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Mastercuts Prices: Your Guide to Affordable Haircuts, Colors & More (2024)

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mastercuts pricesYou’ll find Mastercuts’ prices quite affordable for professional haircuts, color, and styling services.

Adult haircuts start at $15.95, while kids’ cuts begin at $12.95.

Highlighting ranges from $39.95 to $59.95, and single-process color starts at $29.95.

Perm and relaxer services kick off at $49.95.

Blowouts and updos cost $18.95+, with waxing from $29.95.

Mastercuts has flexible hours and over 500 U.S. locations – check online for your nearest salon.

These baseline prices signal attractive costs for quality services; further details reveal enticing packages and discounts.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastercuts offers a range of adult haircuts starting at $15.95, with kids’ haircuts starting at $12.95.
  • Color and chemical services are also available, with single-process color starting at $29.95 and highlighting ranging from $39.95 to $59.95.
  • Mastercuts has flexible hours and over 500 U.S. locations, making it convenient for customers to find a nearby salon.
  • The salon provides a variety of hair styling services, including blowouts, updos, and waxing treatments, with prices starting at .95 for hair styling and $29.95 for waxing.

Mastercuts Haircut Pricing

Mastercuts Haircut Pricing
Mastercuts’ adult haircut prices start at $15.95, offering an affordable option for a basic trim. For kids 12 and under, haircuts begin at $12.95, making it a budget-friendly choice for families.

Adult Haircuts

Mastercuts offers a range of adult haircuts catering to various styles and preferences.

Prices start at $15.95 for a basic haircut, with senior haircuts and special occasion styles available at additional costs.

Men’s and women’s hairstyles are available, with before and after photos showcasing the transformation.

Experience professional stylists and affordable prices, making Mastercuts an excellent choice for your adult haircut needs.

Kids’ Haircuts

At Mastercuts, kids’ haircuts start at an affordable price of $12.95 for children 12 and under at most locations.

This is a great option for parents who want to provide their children with professional haircuts without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Mastercuts offers discounts and packages that can help save even more money.

For example, kids can get a savings of around $3 on haircuts and shampoos.

These savings can add up over time, making Mastercuts a cost-effective choice for families.

With professional stylists and a full range of hair services, Mastercuts provides a high-quality experience for kids at an affordable price.

Shampoo and Styling Add-ons

Upgrade your haircut experience with Mastercuts’ shampoo and styling add-ons. Choose from blow dryer styles, special occasion styling, Keratin treatments, updo variations, hair extensions, and more. Enhance your hair care routine with conditioner and styling products, or indulge in styling services for a complete makeover.

Color and Chemical Services Costs

Color and Chemical Services Costs
You’ll find Mastercuts offers affordable coloring services starting at $29.95 for basic single-process color. Their highlighting techniques, such as foils, balayage, and ombré, range from $39.95 to $59.95, depending on your desired look. For those seeking texture transformations, perm and relaxer options start at $49.95.

Basic Coloring

Mastercuts offers a range of color services to suit your needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Toning: Refreshes your hair color, giving it a vibrant shine.
  2. Glossing: Enhances your hair color, making it look richer and more vibrant.
  3. Root Touch-Up: Quick fix for grown-out roots, ensuring your color stays fresh.
  4. Color Correction: Expert advice to fix any color mishaps, from brassy tones to uneven results.

These services are priced competitively, starting at $29.95, making professional hair coloring accessible to everyone. From balayage to hair coloring, Mastercuts has got you covered. Don’t forget to ask about beard growth, beard moisturizer, and beard exfoliation while you’re there!

Highlighting Techniques

After exploring the domain of rudimentary coloring, let’s illuminate your style with highlighting methods. Whether you’re seeking the sun-kissed charm of balayage, the striking change of ombre, or rectifying past hair dyeing experiences with color correction, Mastercuts has you covered. Their skilled stylists wield foils like artists, guaranteeing your hair becomes a masterpiece of color and radiance.

Technique Description Price Range
Balayage Hand-painted highlights for a natural look $$$
Ombre Gradual merging of one color hue to another $$$
Color Correction Fixing previous color misadventures $$$$

Unlock the potential of highlights to elevate your haircut beyond the mundane.

Perm and Relaxer Options

Mastercuts offers a range of perm and relaxer options to suit your hair needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Perm Types: Choose from classic, body wave, or spiral perm styles.
  • Relaxer Durations: Opt for short-term or long-lasting relaxer treatments.
  • Chemical Treatments: Enjoy smoothing, straightening, or curling treatments.
  • Hair Damage: Minimize damage with professional application and aftercare instructions.
  • Beard Care: Don’t forget about your beard! Get beard shine, beard smell control, beard health tips, and beard pore unclogging advice.

Styling and Waxing Service Fees

Styling and Waxing Service Fees
You’ll find a variety of hair styling services at Mastercuts, including blowouts, updos, and styling for special occasions. They also offer waxing treatments like brow, lip, and facial waxing to help keep you well-groomed.

Hair Styling Varieties

At Mastercuts, we provide a range of hair styling options to accommodate your needs and preferences. From facial treatments to hair extensions, our salons have you covered. Our hair products are superior, and our scalp massages are a delight for your senses. If you’re in a hurry, our swift trims are just what you need. And don’t forget about our gift cards – the ideal present for the barber in your life. Here’s a breakdown of our styling and waxing service fees:

Service Starting Price
Hair Styling $18.95
Facial Treatments $29.95
Hair Extensions $39.95
Scalp Massages $34.95
Quick Trim $15.95
Waxing Treatments $29.95

Our hair salons are open seven days a week, with extended hours on weekdays. Weekend hours are regular, and we recommend checking your local salon for specific hours. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended to make sure you get the best service. With over 500 locations across the US, finding your nearest Mastercuts is easy. Experience the Mastercuts difference today!

Waxing Treatments

In the realm of waxing treatments, Mastercuts offers a spectrum of services to assist you in attaining soft, hairless skin.

Be it the removal of unwanted hair from your eyebrows, underarms, or bikini area, their adept stylists employ proficient waxing techniques and products to guarantee a painless and effective experience.

For those grappling with ingrown hairs or razor bumps, Mastercuts also dispenses advice for post-treatment care and provides treatments to prevent skin discoloration.

With competitive prices and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Mastercuts is the ideal venue to partake in the benefits of waxing services.

Mastercuts Salon Hours

Mastercuts Salon Hours
If you’re looking for convenient hair care, Mastercuts has you covered with flexible weekday hours that allow for late appointments after work or school. On weekends, their regular salon schedules accommodate those seeking services at their leisure. With over 500 locations across the U.S., you’re never far from a Mastercuts that can meet your hair needs within its operating hours.

Weekday Schedules

Navigating the weekday hustle? Mastercuts has got your back with flexible weekday hours, ensuring you can fit in that much-needed trim or transformation without missing a beat. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Open late: Perfect for post-work pampering.
  • Local salon vibes: Each spot has its unique charm.
  • Check hours: A smart move to avoid any hiccups.
  • Specific hours: Customized to fit your jam-packed schedule.

Whether it’s a sharp men’s haircut or a luxurious hair treatment, your local hair salon is ready to deliver great service, even on the busiest days.

Weekend Availability

Mastercuts is open on weekends.

It offers a variety of hair services for men, women, and children.

You can walk-in without an appointment, making it convenient for those who want a quick haircut or a full transformation.

However, during weekends, wait times may be longer due to increased demand.

If you’re looking for a specific service like a haircut, color, or waxing, it’s recommended to call your local salon for more information on wait times and availability.

Mastercuts Salon Locations

Mastercuts Salon Locations
With over 500 locations nationwide, MasterCuts makes finding your nearest salon a breeze. Simply visit their website and utilize the location finder, or check local listings for a salon in your area — they welcome walk-ins but recommend appointments for the best possible service.

Finding Your Nearest Salon

You’re in luck – Mastercuts has over 500 locations across the United States, so finding one near you is simple. Just use their salon locator online or give them a call. They offer:

  • Convenient salon search by city/state
  • List of all nearby salons with addresses
  • Option to get directions to each location

No more hunting for an affordable place to get your hair done – Mastercuts brings quality cuts, colors, and ear candling services right to your neighborhood. With men’s and women’s haircuts starting at just $15.95, treating yourself is easy.

Walk-in and Appointment Policies

At Mastercuts, spontaneity is your friend with walk-in availability, ensuring you can snag a same-day service even at the eleventh hour.

Prefer to plan ahead? Appointment scheduling is a breeze, catering to your need for structure.

Last-minute bookings are no sweat, and with online booking, you’re in control.

Whether it’s a walk-in whim or a pre-planned appointment, affordable luxury is at your fingertips.

Get ready to turn heads with fresh haircuts and vibrant colors, all on your own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price range for Mastercuts hair treatments?

Indulge in transformative hair treatments, a gateway to silky tresses. Mastercuts’ pricing starts at $95 – an accessible ticket to revitalized locks, empowering you with radiant confidence.

Can I get a shampoo and blow dryer service at Mastercuts?

Mastercuts offers a Haircut with Shampoo and Blow Dryer service starting at $ Treat yourself to that fresh, pampered feeling while staying budget-friendly.

How much does a kids haircut cost at Mastercuts?

Kids’ haircuts at Mastercuts start at just $95 – a steal! Treat your little one to an affordable trim that’ll have them feeling fresh and looking sharp. Quality kid-friendly service without breaking the bank.

Are there any discounts available for Mastercuts services?

Sure, Mastercuts often runs promotions and offers discounts. Check their website or ask at your local salon – they might’ve deals for students, seniors, or bundled services. A rewards program could also score you savings on future visits.

Can I get a haircut at Mastercuts without an appointment?

Mastercuts welcomes walk-ins, so you can strut right in and get that mane tamed without an appointment. They’re all about convenience and making you feel like royalty.


With over 500 locations nationwide, Mastercuts offers unbeatable convenience for affordable haircuts and styling services. You’ll appreciate their competitive mastercuts prices, ranging from $15.95 for basic adult trims to $59.95 for advanced highlights. Whether you need a quick blowout or an intricate color treatment, trust Mastercuts’ skilled stylists to deliver superior results at wallet-friendly rates.

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