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Bald With Beard: 10 Attractive Beard Styles for Bald Men Look (2024)

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Bald with beard look has become a stylish trend for men in recent years. Beards are back in a big way. More than ever, rock stars and even celebrities are growing bold beards to compliment their shaved heads.

bald with beard stylesPerhaps because research has shown that bald, bearded men are attractive to women and find bald, bearded men attractive! So if you’re going to shave your head, you’d better grow a beard too.

Hair loss and loss of self-esteem? Don’t worry, and we’ve written this article to give you tips on how to look great by creating a bald, bearded look.

The best thing about emerging men’s style is that a flat head with a beard is suitable for any height and any generation.

You may be a bald man with a full beard, mustache, goatee, or stubble, and he looks bald and bearable. But it can be challenging to select the right bald and beard styles.

If you are not sure how to wear a beard with a shaved head, this post can help you find a style that suits your style. If you want to grow a beard but are not sure what beard style looks good on a bald head, don’t worry, the options are plentiful!

These are the best ways bald men with beards can grow, groom and style their facial hair for a trendy look.

6 Reasons Why Bald Men Should Have Beards

1. Women like it

Reasons Why Bald Men Should Have BeardsAccording to statistics, women consider men with bald heads and beards to be smart, dominant, strong, handsome, and charming.

The statistics also showed that pictures of “ bald and beard “ were rated by women as 13% more dominant, 6% more confident, 10% more masculine, about 1 inch longer, and 13% stronger than the pictures of men with a full head of hair.

A sturdy beard with a sharply shaved head shows women a different masculine and tough side of you. You will be much more attractive to women with your new look; try it!

2. No need for everyday face shaving

We bald men have to shave our heads every other day, so we can make a lot of fuss to shave the face. If you have a beard, you don’t have to remove the razor every few days.

It allows the skin on your face to breathe because sometimes you get irritated and burned while shaving your face.

3. Adds Balance to your Look

A completely shaved head and a completely shaved face will turn your head into an egg.

By adding a beard to your face, you immediately restore some of the balance lost in shaving your head.

Trust me, and it just looks better!

4. Extraordinary and much more attractive appearance

Reasons Why Bald Men Should Have BeardsAnother advantage of a shaved head with a beard is an excellent and attractive appearance. It’s no secret that unusual characters with vibrant individuality always get a lot more attention.

With this special and creative combination, you stand out from the crowd, and you have an exceptionally attractive, fresh, and up-to-date appearance. Your new look will be the start of a new adventurous life, in which you will never feel a lack of attention from women!

5. You’re going to look younger

Soon you will continue to look just as old as time goes by. And you can take a few years off your age if you add a beard to it, especially if you’re already in your 40s and 50s.

6. Getting rid of irritated, red skin

Shaving your face every day is very hard on your skin. Red and irritated skin, nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs, etc. This is because the facial skin is much more fragile than that of the head.

Therefore, growing a beard means shaving less often and thus taking care of your skin and health. Also, you are sure to look attractive with your shiny bald head and a sleek beard.

10 Best Beard Styles for Bald Men [Bald With Beard Styles]

If you’re researching beard styles for bald men before taking the plunge, you’ve definitely come to the right place. The combinations of baldness with beard require choosing the right facial hair for your face shape and shaved head.

Men with round faces, for example, can opt for long beard styles that lengthen their face shape, while men with long or oval faces should stick to short beards to avoid lengthening their face shape. Check out our photo collection below for ideas and designs that suit you!

1. Short Beard / Stubble

Short Beard StubbleAs I said before, if you can’t grow a full beard, stubble is the way to go.

Having a short beard or a stubble beard is not only easy to obtain and maintain, but it also looks very formal.

Bruce Willis really is the king of the stubble.

It only takes a few days to grow, and maintaining a stubble beard is very easy. All you need to do is buy clippers and trim them if it gets too long.

If you can’t grow a full, long beard, this one above is exactly what you’re looking for. Should go.

It is slightly longer than regular stubble but not long enough to show your blotchy beard!

2. Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops

One of my favorites to rock when you are bald with a beard. This was once an old-fashioned beard style, but it sees a resurgence in popularity.

Beard styles can vary, and this style is a bit different as you grow into full sideburns that extend down the sides of the cheeks and the corner of the face without connecting to your mustache or chin hair. Wolverine can pull it. Maybe you can too! A shaved head with mutton chops will make you stand out in a good way.

3. Goatee with a Moustache

Goatee with a Moustache

This one is great for you if you’re looking for a few short types of beards. A goat is one of the most versatile beard styles.

Regardless of the shape of your face, a goat would suit you. Pair it, and you’re done with a classic Dallas mustache!

4. Ordinary & Full Beard

Full Beard-style-for-bald-men-.jpgIf you are lucky enough to grow a full beard, then these regular and full beards are definitely for you.

There is nothing fancy about this beard.

You do need some of it. Maintenance as they grow, as most men’s beards do not all grow to the same length.

I wish I could grow a beard as cool as this one!

5. Wavy Beard Style

Wavy Beard StyleThis style is not something one can choose. If your beard is naturally wavy or has curls, this will be more your style. Please don’t waste your time trying to smooth hair or use a product that can damage your hair and even make it brittle. Embrace the wave!

This beard style is more prone to tangles, so I would strongly recommend investing in a nice beard comb/brush and beard oil/balm to keep your beard tame!

6.Extended Van Dyke

Van Dyke Beard for Bald MenA Van Dyke for men with round faces is one of the best beard styles. Take a light to moderate stubble in this beard style and fade it slowly as they hit your sideburns. It makes your face look longer and sharper.

7. Long Beard with Handlebar Moustache

Long Beard with Handlebar MoustacheThis raw yet polished look is a perfect look for bald men.

Having a handlebar mustache immediately draws attention to it.

So make it stand out!

It takes some care and skill to get this done, but it’s worth it.

How amazing do the curls at the ends of this glorious mustache look? Definitely an inspiration!

8. Moustache Only

Bald man with moustacheIt only takes a few days to grow, and it is effortless to maintain a stubble beard. All you need to do is buy a pair of clippers and cut them if they are too long.

9. Yeard Beard Style

LongYeard beard styleYou want to grow, you say? Be prepared for a lot of dedication and patience. The “ yeard,” or the one-year beard, is exactly what it sounds like. Grow that thing! You will want to invest in a nice beard brush/comb and beard oil/beard balm to start your journey. The speed at which your beard grows differs from person to person. Just because you see someone else grow a beard doesn’t mean it’s a race! You must have patience and persistence.

10. Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard with Handlebar Mustache for Bald MenA bushy beard looks very masculine. Don’t let the word hipster “ fool you. ” It has solid facial hair, and a bald head works well.

How to Match Your Beard to Your Personality?

It should never be a big issue of what you can and can’t do with your style, as important as your face type. It’s just as important to take full advantage of your face type and how you want to look.

Your personality balances your choice of beard. Some are harsh and threatening; some are urban and sophisticated with a beard appearance. Be clear about what type and whether it suits your person, voice, and the rest of the message you want to send with your appearance.

Keeping a Shaved Head with Your New Bald Beard

Keeping a Shaved Head with Your New Bald BeardNow that you’re on your way to growing a great beard to complement your bald head, there are some routine maintenance habits to pick up early on.

Trimming your beard

You have to keep things trimmed! Just because you have a short beard isn’t an excuse. If your beard and stubble remain uncut and lines are not clean and even take away your beautiful beard.

This is even more noticeable with a short beard. Do yourself a favor and buy some decent beard scissors or an electric trimmer.

Shaping and Maintaining Your Bald Bearded Head

Do yourself a favor and keep your neckline clean! Your beard should be about ¾ inch or one finger wide, above the point where your neck meets your chin or where the top of Adam’s apple is. If this isn’t your style, you could argue two fingers wide. Not anymore, and you look really crazy. Keep your lines clean and even. I cannot stress this enough. If you are not comfortable with this, find a good hairdresser who can do this for you. You can even enjoy a nice hot towel shave/trim!

Moisten your beard

As your beard grows, you’ll itch that unbearable dreaded beard! A great way to combat this is a great beard oil/beard balm. This keeps your skin hydrated and fights itching and beard flakes! Nobody wants a beard with split ends and brittle hair. This is especially true if you plan to grow along or full beard.

Grooming your beard:

If you have stubble, you can probably skip this step, but if you think you already have a full beard. The beard you want to invest in a nice beard comb/brush to remove unnecessary tangles. Applying beard oil after showering and then combing will work wonders for your beard!

Diet and Supplements

Just as important as a good beard routine, your diet is just as harmful. Make sure to eat eggs, meat, fish, and nuts when possible. This will help stimulate facial hair growth.

If your beard hair is bothering you, biotin is a supplement that can help. A balanced diet and getting all of your vitamins and minerals can also help.


Keeping you physically fit can have a huge impact on facial hair growth and muscle growth too! Testosterone is known to stimulate beard growth.

Therefore, scheduling regular exercise sessions throughout the week can skyrocket your testosterone levels and, in turn, boost your facial hair growth!


If you are a bald man or are slowly getting bald, consider letting your facial hair grow out a bit.

So even if you can’t grow a beard (like many men), you can still get some stubble.

So our guide ends with the beard revolution in the wonderful world of the bald. What do you think of the style we’d love to hear: are you planning to try it? Or have you already made a move? And what do you do with the trend in particular?

Let us know below. We would also like to see if you have any additional tips that we have not included or if you need other tips.

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