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How to Straighten Black Beard Hair Step by Step (2023)

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bearded man in a suit - straighten black beard hair s and pictures how to straighten black beard hairhow to straighten black beard hair? although curly beards can create a thick, desirable appearance, they are also confronted with problems such as tangles, hygiene, and texture.

Why doesn’t my beard look soft, full and healthy, you ask?

don’t worry, this happens quite often. Some boys have straight-haired beards, while others are stuck with curly beards, some of us like straight beards, while others prefer curly hair on their faces.

The problem occurs when you are a straight bearded man, stuck in a curly bearded body.

Ingrown hairs are the common dilemma that an acne-like bump leaves on the skin.

It sabotages hair growth that can lead to the spotty chin, and as the length of their curly beard grows, the stubborn strands become.

Now that you’ve determined that you have a rough beard and want a nice smooth beard instead, how to straighten black beard hair?

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make your beard easier to maintain and straighten.

What Is Wrong With A Curly Beard?

bearded man portrait - curly beard s and pictures What Is Wrong With A Curly Beard?There is nothing wrong with having a curly beard.

However, some people just don’t want a curly beard. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change things. Some people only see the disadvantages of a curly beard.

I would say that the biggest reason to straighten your beard is that a curly beard looks much shorter.

When you straighten those hairs, you can see the true length. Guys who have been growing their beards for a long time but hardly see the results can straighten their beards and possibly add inches at night.

It is not that a curly beard is shorter, it seems that it grows tighter than a straight beard.

Every beard gets confused over time, but a curled beard seems to be in a constant state of confusion. A curly beard needs much more time, such as brushing and combing.

If you leave those tangles, the beard will be damaged. You are more likely to have split ends and then you have a frizzy hair on top that is already curly, and it is harder to deal with those tangles.

Applying beard oil or balm is a test of your patience when you have a curly beard.

You are more likely to clog your pores, leading to acne, beard rose and possibly other infections such as folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Your skin under your beard must shed and remove the dead skin cells to stay healthy. Both for your skin and for the health of your beard. By keeping it in a closed environment, it cannot regenerate itself.

If you have a tight, curly beard, your skin will not be washed properly and brushing will not give your beard the exfoliating benefits for your skin because the brush is difficult to get through.

Why Are Some Beards Curly

thatWhether your beard grows straight or curly depends on the shape of your follicles.

Symmetrical hair follicles shoot straight hair that lies flat. If the hair follicle is asymmetrical, it grows an oval hair shaft that curls as it gets longer.

Even symmetrical hair follicles can make curly hair grow if the hair shaft has an uneven distribution of a certain type of keratin.

Another common reason for a curly, unmanageable beard is dryness. When your beard is dry and damaged, it becomes stiff and curls quickly.

Drought is mainly caused when you wash your beard with normal, too hard shampoos that rid your facial hair of natural oils.

Unless necessary, the beard should not be washed more than three times a week with a specialized beard shampoo.

Unlike shampoo, beard oil must be used almost every day.

It is best to apply it during your shower because it then transports moisture back to your dry beard.

Poor hygiene and dehydration can also lead to dry facial hair.

Add to this food and drink that often gets stuck in the beard and you can expect your facial hair to become unhealthy.

More dirt in your beard makes it harder to comb it, and the result is a rough, rough and curly beard. If you want your beard to look better, pay more attention to hygiene.

Not taking enough water leads to dehydration. Proportionally, dehydration makes your beard and skin dry.

To prevent your beard from becoming dry and therefore curly, you should drink an optimum amount of water daily to hydrate your facial hair and prevent dryness.

How To Straighten Black Beard Hair?


What we eat has a direct impact on our overall health, and this includes the health of our beard. Maintaining a healthy diet is a sure way to be perfectly healthy, straight beards.

As I have already explained, one of the main reasons is that your beard becomes curly, about dryness, caused by a lack of tallow oil. Foods rich in vitamins C and E can promote the production of sebum oil.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C are lemons, peppers, oranges, broccoli. Although vitamin E is usually found in peanuts, almonds, spinach, wheat, etc.

Some of the fastest-growing cells in your body are those in your hair and nails. To keep them healthy, grow faster and grow upright, you need to encourage them to include protein-rich foods.

Foods that contain the protein are fish, chicken, beef, eggs, dairy products or if you are a vegetarian, you can try nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts as an alternative protein source.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important for the overall health of your hair because they prevent your hair from becoming dry. You can find Omega-3 in salmon, linseed, walnuts, etc.

Use Natural Oils

face symbolizing a splitmind due to mental problems - oils beard stock illustrations clip art cartoons & iconsAs mentioned earlier, the sebum oil is essential for the health of your beard.

But the constant washing and showering of the face will inevitably rob your beard of the necessary sebum oil, and as your beard gets longer, more sebum oil is needed to cover the entire hair strand.

unfortunately, at some point, your sebaceous glands will not be able to produce enough.

That is why it is essential to use oils that closely imitate the sebum oil that is produced naturally to keep your beard as straight as your genes allow you.

The use of beard oil eventually hydrates your strands of hair and at the same time adds some weight to the hair and lets gravity take its course.

In addition to beard oil, you can also use a beard balm that is denser and ensures that your beard becomes straight while you do the same work as the beard oil. And if your beard is really kinky, you can even use beard wax that can straighten even the kinkiest strands of hair.

However, if you don’t like to spend a lot of money on specialized beard oil, you can even do it with ordinary oils that can be found in every kitchen.

Some of the most popular options are coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil or almond oil. While these do not have the added benefits of specialized beard oil recipes, they are proven to be great sebum oil supplements.

Using A Beard Comb Or Brush

hand of barber brushing beard. barbershop customerfront view. beard grooming tips for beginners. - beard comb s andBeard combs and brushes are essential tools in your arsenal when fighting a curly beard.

A quality beard brush made from all-natural hair is used to produce oil that produces your skin evenly over the entire length of your hair strands, making it softer and straight. It is also great for spreading beard oil that you could apply to your beard.

On the other hand, a beard comb is perfect for everyday use for a few good reasons.

These include training your beard to grow in a certain direction, untangling knots in your beard, spreading the oils along the length of your hair strands to a certain extent, and especially allowing your beard to grow straight.

Using A Beard Conditioner

Although it is not recommended to wash your beard daily, you should certainly use a hydrating beard conditioner regularly, especially while showering.

The use of a beard conditioner not only helps to clean your beard but also in a much softer way than beard shampoo, while at the same time bringing moisture back into your dry beard.

Straighten Your Beard by Using Beard Relaxer

There is another permanent solution to straighten your curly beard – beard relaxing cream.

Beard relaxer doesn’t damage your beard because it is designed to fortify the beard while making it grow healthier.

This product affects only the old-growth of your beard. This being said, your beard will continue to grow curly.

When this happens, after a few months you should apply the beard relaxer only to the new growth to straighten it. Don’t re-apply it to the old-growth, because it will remain straightened.

The only con of beard relaxing cream is that you have to combine it with the beard straightening iron in order to see the results.

How To Apply Beard Relaxing Cream

  • Wash the beard with the beard relaxing shampoo.
  • With the use of disposable gloves, divide your facial hair into small sections and apply the beard relaxing cream to each beard section, while avoiding to get it on the skin.
  • By using the beard comb, spread it across your beard.
  • After half an hour, rinse the beard relaxer out, but without shampooing your beard.
  • Dry the beard with a blow-dryer, but don’t use the towel or else you will remove the cream.
  • Straightening iron should be used after drying the beard to iron the curls out of it.
  • Once done, use beard shampoo to wash out the beard relaxer, but repeat this action three times.

After you do that, apply a beard conditioner and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse it out and towel dry your beard.

Maintaining a soft beard

everything is in place - a soft beard s and pictures Maintaining a soft beardAfter sorting your beard care routine, do your best to prevent the beard from getting rough again.

In this section, we will discuss what you should not do to keep a beard soft and

You should avoid this:

Beard products based on alcohol

Alcohol in your personal care products is the best way to dry out your beard hair and make it brittle to leave. This increases the chance of split ends and your beard will be rough and thread-like.

Plastic comb or brush

If you use a plastic comb or brush with plastic hair, you eventually have the follicles of tearing your beard. Stay with a resin, wood or bone comb to prevent static electricity and be careful with your beard.

Use natural bear hair for a beard brush because it is very soft for the beard. If you are vegan, there are bear-friendly brushes, but try to avoid those who use a hard plastic brush.

Choose those from reputable brands for beard care if they have a vegan or Halal beard brush.

High hairdryer

You can definitely use a hairdryer on your beard, especially if you want to straighten a curly beard, as we will discuss this later in the article. Just do not use the high-temperature setting.

If it has a warm setting, try it, but if it is only hot or cold, it will definitely get cold. No matter how well you take care of your beard, you will undo all the hard work by using excessive heat with a hairdryer on your beard.

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