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How to Shave a Yorkie Easily: Tips, Tricks & Treats! (2024)

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Shaving a yorkie is an important part of caring for your pet. With the right tools and technique, you can have a well-groomed pup in no time!

In this article we’ll explain how to properly shave your yorkie so that it stays safe and comfortable throughout the process. We’ll walk you through what supplies are needed, what type of coat they have, why it’s beneficial to shave them, how to prepare before clipping their fur and then finally step-by-step instructions on shaving techniques.

By following our guide closely you can give your fuzzy friend the pampering he or she deserves!

Things You’ll Need

how to shave a yorkieWe need a few items to successfully shave our Yorkie: scissors, electric/cordless dog clippers, a comb and some treats. Shaving your Yorkie is an especially good idea in the summertime as it helps keep them cool and reduces tangles for easier maintenance of their coat.

With patience and these supplies at hand, we can ensure that our Yorkies are shaved painlessly with minimal effort on our part.


We’ll start by using the scissors to carefully cut away any tangles or knots, making sure not to trim too close to the skin.

When it comes to grooming habits, bathing tips, styling options, and other supplies for Yorkies, having a quality pair of scissors is essential. With proper care and attention, you can use these tools for carefully snipping at mats in hard-to-reach areas like around the eyes or ears, as well as shaping fur into more stylish looks, such as layering on top coats or creating bangs across their forehead.

As with all grooming products, make sure that they’re stored safely out of reach when done using them so that there are no accidents!

Electric/cordless Dog Clippers

Now that we’ve got our trusty scissors, let’s get clipping with our electric/cordless dog clippers to give those yorkies a fresh new ‘do. Before using the clippers, it’s important for us to understand how they work and what noise they make when operating them.

If your Yorkie has anxiety issues due to loud noises or objects, then you should be aware of this before introducing the machine into their grooming routine.

Additionally, depending on hair type and fur lengths of different breeds like Yorkies, different grooming tips will be required. These can easily be found online from reliable sources and can help guide us through safely shaving your pup in order for them to not only look great but also feel comfortable during the process as well.

Here are some key points about using an electric/cordless dog clipper:

  • Clipper Noise: Be aware that dogs may have anxiety reactions towards loud noises, so try not to introduce too quickly if possible.
  • Grooming Tips: Different groomers might offer different techniques, so always research beforehand.
  • Hair Types: Depending on the breed (e.g., Yorkie), there could potentially need special care when handling their coat.
  • Fur Lengths: Shave down fur length according to instructions given by the vet or groomer for best practice.
  • Dog Anxiety: Recognize signs early if pup seems uncomfortable around unfamiliar items such as a clipper.

We hope these bullet points gave you some insight into understanding more about how an Electric/Cordless Dog Clipper works! With proper preparation and patience during grooming sessions with your furry friend, we’re sure both you two will enjoy every moment together while looking fabulous at the same time!


Let’s get ready to start grooming our pup with a gentle combing. Take time to gently run the comb through their fine and soft fur. Make sure there are no tangles or dirt that needs taken care of before we begin.

Regular trims can keep Yorkies cool in the summer months while also making them easier to care for. Plus, by using specially designed grooming tools like electric/cordless dog clippers, you’ll be able to shave away any matted areas while preserving your pup’s comfort as much as possible.

With regular trims, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of being able to hands-freely cut their coat down from 1 inch all around – eyes, snout, beard, paws, and rectum included! Shaving your Yorkie isn’t just a matter of convenience either.

Now let’s move on to how best use these electric/cordless dog clippers when preparing for that next trim session with your pooch.


We always make sure to have plenty of treats on hand for our pup – after all, it’s just a simple matter of rewarding them with something yummy every time they show good behavior during the trimming process! Treats can help encourage your Yorkie and keep them in a positive frame of mind throughout the grooming process.

Brushing techniques, proper grooming methods, understanding their temperament, and using appropriate hair care products are all important considerations when preparing to trim your pup. Additionally, having knowledge about the best way to use electric/cordless dog clippers, as well as other helpful tips, will ensure that you achieve optimal results with minimal stress placed on both yourself and your furry friend.

Be mindful not to overdo it; aim for shorter fur rather than completely shaved skin. Always start at an area where there is less sensitive skin such as around their neck or backside. Use scissors sparingly – too much cutting can lead towards matting which will cause tangles down the road.

These tricks, coupled with regular treats sprinkled here and there throughout, should make this whole experience a pleasant one for everyone involved!

Yorkie’s Coat

We, as Yorkie owners, are well aware of the unique qualities of our pet’s coats. Their fur is fine and soft to the touch yet tangles easily due to its length.


We take care to gently comb through our pup’s fine and soft coat, minding any knots or tangles before beginning the clipping process.

Bathing tips, grooming tools, brushing techniques, and coat maintenance are key for successful fur trimming.

We use electric/cordless dog clippers with an attachment marked 1/2 inch to shave down our pup’s back straight line – stopping at hindquarters without shaving down to skin level.

For legs, we carefully avoid nicks while leaving about 1/2 inch of fur on top for ears.

Our Yorkie has been rewarded with treats during this process as positive reinforcement!

Allowing proper time and patience makes it possible for us to clip painlessly, ensuring that we are providing only the best care for our four-legged family member!


We investigate our pup’s coat for its softness, ensuring that the clippers are gentle as we trim. Yorkies have a fine and silky coat which tends to tangle easily, so it’s important to take extra care when grooming them.

We use different clipper blades depending on how long or short we want their fur to be; shorter blades work better for softer coats while longer ones can handle thicker hair growth patterns with ease.

Once done clipping, cleaning up any loose fur from the surrounding area should follow next before rewarding your pup with treats for being such an angel during this process!

The final step of shaving a yorkie involves cutting down any remaining strands of hair around sensitive areas like eyes, snout, beard and paws using scissors instead of clippers at 1 inch length from skin surface level.

As always, remember safety first when dealing with sharp tools: no distractions allowed here either as you move along carefully completing this task successfully transitioning into subsequent sections about ‘Soft’.

Tangles Easily

We take extra precaution when combing through our Yorkie’s coat, as their fine and silky fur can easily become matted and tangled. Regular grooming is key for keeping the coat healthy, including bathing with quality shampoo/conditioner plus brushing techniques to remove loose hairs.

Keeping regular styling options in mind helps maintain a natural look while helping keep tangles at bay. Utilizing appropriate tools such as combs or brushes designed for long-haired dogs also help to distribute natural oils throughout the dog’s skin and fur which aids in preventing matting even further.

In order to prevent any kind of discomfort caused by mats or tangles, it’s important to regularly check your pup over for any knots that may have formed during playtime or while napping against furniture.

With proper attention paid towards both brushing techniques and bathing tips, you’ll be able to provide your pup with stress-free groomings every time – something they’re sure to appreciate immensely!

Benefits of Shaving a Yorkie

Benefits of Shaving a YorkieWe know that shaving a Yorkie can be beneficial in keeping them cool, as well as making their coats easier to care for. It’s important to prepare properly before beginning the clipping process by combing out tangles and checking for any matting or skin irritations.

With patience and some treats, most Yorkies can be shaved painlessly while having all of the key areas – such as underbelly, eyes, snout beard paws and rectum – taken into consideration.

Keeps Dog Cool

We understand that the hot summer months can be difficult on our Yorkie friends, so shaving down their fur is an easy way to keep them cool and comfortable. By cutting back the coat, your pup will maintain a lower temperature when outdoors for extended periods of time in hotter climates.

Professional groomers are able to use special cuticle care techniques while maintaining safety tips such as using clippers with power off at first to get your pet used to the sound before beginning maintenance work.

With a little help from professionals or DIY skills, you’ll have your pup looking great while feeling cooler during those sunny summer days ahead!

Easier to Care for

We’ve got it made in the shade with our pooches, since shaving their fur makes caring for them a breeze! Before you even get started on the process of grooming your Yorkie, make sure that you have all the necessary tools – such as scissors and electric/cordless dog clippers.

The type of coat will also determine what kind of grooming routine is best suited for your pup. A Yorkie’s coat is usually fine and soft which can lead to tangles easily so extra care should be taken when brushing or combing through its fur.

Professional groomers may recommend regular haircuts throughout different seasons depending upon how quickly hair growth occurs on certain breeds like Yorkies but ultimately this depends on individual preference too.

Cleaning routines are easier to maintain with shorter coats as well due to less dirt build up over time – not only does this keep your pup looking spiffy but it’s also important from a health perspective too! By investing in professional grooming services or taking some time out yourself, getting rid of excess fur ensures that both cleaning routines and overall maintenance becomes much simpler than before – making life just that bit easier for everyone involved!


PreparationWe want to ensure the best outcome when shaving a Yorkie, so before you start it’s important to prepare. First, comb through all tangles and dirt in your pup’s fur. Then check for matting or skin irritations that could become worse during the shaving process and take them to a vet if necessary.

Comb Tangles and Dirt

Let’s give our pup a spruce-up by combing out any tangles and dirt in their fur first! To do this, we’ll need the right tools for the job.

  • A soft bristle brush to remove debris from their coat;
  • An undercoat rake to reach down into the layers of their fur;
  • A detangling spray that helps loosen up knots before brushing them out;
  • A metal comb for separating hairs and removing small mats or clumps of hair that can be hard to get at with just a brush;
  • Regular trims which will help keep your Yorkie’s coat healthy, shiny, and free from matting or tangling over time!

By following these tips on the bathing process and using specific grooming tools, as well as properly maintaining your Yorkie’s coat through regular trims, you can ensure they look great all year long while also keeping them comfortable.

Now let’s move onto checking for matting and skin irritations so our pup looks perfect after their shave is complete!

Check for Matting and Skin Irritations

Let’s take a close look at our pup’s fur to ensure there aren’t any matting or skin irritations before we begin the clipping process.

Yorkies have fine, soft coats that tend to tangle easily and require frequent grooming with proper bathing frequency and tools for their coat types to remain healthy.

For this reason, it’s important that we check the fur of our beloved pet for any knots or matted areas, as these can cause discomfort when shaving or trimming occurs.

We should also be on the lookout for any signs of skin irritation, such as redness, itchiness, bumps, etc., due to excessive brushing/combing, which could lead to further complications if not addressed immediately.

It’s essential that we address any issues prior so they don’t worsen during stress relief activities like fur trimming!

Take to Vet if Necessary

If any issues do arise during our inspection, it’s best that we take our pup to the vet right away to ensure they receive proper treatment before starting on their shave. Vet visits are important for Yorkies as their coats come in different varieties and require specialized grooming tools, such as electric/cordless dog clippers.

Additionally, visiting a vet can help us with temperature control and summer care for these delicate breeds by addressing any matting or skin irritation which may occur due to excess heat.

  • Matting
  • Skin irritations
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Proper grooming tools

By being proactive about potential health concerns like these before beginning the shaving process, we can make sure that our Yorkie stays safe throughout its groom while also making sure it looks absolutely fabulous!

Clipping Process

Clipping ProcessWe, as pet owners of a Yorkie, know that it’s important to keep their coat short and tidy. To get started with the clipping process we must first get our pup used to the clippers by running them on his back with the power off.

If your pup has particularly long fur then hand-cutting is necessary; cut down to 1 inch from skin all over body including underbelly, eyes, snout beard paws and rectum. When using clippers use an attachment marked ½ inch for a straight line along spine stopping at hindquarters without completely shaving down to skin.

Get Dog Used to Clippers

Now that we’ve taken care of any underlying issues, it’s time to get our pup used to the clippers.

An important part of a Yorkie’s grooming includes regular bathing routines and brushing tips.

As these dogs have fine coats with tangles easily, many owners opt for shaving them in summertime as an easier alternative to caring for their coat style.

To get our pup accustomed to the sound and feel of clippers, we want to begin by running them on its back with power off until it accepts this without fear or discomfort.

We will then use an attachment marked 1/2 inch when shaving a straight line down its back but stopping at hindquarters so as not shave too close against skin – which is especially important if using electric/cordless dog clippers rather than hand-cutting long fur!

With patience and plenty of treats for good behavior during this process, even more timid pups can learn how much better they feel after being shaved painlessly in no time at all!

Hand-cutting for Long Fur

For our longer-coated fur babies, we can opt for a hand-cutting technique that trims their hair down to about an inch from the skin. This technique takes special care around those sensitive areas like eyes, snout, and paws.

Hand cutting keeps the Yorkie’s fine coat looking healthy while avoiding matting and tangles.

When grooming a Yorkie, it’s important to pay attention to bathing frequency as well as ear cleaning. Regular brushing techniques are also necessary, not only for appearances but also for health checks regarding parasites or other ailments that may be present on their coats.

With patience and proper technique, you should have no trouble giving your beloved pet the perfect trim they deserve!

Using Clippers With Attachment

Let’s get started! With our clippers and the right attachment, we can give our Yorkie a professional-looking trim in no time.

It’s important to brush your Yorkie first before starting the clipping process; this will help remove any tangles and dirt that may have built up.

When using an electric or cordless clipper, safety must be taken into account; make sure you’re wearing protective clothing while clipping your dog’s fur as well as keeping them away from water sources which could cause electrocution if contact is made with water during operation of the clippers.

Maintaining cleanliness of your equipment by cleaning it regularly helps extend its life span too!

Once you’ve selected a suitable attachment for their coat length (we recommend 1/2 inch), begin shaving along their back in straight lines until reaching just past their hindquarters – never shave directly onto skin unless instructed otherwise by a vet due to potential risks such as skin irritation or infection when not done properly.

You also want to be careful when shaving around delicate areas like legs, ears, and snout where nicks can occur more easily, so take extra precaution here too while avoiding direct contact with eyes at all times!

Don’t forget about rewarding good behavior with treats after each session – this will help maintain positive reinforcement throughout grooming sessions, making them easier for both parties involved over time, plus add lots of fun into it too!

Shaving Technique

Shaving TechniqueWe understand that shaving a Yorkie can be daunting, but with the right technique and patience it doesn’t have to be! When using clippers on your pup, begin by creating a straight line down their back.

Be sure to stop at the hindquarters so you don’t shave them too close to their skin. Legs should also be shaved carefully in order to avoid nicks or cuts. Lastly, leave about 1/2 inch of fur around their ears for protection from sunburn and other irritations.

Straight Line Down Back

Let’s get the straight line down our Yorkie’s back underway – it’ll be a piece of cake with these clippers and we won’t have to worry about any skin irritation or infection, just some good old-fashioned fun!

We need to make sure that we use the right technique when brushing out tangles and dirt so that there are no matting issues. For optimum hygiene, selecting a professional groomer is always advised. To achieve the desired look for our canine companion, fur trimming must also be done correctly with proper clipper maintenance in mind; otherwise, you may end up having an uneven cut on your dog’s coat.

Now let’s get started on shaving straight down their back using the attachment marked 1/2 inch. This helps keep long fur at bay while avoiding nicks or cuts, which can lead to infections if not properly checked by your vet beforehand.

As we work through this task together, do remember to reward good behavior with treats as well as provide regular breaks for both us and our pup pal!

Stop at Hindquarters

We’ll stop at the hindquarters when shaving our pup pal’s back. This allows us to focus on providing them with a comfortable and safe grooming experience. It’s important to avoid any possible concerns that may arise from further trimming of their coat.

Professional groomers are trained to be attentive to pet safety while they assess each individual dog’s unique grooming habits for an optimal cut every time.

Shaving can help reduce matting and tangles which often occur due to daily activities such as playing or running around outside. Keeping the fur trimmed allows air circulation beneath the longer hair, which prevents dirt build up and skin irritations caused by trapped moisture in their coats.

Shave Legs Carefully

We carefully and attentively shave the legs of our pup pal, ensuring a comfortable experience with no nicks or cuts. We use electric/cordless dog clippers to trim their fur down to 1 inch from skin if it’s very long, avoiding any possible vaccination concerns through professional help along with expensive tools for grooming tips.

As we move up the legs, we make sure not to forget about nail trimming before continuing on up towards the hindquarters.

With these steps taken into consideration, you’ll be able to stop at just the right place when it comes time for hindquarters without having stepped over too far.

Leave 1/2 Inch of Fur on Ears

We delicately trim the fur around our pup’s ears, leaving a 1/2 inch of soft fuzz to frame their face. To ensure we get an even shave and avoid nicks or cuts, it’s important to use quality clippers with proper attachments.

We start by spreading the fur away from their ear and using scissors if needed before taking up our clippers for precise trimming. By following these tips, we can give them a professional-looking cut each time while keeping them safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Once all hairs have been trimmed back to 1/2 inch long, we clean up any stray hairs that may have been missed during cutting with either scissors or electric trimmers depending on how close they are located near sensitive areas such as eyes, snout, beard etc.

With patience and practice, you’ll soon be able to masterfully groom your yorkie like a pro!

Reward Good Behavior With Treats

To reinforce good behavior, we always reward our Yorkie with treats. Proper grooming is essential for keeping a Yorkie’s coat clean and tangle-free. Brushing often also helps avoid tangles and ensure the fur stays healthy and looking its best.

Treats provide an extra incentive for good behavior when it comes to brushing or any other type of proper grooming routine that needs to be done on your pup! Giving them something they enjoy can make even the most challenging tasks easier—especially if you pair it up with positive reinforcement such as verbal praise or physical affection like petting or cuddling them afterwards.

By rewarding your Yorkie with treats after successful brushing sessions, you will help create a more pleasant experience overall while reinforcing these important habits at the same time.

Yorkies have fine coats which can easily become matted if not properly cared for; thus, regular maintenance is key in order to keep their fur looking neat and tidy! Knowing how best to groom them correctly will help ensure they stay comfortable throughout the process while avoiding any unnecessary tangles down the line too—making everyone involved happy in no time flat!

With patience, care, attention (and plenty of delicious rewards!), shaving a Yorkie should be painless—so long as all necessary steps are taken priorly beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the risks of shaving a Yorkie?

Shaving a Yorkie can be a great way to help them stay cool and reduce their coat-maintenance needs in the summertime. However, it’s important to understand the potential risks associated with this grooming technique.

Fleas may become more of an issue without fur as protection, nutrition needs can change if your pup is no longer able to retain heat properly, and alterations in your pet’s coat may result from using certain hair products or clippers that aren’t meant for dogs.

It’s essential that you consider all these factors when deciding whether shaving is right for your pup. Also, consult with an experienced professional groomer who has extensive knowledge on Yorkies before taking any drastic action.

What type of clippers is best for Yorkies?

We believe that the best type of clippers for trimming your Yorkie are electric or cordless dog clippers. These clippers provide a smoother cut, prevent skin irritation, and make bathing easier. They also offer an extra level of safety with their blades for both you and your pup.

Using these types of clippers can be less stressful for your pet, as vibrations from manual trimmers can cause discomfort.

How often should a Yorkie be shaved?

We understand that keeping a Yorkie looking its best can be quite the task! To ensure your pup stays healthy and happy, regular grooming is key.

Professional groomers recommend trimming their fur every 6-8 weeks to keep it neat and tidy. When bathing time comes around, make sure to use only mild shampoos made for pets, as human products may be too harsh on their delicate skin.

For more detailed trimming tips such as how much hair should remain around the ears or legs when shaving – consult with a professional groomer who knows what’s best for your furry friend! With proper care and maintenance, you’ll have an adorable little pooch in no time at all!

Is shaving a Yorkie necessary?

Shaving a Yorkie can be beneficial, especially in the summer months. Not only does it help keep your pup cool and comfortable, but it also makes coat maintenance much easier.

However, breed differences should be taken into consideration before deciding on whether or not to shave your dog; some breeds may require more frequent grooming than others and certain types of coats are better suited for shaving than others.

When you do decide to go ahead with a shave, make sure you use safe shaving techniques and follow all applicable grooming tips, such as flea prevention methods beforehand.

With patience and care, your Yorkie will look great after their new haircut!

What should I do if my Yorkie resists being shaved?

We understand how difficult it can be to get your Yorkie to stay still for a shave, even with the best bathing and grooming tools, trimming tips, and health concerns in mind.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do that may help make the process easier so that your pup looks as cute and fluffy as breed standards dictate! Start by making sure you have plenty of treats on hand; rewards will go a long way in encouraging cooperation from an uncooperative dog.

Secondly, talk soothingly while shaving – letting them know they’re doing well helps keep them calm throughout the entire experience.

Lastly, use coincidence techniques like giving extra attention or petting during tricky spots like near eyes or ears to turn what could have been an unpleasant task into one where trust is built between owner and pooch!


We’ve come to the end of our journey in shaving a Yorkie. As long as you’re gentle and patient, your pup will be as good as new! Just remember to use the right tools, comb out the tangles, and take your time.

We can’t stress enough the importance of rewarding your pup for good behavior! They’ll be wagging their tails in no time. It’s a win-win situation: your pup will be cool and comfortable in the summer heat and you’ll have a well-groomed pup to show off at the dog park.

It’s a piece of cake once you get the hang of it! So don’t be afraid to take the plunge and give it a go – you might just hit it out of the park!

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