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Mix Blue and Purple Hair Dye: Achieving the Perfect Shade (2024)

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mix blue and purple hair dyeIt’s a common belief that blue and purple make the perfect combination when it comes to hair dye.

Knowing how tertiary colors work can help achieve your desired shade of blue-purple. Plus, having an understanding of which types of dyes will provide better results will save you time in the long run.

So if you’re looking for tips on mixing blue and purple hair dye so as to get just the right hue, then read ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • Color mixing and understanding are crucial for achieving the desired shades in blue and purple hair dye.
  • Applying the dye evenly and using different ratios or shades can create various purple hues.
  • Researching and comparing different dye brands like Manic Panic, Punky Color, and Arctic Fox for the desired shade range.
  • Maintaining vibrant hair requires using color-preserving shampoos and following a hair care routine with sulfate-free products.

How to Mix Blue and Purple Dye

How to Mix Blue and Purple Dye
Mixing blue and purple dyes can help you create a unique tertiary color for your hair. Understanding the properties of both colors, as well as adjusting ratios to achieve the desired shades, is a key step in this process.

Once mixed, applying the dye evenly from root to end is essential for vibrant results.

Understanding Tertiary Colors

Discover the beauty of tertiary colors—like blue-purple—by experimenting with different color combinations and shades. Mixing a primary hue with its secondary neighbor yields stunning results. For example, vibrant blues mixed with purples create mysterious hues for any design.

Explore various color models like RGB or RYB to see how they affect blending. Consider symbolism when selecting tones.

Compare dye brands for desired shade ranges. If you want lighter blues, try semi-permanent versions. When lightening or darkening your mix, add white carefully to lighten or black cautiously to darken.

Sit back in awe at the perfect pastel dreamscape you’ve created!

Achieving the Desired Shade

Experiment with ratios and shades to create the perfect blue-purple palette for your unique look! When combining blue and purple dyes, adjust color ratios or use different shades of each to achieve various purple hues.

Different dye brands offer variations in pigmentation as well; Manic Panic, Punky Color, and Arctic Fox all have excellent selection for blues and purples.

Semi-permanent options provide more vibrant results than temporary dyes while still lasting up to two weeks. Hair maintenance is key too – opting for shampoos that keep colors vibrant makes a big difference! Mixing techniques are easy: apply evenly on wet hair from root through end then rinse after 30-40 minutes.

Have fun creating beautiful purple tones with this versatile combination!

Applying the Mixed Dye

Once you have the perfect blue-purple mix, apply it evenly to wet hair from root to end.

To ensure optimal results:

  • Use blending techniques like circular motions or combing through with fingers in different directions.
  • Make sure all strands are saturated.
  • Leave dye processing time as recommended on package instructions.
  • Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear before drying your hair.
  • Monitor the vibrancy of your color throughout the process by periodically rinsing out small sections of wet hair!

With this approach, you can achieve stunningly vivid results every time when mixing blue and purple dyes for your locks!

Exploring Different Blue and Purple Dye Brands

Exploring Different Blue and Purple Dye Brands
Are you ready to explore the world of blue and purple dyes? Manic Panic, Punky Color, and Arctic Fox are some of the most popular brands in this category. With their wide range of colors available, these brands offer a great opportunity to mix your own custom shade for your hair.

Manic Panic

Create your own unique look with Manic Panic’s bold shades of blue and purple! Get creative mixing their semi-permanent dyes for vibrant hues, or go for a more subtle tone with one of the pre-mixed colors.

For the perfect mix, add white sparingly to lighten or black cautiously to darken. To maintain that fresh color longer, use color maintenance shampoos—just follow Manic Panic’s dyeing tips and advice.

Create an electric blue using Poseidon paired with Purple AF; a smoky grayish hue from Periwinkle plus Sterling; a dreamy pastel shade blending Periwinkle and Neon Moon—the possibilities are endless!

So get ready to explore all kinds of beautiful blues & purples: it’s time to discover new hair horizons!

Punky Color

Try Punky Color for an electrifying blue-purple mix that will make heads spin! Their unique color blends, maintenance tips, and semi-permanent dyes ensure you get the desired result. With diverse options such as Poseidon and Purple AF to Periwinkle or Sterling, create custom hair color recipes like electric blue with 2/3 Poseidon & 1/3 Purple AF.

Or go for a dreamy pastel look with half Poseidon & Neon Moon for a deep sea mermaid look.

Arctic Fox

Experiment with Arctic Fox for a unique blue-purple shade! This hair color brand offers vibrant, semi-permanent dyes in an array of shades to create various purple hues. Mixing techniques and maintenance tips will help you achieve the desired outcome.

Try combining Poseidon with Neon Moon or Periwinkle to obtain dreamy pastel blues. Mix Sterling or Blue Jean Baby for denim tones. Add Aquamarine diluted in Arctic Mist diluter for aqua vibes.

Take advantage of these dye combinations and get creative today!

Creating Specific Hair Colors With Blue and Purple Dye

Creating Specific Hair Colors With Blue and Purple Dye
Are you ready to create electric blue, dark royal tones, and dreamy pastel blue using the best hair dyes? Mixing different shades of blues and purples will give you a wide range of creative options for your next look.

Electric Blue

Achieve electric blue with Poseidon and Purple AF for a bold look. Mix two parts Poseidon to one part Purple AF for this vibrant hair color.

Embrace your creativity and create custom color combinations that will make you stand out from the crowd. Express yourself through vivid hair hues! With these tips, you can easily achieve an electrifyingly beautiful mane without spending hours at the salon.

Dark Royal Tone

Bring out your inner royalty with a dark royal tone, created by mixing equal parts Poseidon and Purple AF. Balance the boldness of blues with the softness of purples for a hue that’s fit for kings and queens alike.

Blending these two colors together creates depth yet still maintains vibrancy to give you an eye-catching look sure to turn heads every time you step out.

For creating various purple hues, adjusting ratios or adding other colors like white can also help achieve desired results without overpowering any particular shade in the mix.

Dreamy Pastel Blue

To achieve a dreamy pastel blue, try combining Periwinkle and Poseidon for an ethereal look that can last up to two weeks. For perfect pairings, add Aquamarine accents or dilute colors with Arctic Mist. Transform your hair with this delicate blend of blues and purples to create various purple hues! Adjusting these shades is also easy – you can combine other colors to lighten or darken the desired result.

Tips for Maintaining Vibrant Blue and Purple Hair

Tips for Maintaining Vibrant Blue and Purple Hair
For those looking to keep their blue and purple hair vibrant, investing in color-maintaining shampoos and following a proper hair care routine is key. Incorporating these two elements into your lifestyle can help ensure that you are able to show off the stunning locks of your dreams for as long as possible.

Color-Maintaining Shampoos

Maintain your blue-purple hair’s vibrancy with color-maintaining shampoos! Look for ones that specifically say ‘color preservation’ on the label when selecting shampoo. Some of these products include purple or violet pigments to help maintain and enhance the color.

Hair care tips:

  • Use cold water when washing.
  • Condition weekly with a gentle formula.
  • Consider setting up a maintenance routine: use your regular shampoo every other wash, alternating with one formulated for colored hair in between washes.

For product recommendations, try favorites like Biolage ColorLast Shampoo by Matrix or Manic Panic Amplified Color Lockdown Conditioner, which is vegan friendly! With careful planning and quality products, maintaining vibrant blue-purple locks will be easier than ever before.

Proper Hair Care Routine

Keep your blue-purple locks looking radiant with a proper hair care routine! To maintain the vibrancy of your color, use sulfate-free color maintenance shampoos and conditioners.

Hydrate your hair regularly to prevent fading and breakage by using quality deep conditioning treatments or overnight masks for extra nourishment.

Invest in a scalp scrub at least twice per month—or more if needed—to remove product buildup that can affect color results over time.

Be sure to protect freshly colored strands from heat damage when styling with thermal tools like curling irons and straighteners; this will help lengthen its lifespan while keeping it vibrant longer.

Follow these tips along with other methods of fade prevention such as limiting sun exposure, washing less often, rinsing out chlorine after swimming pool visits, etc.

Can Blue Dye Go Over Purple?

Can Blue Dye Go Over Purple
You can create the most beautiful and unique look with blue dye over purple! To ensure a vibrant hue, you need to consider color compatibility, fade factor, mixing techniques, and hair prep.

  • Color Compatibility: Purple shades work well with blues for a stunning multi-dimensional effect. However, make sure the underlying shade is not too dark, as lighter dye molecules won’t be able to penetrate darker hues when applied directly afterwards.
  • Fade Factor: Since blue dyes tend to fade more quickly than purple ones, use semi-permanent colors or mix in conditioners that help maintain vibrancy longer if you want your new style to last longer between applications.
  • Mixing Techniques: When using two different colored dyes, always mix them together first before applying so they will blend seamlessly into each other instead of having patches of one against another, which can result in an uneven finish.
  • Hair Prep: Before dying, make sure your hair is clean, moisturized, and free from any product buildup, as this will allow better absorption of the pigment resulting in brighter locks.

Finally, for maintenance, opt for sulfate-free shampoos, such as those formulated specifically for dyed hair, and avoid hot water when rinsing out residual color after shampooing.

What Other Colors Can You Mix With Purple?

What Other Colors Can You Mix With Purple
Experiment with combining different shades of blue and purple to create your own unique hair color! Mixing these two colors can be an exciting way to achieve a look that’s bold, daring, and uniquely you.

To take it up a notch, try incorporating green combinations like blue-green or teal into the mix.

For a subtle yet stylish look, combine red with purple; this combination is sure to turn heads without being overly dramatic. Another great option is brown paired with purple; by blending these two colors together, the result will be both elegant and sophisticated.

With so many choices available, it’s easy to find the perfect blend of blues and purples that speaks directly to your individual style – whether it’s bright neon tones or soft pastels – all are possible when mixing these beautiful hues together!

Get creative in finding new ways to express yourself through hair coloring – explore various brands such as Manic Panic®, Punky Color®, Arctic Fox™, and others as they offer endless possibilities in creating custom color mixes.

So go ahead, unleash your inner artiste by experimenting today – share what works best for you, and get personalized tips from other DIY beauty enthusiasts on how to best use each dye brand!


You may be hesitant to mix blue and purple hair dye, but with a little bit of knowledge, you can achieve the perfect shade for your look. Knowing the basics of color mixing and properties will help you understand how blue and purple create the tertiary color blue-purple.

Additionally, adjusting ratios or using different shades helps to create different hues. With the right combination of blue and purple, you can create a wide range of looks, from a vibrant aqua for summer to a dark royal tone.

To achieve the desired look, apply the dye evenly to wet hair from root to end and let it sit for 30-40 minutes before rinsing and drying.

Get creative and share your favorite custom blue mixes, and receive personalized tips and suggestions for the perfect shade.

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