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How to Style Curly Hair With Gel for 2024 | CG-Proof Tips & Tricks

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how to style curly hair with gelWhen you think of styling your curly hair, gel may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But trust us when we say that a good-quality gel can help bring out beautiful natural curls with definition and frizz control.

Using a technique called ‘gel casting’ has become increasingly popular among curly-haired folks in recent years as it helps achieve long-lasting results without compromising on softness or shine.

Key Takeaways

  • Gel can enhance natural curls with definition and control frizz.
  • Gel casting is a popular technique for curly hair.
  • Schwarzkopf Taft Mega Styling Gel is recommended for creating a gel cast.
  • Curl cream can be used before applying gel to moisturize and add shine.

Achieving a Gel Cast

how to style curly hair with gel 1
Creating a gel cast is achieved by applying generous amounts of gel to damp hair and then allowing it to dry completely before breaking the casing.

When selecting a type of gel for this process, Schwarzkopf Taft Mega Styling Gel is recommended as it creates a strong hold while adding volume and definition. Before applying the product, curl cream can be used to moisturize curls and add shine.

To apply the dollop of gel onto each section evenly with open palms, start at the ends and work up towards the roots.

After application, scrunch out excess water with a t-shirt or towel to reduce frizziness that may occur when drying naturally or using heat tools such as diffusers, which speed up drying time significantly.

Once dried thoroughly, any clumps are removed through gentle scrubbing movements using either fingers or a soft t-shirt material. Flipping upside down while shaking out curls can also help release some tension from strands due to its added volume effect.

It’s important not to remove too early, otherwise, there will be a risk of frizzy flat curls appearing instead.

In case flaking occurs afterwards, testing combinations between styling cream/conditioner mixed together with gels prevents reactions within hair follicles, leading on from white flakes being visible when looking closely – something nobody wants happening after all their hard work achieving perfect ringlets!

Finally, remember that although creating these types of shapes takes practice, don’t give up if results aren’t instant. Like everything else in life, sometimes trial & error plays its part, but once mastered, it becomes second nature.

This is a good reason why having access to knowledge written down in books (such as pre-ordering ebooks) acts as an invaluable asset when mastering new techniques associated with curly hairdressing styles.

Benefits of a Gel Cast

Benefits of a Gel Cast
Gaining control of your curls with gel can be a game changer for those with curly hair. Achieving the perfect gel cast helps create defined curls that are frizz-free and long-lasting.

Curl Definition

You can achieve impressive curl definition by using gel to form a strong cast around your damp hair. To enhance the structure of your curls, use lightweight oils and styling creams that won’t weigh down the ends of your mane.

Schwarzkopf Taft Mega Styling Gel is an ideal choice for this process as it provides maximum hold while defining each wave or spiral pattern in all its glory! Using a variation of the praying hands method when applying product ensures enough coverage at both roots and tips – no area should be left untreated!

Experiment with different product combinations such as leave-in conditioners and curl enhancers to find what works best for you. A basic rule though: always make sure any heat styling tools are set on low temperatures or used sparingly, so as not to damage delicate strands further than necessary.

With patience comes great success; try out multiple approaches until you reach that desired look full of definition yet still softness throughout every inch!

Frizz Control

Gel cast helps you fight frizz and keep your curls looking smooth all day. With the right application of hair gel, a strong cast can be formed around damp hair to help reduce flyaways and enhance curl definition.

Layering products such as leave-in conditioner or curl cream beforehand can also give an extra boost of protection from humidity.

Tips for Applying Gel

Tips for Applying Gel
Now that you know the benefits of a gel cast, it’s time to learn how to apply the styling product correctly. Creating a perfect curl definition and frizz-free curls requires patience and practice.

  1. Start with clean, damp hair – this is key for creating an effective gel cast. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or curl cream before starting with the second stage of styling, using medium heat if necessary.
  2. A dollop of quality gel should be applied in sections from root to tip until all curls are covered thoroughly. Use open palms and scrunch lightly into strands as you go along so that there is no excess water left behind after application.
  3. Once finished with the application process, let the hair air dry completely or use a diffuser on a low setting. Take extra care not to have too much direct contact between the hot tool and the scalp area when using a diffuser attachment, as overheating could cause damage over time! When ready, break up gelled areas gently either through finger combing outwards or using a soft fabric like a cotton t-shirt, again making sure to preserve the natural form created during the initial application phase.

Finalize the style by finishing off the look with a few drops of oil sealant to ensure long-lasting, frizz-free hold without compromising the overall health and texture of the strands!

How to Break the Gel Cast

How to Break the Gel Cast
Creating a perfect curl definition with gel can be tricky, but once you know the right techniques, it’s easy to break even the toughest of gelled casts! To start off, scrunching your hands in an outward motion is one way to loosen up those curls and give them some life.

Alternatively, using a soft t-shirt or towel can help lift up any excess product from within strands for added volume and nourishment.

Scrunching Method

Scrunching out the crunch is a great way to break the gel cast for soft, bouncy curls. To get it right, make sure you use the exact right amount of product – about a quarter-sized dollop per section – when applying the gel.

You also don’t want to rush your dry time. Take your time and ensure that each curl has been completely dried before you start breaking up the gelled areas.

When scrunching out this style, be gentle with your hair and slowly work through each section until desired results are achieved. Good luck! Play around with different styling tips and techniques until you find what works best for you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to making those perfect gel casts, but practice makes perfect if done correctly.

Using a T-shirt or Towel

For a gentler alternative to scrunching, try using an old t-shirt or towel to break the gel cast and reveal your gorgeous curls. Layering products like leave-in conditioner and curl cream can help create the perfect cast before you begin drying with an open palm hand technique.

Once completely dry, use gentle motions with your t-shirt or towel to remove excess product without damaging hair structure. This will prevent any white flakes from appearing after styling! For added volume, fluff up roots while breaking the cast for that extra lift.

Finally, seal in moisture by applying a small amount of oil when finished – no more white marks left behind! With patience at each final stage of styling curly hair with gel comes beautiful defined curls free from frizz and full of shine all day long.

Adding Oil for Softness

Once the gel cast is broken and your curls are revealed, add a touch of oil to soften them up for all-day shine. Using oil helps protect hair from damage caused by the gel’s crunchy texture while providing better definition, frizz control, and softness.

  • Choose an oil with good reviews for softer hair.
  • Apply the oil after breaking the cast, once it is completely dry.
  • Use the oil sparingly – a little goes a long way!
  • Experiment with the application tip until you achieve the desired effect.

For an even more natural look that won’t leave any white flakes in your hair, try layering products like curl cream or conditioner before applying the gel. Then, break the cast when it is completely dry using scrunching motions or the flipping/shaking technique instead of using t-shirts or towels.

Troubleshooting: Difficulty in Creating a Gel Cast

Troubleshooting: Difficulty in Creating a Gel Cast
Are you having difficulty creating a gel cast for your curly hair? You can achieve the perfect curl definition by using a thick gel, layering products such as leave-in conditioner and curl cream to enhance the cast, and rewetting the hair if needed.

Using a Thick Gel

To achieve the perfect curl definition, using a thick gel can help create an effective gel cast that will keep your curls looking glossy and frizz-free all day. Applying conditioner or leave-in cream before adding oil to damp hair is essential for creating a strong cast.

After applying the thick gel, it’s important to fluff up roots and scrunch with hands in order to avoid crispy curls when finished. Patience is key as this step needs time for the product to dry off completely before moving on with the next steps of breaking up the cast.

Once done correctly, you’ll have silky soft locks without any crunchy texture left behind from previous steps! This trick may require some trial and error, but once mastered, you won’t be disappointed by the results achieved!

Layering Products

Layering products, such as leave-in conditioner or curl cream, can enhance your gel cast and give you a glossy look without sacrificing any of the definition. To achieve perfectly defined curls with no frizz, apply these styling techniques before using the diffuser to speed up drying time.

Start by applying a generous amount of product onto damp hair evenly from roots to tips and scrunching it in for maximum coverage. Then, use much less product on the mid-lengths and ends if you have thicker hair or more layers.

Once dry, break up your gel cast with either open palms or a soft t-shirt so that each curl is left looking bouncy and full with perfect definition – much better than those crunchy effects often seen after overusing too much gel!

Re-wetting the Hair

If you’re having trouble creating a gel cast, re-wetting the hair may be your solution! Applying the perfect amount of water to already dampened hair can help create and maintain curls for longer. It’s important to use only a slight hint of moisture so as not to weigh down the curls too much or leave them looking flat.

Different types of gels will also affect how well they hold their shape over time, so experiment with different brands and formulations until you find one that works best for your naturally curly locks.

With careful care along with trial and error, it is possible to achieve beautiful frizz-free curls with just the right amount of gel – no more crunchy casts here!

Timing: How Long Does a Gel Cast Take to Dry?

Timing: How Long Does a Gel Cast Take to Dry?
Now that you’ve learned how to troubleshoot difficulty in creating a gel cast, let’s talk about timing. How long does a gel cast take to dry? This all depends on the air temperature and humidity levels of your environment.

Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours for a gel cast to fully dry.

To help speed up the process, use an old t-shirt or towel to remove any excess water before applying your styling cream and leave-in conditioner for maximum curl definition without any frizzy hair when done breaking the cast!

Once ready, just give your curls one final little bit of shake with both hands while upside down so that no dry mark remains then break open the hard shell by either scrunching out with fingers only or using oil/conditioner as well if desired – whatever works best for you – until completely free from stiffness.

  • Use an old t-shirt / towel before applying product – removes excess moisture quickly
  • Layer products starting with leave-in conditioner followed by styling cream – enhances definition & fights frizz
  • Be patient & allow full drying time – usually takes between 30 minutes-2 hours depending on conditions
  • Shake head upside down right after application – adds volume; prevents ‘dry marks’
  • Scrunch out hard shell OR use oil/conditioners once dry – releases stiffness while protecting against environmental damage

Breaking the Cast: When to Do It?

Breaking the Cast: When to Do It?
Once your hair is fully dry, it’s time to carefully break the cast and reveal soft and bouncy curls. The key is timing: when should you do it? Breaking the gel cast too early can lead to frizz, flatness, or discolored strands due to environmental factors such as heat.

To avoid this, use a thick gel on soaking wet hair for optimal curl definition without any flyaways. Layer products from leave-in conditioner followed by styling cream for maximum effect. Then be patient while waiting for full drying time – usually between 30 minutes up to two hours depending on conditions.

After application, give your locks one final shake with both hands upside down so that no dry marks remain. Then break open the hard shell either through scrunching out with fingers only or using oil/conditioners if desired until completely free of stiffness! Adding a small amount of oil can also help soften and seal in moisture, while fluffing at roots will create natural-looking results every time.

If you’re still feeling like there’s something mysterious left behind after breaking open that big blob of gel, try adding more product at once before starting again or rewetting sections and repeating the process over until achieving perfect curls are yours thanks to mastering the technique involved within curly hairstyle tutorials found inside the book itself.

Now go forth and have fun revealing ‘the big reveal’ we always knew was there just waiting patiently beneath the surface.

Removing the Gel Cast

Removing the Gel Cast
Unraveling the perfect curls from your hair can seem like a daunting task, but with the right technique, it’s easy! To remove that pesky gel cast without frizzing up your strands, you need to know about two key methods: scrunching and using oil or conditioner.

Scrunching out crunch is a popular method. It involves gently breaking apart any hard layers of product with just your fingers – no tools necessary!

Alternatively, adding some oil or conditioner before removing the gel cast can help soften and protect those precious curls.

So don’t be afraid – let’s dive into how to style curly hair with gel today!

Scrunching Method

Let go of the hassle and try the scrunching method for breaking your gel cast – it’s sure to give you those gorgeous curls you desire!

The important second step is a cent piece in achieving frizz-free locks. Start by applying a thick gel to wet hair. Layer on products such as leave-in conditioner or styling cream for maximum effect.

Gently scrunching out that crunchy feeling with fingers can be done, but adding oil beforehand will soften and seal in moisture too. If rewetting sections is necessary, opt for an extra dollop of product before starting again.

No matter what your next move may be when dealing with curly hair, keep this technique handy so transforming from gelled up to beautiful bouncy ringlets isn’t far away!

Using Oil or Conditioner

Try using oil or conditioner to break your gel cast for a softer, more natural look.

To achieve the best results:

  1. Start by applying some oil or conditioner to dampened hair before breaking up the whole cast thing.
  2. Next, gently scrunch out the crunchy feeling with fingers – adding in an extra dollop of product if needed.
  3. Lastly, use a t-shirt or towel to remove any excess moisture from your curls while avoiding heat damage at all costs!

The biggest takeaway here is that there’s no one answer when it comes to styling curly hair – everyone has different needs so be sure to experiment until you find what works best for you! With genius ideas like these, achieving beautiful bouncy ringlets without worrying about frizz can become easier than ever before – now isn’t that just better?

Enhancing the Look: Fluffing the Roots

Enhancing the Look: Fluffing the Roots
To achieve the best look, fluffing up your roots can enhance definition and add volume while giving you a more natural appearance. To do this, try the scrunching technique – gently gripping at the ends of each curl and releasing them slowly.

Adding oil to damp hair before applying gel will help control frizz and create even better definition.

The loyal subjects who swear by wet look vibes should not forget that their curls require moisture for optimal health – so don’t overdo it when trying to create perfect curls with gel! If done correctly, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous defined waves without any extra effort on your part.

Mastering the Technique: Practice and Patience

Mastering the Technique: Practice and Patience
Mastering the technique of styling curly hair with gel takes time and patience as curl definition must be achieved through a two-stage process.

Gel forms an important part of this process, creating a casing around the hair that helps create defined curls while reducing frizz. A dollop of gel should be applied to damp ends and lightly scrunched before smoothing over the rest with open palms.

It’s essential that trial and error are employed when trying new combinations in order to achieve desired results. Using thick gels on wet or damp locks is key for achieving curl definition but also prevents flaking, which could occur from mixing different products together such as leave-in conditioners or creams along with your chosen gel.

Fluffing up roots after breaking will add volume while maintaining naturalness. Plus, adding oil at this stage will help seal in moisture for more hydrated tresses throughout all seasons – yay!

Don’t forget though: every head is unique, so what works brilliantly well one day might not necessarily work well another day due to its unpredictability – no matter how hard we try, our best efforts still won’t guarantee a 100% success rate every single time round! So being patient yet persistent here is vital if you want those effortless-looking waves without too much drama involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What products can be used alongside gel to create a gel cast?

To create a gel cast, layer products such as leave-in conditioner and curl cream to enhance the effect. Apply generous amounts of thick gel to damp hair for best results, then let it dry completely before breaking the cast.

How can I avoid white flaking after using gel?

Avoid white flakes after using gel by testing the combination of styling cream or conditioner with gel before applying it. Use a thick gel, layer products, and ensure hair is completely dry before breaking the cast to prevent frizz.

What is the best gel to use for a gel cast?

Schwarzkopf Taft Mega Styling Gel is the perfect choice for a strong, long-lasting gel cast. Its tailored formula ensures defined curls and frizz control, giving you power over your locks! Achieve liberation with this must-have styling product.

How do I prevent frizz after breaking the gel cast?

Don’t worry about frizz! Using a diffuser when drying can help lock in moisture and oils to prevent flyaways. Curl cream or conditioner can also be layered with gel for extra protection against humidity and added softness.

Does gel work better on damp or dry hair?

Gel works best when applied to damp hair; it helps create a strong cast that fights frizz and defines curls. By layering products, you can enhance the hold of the gel while also adding moisture for softness and shine.


Now that you know the ins and outs of styling with gel, it’s time to put it into practice. You don’t have to be an expert to master your curls; just keep an open mind and a steady hand. Sure, you’ll experience some hiccups and bumps along the way, but that’s all part of the journey.

Like any great adventure, it takes patience and perseverance to reach the end. So take a deep breath, trust yourself, and enjoy the ride.

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