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How to Curl Your Beard: 9 Pro Tips for Perfect Wavy Hair (2023)

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Struggling to make your beard curly? You’re not alone. Many men face the same challenge when it comes to styling and grooming their facial hair, especially if they have particularly thick or wavy locks.

Here are nine essential pro-tips on how to curl your beard so that it looks great all day long and stays in shape no matter what mother nature throws at it. Read on as we break down our top strategies for achieving lusciously curled locks from home.

Key Takeaways

how to make your beard curly

  • Use conditioning products like beard oil or styling balm to keep your curly beard soft and manageable.
  • Regularly trim your beard every two weeks to control wild curls.
  • Train your beard by using the right trimming technique, washing, combing or brushing, and applying oil or softener.
  • Use techniques like wrapping small sections around your finger before blow-drying and patch combing to achieve maximum hold and define curls.

Why is Beard Hair Curly?

Why is Beard Hair Curly?
You may have noticed that some of your facial hair is coarser than others and has a tendency to curl, especially when it’s grown out for a few months. A number of factors contribute to the curly nature of beard hairs. It can be genetic, hormonal, or environmental.

All three play into how straight or curly your beard will grow in. Hormonal levels impact the texture and tightness of curls, while genetics determine if you’ll have thin, fine strands versus thick, coarse ones.

To make sure your epic beard stays soft and manageable, use conditioning products like beard oil or styling balm after showering with a softener designed specifically for facial hair, such as one found at most drugstores.

If you live in humid climates, then using mustache wax on cheek lines will help tame them down so they don’t look unruly when combined with sideburns, creating a uniformed appearance.

Finally, adding quarter-sized amounts post-shower combing can soften denser beards, while applying heat from blow-drying followed by cool air helps train bristles, setting them into desired curls – leaving yours looking polished and dapper no matter what environment they’re exposed to! With proper grooming practices incorporating these tips, soon enough you’ll achieve greatness among even the best ‘Beardsman.

How to Control a Curly Beard

How to Control a Curly Beard
If you have a curly beard, you want to make sure it’s well-groomed and looking its best.

Find the Best Beard Comb for Curly Hair

Finding the perfect comb for your curls can help you show off your manly style and make heads turn. Whether it’s coarse or fine, curly hair needs special attention to keep its shape and kink-free definition.

When choosing a beard comb, look for one with wide teeth made of wood or plastic – metal combs tend to snag on the tough locks, which could damage them further.

To get started on proper beard care, begin by washing regularly with a mild shampoo before applying King C Gillette’s beard oil or sea salt spray as needed. Both will provide extra moisture that helps maintain softness when humidity is high.

Then use gentle strokes in an upward direction while using light pressure when combing through chin-length beards.

With these simple tips, plus regular trimming at least once every two weeks, along with investing in proper products like balms and waxes, soon enough you’ll have achieved greatness among even the best ‘Beardsmen’.

Find the Right Beard Products for Curly Hair

To achieve the perfect curl, select products like softeners and styling balms that will ensure your manly tresses remain sleek and defined.

Start by using a mild beard wash to cleanse facial hair of dirt, oil, and debris. King C Gillette’s beard oil or sea salt spray can be added for extra moisture when humidity is high.

Comb through chin-length strands in an upward direction with light pressure to define curls without pulling too hard on them. Regular trimming every two weeks helps keep wild curls under control as well as investing in proper products such as waxes and balms for additional hold throughout the day.

To maintain shape while sleeping at night, use a sleeping cap or wrap locks around fingers into the desired style before applying hairspray for lasting hold even in humid climates!

Achieve greatness with these curly tips – find the best product selection suited specifically to you so you can show off your stylish look wherever you go!

Grooming Vs. Styling

Grooming Vs. Styling
Once you have the right products, it’s time to move on from just grooming and start styling your beard for a dapper look.

  1. Beard Maintenance – Start by keeping your beard clean through regular washing and combing or brushing.
  2. Thermal Setting – After drying, use cool air when blow-drying to help set curls into place instead of towel-drying it too much, which can make them flat and frizzy looking over time.
  3. Humidity Control – If humidity is an issue where you live, try using hairspray after styling for lasting hold.
  4. Mustache Waxing – Combing the mustache with wax will give it a crisp shape while helping keep food out during formal events (and reduce any itching phases!).
  5. King C Gillette’s Beard Balm – Finish off by applying King C Gillette’s special balm created specifically for men who want their whiskers styled perfectly every day! A good old brush helps distribute this product evenly throughout facial hair, leaving it looking flawless no matter what environment you’re in!

By incorporating these simple steps into your daily beard care routine, combined with quality products tailored to suit individual needs, you’ll soon find yourself mastering those curly locks like never before – a surefire way towards achieving beardsman greatness!

Train Your Beard

Train Your Beard
Using advanced techniques, you can train your beard for an ultimate look. One interesting statistic is that 95% of men who use these methods are able to achieve the style they desire!

Achieving a curly mustache and other classic beard looks starts with the right trim technique and daily care. You should wash, comb or brush, and apply oil or softener in the shower. All of these steps help maintain softness while controlling humidity levels.

If needed, you can use hairspray to control humidity. Mustache wax is also essential for taming cheek lines and sideburns.

When styling short beards into curls, it’s important to let them air dry instead of towel drying, as towel drying can flatten out the curls over time.

For longer beards, you can wrap chunks around your fingers before blow-drying on low heat, followed by the cool air setting. This technique trains the hair follicles into place, creating perfect ringlets from root to tip! Finally, finish off by running some wax through the mustache strands again.

Volume Up Your Beard

Volume Up Your Beard
Amp up your facial hair’s volume with styling balm, blow-drying on low heat and cool air settings, and wrapping chunks around your fingers for a dapper look.

Caring For Curls is an important part of beard maintenance that requires special attention to achieve the desired result. Start by washing and brushing regularly, then apply a couple of drops of beard oil or softener in the shower to keep things moisturized.

Once complete, it’s time to add some extra oomph. Begin by using a patch combing technique through damp locks, followed by applying some styling balm evenly throughout strands before proceeding onto curling each section individually – make sure those curls are tight! Humidity can often be an issue when trying to maintain these styles, but luckily there are ways to control this.

Hairspray will help provide lasting hold even during humid climates while maintaining shape all day long.

Finally, finish off with mustache wax if needed, which will give them that crisp shape as well as keeping food out at formal events – now you’re ready for any event looking like true beardsman greatness!

Define Your Beard

Define Your Beard
Define your facial hair with precision by utilizing a patch combing technique. Apply styling balm and curl each section individually to achieve effortless curls that will last. To get the best results from your curly beard routine, maintenance must be done regularly.

  1. Cleanse – wash daily can make it hard to maintain softness, so opt for twice weekly instead.
  2. Apply moisture – use a quarter-sized amount of beard oil or softener after showering and combing through.
  3. Style – this is where you’ll really need some patience! Wrap small sections around one finger before blow-drying with both low heat and cool air settings for maximum hold without compromising comfortability.
  4. Humidity control – hairspray will provide lasting hold even in humid climates while still maintaining shape all day long.
  5. Mustache Wax – tame cheek lines, sideburns, or give that crisp shape needed when attending formal events.

Curls should now be defined at the bottom of this curly conundrum! With these easy steps, you can create multiple unique looks. Whether it’s puffy volume up top, dapper curls on the sides, or something tighter near the chin area as desired.

Utilize different products such as waxes, balms, oils, sprays, gels, clays, etc.

Own a Patchy Beard

Own a Patchy Beard
If you have a patchy beard, don’t despair – there are still ways to embrace your unique look and feel confident in the style! The key is understanding how to work with what you’ve got.

Proper maintenance techniques and styling tips can help maximize the coverage of any patchy beard so that it looks full and luscious. Start by brushing using long, soft strokes instead of short ones, which may cause extra shedding around sparse areas.

Utilize different types of combs depending on texture – from fine teeth for shorter hairs all the way up to wider teeth for thicker beards. Also, use different brush strokes, such as circular motions, when necessary. For curly styles specifically, use a wide tooth comb or an afro pick followed by shaping balm while air drying after washing/conditioning, just like with any other type of hair care routine.

Once complete, make sure to keep up regular grooming practices such as trimming stray hairs regularly and applying oil or softener daily if desired. This will help maintain healthy-looking locks all day long without sacrificing volume or shape.

Clean Up Edges

Clean Up Edges
To keep your look polished, use wax to groom the edges of your mustache and sideburns for a neat, uniform finish. Taming flyaways is key when you’re going for that classic dapper style. Waxing will help tame any wild hairs so they don’t stick out from the rest of the beard.

Not only will this add shine, but it also provides extra protection against humidity, which can make even well-groomed beards look messy in minutes!

For trimming tips, start with dry cleaners using different textures depending on the individual shape of hair follicles or overall thickness. Then move onto scissors or clippers as needed to get precise lines and contours around cheekbones and necklines.

When everything else is said and done, remember practice makes perfect. Take time each day to comb through whiskers slowly, working the product into them evenly until the desired effect is achieved over time.

Keep Your Beard Soft

Keep Your Beard Soft
Keeping your beard soft and manageable requires a few simple grooming practices – such as daily washing, combing, and brushing, plus applying beard oil or conditioner. To get the best conditioning effects for your facial hairs, opt for natural materials like jojoba oil or argan oil in the products you use.

For an extra mile of softness, try using a shower-based softener after you wash. Make sure to apply only a quarter-size amount along with some gentle combing techniques before rinsing off completely.

To really perfect the look, consider investing in quality tools like Beardbrand’s Beard Oil Starter Kit – which includes all necessary items needed for regular maintenance, including combs (for different curly styles), waxes (to tame flyaways), and balms (for hold).

Taking time each day to groom properly is essential if one wishes to achieve beardsman greatness. Don’t forget about styling mustaches either, as their crisp shape adds another layer of sophistication when done correctly! With patience and practice, anyone can sport luxurious facial fuzz that stands above even humidity itself.

Just remember not to skip moisturizing steps lest you risk losing precious mane moments.

Curl Your Beard

Curl Your Beard
You can achieve an enviable curly beard with advanced grooming hacks and the right products. First, you need to define curls – they’re typically characterized by tight spirals that give texture and definition to facial hair.

To set curls in your beard, let it air-dry after washing instead of towel drying. This will help keep them intact while also avoiding any potential frizziness from over manipulation.

If you have longer-lasting hold in mind, try heat styling techniques such as blow-drying on high heat followed by cool air. This will train the hairs and lock them into place better than just using cold air alone.

For those who find their beards getting unruly due to humidity levels outside or even inside their home environments, hairspray is key for providing extra hold without compromising curl shape too much!

Finally, if you’re looking for something more refined than just fixing flyaways but don’t want mustache wax either, consider combing out sections of whiskers using one specifically designed tool like Beardbrand’s Mustache Comb Kit.

Its unique texture of bristles gives a stronger brush stroke compared to regular combs, allowing different things like shaping cheek lines & sideburns plus adding crispness at formal events.

With these advanced grooming tricks up your sleeve, anyone can transform themselves into beardsman greatness in no time flat – happy curling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make my beard look thicker?

Use daily grooming practices such as combing, brushing, and applying beard oil to help keep your beard thick. Enhance density by using a softener in the shower, then style it with wax for a polished look.

Blow-dry it with heat and cool air to set curls while avoiding unruliness caused by humidity.

What type of products are best for maintaining a curly beard?

To maintain curly facial hair, use a softener in the shower and apply beard oil afterwards. Use styling balm to create curls and blow-dry with heat, then use cool air for lasting hold. Mustache wax can tame sideburns, while hairspray is essential to combat humidity.

How can I prevent my beard from becoming frizzy?

To prevent frizz, use a softener or beard oil in the shower daily to condition and moisturize. Comb through with a wide-toothed comb after drying. Use styling balm and wrap curls around your finger for definition.

Blow dry on low heat, then finish off with cool air to lock in shape, plus hairspray for extra hold when needed.

Are there any special products I should use to define my beard?

To help define your beard, use softeners in the shower and apply a quarter-sized amount of balm afterward. Comb it with wax for crisp lines, then blow-dry with heat and cool air to lock curls in place.

How can I style a patchy beard?

You can style a patchy beard by embracing what you have—even the flaws. As they say, variety is the spice of life. Comb it regularly and use mustache wax to shape cheek lines and sideburns for an even look.


To conclude, achieving the perfect curly beard is a matter of consistency, practice, and patience. It takes time to find the right products for your hair type and understanding the fundamentals of grooming and styling.

Consider this: when you see someone with a perfectly coiffed beard, you know it didn’t happen overnight. It took time, dedication, and an eye for details to make it happen. You too can have a curly beard worthy of Instagram, but you must be willing to put in the work.

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