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How to Cover Red Hair Dye With Brown – a Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

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how to cover red hair dye with brownYou’re looking for a way to cover up the red hair dye you regretfully applied – but don’t worry, we’ve got all the help you need. Red is one of those tricky colors that’s difficult to cover and requires some experience in order to do so successfully.

In this article, we’ll provide detailed instructions on how to go about fading or canceling out your current color before coloring it brown. We’ll also give you step-by-step guidance on achieving that perfect shade of brunette you desire.

Key Takeaways

  • Let the red fade naturally before dyeing it brown.
  • Use a hair color remover and bleach to lift the existing pigment and lighten the hair.
  • Choose an ashy brown shade with green tones to counteract the red tones.
  • Take care of the dyed hair with root touch-ups, washing with cold water, limiting heat, and using deep conditioning treatments.

What Happens if You Apply Brown Hair Dye Over Red?

What Happens if You Apply Brown Hair Dye Over Red
If you choose to apply brown hair dye over your existing red shade, it’s important to consider the underlying pigments in your hair and how they will interact with the new color. If your hair is pre-colored, bleaching is necessary for better coverage of the desired shade.

You can then test a strand with dye before doing an entire head. This helps avoid reactions from incompatible shades or ingredients.

When applying brown over red, opt for semi-permanent or permanent dyes 1-2 shades darker than your current color.

For lighter tones, try bleach prior to adding brown. On the other hand, darker hues require skipping this step altogether as going any further may damage your locks more than intended. Ashy dyes containing green tones act as counteracts against warmth. Root touch-ups every 4 weeks keep your style looking fresh longer.

Ultimately, be patient when trying to cover up those tough reds. Mix dark colors gradually along with ashier ones if needed.

How Can You Fade Your Red Hair Color?

How Can You Fade Your Red Hair Color
If you want to cover your red hair dye with brown, one of the best ways is to fade it first. You can do this by using a Hair Color Remover or a Hair Bleach Kit from your local beauty supply store. Alternatively, if you don’t mind waiting for results, letting the color naturally fade over time may be enough.

Hair Color Remover

You can use a hair color remover to help fade your red hair and create the perfect brown tone. Hair dye removers are designed to lighten existing color, allowing you to achieve your desired shade without having to bleach or strip away natural pigments.

Consider these tips for successful removal:

  • Select a professional-grade product with low ammonia content for minimal damage.
  • Read instructions carefully and apply evenly throughout dampened strands.
  • Use protective gloves and barrier cream around the ears/neck area.
  • Rinse out thoroughly before applying the new dye of choice.
  • Follow up with deep conditioning treatments post-application.

With the right preparation, you’ll be able to transform dull red locks into gorgeous shades of brown in no time!

Hair Bleach Kit

Using a hair bleaching kit to lighten your current color will help create an even, natural-looking shade of brown when you dye it. Bleaching is the process of removing existing dye from the hair and can be used to neutralize red tones or prepare for darker shades.

To get the desired look, choose a bleach that matches your desired level of lightness and mix it following package instructions.

The end result should be lighter than what you’re aiming for as dyes are much more intense once they set in. Root touchups every 4 weeks may also be necessary if fading occurs sooner than expected due to red undertones still present in some types of hair colors, such as dark browns and blacks with red tints.

Once complete, pick out a semi-permanent or permanent dye one to two shades darker than your newly achieved blonde hue, depending on skin tone.

Letting the Color Naturally Fade

Let the embarrassment of your red hair color naturally dissipate with time, and you’ll soon be back to feeling like yourself again. Avoid harsh fading techniques, such as bleaching. Instead, opt for natural remedies like nourishing oils or color removers.

An ash shade can help neutralize any remaining warmth in your locks, which will reduce the vibrancy of its hue. If trying out an ashy tone doesn’t do it for you, use a green shampoo to further counteract any redness that may linger after the dyeing step has been completed.

Choose a brown tone based on skin type and go one to two shades darker than the current red shade.

Lastly, prepare your hair beforehand by treating it with coconut or olive oil overnight.

What Color Cancels Out Red Hair Dye?

What Color Cancels Out Red Hair Dye
Transform your look with a shade of brown that will cancel out that red hair dye! To effectively cover the red tones in your hair, green-toned ash brown is your best bet. Start by doing some treatments to repair any damage and prepare for coloring with coconut or olive oil overnight.

When it comes time to color, you can skip bleach if you’re going for a darker hue as this won’t fully cover the existing color but should help tone down any warmth from the current dye job. For lighter shades of brown, consider bleaching first so that there is better coverage and make sure to do a patch test before applying all over just in case there may be an adverse reaction.

After dyeing, use cold water when washing as hot water tends to fade faster than cool temperatures.

Finally, finish off by applying deep conditioning masks weekly along with regular touch-ups every 4-8 weeks at home or visit a salon professional if needed depending on the desired outcome.

A Guide on Covering Your Red Hair With Brown

A Guide on Covering Your Red Hair With Brown
Are you looking to cover up your red hair dye with brown? If so, it’s important to choose the right tone of brown and prepare your hair beforehand. The proper shade of brown will depend on factors such as skin tone, pre-existing color, and desired results.

Preparing before you begin is also essential for a successful transition from red to brown – this includes bleaching if necessary in order to get better coverage and testing strands with dye for any unexpected reactions.

Choosing the Right Tone of Brown Dye

When choosing the right tone of brown dye, opt for an ash-toned shade to help counteract any red undertones. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine! Consider your hair texture, natural oils, and color selection before patch testing.

To cover red hair dye with brown effectively, choose semi or permanent dyes that are 1-2 shades darker than the current shade. Root touch-ups every 4-8 weeks will keep the desired look while preventing the reappearance of reddish tones.

Choose colors carefully based on skin tone. Similar shades can wash you out without much contrast between them.

Preparing Your Hair Before Dyeing

Before you begin dyeing, take the time to prepare your hair by treating it with coconut or olive oil overnight. This will ensure that once you’ve selected a brown shade and go through the dyeing process, your mane is in optimal condition for maximum color vibrancy and coverage.

When selecting a brown tone, be mindful of not just skin complexion but also the desired effect between natural colors and those tones achieved through bleaching tips.

Additionally, keep in mind safety measures when working with dyes, such as wearing gloves at all times during application and testing on small sections prior to full application. This helps prevent any unwanted reactions from occurring due to allergies or other sensitivities that may arise during the coloring process.

Lastly, don’t forget about an aftercare regimen! Color-safe shampoos/conditioners are key, as well as limiting heat styling sessions. Excessive heat styling can cause fading over time if not properly cared for after each session.

Step by Step Instructions for Covering Red Hair With Brown

Step by Step Instructions for Covering Red Hair With Brown
To achieve a stunning shade of brown over your red hair, follow these step-by-step instructions for best results:

  1. Pre-bleaching: If you’re starting with pre-colored hair, consider bleaching it first. This will provide better coverage when dyeing. Do a patch test beforehand to make sure there are no negative reactions.
  2. Dye selection: Determine your current red shade to pick the right brown dye. Decide whether you want any underlying tones of red to show through after dyeing it brown or not. Choose a dye that complements your skin tone (avoid shades similar to it). Opt for semi-permanent or permanent dyes 1-2 shades darker than your existing color base.
  3. Dye application: Apply roots first before moving on down the length in sections. Leave on between 15-30 minutes, depending upon the desired intensity/depth of color required. Rinse out thoroughly until water runs clear using the provided shampoo/conditioner.

For perfect, long-lasting brunette locks, take extra care while completing these steps.

What to Know About Different Types of Red Hair Dye

What to Know About Different Types of Red Hair Dye
Having the right red hair dye is essential for achieving the perfect brown hue without compromising your locks. There are several options when it comes to fading red from hair, including using remover, bleach, or clarifying shampoos.

The best option depends on your desired shade of brown and the type of hair you have.

For light brown shades, bleaching may be necessary before applying color, while deeper hues can often skip this step. Some popular brands include L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color 5 Medium Brown, which provides excellent gray coverage and a large range of colors from Ash Blonde to Chocolate Brown.

Ashy dyes also counteract warmth associated with reddish strands by neutralizing them through green undertones within the color mix for an overall balanced look that won’t fade too quickly like other alternatives might.

Just make sure you use cold water during washes if possible! Darker shades will provide better coverage. However, incorporating 1/4 ash tone into the mix can create an ideal base hue that should help maintain vibrancy between touch-ups every 4-6 weeks or more frequently if needed due to its tendency toward quicker fading than other colors usually do.

Which Dye Removal Method is Most Damaging?

Which Dye Removal Method is Most Damaging
Determining which dye removal method will cause the least damage to your hair can be as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack. There are several different methods that can help you cover red hair with brown, but so many of them involve damaging treatments such as bleaching and chemical color removers.

To avoid heat damage, it’s best to use an ash-toned brown dye directly over the red without any form of pre-treatment.

This may not completely remove all traces of red from your locks, but if done correctly, it should add enough depth for good coverage while still keeping strands healthy and strong.

Here is a list of tips on how to achieve this:

  1. Determine the current shade before purchasing the desired new color.
  2. Choose darker shades rather than lighter ones.
  3. Consider using semi-permanent or permanent dyes instead.
  4. Go for ash tones when counteracting warm undertones caused by the previous hue.
  5. Utilize cold water when washing and limit exposure to heat styling tools after application.

It’s important to note that achieving full coverage over existing pigments requires multiple applications depending on what type/brand/color you chose initially – some require more than others! However, even with regular touch-ups every few weeks or months, these techniques have proven effective in covering up unwanted hues without sacrificing too much length or shine due to its minimally invasive nature compared to other harsher alternatives like bleach baths, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Red Hair Dye Last?

Red hair dye typically lasts 4-6 weeks, but can fade more quickly depending on factors such as sunlight, heat, and shampoo used. To maintain color for longer periods of time, choose a darker shade with ash tones to counteract red warmth and use cold water when washing hair.

Is There an Easy Way to Remove Red Hair Dye?

Yes! Removing red hair dye is possible. Use a clarifying shampoo, bleach, remover, or mix in an ashy shade to counteract the warmth of the red tones. For best results, use sulfate-free and color-safe products and reduce washing frequency with cool water.

What Are the Benefits of Going From Red to Brown Hair?

Going from red to brown can make you feel more confident and powerful. Brown hair is timeless, easy to maintain, and gives off a sophisticated vibe.

What Are the Best Products to Use for Maintaining Brown Hair Color?

To maintain the beauty of your brown hair, use products that are sulfate-free and safe for colored hair. Try to minimize heat styling, wash your hair less frequently with cool water, and treat it with deep conditioning treatments on a weekly basis.

Are There Any Natural Alternatives to Covering Red Hair With Brown?

Yes! Natural alternatives to cover red hair with brown exist and are great for those seeking a gentler approach. Try an ash-toned dye, which neutralizes the warmth of red tones, or use clarifying shampoo and sunlight to fade it gradually.

Overnight treatments with coconut oil also provide nourishing benefits while helping maintain your desired shade.


With the right knowledge and supplies, you can easily cover red hair dye with brown. From selecting the perfect shade to using the correct dye removal methods, this guide has provided you with all the information you need to successfully transition from red to brown.

Whether you choose to fade the red or go straight to brown, you can be confident that you have taken the necessary steps to achieve the desired look. With a few simple steps, you can say goodbye to your red hair and hello to beautiful, brown locks.

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