking tape can help guide your trimming process, so that both sides remain even and balanced.

After centering with precision, take time experimenting with mohawk shapes or different lengths in order to find what looks best on you. The end result should make use of hair texture as well as personal preferences related to styling tips.

Mixing dye or using bleach for fantasy colors requires special care when coloring around the Mohawk area too – be mindful not to let any product come in contact with central strands.

Using Masking Tape

Using a piece of masking tape can help you achieve accuracy and symmetry for your Mohawk, so it’s important to take the time to center your ‘hawk precisely before beginning the trimming process. When centering with masking tape, be sure that it is placed at an even distance from each side of the head- this will ensure that both sides are cut evenly.

To ensure maximum precision while cutting, use clippers and scissors in combination; start by using higher guards on clippers first if unsure about DIY skills.

When dyeing or bleaching hair after getting a Mohawk haircut, don’t wash it first as this could damage color results significantly! Use bleach powder and developer (peroxide) when going for lighter shades or fantasy colors such as those offered by Manic Panic brands – stick with lower volume peroxides at first until experienced enough – then follow up with washing out carefully afterwards.

Tips for Precision

When it comes to achieving a neat, symmetrical Mohawk look, precision is key; therefore, it’s important to take the time to center your ‘hawk accurately with masking tape and use clippers and scissors in combination for maximum accuracy.

When styling a Mohawk there are several techniques that require attention: shaping technique using clippers or scissors; fading technique when blending adjacent hair lengths together; cutting technique when trimming hair length in central section of the mohawk if necessary; coloring technique such as bleach if going lighter than natural color or dyeing fantasy colors like pink or blue.

Using these techniques provides more control over how you want your hairstyle done while allowing flexibility on experimentation. Styling products such as gel, spray starch and sugar can help make sure the desired style stands up all day long.

How to Make Your Mohawk Stand Up

How to Make Your Mohawk Stand UpWe’re getting ready to discuss how to make a Mohawk stand up, so we need the right tools and products. We’ll start by looking at different styling options such as gel, spray, blow dryer, starch or sugar; then explore which are best for different hair types.

After that we’ll talk about washing and blow-drying your hair for volume before finally applying styling product and hairspray.

Gel, Spray, Blow Dryer, Starch, or Sugar

Choosing the right styling product for your mohawk can be daunting; however, using gel, spray starch or sugar to help keep it in place all day long isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Volumizing techniques such as blow drying with your head upside down can add more volume to the central section of a mohawk.

Hair type considerations are important when choosing a styling product – pomade or wax might suit those with thick, curly and/or dry hair better than gel or spray does. Coloring basics should also be taken into account if you plan on dyeing your hair after cutting it- make sure not to let bleach sit for too long and use lower developer volumes at first if new to bleaching.

Different textures have different needs – take that into consideration when matching skin tone so you don’t end up with an unflattering look! When done properly though, these products will ensure that your mohawk stays put throughout the day regardless of whether you choose gelled spikes, curled locks or just want something laid back (lazyhawk).

Best Products for Different Hair Types

Depending on your hair type, different styling products may be better suited to make sure your mohawk stays in place all day- from gelled spikes to curled locks and everything in between. For a colored Mohawk, bleaching is essential before applying dye. Hair masks or conditioners can help keep the color vibrant while maintaining softness of the hair afterwards.

Textured Mohawks tend to look best with pomade or wax as they hold up well against humidity and moving around throughout the day without losing shape easily. Curly Mohawks usually need something like curl creams for definition and frizz control if you want it sleek instead of wild! Short Mohawks are easier to style since there’s not much length involved but still require some sort of product like hairspray for hold without flaking later on throughout the day.

Washing and Blow-drying for Volume

After washing and conditioning your hair, blow-drying it upside down can help bring some volume to the central section of a Mohawk hairstyle, allowing you to create an even more striking look.

  • Use shorter sized guards on clippers when fading from sideburns and back hairline for precision control.
  • Choose the right styling product depending on your hair type such as wax or pomade instead of gel or spray if needed.
  • For fantasy colors like those seen in Manic Panic dyes, bleach first by mixing bleach powder with lower developer (peroxide) volumes until desired shade is achieved.
  • Be mindful not to let dye sit too long after application so as not damage one’s natural locks.
  • When blow-drying post wash/bleaching/dyeing process ensure head is inverted in order take advantage natural gravity induced lift potential within strands of fur!

With these techniques you can have a great looking mohawk every time without spending hours at the salon!

Applying Styling Product and Hairspray

Once the hair has been washed, bleached and dyed to achieve your desired look, it’s time to apply styling product and hairspray for a truly dynamic mohawk. The styling process is often overlooked but can be integral in creating texture changes or color coordination with the rest of your look.

When selecting products for your Mohawk, consider what type of hair you have: thick or thin; dry or oily; colored or natural; curly or straight? Depending on these factors will determine what type of product you need — waxes work best on thicker/dryer textures while gels are better suited for thinner/oily textures.

Additionally, when using any kind of chemical-based product make sure to read all safety tips beforehand as they can cause skin irritation if used improperly.

How to Dye Your Mohawk

We, as experienced stylists and hair colorists, are here to help you dye your mohawk. Before we get started it’s important that you understand the basics of bleaching: make sure to use a lower developer volume if this is your first time and pick either fantasy colors or light blonde.

When applying bleach be mindful of how long it sits in order to achieve the desired result; when done correctly wash out the bleach followed by conditioning or a hair mask for optimal results.

Bleaching First

If you’re looking for an especially striking look, bleaching your hair prior to dyeing is key- it ensures the color of your dyed mohawk will be vibrant and vivid. To begin, you must first understand the basics of mixing bleach powder and developer (peroxide) in a safe ratio that won’t cause harm to your scalp or hair.

Make sure to wear protective gear such as gloves when handling chemicals like these – also ensure that any skin exposed is prepped with petroleum jelly beforehand.

There are many different color options available now due to advances in technology; however make sure not overdo it on one particular shade so as not overwhelm yourself or have too harsh contrast between natural roots & colored ends after completing haircare routine! Allowing oneself enough time during each stage enables optimal results while cutting down drastically on potential damage caused by incorrect technique/handling – remember: practice makes perfect!.

Choosing Fantasy Colors or Light Blonde

When choosing a fantasy color or light blonde for your mohawk, it’s important to take caution when mixing bleach powder and developer (peroxide) as the ratio must be safe in order to avoid causing damage to one’s scalp or hair.

To achieve this, stick with lower volumes of peroxide at first if you’re not used to bleaching.

  • Fading Techniques- Use shorter sized guards on clippers and fade your way down from sideburns and back hairline.
  • Styling Variations- Choose between gel, spray, blow dryer, starch or sugar depending on your hair type; use a lot of hairspray once done styling!
  • Maintenance Tips- Regularly trim any excess length when needed; apply conditioner after dyeing/bleaching is complete.
  • Color Blending & Hair Accessories – Mix colors together carefully before applying them via brush techniques; add accessories like headbands that match each shade in hue perfectly!

It’s essential that you remember these key points throughout the entire process so that you can ensure an amazing-looking mohawk every time without damaging any part of your scalp area due its chemical content.

Lower Developer Volume for Beginners

For those just starting out with bleaching, it’s important to use a lower developer volume to avoid any potential scalp or hair damage. Using styling tools properly is essential for achieving the desired look, so be sure you’re familiar with how they work before applying bleach.

When choosing a color for your Mohawk, opt for fantasy colors like Manic Panic that won’t cause harm to your hair and scalp.

After washing out the bleach and dye from your new ‘do, apply some conditioner or a hydrating mask as part of your regular hair care routine.

Washing Out Bleach and Applying Dye

After bleaching, it’s important to wash out your hair carefully and then apply the dye of your choice for a vibrant Mohawk look.

  • Start by mixing bleach powder with developer (peroxide) if you’re choosing a fantasy color or going for a light blonde. Make sure not to let the bleach sit too long- opt for lower developer volume when starting off!
  • Once done, rinse out your hair properly and apply conditioner or other intensive care products afterwards. This will help protect the strands from further damage caused by coloring chemicals in dyes.
  • When selecting colors that best suit you, consider all options available; there are plenty of choices such as natural shades like browns & blondes, blues & greens etc., however fantasy colors like those offered by Manic Panic can really bring life into any hairstyle!

Finally don’t forget about styling options

Checking Regularly for Desired Color

Checking regularly to ensure the desired color has been achieved is essential when dyeing a Mohawk, so don’t forget to check-in periodically! Before starting any hair coloring process, it’s important for you to understand the basics of bleaching and how this step will affect your overall look.

After selecting your preferred shade from an array of shades available on the market today, you’re ready to mix together bleach powder with developer (peroxide) or tint according to its instructions.

Be sure not let the mixture stay in too long as this could lead into undesired results.

Once done with bleaching, wash out carefully before applying dye – fantasy colors like those offered by Manic Panic are known not caus damage after application- take time and apply evenly throughout all sections your hair until reaching satisfactory result.

Examples of Mohawk

Examples of MohawkWe’re excited to explore the many different styles of Mohawks! For inspiration, we recommend looking at some images and videos.

Inspiration for Different Styles

Once you’ve achieved your desired look, it’s time to explore different styling options for a unique and individualized Mohawk! A Layered Mohawk is an ever-popular choice; this style features layers of hair in the center that create added texture.

To achieve this effect, use scissors or clippers to cut away at the sides while leaving more length on top. This can be done with a variety of lengths depending on how much volume you want in the central section.

For those who prefer something shorter, consider trying out a Short Mohawk. The key here is not trying to go too short – keep some length as it will help emphasize any layering effects from cutting around ears and other areas if desired.

A Textured Mohawk also provides plenty of versatility when styling your mohawk – think tousled curls or wavy locks instead of sleek gelled spikes! To get started with this option, simply leave more length throughout all parts of the haircut rather than focusing strictly on one part like with layered mohawks mentioned above.

Images and Videos for Reference

Reference images and videos are a great way to get inspired for your unique mohawk look- with plenty of styling options available, you can create something totally tailored to you! As if by coincidence, we have the perfect guide on how to achieve that dream mohawk.

With our expert bleaching techniques and dyeing process, as well as tips on styling techniques and hair care essentials – not forgetting an array of color options – all your Mohawk dreams will come true! We know just what it takes for a perfect cut- from using scissors or clippers carefully around the sides, precision centering down the middle part or even trimming certain areas.

Our experienced team has got you covered when it comes to creating that fresh new look. From gels and sprays through pomade waxes or starches – whatever suits your hair type best – we’ll help find what works perfectly for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best tools for cutting a Mohawk?

We know how important it is to get the perfect Mohawk cut, and that’s why we take great care in choosing the best tools for the job. From advanced braiding techniques to finding just the right hair texture and color combinations, having a skilled pair of scissors or clippers can make all the difference when styling your ‘do.

We also keep up with all of latest trends as well as which products work best for achieving optimal results – from gels and sprays to pomades or waxes depending on your hair type.

How long should I let the bleach sit on my hair when dyeing my Mohawk?

We know how important it is to get the timing right when dyeing a Mohawk, so we have some advice on how long you should let the bleach sit. When selecting your color, start with a lower volume of developer and make sure not to leave it in for too long- about 15 minutes or until you reach your desired shade.

This technique also applies when bleaching in order to achieve fantasy colors like those from Manic Panic. After washing out the bleach, apply conditioner or hair mask before applying dye and then wait again for about 15 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

How often should I trim my Mohawk?

We recommend trimming your Mohawk every 3-5 weeks, depending on how quickly it grows. To get the best results from trimming a Mohawk, you’ll need to have some skills with scissors and clippers. Taking into consideration the latest trends in bleaching techniques and styling products can help you achieve a great mohawk shape that will last for months before needing another trim.

Additionally, since many people like to add dye colors to their hair when doing a mohawk haircut, make sure your use of bleach is within safe limits so as not to damage your locks; afterwards apply conditioner or hair mask for extra care after dying it.

What is the best way to style my Mohawk to make it last longer?

We know styling a Mohawk can be challenging, but with the right brushing techniques, hair maintenance tips and texturizing tricks you can keep your look fresh for longer. To make sure the cut lasts as long as possible start by prepping your hair – use heat protection to avoid damage from blow-drying or curling irons.

If you want to experiment with color blending, bleach carefully following directions on the product label and always apply conditioner afterwards.

Is it necessary to wash my hair before dyeing it?

We often get asked if it’s necessary to wash your hair before dyeing it. The answer is no, in fact you should not wash your hair before bleaching or dying as this can cause a lot of damage to the scalp and increase the risk of color fading quickly.

It is important that you pay attention to safety when bleaching and be sure to use a lower developer concentration for those who are new at using bleach on their hair. We also recommend using high quality coloring techniques such as those offered by Manic Panic, which won’t cause any damage but will give great results with minimal effort! For best results make sure you take care of your scalp during styling; this includes being mindful about how long bleach stays on and adding conditioner or a deep-conditioning mask after every dye job.


We’ve gone over everything you need to know to create a Mohawk. Now it’s time to break out the clippers and scissors and let your creativity shine! Remember to center your Mohawk correctly and use the right products for your hair type.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a unique fantasy color with bleach powder and dye.

So, what are you waiting for? With the right tools, a little bit of practice, and some inspiration from famous Mohawks, you can create your own unique style.

So get started and show off that Mohawk!

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