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How to Trim a Long Beard Like a Pro: Step-by-Step Guide! (2024)

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Having a well-kept beard is becoming increasingly popular. Over 50% of American men have grown out their beards in 2020, proving facial hair is here to stay.

If you’ve decided to join the trend and grow a luscious long beard, you may want guidance on how to maintain it. Knowing how to trim it properly can help ensure your facial hair looks neat and stylish.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the perfect look with minimal effort:

  1. Start by brushing your beard with a wide-toothed comb to detangle any knots.
  2. Use a trimmer or scissors to trim the sides of your beard. Keep the length even and consistent.
  3. Then, define your cheek line by trimming close to the skin below your cheekbones.
  4. Next, trim the bottom of your beard to your desired shape. A rounded look is best for a long beard.
  5. Finally, use your trimmer to even out the length of your beard. Trim small amounts at a time to avoid taking off too much.

Following these steps will help you keep your long beard looking neat and stylish.

Why Trim Your Beard?

how to trim long beard
Discover the difference a well-trimmed beard can make in your look and confidence — it’s time to take control of that mane! Maintaining length while still keeping facial hair looking sharp is key, and there are plenty of different styles you can achieve with proper trimming.

With styling products like beard oil, waxes, balms or conditioners along with a good quality brush or comb you’ll be able to keep your long beard healthy whilst giving yourself an edge.

Proper hygiene should also be taken into account when caring for longer beards — regular washing with Beardbrand Utility Wash will help remove any dirt buildup from day-to-day activities.

Trimming frequency depends on desired style but most often weekly maintenance is enough; using scissors as well as electric trimmers such as the Wahl Lithium Ion+ Hair Clipper & Trimmer Set will give you more control over how much length needs removing off each side ensuring symmetry throughout your long beard looks all year round.

Tools You Will Need

Tools You Will Need
To equip yourself with the right tools for the best results for your long beard, you’ll need an electric clipper set, a wide-tooth pick, and an adjustable clipper. For finishing touches, have a utility balm or wax and a good quality beard comb.

These items make trimming and maintaining your long beard easier. You can experiment with different lengths and face shapes and create unique styles that fit into any look. Having full control of where each hair goes gives you the freedom to make your beard look neat without taking away too much length.

Step-by-step Guide to Trimming Your Long Beard

Step-by-step Guide to Trimming Your Long Beard
Trimming your long beard can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to. With the right steps and tools, you can shape and style your beard with ease.

Wash it with a gentle cleanser. Use a wide-tooth pick to detangle it, then trim away the bulk with clippers or scissors.

Define lines around the base of the neckline and the top line above the upper lip area for an even look. Tidy up the sides of the cheeks and mustache/goatee areas according to your desired length.

Apply some oil for conditioning, then brush it outwards evenly to finish off with a neatly trimmed look.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

Get your beard feeling clean and refreshed by giving it a gentle wash with beard cleanser specifically designed for beards. Cleaning frequency should be moderate to prevent dirt and bacteria buildup that can hinder beard growth. Use a wide-tooth pick or comb alternative to detangle knots and snarls before trimming.

Proper styling starts with well-maintained cheek lines, which should be trimmed first to define the shape of the entire beard. When using an adjustable clipper, angle it downward when trimming the first side of your long beard in order to preserve length and avoid taking too much off at once.

Hold the guard away from your face when dealing with curly ends of picked-out hair, so you don’t accidentally cut them short while trying to trim remaining strays. Carefully trim without taking chunks out all over again.

Don’t forget to apply some good quality beard oil, like 2-3 drops. Spread it in your palms and apply upwards into facial hairs, then use a bristle brush on top to distribute the oil evenly throughout. This will condition the skin beneath and keep everything under control.

Finally, finish up with nicely shaped points around the lips and mustache area. Use smaller guards for detailing sections and create impact arc shapes along edges where needed, especially for big mustaches that require more attention than usual.

So what are you waiting for? Start grooming today; there’s no time like the present!

Step 2: Detangle Your Beard

Using a wide-tooth pick or comb alternative, detangle those pesky knots and snarls so you can get your long beard looking perfect! As part of your regular grooming routine, proper beard maintenance is essential for keeping it in top shape. Taking the time to carefully work through any tangles will help keep the length and integrity of your facial hair.

Not only that, but good hygiene habits like using a quality beard wash will also pay dividends down the road when it comes to trimming.

Matty Conrad from The Mod Cabin has some great tips on how to use scissors correctly; they’re not just for cutting paper anymore! When using them on longer beards, make sure you pull up individual hairs away from face before clipping them off at desired length – this should give an even cut across the entire surface area without worrying about pulling out too many hairs by mistake.

With these simple steps incorporated into your daily care regimen, soon enough people won’t be able to take their eyes off that enviable mane!

Step 3: Trim the Bulk of Your Beard

Take control of your facial hair and shape it to your liking by carefully trimming the bulk of your beard. Trimming is a necessity for any long beard. Regular care and maintenance will ensure you stay looking sharp.

Start with adjustable clippers to trim down the sides of the cheek and beard, angling them downward to preserve length. Then use an edge trimmer or wide-tooth comb, along with scissors or trimmers on both sides of the face – don’t forget to clean up the front wall that protects the bulk of the beard.

Add some drops of quality beard oil into your palms, then apply upwards into the beard. Use a bristle brush afterwards for even distribution and conditioning of the skin underneath the hairs.

To finish off styling options, define the top line, base line, and lip lines. Be careful when shaping a rounded appearance – connect the sideburns, corner of the mustache/goatee, then draw an imaginary U-shape from the ear’s middle point to the Adam’s apple before trimming everything under it.

Step 4: Define Your Base Line

Adjust the clipper with guard away from face to create the bulk of the beard’s length. Use an edge trimmer or razor blade to clean up around the top line, lip line, and base of sideburns, connecting the corner of the mustache or goatee with the backside ear lobe creating a U shape. Trim afterwards. Apply natural beard oils during this process to maintain the healthiness of the hairs and provide desired texture with extra conditioning for the skin underneath.

Take the time to define your base line and make sure it looks perfect. Use proper shaving techniques and methodology for grooming habits. Following these steps will give you a definitive guide on how to achieve a perfect looking natural bearded look without hassle!

Step 5: Define Your Top Line

Now it’s time to define your top line and make sure your beard looks on point! Use a fading technique when trimming the top line by angling downwards from the side wall while gradually decreasing guard size until you reach your desired length.

Draw an imaginary line that connects both ears with a middle point on Adam’s apple, then cut everything under this U shape so as not to over-trim anything else at this stage. Create an arc shape for maximum impact.

Always start slowly and take small steps! Patience comes with mastery in beard grooming and shaping lines. Once you get comfortable with these techniques, achieving any desired style will come naturally.

Maintain current length properly through regular maintenance routines and trims whenever necessary.

Step 6: Define Your Neck Line

To give your long beard a polished finish, define the neck line with skill and precision by carefully fading down from the U shape. Use a trimmer set to halfway-open setting or clippers with adjustable settings for maximum control.

Begin at one side of the base of the beard and work towards its centre point, angling downwards as you go to create soft angles around Conradu2019s Beard (the area between chin and Adam’s apple). This will help maintain length while creating an even clean cheek line that frames out face nicely.

Take extra care when detailing this step, as it can easily become uneven if rushed through!

Step 7: Trim the Sides of Your Beard

Now it’s time to take care of the sides and shape your beard with precision. To add length, use a high-quality beard trimmer or scissors with adjustable settings and hold them at an angle against the perimeter of your beard as you trim. Make sure to keep a straight line along both sides, following all curves and angles around the chin area so that everything looks even on either side.

When using clippers, move the lever halfway down to avoid taking chunks out of hair while grooming habits remain intact.

Set aside some extra time when trimming; use slow movements; remove any strays outside of what’s expected – all while staying within its natural shape!

Incorporate essential tools into your regular beard care routine:

  • A High Quality Trimmer/Scissors
  • Straight Edge Razor (for detail work)
  • Comb & Pick Set
  • Clipper Guards (varying sizes depending on desired length).

Step 8: Trim the Mustache and Goatee

Carefully craft your mustache and goatee like an artist creating a masterpiece, as if you were sculpting clay to form the perfect shape.

Start by using beard scissors or clippers with adjustable settings to maintain length while matching your outfit.
Follow up with comb techniques such as running the comb from middle of chin toward sideburns, then lifting it away from face at same angle made by index finger and thumb forming an L-shape when held together – this will help create desired shape in line with jawbone angles.

Use good quality brushing habits for styling, but don’t forget to brush mustache hairs down over lip towards corner of either the mustache or goatee using a good beard brush so they blend into overall look nicely – trimming strays along the way is also important for maintaining style and keeping wild hairs under control!

Grooming regularly will help keep everything looking sharp all year round!

Step 9: Trim the Edge of Your Beard

Finish off your look by defining the edges of your beard for a polished appearance. To do this, use an adjustable trimmer and follow these steps:

  1. Angle clipper downward when trimming first side of beard to preserve length.
  2. Clean up front wall that protects bulk of beard.
  3. Hold guard away from face when trimming curly ends of picked-out beard.
  4. Repeat wall cleanup on opposite side of face.
  5. Use edge trimmer to clean up outline and stray hairs around ears, neckline, cheeks and mustache.

Make sure you have a clean hand towel nearby to wipe away excess hair throughout the process. With patience and practice, you’ll soon be able to master all aspects in styling short or long beards with proper grooming products like scissors, combs, as well as specialized tools such as electric edgers for creating sharp outlines along cheekbones or jawlines.

Step 10: Apply Beard Oil

Complete your look with a luxurious shine by applying beard oil – it’s like liquid gold for your face! Beard maintenance is key to keeping that big, long beard looking sharp and polished. Applying the right amount of quality beard oil helps condition both the hairs and skin underneath, ensuring an even distribution of product throughout. For standard-length beards, 1-2 drops should suffice whereas illustrious beards may require 2-3 drops depending on length and density.

Once you’ve spread the oil in palms evenly, work upwards into the facial hair until completely absorbed – don’t forget to feed those mustaches too! To finish off styling with maximum impact, use a bristle brush or comb to distribute oils further while shaping up all areas for optimal style definition.

A well-groomed mane signifies confidence, so make sure you take time out for proper care as part of any regular trimming routine – this’ll help keep dandruff at bay too!

Step 11: Brush Your Beard

Brush your beard down and outwards for a polished look, giving it the attention it deserves with each stroke! Use styling products to help you achieve the desired shape while also providing essential nutrients to maintain healthy growth. Beard maintenance is key to keeping your facial hair in good condition, so make sure you’re following an effective grooming routine.

Focus on distributing natural oils evenly throughout strands and removing dead skin cells from follicles – this helps keep both skin and hair clean as well as preventing itchiness or irritation. Use a brush with soft bristles – boar bristle is best – to spread product through without tugging hairs too much.

Place the brush at approx. one inch above your desired resting spot on the left side of your face near your ear. Draw an imaginary line connecting back of ears up towards Adam’s apple. Start brushing downwards until end point is reached, creating an arc shape for the most impact possible.

Take care not to push too hard against your scalp when doing this process. Excessive pressure may damage hair follicles over time if done regularly.

Step 12: Clean Up

Once you’re done with the hard work, it’s time to clean up and give your long beard a polished look for that oh-so-satisfying result! Start by trimming down to the stubble length of your desired beard style. Be careful when making any passes with clippers or trimmers as facial hair can be tricky.

Once all shorter styles are taken care of, take some extra effort into brushing out and grooming through heavier areas in order to shape them properly. Don’t forget about dreaded beard dandruff either – this is where a thorough scrubbing & cleansing routine comes into play if you want best features on display!

Constant need for good hygiene maintenance is key here; use warm water mixed with mild soap/shampoo before finishing off every trim session.

Tips for Trimming Your Long Beard

Tips for Trimming Your Long Beard
Now that you have a step-by-step guide in hand, let’s look at some tips for styling your luxurious beard to perfection!

Use the right tools to get the job done. Invest in high quality straightening techniques such as precision trimmers and beard trimming tools. Get yourself some good scissors specifically made for beards; they are sharp and wide, so food won’t get stuck inside them.

Use proper styling products like beard oils and balms. They nourish the hair follicles and skin beneath it, making your long mane soft and well-groomed.

Mustache trimming is important too. Keep stray hairs away by using shark-infested waters or a razor blade if needed.

Don’t forget about maintenance. Regularly dyeing or coloring your hair helps retain its natural texture. Comb after washing locks out dust particles so you can rock those majestic curls without worry of any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I trim my long beard?

Trimming your substantial full beard on a regular basis is essential for long-term care and maintenance. Failing to do so can lead to uneven lengths, split ends, and an overall unkempt look.

For most people with big beards, trimming frequency should range from every few weeks or once a month depending on the desired style of growth.

To ensure you get picture-perfect results each time, consider consulting with a professional barber who has experience in handling different types of facial hair styles. Plus, they’ll help you find the right tools that are best suited for shaping up your unique mane!

Investing in quality trimmers and beard balms will also allow you to make detailed cuts while keeping those hairs moisturized throughout all stages of growth.

Remember: when it comes to trimming frequency, consistency is key!

Is it possible to trim my long beard without using a trimmer?

Yes, it’s possible to trim your long beard without using a trimmer. Prep your facial hair and skin by washing it in advance. Moisturizing tips are also important. With patience, practice, and guidance from experienced barbers online, you have every chance of getting ultimate control over how to shape up your perfect beard.
Master the right shaving techniques and have steady hands with an eye for detail. Give yourself the best chance of achieving that sleek look without any further ado or leaving a bare metal face behind!

What kind of products should I use to keep my long beard healthy?

When it comes to choosing the right tools of the trade for keeping your long beard healthy, a pair of quality scissors is essential. Not only are they great for styling and shaping techniques, but they offer many other benefits too. A good pair of beard scissors has sharper tips, so you can trim with precision and avoid snagging or pulling hairs.

Investing in high-quality trimmer/scissors combos can be beneficial, as they provide an all-inclusive solution when it comes to trimming and grooming your facial hair. With such versatile equipment, achieving perfect results every time is easy.

Regular maintenance and combing sessions are part of having a well-groomed long beard. Investing in quality trimmer/scissors combos can give you an all-inclusive solution for trimming and grooming. With such versatile equipment, you can get perfect results every time.

How can I reduce the itchiness of my long beard?

Choose the right clippers and maintain your chosen length to avoid painful ingrowns and keep your long beard in optimal shape. Style it with products like oil or wax to give it extra flair and make it the ultimate fashion accessory for any face shape.

Trim it with the best clipper guard that will achieve your desired length while still maintaining its original shape.

Once it’s trimmed, use a styling product, like oil or wax, to keep it looking great all day!

How can I style my long beard?

Styling your long beard can make a huge difference to your look. Quality grooming products, exfoliating regularly, keeping hydrated, trimming stray hairs, and brushing often, all help maintain and style your beard. With the right products and tips, you can achieve a carefully curated look. A decade of popularity has seen more men take pride in their beards. Use sharp scissors or trimmers set at the right length guards, and brush with soft bristles, applying oil evenly.

It’s easy to create different shapes and styles – from a full goatee to distinct parts – the options are endless! So, take some time to care for your beard and get the look you want.


Trimming a long beard is a great way to keep your facial hair looking neat and groomed. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can achieve a perfectly trimmed long beard. Investigate the truth that regular trimming and cleaning of your beard is essential to maintain its shape and length, and you’ll see the results for yourself.

A few simple steps and some practice and you’ll be trimming your long beard like a pro. Don’t forget to use beard oil to condition and nourish your hairs and skin. With the right care and maintenance, you’ll have a stunning, well-groomed beard that will turn heads.

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