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How to Shave a Handlebar Mustache: a Step-by-step Guide (2023)

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We’ve all seen them. Those big, bold mustaches that curl up at the ends and are capable of wowing any crowd.

Whether you want to try out this style or just maintain your own, we have you covered in our guide for how to shave a handlebar mustache.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what a handlebar mustache is and how it’s worn with tips on growing one as well as trimming and styling techniques.

Let’s get started today by diving into everything there is to know about shaving a handlebar mustache!

What is a Handlebar Mustache?

how to shave a handlebar mustacheWe, as a collective group of mustache enthusiasts, are here to discuss the handlebar mustache—a classic style with its roots in Victorian-era England. This iconic look consists of long hairs growing on both sides from the corners of one’s mouth and waxed up to resemble bicycle handles.

It requires patience and dedication in order to grow out your facial hair and maintain it properly with regular grooming.

Definition and History of Handlebar Mustache

We’ve long been captivated by the classic handlebar mustache, a timeless facial hair style that has remained popular for centuries and is still beloved today. The distinctive look of this mustache derives from its thickly waxed ends, which are styled into a curl or point on each side.

It is one of the most iconic styles in facial hair history and requires careful shaving etiquette, mustachio trends, beard grooming techniques, waxing procedures, and regular handlebar care to maintain properly.

While some men grow their own natural versions of this ‘stache without assistance, others rely heavily on styling aides such as Mustache Wax to achieve its signature shape. With dedication to proper maintenance habits, any man can enjoy sporting an impressive handlebar ‘stache with pride.

Transitioning smoothly into our next section about how to grow a Handlebar Mustache offers further insight into mastering this iconic style.

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache

We are here to discuss the tips for growing a handlebar mustache. It takes patience and dedication as it can take up to six months for the hair on your upper lip area to grow long enough in order for you to create this iconic style.

You’ll also need some styling aides such as Mustache Wax or other products, so that you can achieve an appearance resembling bicycle handles – either curled, straight out or left more natural.

Tips for Growing a Handlebar Mustache

Let’s embark on the journey of growing a handlebar mustache together, and let our imaginations run wild as we envision ourselves with this iconic facial hair style! Growing a handlebar mustache requires patience and dedication.

It can take four to six months for the mustache hair to grow long enough to allow you to create this look.

To ensure success, it’s important that you maintain an effective combing technique during grooming, use high-quality products like wax or pomade specifically designed for styling mustaches, and familiarize yourself with various styling techniques such as curling your ‘stache using hot air from a blow dryer.

Facial hair care should not be taken lightly; properly caring for your face fur is essential if you want it looking good all day every day!

In order to achieve optimal results when creating our luxurious facial masterpiece, we must learn how best to use the necessary tools: waxes or oils that will give us shape without weighing down our hairs too much; beard combs, which are made especially thick so they don’t damage delicate hairs while training them into desired positions; and round brushes, which help form unique curls in each individual strand of bristles.

These three items make up most people’s arsenal when crafting their own personalized handlebar styles.

With knowledge about proper usage of these elements combined with determination, anyone can successfully master their own personal brushwork artistry in no time at all!

How to Trim a Handlebar Mustache

How to Trim a Handlebar MustacheWe are going to discuss how to trim a handlebar mustache. Trimming this style of facial hair requires the right tools and knowledge, so it is important that you know what you need before starting.

Tools Needed for Trimming a Handlebar Mustache

Now that we know the basics of growing a handlebar mustache, let’s get ready to craft our own facial masterpiece with the help of some key tools!

For starters, you’ll need a good quality beard brush or comb to evenly spread wax through your mustache and create even curls. You’ll also want styling products such as shampoo and conditioner specifically for mustaches, dye if desired, and trimmed scissors for precision cuts around your lips and cheeks.

Additionally, it’s important to use beard oils along with other styling aides like hairspray or mousse in order to achieve an optimal look.

Dyeing mustaches may be necessary depending on how light colored yours is naturally; this will also help maintain its color after regular shaving tips have been taken into account. Furthermore, using appropriate styling products like creams offer nourishment essential for preserving softness when handling them manually during the trimming process – without forgetting about applying proper amounts of wax which helps give more control over curves allowing us better-looking shapes afterwards.

With all these items at hand, we now have everything needed in order reach completion of our handlebar mustache journey leading us closer towards achieving mastery in grooming results!

How to Style a Handlebar Mustache

How to Style a Handlebar MustacheWe are here to discuss how to style a handlebar mustache. Training your mustache, applying wax, and curling it are the three steps that go into creating this classic look. To begin with, you’ll need to make sure your mustache is long enough for styling by using hot air from a blow dryer and a beard comb or brush while wet.

Then apply wax evenly through the length of the ‘stache before finally curling them according to your desired shape with thumb and index finger.

Training Your Mustache

To get the perfect handlebar mustache, we must train our ‘staches with a combination of hot air and wax to shape them into the desired look. Adjusting the shape of your mustache requires patience and dedication. It will take time before you can achieve that iconic handlebar style.

The best way to train your mustache is by using a blow dryer on wet hair while styling it with either a Beard Comb or Round Brush. This technique helps form an even curl in both directions which can then be shaped further when applying wax later on.

With proper maintenance ideas such as these, styling advice for how much heat should be used at what times, and other helpful tips for taking care of your Mustache Care routine in general – achieving that enviable Handlebar Mustache isn’t too far out of reach! By properly applying wax to help keep its shape after training our ‘staches correctly, we’ll have one step closer towards mastering the art of growing an impressive Handlebar Mustache!

Applying Wax to Your Mustache

Let’s get to styling our ‘staches by applying a bit of wax! Waxing your mustache correctly is essential for achieving the handlebar style. Applying wax helps you shape and maintain your desired look, while also providing protection from dirt, sweat, and UV rays.

Here are some tips on how to apply mustache wax:

  • Use only quality Mustache Wax that won’t flake off throughout the day or dry out quickly.
  • Scrape off a small amount of wax with a fingernail and then begin to warm it between your fingers before applying it to your mustache.
  • Apply evenly through the hair using either Beard Comb or Round Brush so that every strand gets just enough hold without looking greasy or clumpy.

These techniques will ensure proper application of mustache wax for an enduring curl in all weather conditions as well as give you added confidence in knowing that you’ve mastered one step closer towards creating the perfect handlebar look!

Curling Your Mustache

Now that we’ve applied the wax, it’s time to curl our ‘staches and give them a shape worthy of admiration! Many mustache enthusiasts use conditioner or other styling products, such as mustache oils and balms, to help keep their handlebars in place.

It’s important to note that these products are only used for additional hold, not necessarily for curling your ‘stache.

To start curling your mustache, you’ll need a blow dryer set on low heat paired with either a Beard Comb or Round Brush. Starting at the base of each side of your handlebar, begin brushing outward towards the edges while applying hot air from the blow dryer until you reach where you want them curled into place.

To add more definition and separation between curls, use shaving technique along with wax on specific parts near corners or middle sections if desired. This allows hairs around those areas to remain straight instead of adding too much volume by using just heated air alone from hair-dryers without any product intervention whatsoever.

Lastly, finish off strong by combing through all strands evenly using an application brush after allowing 10 minutes for cooling down period post heating/setting process has been completed successfully.

The Wrap-up

The Wrap-upWe all know that handlebar mustaches are the king of facial hair styles. But once you’ve grown and styled your mustache to perfection, how do you maintain it? We’ll discuss some tips for maintaining a handlebar mustache so that it looks sharp every day.

Tips for Maintaining a Handlebar Mustache

Now that we’ve got the perfect handlebar mustache, let’s keep it looking sharp with these maintenance tips! To maintain a handlebar mustache properly and ensure its longevity, there are certain techniques you should follow.

It’s important to understand your hair’s texture when styling a handlebar. This will help determine which twisting technique works best for you. Additionally, regular beard care such as moisturizing products and daily brushing helps keep the hairs healthy while also aiding in achieving the desired shape of your ‘stache.

To take full advantage of your mustache shaping abilities, use wax sparingly. Too much can cause clumps or make strands stick together in unruly ways.

Take note though: The more product applied onto facial hair may require additional effort during grooming sessions. So, allow extra time into those activities if needed! With patience and dedication comes mastery.

What Type of Beardsman Are You?

What Type of Beardsman Are You?We, as beardsmen, are well aware of the various types of mustache styles available to us. From a traditional handlebar ‘stache to an English or Hungarian variety, it can seem overwhelming when determining which look is best for you.

To make sure your ‘stache looks its best and stands out from the crowd, it’s important to know how each style should be groomed and maintained properly.

Different Types of Mustache Styles

We may have mastered the perfect handlebar ‘stache, but there are many more unique mustache styles to explore! Different waxes and styling techniques should be used for each type of style in order to achieve your desired shape or volume.

Shaping options such as curling or keeping it straight will also determine what look you are going for with your new facial hair adventure.

With patience and dedication comes great rewards when creating a unique mustached masterpiece! All that’s left is finding out how exactly one grows such an impressive ‘stache – stay tuned.

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We all know that handlebar mustaches require wax and regular grooming to keep them looking their best, but there are also some other tips and tricks you can use to make sure your mustache looks perfect.

From using hot air from a blow dryer for training, to scraping off the right amount of wax before application; these techniques will help you get that perfectly-curled ‘stache in no time.

Other Mustache Grooming Tips and Tricks

Now that we know how to grow and style a handlebar mustache, let’s delve further into other tips and tricks for grooming mustaches of all types!

A good brushing technique is essential in achieving the desired shape. Using a boar’s hair brush or comb can help spread wax evenly throughout your mustache while also helping you achieve different shapes, such as the classic handlebar look.

It’s important to remove any excess wax from your ‘stache using either lemon juice or coconut oil on a cloth before styling with hot air and/or curling irons.

Additionally, beard trimming should be done regularly since this helps keep facial hair looking neat without changing the overall appearance too much.

With these simple techniques in mind, one can easily maintain their desired look regardless of what type of mustache they have!

Now that our mustaches are groomed perfectly, let’s move onto learning how to cultivate an impressive handlebar ‘stache from scratch!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products should I use to groom my handlebar mustache?

We all know that a handlebar mustache is the king of all mustaches, and it requires special care to keep it looking sharp. Choosing the right razor, brushing techniques, shaving cream alternatives, and aftercare maintenance are essential for proper hygiene.

The key to successful grooming lies in selecting products designed specifically for your facial hair type – be it wax or brushes – as well as taking the time to learn how best to use them.

How often should I trim my handlebar mustache?

We recommend trimming your handlebar mustache every 2-4 weeks. To do so, start by washing it with a mild shampoo and conditioner to soften the hairs for easier shaping. Then, apply some beard wax or other styling product to help hold the shape of your mustache while you work on it.

Use sharp scissors or clippers to carefully snip away any excess hair, making sure not to cut too much off at once.

If possible, visit a barbershop for best results as they have experience and knowledge in shaving techniques and can provide advice about which products are most suitable for grooming habits such as yours!

Is a handlebar mustache suitable for all face shapes?

We’ve all seen the classic handlebar mustache, with its long, curled ends and impressive symmetry.

The answer is yes! While a traditional handlebar mustache can be harder to achieve on those with shorter or finer hair, there are several styling challenges that must be taken into account when choosing this style of facial hair.

Maintenance regimen and suitable hair color palettes should also factor in one’s decision to grow a handlebar mustache. Additionally, face symmetry plays an important role as well. Without proper balance between sides of the face, one may struggle to create an even look.

With these considerations in mind though, anyone can rock a stylish handlebar ‘stache!

Does my handlebar mustache need to be waxed every day?

We all know that handlebar mustaches require maintenance. To keep your ‘stache looking good, you’ll need to wax it every day and trim the length regularly.

Waxing helps hold the shape of your mustache while also providing a bit of shine – but too much can leave it looking greasy or heavy.

Trimming is key for maintaining the overall length, as well as making sure that each side stays even with one another when styling.

You may also want to use products like pomades or oils to help maintain its shape and give it some extra hold against gravity’s pull! Ultimately, having a cleanly groomed handlebar mustache requires patience and dedication in order to get just right – so take time with your styling routine for best results!

Do I need any special tools to style my handlebar mustache?

We all know that handlebar mustaches require a bit of extra care and attention to look their best. To style your ‘stache correctly, you’ll need the right tools. A Beard Comb or Round Brush for training the mustache hair, Mustache Wax for styling it in place, and a boar’s hair Beard Brush or Beard Comb to spread out the wax evenly.

When combining beard styles with proper facial hair maintenance and grooming habits, it’s important to remember that trimming your beard often will help keep everything looking neat, as well as give you an easier time when forming those classic handlebars!


We’ve come to the end of our guide to the handlebar mustache. Growing, trimming, and styling this iconic facial hair style takes patience and dedication, but the results can be worth it.

With the right tools and techniques, you can create a look that is truly your own and give yourself the perfect finishing touch.

Remember to take your time and be patient with the process, as it can take months to grow. Also, make sure to practice proper grooming and maintenance to keep your mustache looking sharp.

With some effort, you can be the proud owner of the perfect handlebar mustache.

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