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How to Put Beads in Your Beard: a Step-by-step Guide for a Perfect Look! (2023)

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Have you ever wanted to look like a badass Viking warrior? Well, now you can with the help of beard beads. These small metal rings or bead-like ornaments have a long history and have been used in various cultures. They’ll give your facial hair an extra touch of character and make it stand out.

Whether it’s for protection against evil forces or just to add some style, this article will show you how to put on those special pieces of jewelry. So grab that floss and let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

how to put beads in beard
To make your bearding experience a breeze, you’ll need some beard rings or beads, a hair tie and floss (or string), as well as optional pull-hair pins and rubber bands. It’s important to start with clean facial hygiene routines to avoid skin irritation from the decorative styles you may try out.

When choosing between different types of beard jewelry, remember larger ones require more strands for a secure fit, while smaller pieces can be used freehand if desired.

For long-lasting hold, jojoba oil can help keep everything tucked away nicely without drying out delicate hairs around the face area too much throughout the day.

Step 1: Choose Your Beads

Step 1: Choose Your Beads
Choose the perfect beard beads for you, whether they be shiny silver rings or intricately designed trinkets – like gems shimmering in your facial hair. Adding color and customizing your look is easy with a variety of styling options available.

Depending on the length of your hair, various types of beard jewelry can be used such as beard rings, beads and charms. If you have shorter hair, use a strand to pull through a ring or bead for more stability. For longer locks, try using multiple pieces together for that added flair!

Make sure maintenance challenges don’t get in the way by keeping up on regular haircare tips. Apply coconut oil daily at the tip of each triangular coil before placing any charm or bead into place. This will aid in preventing tangles while also strengthening those hairs so they stay put all day long!

Step 2: Measure Your Hair

Step 2: Measure Your Hair
Now that you’ve chosen the perfect beard beads, it’s time to measure your hair so they fit perfectly! For this, Eric McClure suggests using a 6-inch loop of floss. Take one strand of your beard and tie it off with a piece of floss or string.

Once the strand is secured, pull through the opening of the bead and slide up until you reach around six inches from where you started. This creates an even loop which can then be used as a measurement for all other strands within that same section.

When braiding techniques are applied or styling options are considered, such as colour coordination or texture preferences, take into account facial shape considerations too. Make sure to adjust placement if needed before securing each bead in place with rubber bands and/or pull pins, depending on what type of set was purchased, for optimal look!

Step 3: Thread the Bead

Step 3: Thread the Bead
Threading your beads through your beard will give you a unique look that’s sure to turn heads. The easiest way is to add color and styling with some basic tools. To secure each bead, tie off a strand of beard hair at the desired length and pull it through the opening. Then use floss or string, slide it through the opening of the ring/bead, and tie off the horizontal length of hair with a hair tie to avoid tangles while creating patterns. When using charms, hold them so their triangular coil faces towards your facial hairs, then rotate counterclockwise to entwine it securely. This ensures the design stays flush with the hairs when done right.

Trial and error may be necessary to know how much hair is needed for larger rings or more challenging designs, as there isn’t one universal answer due to differences in individual strands. But following these steps should get you on track!

Beard beads come in various sizes and styles, from subtle accents to intricate weaves involving multiple pieces combined tightly around the chin area. Make sure it’s not too tight, as this could lead to skin irritation. You can also use silicone rubber bands and pull-hair pins (if available) for extra security, especially when working with longer dreadlocks.

Step 4: Create a Loop

Step 4: Create a Loop
Now that you’ve threaded the bead, tie off a strand of your beard with a hair tie to create a loop for the bead to hang in. Make sure not to make it too tight, or it may cause discomfort or tangle up your strands. Consider using clear hair rubber bands, as they won’t be noticeable but will still provide secure hold without damaging your beard.

The size of the beads you use will determine how much hair is needed for each section tied off; larger beads require more, while smaller ones may only need one small section tied off at their base before threading onto individual hairs through a braiding technique.

If you’re having trouble positioning them correctly on longer beards, try using a bead setting tool. This helps ensure that the tip of the coil catches properly and stays put throughout the day!

Step 5: Thread the Bead Again

Step 5: Thread the Bead Again
Now, take the end of the floss and thread it back through your bead for a secure hold. Move slowly and carefully as you create a loop at one side of your beard between two strands of hair. This’ll ensure the bead doesn’t slip off or become loose over time. Be mindful of how tight or loose you make the loops; too tight can lead to discomfort, too loose can cause them to fall out quickly!

Many styling options are available when using beard beads, like braiding techniques, accessorizing with darth vader helmets or premium organic essential oils for promoting hair growth and shine. Mix different types together, like rings, dreadlocks or even digital chapbooks! Invest in a quality tool specifically designed for setting beads; it’ll make the process smoother and faster, saving time in achieving those perfect looks.

Step 6: Adjust the Bead

Step 6: Adjust the Bead
Once the bead is threaded, adjust it to your liking and create a unique look that expresses your individual style – after all, variety is the spice of life! There are several ways to adjust the bead depending on how you want it placed in your beard. One option is to slide it up towards the chin for a more subtle look or down towards the end of hair for a bolder statement. Another way to change things up with beads is by incorporating braiding techniques into your styling options.

When choosing which type of beard bead to use, consider color options and different shapes available in order to achieve desired results. High-quality kick-of-growth power products can also help facial hair grow stronger while providing nourishment and care for each strand. Take some time experimenting with different types until finding what works best; remember that there’s no right or wrong way when creating something truly unique!

Consider using silicone ties as an alternative method for holding beads securely in place. Use natural softeners like argan oil or shea butter when combing through facial hairs. Viking burial sites suggest men adorned their beards regardless of cultural background. Bead rings resemble finger rings while taller beard beads are ideal for longer/thicker beards.

Braided styles involve weaving strands together before attaching end pieces onto them using smaller sized jewelry components such as charms made from metals like silver/gold plated brass alloy (depending on preference). MYAROMA FINDINGS offers set w/24 Viking-style runic alphabet letters & Hanpabum has complete set featuring mixtures bronze/silver varieties among others listed above. Rings/Beads/Dreadlocks can be achieved via multiple placements at varying lengths throughout facial growth area(s). Silicone-based rubber bands/pull-hair pins often included accompanying sets mentioned previously but not always necessary for secure attachment.

Use facial masks to help soften skin, prevent irritation and maintain healthy beard growth. Experiment with different types of bead shapes until finding what works best; remember that there’s no right or wrong way when creating something truly unique!

Step 7: Repeat the Process

Step 7: Repeat the Process
Once you’ve adjusted the bead, simply repeat the process with additional beads to create your desired look! For styling tricks and creative ideas, be sure to secure each bead in place before adding more.

Vary the number of rings/beads and placement for different looks. Larger rings require more hair to secure. Trial and error may be necessary on amount of hair needed. Use the best beard grooming kit available from the company’s products. Trim your beard regularly with a high quality razor. Spend money on higher quality handcrafted beads by charm enthusiasts.

To get started as a first time user, try experimenting with variations in size, color, or shape until you find what works best at the bottom of your beard. With practice comes creativity – start off slow but don’t lose enthusiasm when it comes to creating unique styles that make use of this ancient form of creative writing!

Step 8: Trim the Hair (optional)

Step 8: Trim the Hair (optional)
If you’re looking for a neat and tidy look, you can trim your beard hair around the beads to ensure they stay in place. Use scissors or clippers to carefully trim any stray hairs that may be poking out from under the bead. This will help achieve balance and symmetry with your overall style.

Experimentation is key when it comes to finding what works best for you. You might want to try dyeing your hair or using home remedies that promote natural beard growth products before setting beads into place with a bead setting tool like Hair Bead Jewelry Beard.

Don’t forget about incorporating style trends into your look, such as creating a Double Side Braid with strategically placed beads. With some patience and creativity, the possibilities are endless!

And if things get frustrating along the way, remember: Winner of Paul Carroll Award Eric McClure suggests taking breaks during styling sessions so as not to give up on achieving mastery over this unique grooming technique – just keep practicing until it becomes second nature!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Try experimenting with different types of beard beads and adornments to create unique looks and express your own personal style! Begin by threading some strong floss or string through the opening. Tie off a section of your hair, then pull the strands through so you can tie them in an horizontal length at the desired position. Don’t make it too tight, as this could cause disruption in blood circulation near follicles.

When styling creative looks with multiple bead sets, be aware that larger rings may require more hair for secure placement; trial and error is often necessary. Use high-quality shaving basics like razors and regularly trim facial hairs for better results.

Don’t forget to use other products specially made for beard care, such as waxes or balms. These help keep things neat and protect against harsh elements from Viking ship building projects outside 😉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of beads are best for beards?

When it comes to styling your beard, the type of bead you choose can make all the difference. If you have a single charm or just want a good starting place for your massive Viking beard, try larger rings. They require more hair to secure than standard length beads.

For those with tighter curls and textures, silicone hair ties can provide added security. Metal rings or smaller beads, like Yahpetes’ 2-piece set with Triquetra Viking symbols, work well too.

Hanpabum’s complete set of 48 silver and bronze pieces featuring runic alphabet characters has plenty of colour choices. They can give any style of facial hair an extra boost!

How often should I trim my beard when using beads?

When styling your beard with beads, it’s important to trim regularly. Aim for every two weeks and only trim the amount of growth you want gone. Over-trimming can cause an uneven or patchy appearance.

Check out Eric McClure’s outstanding achievement as a Wikihow staff writer for inspiration. He explains all the different types of beard bead styles and provides helpful tips, like using clear hair rubber bands for added security when wearing them.

How do I remove the beads when I’m done?

Removing the beads from your beard is a simple process. Start by detangling your beard and using hygienic practices, such as washing with natural ingredients, to make sure it’s clean before you start. Then, use a bead setting tool or tweezers to gently loosen the bead from its place in the hair. If necessary, use styling ideas like finger-brushing or an extra strand of floss to help remove any knots that may have formed around it during wear time.

Once removed, store away safely in a decorative piece of jewelry pouch for future use!

Can I use beard beads with short hair?

Yes, you can use beard beads with short hair. Depending on the length, different styling techniques may be used. For example, if it’s too short to tie off and thread through a bead opening, dyeing or twisting can help. If hairs are too thin, use castor oil to thicken them and add volume. Dexterity is key, so practice mirror checking and manipulating small details like rubber bands and pulling pins. This gives you more control over how tight they fit against your skin without causing irritation.

Are there any health risks associated with wearing beard beads?

Wearing beard beads may come with a few health risks, depending on your preference and societal norms. Secular vs. spiritual beliefs are important factors when deciding whether to wear them.

A Little Bit of Dexterity from DePaul University found Viking Status is trending when it comes to men’s beard styles. For proper placement, a bead setting tool is often needed.

The most common risk associated with wearing these decorations is skin irritation due to friction between hairs and openings in the beads. Regularly using shampoo and conditioner can help minimize this risk.


Congratulations! You now know how to put beads in your beard like a pro. With the proper tools and technique, you can create unique and stylish designs. Not only do they look great, but they can also help keep your beard neat and tidy.

Did you know the average man spends over 10 minutes a day grooming his facial hair? That’s a lot of time and effort that can be saved with the help of a few beads. So get creative and start experimenting with different looks today!

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