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Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Razor (Wet/Dry) Review 2024

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Some men prefer the ultimate shaving experience and are willing to spend extra dollars to get the smoothest and cleanest shave possible.

panasonic arc5 reviewThe Panasonic arc5 is a premium shaver with a price tag to match. We’ve been testing this shaver for the past six weeks, and now it’s time to tell you what we think.

Panasonic arc 5 electric razor is a cordless, rechargeable electric shaver that is suitable not only for dry shaving but also for wet shaving. It also comes with a separate all-in-one cleaning and charging unit.

This razor is on our list of the best electric shavers for men because it deserves to be there in every way.

For those who have the money to afford a high-end razor, these should be the two most important choices to consider.

If you want to know everything about the Panasonic arc5 electric razor, then you’ve come to the right place. This is without a doubt the most detailed Panasonic arc5 review on the web.

Also, we’ve reviewed the differences of each of the arch 5 models, so it is important to know the differences to know exactly what you are getting for the money you pay for an Arc 5 electric shaver.

Let’s get started!

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor Review

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ReviewView On AmazonNow let’s take a very detailed look at the shaver itself. We will focus on how it looks and feels and look at every button and function on the shaver.

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet / Dry shaver is the latest in Panasonic technology and delivers an unparalleled close and close shave in less time, thanks to its 5 unique angled blades, ultra-thin shaving foils, and a linear motor that provides 14,000 shaves. offers. a minute.

The new Arc5 shaver has a very luxurious look and feels compared to older models in the Arc family. You won’t find a fingerprint and smudge-friendly plastic chrome on the body of this shaver. Instead, you will find that the case is made from a premium, beautiful brushed metal finish. It feels comfortable. We found the thumb rest on the front of the shaver to be a real bonus.

Features Overview

As usual, we start our Panasonic es-lv95 arc5 review with a brief look at the most important features without dwelling too much on the technical specifications and marketing fluff.

5 blade shaving system

Panasonic Arc5 5-blade shaving systemThe Panasonic Arc5 is a shaving head with foil. Five cutting elements are mounted on the cutting head. The cutting elements are slightly curved. Hence the name Arc5.

Each of the five cutting elements is independently mounted, allowing it to bend, making it easier to shave hard-to-reach areas around the jawline and under the chin. Five cutting elements mean more hair is collected and cut per stroke than many of its competitors. This means a faster, cleaner shave in a few strokes.

The Arc5 offers a very close and comfortable shaving experience. This is because each of the five cutting elements is designed to perform a specific shaving process. Let’s look at each cutting element below:

  • Comb blade – The trimmer has wider slots for cutting longer beard hair.
  • Quick Lift Foil– Inverted tapered edges help lift and cut hairs that lie flat against the skin.
  • Outer Finishing Foil – Designed to catch and trim hairs that the previous two blades missed.

The blades that oscillate behind the foils and do the actual cutting are the well-known 30-degree nano blades from Panasonic.

Despite the marketing terminology, these magazines are really fantastic. They are used in Panasonic’s range of shavers, even the entry-level Arc 3 models, and contribute to being the best in their class.

Flexing shaving head

Panasonic Arc5 Flexing shaving headPanasonic uses the fancy phrase “ 3D multi-flex technology ” to describe its shaving head.

What this means to you and us is that the cutting head can rotate. It can rotate up and down, side to side, and back and forth. These are three different directions of movement. Hence the word 3D.

The image illustrates these three movements. As we mentioned earlier, this is to make sure the cutting elements are in contact with your skin at all times.

Even in hard-to-reach places, the seamless movements of the Panasonic Arc5 shaving head are unmatched. We liked it more than Braun and Philips.

A shaving sensor is built into the shaving head. It automatically detects the thickness of the stubble you are shaving and automatically increases the shaver’s speed. You can manually turn off this sensor with the older models, but not with this new model. The sensor is not perfect.

This is because shaving cream is sometimes mistaken for thick hair—tours of your skin, such as the neck and under your chin.

Fully Waterproof, Wet & Dry Operation

Like all modern Panasonic electric shavers, the Arc 5 can be used wet or dry.

Since it’s completely waterproof, you can shave in the shower, use it with your favorite shaving cream and clean it easily with water.


Panasonic Arc5 MiscellaneousGood news if you are on a business trip, the Panasonic Arc 5 can be used worldwide. The charger can use anything between 100V and 240V.

Panasonic claims that the Arc 5’s lithium-ion battery provides 45 minutes of shaving time after a 1-hour charge. If you shave for three minutes, it means you get about 15 shaves before you need to recharge.

There is no sound indicating that you have connected the charger to the shaver. Instead, a plug indicator lights up red to let you know that the shaver is charging.

The battery is displayed as a percentage on the screen. While you wait for it to charge, you will see the LCD increase from 0% to 100%.

It is worth noting that you cannot use the Arc 5 while connected to the charging cord. If your shaver hits flat, you have to wait until it is at least 10% charged before you can shave it completely.

Since the Panasonic Arc 5 is operated with a single button, you have to use this button multiple times to cycle through the modes.

When you press the on/off button, the shaver comes to life with a loud hum. This is the screen that greets you on the screen:

  • LCD Timer Starts ticking and is used as a quick reference to let you in. Knowing How Long You’ve Shaved Before
  • Battery Ring As discussed earlier, each bar represents 20%.
  • The shaving sensor Lights up when Smart shave is on

The shaving sensor is an interesting addition. Panasonic claims that the shaver can automatically detect the thickness of your beard and adjust the power consumption accordingly.
Panasonic Arc5 Flexing shaving head
If you want the shaver to run at a constant speed, press the on/off button again, and the shaving sensor will turn off:

The display screen turns off after seven seconds. After this, you will only see the blinking Smart-Shave sensor indicator:

If you have already turned off the shaving sensor before the seven seconds have passed, the screen will turn black in an attempt to conserve battery life.

If you press the on/off button a third time, the shaver switches off. The screen will then scroll through the display and the time used for 10 seconds before fading to black.

Cleaning & Charging system

Panasonic Arc5 Cleaning & Charging systemNow that we’ve looked at how well the shaver performs let’s now take a look at the cleaning and charging system that comes with the ES-LV9N shaver.

Regular maintenance is required for this shaver to function. It continues to perform at its best every time you use it. That means you have to clean it after every use.

Fortunately, the shaver is very easy to clean. There are two ways to clean the shaver:

  • Automatic: the shaver comes with a cleaning and charging station. A detergent bag is also supplied with the shaver. Place the shaver in the cleaning station, and at the touch of a button, the shaver cleans, dries, and charges the shaver at the same time. The cleaning station is very effective in killing all germs and keeping the shaver very clean.
  • Manual cleaning: You can also use the included cleaning brush to brush away hair and other particles from the shaving head. To do this, open the shaving head as discussed earlier and brush away the hair and particles from the blades with the brush. You can also rinse the shaver under running water. When cleaning with this method, you must activate the sonic cleaning mode, as we discussed earlier. With the brush head open and the sonic cleaning mode activated, you can easily rinse the shaver under running water. The shaver is 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water damaging the internal electronics.

The Shave Experience

Every time I tested this electric razor, I had 2 days of growth.

I’ll lead the way. It took my skin and beard three weeks to get used to being cut with the Arc5 shaver. Until then, I would break out in a serious case of razor rash.

It is worth noting that this is not unique to Panasonic. Every electric shaver you use has a wait time.

Whether you choose Braun, Philips, Panasonic, or any other shaver, you have only been able to use it for a few weeks (sometimes more than 4-6 weeks).

In addition to getting my skin used to the shaver, I also had to fine-tune my shaving technique – applying the right amount of pressure and then making the right strokes (a soft back and the next blow seemed to work best for me. )

The first thing you notice when the shaver touches your skin is that the foils get warm. This is not exactly a pleasant experience. If you have sensitive skin, the last thing you want the heat to open is your pores when you shave.

While I was a little unsure about the bowed head, it seemed that the nasty spot under the chin was easier to fix. Shave. Much easier than the flat foil protector found on Braun series shavers.

This could also be because the Panasonic Arc 5 has two extra sets of blades that cut away with every movement.

How does it cut in terms of closeness?

Very close. The Panasonic Arc 5 cuts are closer than the Philips 9000 Series and Braun Series 7. Even closer than the recently released Braun Series 9.

Panasonic proves that the extra blades aren’t just for looks. The shaver cuts through even the coarsest hairs and easily outperforms electric shavers with fewer cutting elements.

While all high-end shavers offer an incredibly close shave, Panasonic shaves them, and I found that my 5-hour shade took a lot longer to appear when using the Arc 5.

Now having 5 blades on an electric razor has a drawback. It makes the shaving head quite thick.

The extra thickness makes the shaver difficult to operate around goatees, sideburns, and under the nose. As you shave, these areas become easier with practice; in my opinion, the Panasonic Arc 5 is best for those of you who need to stay completely beard-free.

As I moved the shaver around my face, I noticed that the intensity of the motor was adjusting. This was the shaving sensor in action, and it was noticeably quieter on less hairy areas (cheeks) than when cutting through thicker areas of my beard.

I’ll be honest and say I had the shave or shave sensor difference on or off. So this seems like a marketing ploy and shouldn’t be the only reason you’re buying this razor.

If I had to describe the shave in one word, it would be “ aggressive.” The shaver gets a VERY close shave, efficient and fast, but it just doesn’t have the same shaving comfort as Braun’s higher models.

That’s a big tradeoff. If you have rough skin that is not prone to sensitivities, you want the closest shave possible. And the Panasonic Arc 5 definitely beats all competition.

But if your skin is blotchy at the thought of an electric razor, this probably isn’t the razor for you.

  • Very close shave
  • Comfortable shave
  • No skin irritation or cuts
  • Ergonomic design. Very easy to handle and shave with
  • Shaves easily under the chin and neck.
  • Premium look and feel.
  • Aster shaves time than most other shavers. This is achieved by having 5 cutting elements on the cutting head.
  • Slightly bulky shaving head
  • Shave aggressively. Not the best shaver for susceptible skins

Our Verdict

Here’s the part where I’ll tell you if this electric razor is worth buying.

Well, that was a long review of the Panasonic Arc5. No brand has ever made a perfect electric shaver, and the Panasonic Arc5 is no exception. What it does, however, is a very close effort to make the perfect electric razor. The shaving is very comfortable, smooth and leaves your face feeling very smooth. The five cutting elements on the head work really well to give one of the best shaves of any razor we’ve tested.

It’s not the best shaver for black men, but it still worked well with that type of hair. The swivel head and flexible cutting elements make it easy to shave hard-to-reach areas, such as those around the neck and under the chin. The design and shape of the hand make it very easy to handle and maneuver. Replacement parts for this shaver are elementary to find at the chain stores.

We highly recommend the Panasonic arc5 electric razor to anyone who can afford it. The included cleaning station makes cleaning the shaver a breeze.

Shaving is a completely personal experience, and opinions on what is best will vary greatly from person to person.

All high-end shavers deliver exceptional shaves, no doubt about that.

That’s why I wrote such a long and detailed review on a single shaver. My goal is to arm you with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about this shaver.

So this might be the best shaver you’ve ever seen. Or maybe not. Only you know that.

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