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5 Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men That Work for 2023

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Most men will experience hair loss in their lifetime, which is why there are so many best hair loss treatments for men on the market that target this condition.

best hair loss treatments for menDealing with hair loss is hard enough in itself, so you want one. Ensure your treatment process is as simple and effective as possible from the start and that you have the best hair loss products available.

No matter how isolated you feel during your hair loss, many people suffer from hair problems.

In fact, 100 percent of men suffer from hair loss to some degree. The most common type of hair loss in men is called androgenetic alopecia, which is basically a combination of genetics and a profile of hormones that come together to helpLosing hair in a fairly predictable way.

The good news: several treatments can reverse or slow a receding hairline. Of course, it’s easier to keep repairing …

We’re here to help you; We’ve thoroughly tested the best hair loss products and examined the pros and cons, the proof and success rates, the deals, and all the important details.

Finally, we look at what’s in the pipeline regarding the development of new treatments for male pattern baldness. We answer some of the frequently asked questions people have about this all too common condition.

Read on to discover the best hair loss treatment for men in 2023.

What to Look for in the Best Hair Loss Products

  • DHT Blocker: DHT is a molecule in the body responsible for hair loss, so you want to make sure your selected treatment works to block production. The ingredient usually does this saw palmetto.
  • Vitamins and nutrients: The last thing you want is a treatment that dries from your hair. Formulas that contain biotin or natural oils such as argan will do a nice job of locking fluid in your follicles and keeping your hair healthy while you work to regrow it.
  • Form: There is more than one way to combat hair loss. Hair loss treatment products can shampoos, conditioners, lasers, and serums. Before you get a new product, talk to your dermatologist to ensure you are not in danger of potential drug interactions or skin irritations.

5 Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men in 2023

For those of you in a hurry, let’s take a look at the best hair loss products and ways to slow down or even treat your hair loss!

1. Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

mens rogaine 5 minoxidil foam for hair loss and hair regrowth topical treatment for thinning hair 3 month supply 3View On Amazon

Minoxidil is begun as a treatment for another condition (high blood pressure) and has been found to slow hair loss and promote hair growth as a side effect.

As discussed above, miniaturization of hair follicles and premature termination of the anagen (growth) phase of hair are the most important factors in AGA. Treatments effective in stopping or reversing male pattern baldness will affect one or both of these factors.

Although minoxidil mechanisms are not fully understood, as our understanding of hair growth and hair follicles is still limited, its effects are well documented.

Hair growth is believed to be supported by some cell growth factors, including proteins and hormones such as VEGF, FGF-5S, IGF-1, and KGF, and the dermal papilla cells and the dermal papillary vascular system.

On the other hand, negative factors terminate the anagen phase and put the hair into the resting or recessive phase. In AGA, the presence of androgen hormones causes a shift, and the anagen process stops prematurely.

mens rogaine 5 minoxidil foam for hair loss and hair regrowth topical treatment for thinning hair 3 month supplyMinoxidil appears to recruit follicles in the resting phase and push them into the anagen phase to stay there longer, leading to longer, thicker hair.

It is believed that its mechanisms of action are threefold. First, it helps to stimulate the above growth factors. Second, it can also inhibit the effects of negative factors. Finally, it helps dilate the arteries of hair follicles, causing the blood flow to the follicle increases, which improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

The Result:

hair that grows longer and thicker wherever you apply minoxidil. It has similar effects to finasteride but works differently. Minoxidil can help reverse the effects of DHT but does not prevent hair follicles from shrinking, which is why they are often used in combination as finasteride helps prevent damage from DHT while minoxidil helps reverse the effects.

How to Use Minoxidil?

It comes in two forms, a topical solution, and a topical aerosol foam. Both are equally effective, but the aerosol is easier and faster to apply and may have fewer side effects, but is also slightly more expensive.

Apply 1 ml (or 1 pump of aerosol foam) twice a day on your scalp with a minimum of 8 hours between applications. Some users only use one application per day because minoxidil has a half-life of 22hours, but this leaves an interval of 2 hours if you apply it once every 24 hours, which, according to Pfizer, leads to a reduction in results.

We recommend doing it twice a day as it is the most effective and safe way to use minoxidil to stimulate hair growth in men.

  • This is the Most Effective Way to Regrow Hair; When Used With Finasteride, They Form a Powerful Combination.
  • It Can Now Be Found in Cheaper Variants as the Patent Has Expired.
  • There is No Risk of Sexual Side Effects, Such as Decreased Libido or Ed.
  • More Recent Foam Aerosols Cause Less Irritation Than the Hydroalcoholic Formulation Using Propylene Glycol.
  • Generic Brands Can Have More Side Effects, Such as Itchy Scalp and Redness.
  • Minoxidil Does Not Stop the Damage Caused by Dht, but It Reverses It.

2. Ds Laboratories Spectral Dnc-n Redensifying Hair Product

spectral dnc n redensifying hair by b07grhv9xqView On AmazonNanoxidil is very similar to minoxidil, without the scalp irritation side effects reported by some Rogaine users, making nanoxidil a good choice for patients who have experienced scalp sensitivity or dry skin from Rogaine.

This nanoxidil product from DSLaboratories is also formulated with retinol to promote scalp health and azelaic acid to block DHT.

While nanoxidil is generally a fairly new product, Green tells us it has proven to be very effective in hair loss treatment, as nanoxidil has a lower molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate the scalp faster, resulting in a better absorption rate.

Like finasteride, Green says it has also been shown to increase hair density and hair growth.

How to use:

Apply 6 sprays twice daily to clean, dry, damaged hair. This is a leave-in treatment, do not rinse after application; wash your hands with soap and water immediately afterward; add the Spectral.F7 Efficacy Booster, which reduces hair loss due to stress to enhance the effects of DNC-N.

  • Dnc-n Works to Regrow Hair by Promoting Growth Factors and Inhibiting Negative Factors on Hair Growth, and It Reduces Hair Loss by Limiting the Conversion of Testosterone to Dht.
  • It Has Fewer Side Effects Than Minoxidil and Finasteride.
  • Nanoxidil Has Not Been Around as Long as Our Top 2, but the Evidence for Its Effectiveness is Growing.
  • It May Not Be as Effective as a Combination of Minoxidil and Finasteride, but Research is Ongoing in This Case.

3. Best Hair Loss Shampoo:Revita High-Performance Stimulating Shampoo Hair Growth Formula

revita high performance stimulating shampoo b01n4lch6mView On Amazon

We are now fully in the complementary treatments, which means it is best combined with another treatment to see the best results. Unless you are using this strictly as a preventative measure, we recommend combining it with Spectral.DNC-N, minoxidil, or finasteride.

DS Laboratories also notes that it can help transplanted follicles to thrive. If you have or will have a hair transplant, talk to your specialist about using this shampoo after the transplant.

revita high performance stimulating shampoo customer image b01n4lch6m1Ketoconazole shampoos were first used to treat dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, and its more severe form, seborrheic dermatitis. Then people started to notice that it also thickened their hair and even regrowth in bald areas.

The reasons for this were thought to be related to its anti-inflammatory properties; remember that inflammation is a fourth leading cause of androgenic alopecia. When researchers began to investigate ketoconazole’s mechanisms on male pattern baldness, they found that it is also androgenic. (DHT-blocking) properties, a previously unknown effect.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are also why this shampoo is a great addition to an existing treatment plan (also known as adjuvant therapy). Not only can it stimulate hair growth, but research shows it also has some of its side effects. Of popular treatments, especially minoxidil.

Finally, DS Laboratories has included biotin in this formula. Although biotin treatment is only useful to combat hair loss due to a deficiency in this nutrient, it is an essential compound in healthy follicles. Welcome, addition to the formula, as it can support the hair follicle’s healthy function, giving your hair the best chance of regrowth.

This shampoo can help to lengthen the anagen phase and, at the same time, shorten the telogen phase.

How to use:

use 5 times a week, apply to wet hair and scalp, massage, leave on for two minutes, then rinse, and then apply Revita conditioner to enhance the effects further.

  • This is Outstanding Adjuvant Treatment for Folks Presently Going Through Hair Loss, Particularly if You Are Making Use of Minoxidil.
  • It is a Beneficial Preventative Measure for People at Danger or Concerned About Hair Reduction.
  • This Ketoconazole Shampoo Can Decrease the Side Effects of Other Remedies That Could Trigger Redness, Itchiness, and Dandruff.
  • The Added Compounds Help the Effectively Getting of Hair and Their Follicles.
  • If You Have Medium to Sophisticated Hair Reduction, You Are Going to Demand a Further a Lot More Potent Treatment as Successfully as the Shampoo.

4. Hairmax Prima7 Lasercomb

hairmax laser hair growth comb b07hghl5twView On Amazon

Laser treatment can be expensive, and it isn’t easy to know how your body will respond to light-light therapy.

But if you haven’t had any luck with more traditional regrowth treatments, this laser may be the next option for you.

The HairMax Prima 9 LaserComb has nine medical-grade lasers that work together to target hair follicles directly at the cellular level.

Reportedly, it can pass every other day with just 11 minutes of use. The FDA-approved comb helps grow an average of 129 extra new hair per square inch after six months.

While this treatment appears to be safe and somewhat effective, research has shown that it is difficult to say who will do well.respond to this light-light therapy. That’s why the doctors we spoke to were reluctant to endorse it fully.

The laser comb works by emitting red light [which improves blood circulation to the follicles] to the scalp as you brush through your hair.

This increased circulation can help make products like Rogaine and finasteride more effective.

  • Can Be Mixed With Finasteride, Minoxidil and Other Therapies to Boost the Final Results (Be Cautious Not to Combine It With Treatments That Enhance Photosensitivity as This is a Photograph-mainly Primarily Based Treatment, This Consists of Products That Include Vitamin an in Any Sort Such as Retinol or Retinoic Acid)
  • It is a Non-invasive, Painless Therapy With No Acknowledged Side Results.
  • It Improves Hair Strength as Efficiently.
  • The Use of Lasers and Comb Teeth to Element Hair Aids Make for a Shorter and a Good Deal a Lot More Effective Remedy.
  • The Combs Are a Good Deal Much More Transportable Than Helmet or Hat Techniques.
  • It Cannot Be Combined With Therapies That Use Vitamin a or Other Photosensitizing Products
  • It Can Be Time-consuming.
  • You Need to Comb Your Hair for Eight to Eleven Minutes in a Row, Which Can Become Tiring for Some.

5. restore Laser Hair Growth System

saie irestore laser hairView On Amazon

As this is a new laser hair loss treatment devices, certain parameters are determined for effective use. Still, the two devices we will review here both operate in the optimal range specified by prior research and have undergone clinical studies to support their effectiveness in the treatment of hair loss in men and women.

The iRestore system uses 650nm red light – this refers to the wavelength of the light they were using and is within the optimal range specified by several studies.

The methods by which LLLLT stimulates follicles and promotes hair growth are not fully known. Current theories from the above research mention improved circulation, improved cellular metabolism, the heat that causes follicles to grow hair through stimulation of epidermal stem cells, and subtherapeutic skin disruption that causes follicles to regenerate and regrow hair – the disruption here is exceptionally minimal and just enough to initiate the healing process.

These appear to trigger the follicles to switch from the telogen phase to the anagen phase, supported by findings showing that the participants had more terminal hairs after treatment than during the pre-treatment observations.

The results: you see hair regrowth in areas affected by AGA, resulting in thicker, longer, and more pigmented terminal hairs, making your hair look fuller.

How to use: use it every other day for 25 minutes.

  • Can Be Mixed With Finasteride, Minoxidil and Other Therapies to Enhance the Results (Be Mindful Not to Mix It With Remedies That Improve Photosensitivity as This is a Photograph-based Remedy, This Consists of Goods That Have Vitamin an in Any Type This Sort of as Retinol or Retinoic Acid)
  • It is a Non-invasive, Painless Therapy With No Acknowledged Side Effects.
  • It Improves Hair Power as Effectively.
  • There is No Fatigue From the Application as a Helmet. This Gadget Demands No Lively Combing or Brushing Action, Which Can Become Tiring.
  • Like All Lllt, It Can Not Be Mixed With Therapies That Use Vitamin a or Other Photosensitizing Items
  • It Can Be Time-consuming.
  • It is Expensive.
  • It Has Only Been Shown to Be Successful in Some Individuals, While Other Individuals Are Non-responsive (Fortunately, They Offer a Complete Income-back Assure on the I restore Approach).

FAQs About Hair Loss Treatments

Is LLLT safe for hair loss treatment?

During the decade that LLLT has been investigated and used to treat human hair loss, there are no known negative side effects.

More broadly, LLLT has been applied in different ways for decades, and the broad consensus is that it is safe.

The capacity for LLLT to activate Harrel’s growth was first discovered in a survey of mice more than fifty years ago.

But if you have unusual, questionable freckles on your scalp, you should talk to your primary health care provider or dermatologist for you to be safe. And you should not use LLLT if you have active skin cancer of the scalp.

The lack of side effects and regulations makes it more attractive than finasteride for some people.

Why is So Much of My Hair Falling Out Male?

Almost all hair loss in boys results from male baldness, a genetic trait that comes from your parents. Other causes are certain medications, too much vitamin A, or not enough protein. Disease or stress can lead to sudden, heavy shedding called telogen effluvium.

Do Hair Loss Treatments Actually Work?

Yes, in the event you skipped our review to check out the FAQ, we linked several studies conducted by independent researchers behind some of the most common ingredients or devices in hair loss treatments.

These therapies do work to reduce hair loss, and in some cases, it helps her grow back. That’s … Not to say that there are not many fake treatments out there, but there are also proven methods for combating hair loss. You don’t have to live with a receding hairline; you can fight back!

Can Hair Grow Back After Balding?

As we get older, some of the follicles stop to stop producing her. This is referred to as hereditary hair loss, pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is usually permanent, which means that the hair will not grow back. The follicle itself shrinks and is not able to grow her.

Can I Use Minoxidil and Finasteride Together?

For most people, this is actually the best way to treat hair loss. Twice-day application of 5% minoxidil and once-daily, oral finasteride seems to be the most effective way to treat hair loss. It includes both the prevention of hair follicle damage and stimulating hair growth through the healing of follicular damage.


Hair loss begins as early as our 3rd decade of life; as your hairline begins to recede, now is the time to start the treatments. There are several proven best hair loss treatments for men on the market, and we have done the work of sorting out the actual out of scams and only give you the best hair loss products that are supported by quality research.

Don’t wait to start the battle against thinning or embalmer’s hair; the sooner you start, the more effective the treatments will be.

Rogaine is a reliable and popular brand and effective hair loss treatment for a reason. Your best bet is to use men ‘ Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam as your first introduction into the hair loss treatment arena and then move it to the best hair loss shampoo for more in-depth cleaning.

Have you tried any of these treatments? If so, what were your experiences? What did you work for? What didn’t you do? What side effects have you experienced? By sharing our expertise, we can all be better informed.


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