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How to Dye Beard Stubble Safely & Effortlessly for 2023

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Ready to take your look to the next level? Dyeing beard stubble can be a great way of expressing yourself and giving you an edge. But, if done incorrectly, it could end up being a disaster! That’s why we’re here today – to show you how to easily and safely dye your beard stubble in 2023.

With our simple steps, you’ll be able to customize the color intensity for that perfect blend between natural-looking salt & pepper or full color coverage with light touch-ups as needed.

So get ready – let’s explore how you can achieve salon-quality results at home with ease this year!

Key Takeaways

how to dye beard stubble

  • Volt’s beard color is a dye-free, hypoallergenic formula that is safe and does not cause skin irritation.
  • The product includes natural ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin E for nourishment and vibrant color.
  • Volt’s Instant Beard Color offers adjustable intensity levels and blending techniques for a customized and natural look.
  • The product is easy to apply, mess-free, and provides long-lasting coverage of up to 6 weeks.

Choose the Right Beard Color Product

Choose the Right Beard Color Product
Choosing the right product for coloring or filling in your facial hair is essential to achieving a natural-looking result, and Volt’s beard color provides an easy way to do just that. This dye-free, hypoallergenic formula contains no ammonia or PPD and comes with protective gloves so you can apply it safely.

The addition of Argan Oil and Vitamin E nourish the beard while providing vibrant color without any harsh chemicals.

It also includes FDA approved natural clay additives that give off a musky texture as well as adding shine to your look. To get started, simply follow Jaro’s instructions – shake well for 20 seconds then start applying from the middle towards the sides using his unique brush technique which mimics hair strands for an even blend; no mess! With adjustable intensity levels plus precise application control over style, amount, and blending – this product offers everything you need to customize your short beard without risking skin irritation like traditional dyes often do.

Prepare to Apply

Prepare to Apply
Preparing to apply a beard color product is essential for achieving the desired look. Be sure to shake the bottle well before use for about 20 seconds and wear gloves when mixing any chemicals that may be involved in traditional products.

Shake Well

Before you slather this stuff on your face, give it a good ol’ shake – otherwise you’ll end up with an unevenly ‘dyed’ mug! Volt’s beard color is designed to make coloring short beards easy and hassle-free.

It has a chemical-free formula, FDA-approved natural clay additives, and nourishing Argan Oil and Vitamin E. This product provides adjustable intensity levels for a youthful appearance without risking skin irritation.

The small brush that comes with the product mimics hair strands. When applied correctly, it will provide an even blend of colors. For those looking to fill in patchy areas or thin spots without messy paste dyes, this product offers everything they need! Its bristles are soft yet firm enough for precise application control over style, amount, and blending.

This allows users to customize their look as desired while avoiding any messes along the way.

Gloves and Mixing Chemicals

Avoid the hassle of mixing chemicals and wearing protective gloves with Volt’s beard color – a mess-free, easy-to-apply solution. With this product, you can customize your look without risking skin irritation or chemical hazards.

Glove safety is unnecessary as it contains natural FDA approved ingredients.

Mixing tips are not required as no harsh chemicals need to be combined before use.

You can adjust the intensity of the color for a subtle yet youthful appearance.

Natural alternatives such as clay additives provide shine and vibrancy while avoiding potential dangers from other dyes.

Plastic gloves are also not needed due to its organic formula that gives an authentic look to any type of beard dye.

Adjustment in style, amount or blending has never been easier! Thanks to Volt’s top quality product, application becomes effortless so you can achieve desired results in shorter time frames than traditional products require; all at once delivering beautiful coverage for a perfect finish every time without compromising on safety!

Customize the Color

Customize the Color
You can customize the color of your beard stubble by controlling both intensity and blending. Start by selecting an appropriate shade to match or complement your natural hair color, then adjust the amount applied for the desired intensity.

For a blended look, use Volt’s precision brush to apply small strokes that mimic the texture of hair strands for a natural finish.

Color Intensity

Tweak the shade of your look by adjusting the intensity of color for a customized finish! With Volt’s Instant Beard Color, you can choose from five different darkening levels to go from salt and pepper to full-on gray blending.

The natural ingredients, such as Argan Oil and Vitamin E, provide nourishment while remaining ammonia-free.

Not only is it simpler than traditional beard dyes (no mix or mess), but it is also safer due to its FDA-approved formula that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or irritants. So don’t worry about getting trapped in one look – Volt gives you an easy way out with their innovative system designed specifically for coloring stubble without damaging skin cells.

Try it today – your facial hair will thank you later!


With Volt’s Instant Beard Color, you can easily blend the color to create a natural look that suits your style. For an effortless finish, use blending techniques such as layering and feathering with its brush for precise application on short beards.

Plus, it contains nourishing natural ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin E, which are free of chemicals and harsh irritants.

The popularity of shorter beards has increased not only due to their youthful appearance but also because they require less maintenance than longer ones. This makes Volt’s own product even more attractive! With these tips in mind, you now have everything you need to know about getting the best results out of this amazing product.

Avoid Skin Irritation

Avoid Skin Irritation
When coloring your beard stubble, Volt’s Instant Beard Color is a great option for achieving natural-looking results without risking skin irritation. The formula contains only FDA-approved, natural ingredients and is totally free of harsh chemicals.

Natural Ingredients

Volt’s beard color is made with natural FDA-approved ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation. Jaro used Volt’s beard color and was able to achieve a realistic salt and pepper look without any adverse reactions.

From controlling the intensity of the dye to mimicking hair strands for a natural blend, this safe alternative provides users with important reasons why it should be their product pick when looking at how to dye beard stubble.

Unlike traditional dyes that are harsh on both your facial hair and skin, Volt is ammonia-free, which prevents messes in your hair! So if you’re looking for an effective way of coloring or filling in shorter beards without risking irritations, then give Volt’s Instant Beard Color a try!


You can achieve a flawless color with the chemical-free Volt Instant Beard Color, which will nourish your facial hair without causing irritation. The product contains natural FDA-approved ingredients for customizing beard style and intensity of color.

The safe alternative provides users the opportunity to enjoy their desired look without risking skin or facial hair damage from harsh chemicals found in traditional dyes.

Achieve a Natural Look

Achieve a Natural Look
You can easily achieve a natural look with Volt’s Instant Beard Color. Whether you’re aiming for salt & pepper, full color, or just some light touch-ups, the easy-to-use brush and customizable color intensity will help you get the perfect style with minimal effort.

Salt & Pepper

For a natural salt and pepper look, Volt’s Instant Beard Color is the perfect solution to achieve the desired style with effortless ease. Its chemical-free formula allows you to avoid skin irritation, while its small brush mimics hair strands for even distribution.

The subtle result can be customized in terms of color intensity and blending for your own unique style! With natural ingredients like argan oil and vitamin E, it ensures a safe application without sacrificing quality or results.

Full Color

Experience the perfect blend of natural-looking color and effortless application with Volt’s Instant Beard Color. Its ready-to-use foam formula is ammonia-free, mess-free, and easy to use for full coverage that lasts up to 6 weeks.

Light Touch-Ups

For subtle enhancements or light touch-ups, Volt’s Instant Beard Color provides natural-looking coverage that won’t irritate the skin. Choose from a variety of shades to achieve any desired look. Opt for lightening and blending techniques or select deeper colors to fill in patchy areas.

Follow simple application tips for best results, like shaking well before use and starting at the middle of your beard while working outward towards the sides.

Achieve powerful looks with easy customization for short beards – no need to worry about harsh chemicals again!

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress
You want your stubble to look natural, so it’s important to monitor the progress of coloring in order to achieve an even distribution. Start from the middle and work your way outwards for more precision when filling in patchy areas.

Even Distribution

To get the best results from your coloring session, it’s important to monitor progress and ensure even distribution of color. Use a small brush, like a painter uses their brush stroke — gentle yet precise — for an even blend that will give you natural-looking results.

Make sure to don protective gloves before beginning and always use Volt Prep + Cleaning solution, followed by their beard comb, prior to application for maximum coverage.

Lastly, start in the middle of the beard area, working outwards towards both sides for an evenly blended look without streaks or lines.

Patchy Areas

If you have any patchy areas or thin spots in your facial hair, Volt’s hypoallergenic and easy-to-use beard color can help fill them in quickly. Their natural ingredients are free from harsh chemicals and ammonia, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation.

With its customizable colors, it can create a salt & pepper effect for a subtle look or provide light touch-ups for more dramatic results.

Plus, the foam formula ensures an even blend without streaks or lines – perfect for those looking to achieve their desired style with minimal effort! The advanced technology of Volt’s beard color allows users to customize their shades however they want while protecting the skin beneath with its chemical-free formula enriched with aloe vera and honey extract.

Give yourself that extra boost of confidence by filling in patchy areas today – no mess required!

Choose the Shade

Choose the Shade
Choosing the right shade for your beard stubble is essential in achieving a natural-looking result. If you have light brown hair, opt for shades like M-45 Dark Brown by Just For Men or Medium Brown from Cremo Hair and Beard Color to fill in patchy areas.

To cover grey hair, try 100% Pure Indigo Hair Dye or SoftSheen Carson Shampoo-In Color Jet Black for an easy application that lasts up to 6 weeks.

Volt Instant Beard Color provides a safe alternative with its hypoallergenic and chemical-free formula that can be customized with various shades of Burnt Umber to achieve desired results quickly and safely.

Light Brown Hair

Accentuate your light brown hair with Volt’s Instant Beard Color to create a fuller, natural-looking appearance that will turn heads. Achieve this look without the harsh chemicals of traditional beard dyes and customize your shade for salt & pepper, all-over color, or light touch-ups.

With natural ingredients such as aloe vera and honey combined with an easy-to-use foam formula, you won’t have any worries about skin irritation or adverse reactions.

Enjoy safe coverage that lasts up to 6 weeks while also nourishing the hair follicles; trust in Volt’s chemical-free solution! Transform yourself today – become confident in knowing you have the power to control how others see you by customizing every aspect of your beard style!

Gray Hair

Transform your gray hair into a natural-looking salt and pepper shade with Volt’s Instant Beard Color. It provides effortless coverage that won’t irritate your skin. The chemical-free formula is enriched with aloe vera and honey, allowing you to achieve the look of a youthful, full beard without harsh ingredients.

The foam formula ensures even distribution and offers up to 6 weeks of lasting color. No gloves or plastic needed! The small brush makes it easy to customize light touch-ups or all-over colors in minutes.

Enjoy safe coverage that nourishes as well as covers grays. Trust in Volt’s solution today! Get ready to show off your new look. No one will ever know if you’ve colored it yourself – just be sure not to overdo it so you get the perfect blend of salt & pepper shades every time.

Follow the Instructions

Follow the Instructions
Once you choose the right shade for your beard stubble, it’s time to follow the instructions. Before applying Volt Instant Beard Color, make sure to shake it well for about 20 seconds and wear protective gloves while using.

Start in the middle of your beard and work towards the sides so that everything is blended nicely.

Monitor progress regularly while coloring shorter beards as traditional dyes can dry quickly if not applied properly.

Customize color depending on style; whether you’re looking for natural-looking salt & pepper or full coverage, Volt has got you covered – plus its easy application allows light touch-ups whenever needed!

Enjoy the Results

Enjoy the Results
You can customize your beard color with Volt Instant Beard Color to achieve the desired shade and intensity. This safe alternative eliminates the risk of skin irritation or harsh chemicals, allowing you to enjoy natural-looking results without compromising on quality.


Customize your look and express yourself in an instant with Volt Instant Beard Color. Achieve a natural-looking salt & pepper or full coverage that’s easy to apply and adjust without risking irritation.

Its hypoallergenic, ammonia-free formula contains natural FDA approved ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin E for nourishing results.

The small brush allows precise application of the product so you can customize color intensity according to personal preference. Plus, it won’t leave streaks or lines! Get creative with light touch-ups wherever needed; from subtle grey blending to full coverage shades, Volt has got you covered while keeping skin safe from harsh chemicals found in traditional beard dyes.

Make sure your stubble is ready for any occasion – now go out there looking sharp!

Safe Alternative

Take your look to the next level with Volt Instant Beard Color – a safe, hypoallergenic alternative that won’t irritate your skin. Its natural ingredients are FDA approved and free of harsh chemicals, giving you light touch-ups or full coverage shades without any risk.

With its small brush for precise application and even distribution, it’s perfect for customizing color intensity in patchy areas or filling in stubble beards.

Get creative with styles while keeping yourself safe from traditional dyes – create a strong statement that expresses who YOU are! Don’t settle for anything less than perfection – Volt has got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Volt’s beard color last?

Volt’s beard color can last up to 6 weeks, giving you the freedom and power to customize your look regularly. For example, one man was able to maintain his dark brown shade for 3 months after applying Instant Beard Color! With its natural ingredients and easy-to-use format, this product is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting solution.

How often should I reapply Volt’s beard color?

Reapply Volt’s beard color every 3-6 weeks for optimal results. It offers natural-looking coverage that can last up to 6 weeks and is effortless to use thanks to its no-mix, mess-free formula.

Is Volt’s beard color suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Volt’s beard color is suitable for all skin types and provides natural-looking, long-lasting results. Its hypoallergenic formula contains aloe vera, honey, and Vitamin E to nourish the hair without causing irritation.

Does Volt’s beard color have any scent?

Volt’s beard color has a subtle scent, which is barely noticeable. It contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera and honey that are designed to nourish your skin and hair while coloring the facial hair.

Its unique formula offers a pleasant smell without being overpowering or irritating, making it suitable for all skin types.

How does Volt’s beard color compare to traditional beard dyes?

Volt’s beard color offers a natural-looking alternative to traditional dyes without the irritation and mess. It utilizes FDA-approved ingredients, comes with an applicator brush for precise application and blending, and provides long-lasting coverage of up to 6 weeks.


For those looking to color their stubble or shorter beards, Volt’s beard color provides a safe and effective solution. It’s the perfect choice with natural ingredients, a hypoallergenic formula, and no mixing of harsh chemicals.

Plus, its precise brush allows you to customize your color intensity and blending to get the exact look you want. The sky is the limit, as they say. Volt’s beard color symbolizes modern convenience and style, helping you achieve a natural-looking, youthful appearance without the hassle of traditional bleaching or dyeing.

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