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How to Dye Stubble Easily and Safely: a Step-by-step Guide for a Professional Look! (2023)

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Have you ever wanted to try dyeing your beard stubble? Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to change up your look, coloring facial hair can be tricky. It requires an understanding of the right products and techniques that will help you achieve the desired results without harming your skin.

With Volt Instant Beard Color, we’ve created an easy-to-use solution for coloring or filling in shorter beards and stubble with natural ingredients that are safe on sensitive skin.

In this article, learn how to dye beard stubble step by step using our product so that you can gain mastery over creating looks with confidence!

The Popularity of the Short Beard

how to dye beard stubble
You may have seen the trend of short beards on celebs like Brad Pitt. Many are following this fashion statement by dyeing their stubble. Traditional beard dyes can be hard to customize, messy and difficult to apply.

Volt Instant Beard Color provides an alternative. It’s easy-to-use with a small brush for precise application, which mimics the texture of hair strands. This FDA approved solution contains no harsh chemicals or toxins, so it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin types.

It’s hypoallergenic, so you can place color directly onto your skin safely. It provides customizable results when styling facial hair – from lightening up lighter patches or giving darker tones depth as desired!

The Major Benefit of Dyeing Your Beard Stubble

The Major Benefit of Dyeing Your Beard Stubble
Applying color to your stubble offers a subtle, natural look that’ll last for days and flexibility to experiment with styles and colors. Volt Beard Dye is an excellent choice. It’s FDA-approved, free from harsh chemicals, and perfect for skin protection while grooming. Choose from shades close to your natural hair color or go bolder, with its easy-to-use one box kit. Permanent beard dyes often leave streaks or lines in the beard, but Volt Instant Beard Color lets you customize where and how much color is applied, with easy blending. What’s not to love? Dyeing your stubble is simple yet effective, so you can get whatever style you’re looking for without hassle!

Important Reasons to Use a Beard Dye

Important Reasons to Use a Beard Dye
Adding a pop of color to your facial hair is an easy and effective way to express yourself, make a statement, and stand out from the crowd. With beard dye specifically designed for shorter beards or stubble, you can add life back into dull or patchy areas while still maintaining a natural look.

When selecting which color dye to use on your short beard it’s important that you pick one close in shade to your natural hair color, as this will create the most realistic outcome. Using regular hair dyes on stubble should be avoided, as they are too harsh for such delicate skin and hairs!

The dying process is simple: start by washing off any dirt residue from your face, then mix equal parts of the base coloring with developer before applying lightly onto stubble using an applicator brush – taking extra care not to get it in eyes/mouth/nose area. Wipe off any excess around the edges with alcohol wipes, if necessary, before allowing a 5-minute time period prior to rinsing out completely.

Pros: Volt Beard Color offers hypoallergenic ingredients free of harsh chemicals, so it’s suitable even for sensitive skin types. You can also customize the style desired directly applied onto skin (for patchy areas) instead of the messy and hard traditional dyes.

Cons: Permanent results, plus you need an alternate solution when you want to change up again. For example, brush-on colors last only a day, but it’s a great option when you’re just wanting to experiment without commitment!

Step-by-step Guide to Dyeing Your Beard Stubble

Step-by-step Guide to Dyeing Your Beard Stubble
Dyeing your beard stubble doesn’t have to be daunting. Follow these five steps to get the perfect look:

Choose the right beard dye.
Prepare your skin and hair.
Apply the dye evenly.
Let it sit for 5 minutes.
Rinse off.

With careful prep and quality products, you’ll have a well-groomed look that lasts up to two weeks.

Step 1: Choose the Right Beard Dye

Choose the perfect shade of color to give your facial hair a new look u2013 pick one that is slightly lighter than you’d usually go for and close to your natural hair color for an effortless, natural blend.

When selecting a beard dye, consider these tips:

  1. Choose a color that’s appropriate for the type of beard you have.
  2. Go with shades light enough to achieve desired results without getting overly dark.
  3. Add a drop of argan oil before application if needed.
  4. Take into account skin sensitivity when picking colors and products used during application process.
  5. Be mindful of possible allergies or reactions when using any types of dyes on skin.

With Volt Instant Beard Color, it’s easy to customize the style while avoiding harsh chemicals or permanent damage caused by traditional beard dyes. The small brush mimics texture in order create seamless blending and fill-in patchy areas naturally!

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin and Hair

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect shade, prepare your skin and stubble for application. Shower with a beard wash and dry off bare skin. Don plastic gloves for safety. This helps protect sensitive skin from potential allergic reactions or irritation caused by the paste’s harsh chemicals. Plus, it ensures even distribution of color across bristles of the brush without staining surrounding areas. Wipe away any excess dye with alcohol wipes around edges of stubble, so as not to leave behind unwanted marks when the coloring is done.

These steps guarantee successful results, protect against allergens, and provide helpful maintenance strategies. Regular cleansing, plus avoiding normal skincare products for 24 hours after treatment, will keep color intact.

Step 3: Apply the Beard Dye

Now that you’re ready, grab the brush and start applying the color to your stubble in light downward strokes. When tinting tips are followed, selecting a color close to your natural hair shade will give a more natural look. Home dyeing is possible, but it’s important to follow allergy prevention practices, such as ensuring all product ingredients are hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals.

Matt King from The Blaine Beauty School suggests using Volt Instant Beard Color due to its FDA-approved products being safer than traditional beard dyes for sensitive skin types. Don’t choose shades darker than desired results – this can lead to an unnatural look.

To maintain even coverage, be sure each individual beard hair gets colored properly. Use short and long strokes going downwards on the face, avoiding eyes, nose or mouth areas while applying dye at home.

Step 4: Let the Dye Set

Allow the color to set for five minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Gently pat dry.

To achieve desired results when dyeing your beard stubble, use downward strokes while applying a fading dye on patchy areas for gray coverage. Brush-on beard color is the best way to get jet-black stubble with natural FDA-approved ingredients that look like you got it done at a barber shop.

Applying Volt Instant Beard Color is an easy way to customize this look for yourself without any of the mess or hassle of traditional dyes.

Step 5: Rinse and Enjoy

Now that you’re done, rinse off your freshly dyed ‘do and enjoy the new look!

But before you go, let’s talk about some important tips for beard maintenance.

Choose a color that complements your natural hair tone for a more natural-looking result.

Wipe away any excess dye around the edges of your stubble with alcohol wipes.

Start at the patchiest areas of your stubble and work outward in small circular motions to ensure even coverage.

Use equal amounts of color base cream and developer when mixing them together in the provided tray.

When it’s time to wash out the dye (after five minutes or so, depending on manufacturer instructions), be sure to give yourself a thorough wash with warm water and mild shampoo or conditioner specifically designed for colored hair care products like Volt Instant Beard Color Brush-On Formula.

This will help maintain both healthy beard growth as well as vibrant colors over time!

Advantages of Using Volt Instant Beard Color

Advantages of Using Volt Instant Beard Color
Transform your stubble from lackluster to lively with Volt Instant Beard Color – an easy-to-use solution that’ll give you a customized, natural look in no time. Created by Volt’s founder and chemist, Dr. Franco Accornero, this allergen tested product is the perfect choice for those with thinning beards or skin reactions to traditional beard dyes.

The color selection is particularly helpful when trying to cover gray hairs or match your natural hair color without adverse reactions such as skin irritation.

Important reasons why you should choose Volt Instant Beard Color include its hypoallergenic formula and small brush which can mimic the texture of individual strands while filling in patchy areas more naturally than traditional beard dyes could ever offer!

With these advantages over other products on the market, it’s no wonder many people are turning towards this innovative solution for their coloring needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How soon after dyeing my beard stubble can I wash it?

You may be wondering how soon you can wash your beard stubble after dying it. Volt’s founder recommends waiting at least 24 hours before washing the color base off with alcohol wipes. This ensures a long-lasting, quality result.

Using different application systems, like Volt Instant Beard Color, also helps. It allows for more safety precautions time and avoids patchy results due to its precise brush system. This ensures even coverage of color on each strand of hair for a natural look.

Can I dye my beard stubble with a darker shade than my natural hair color?

You can definitely dye your beard stubble a darker shade than your natural hair color! But, take extra care. To avoid allergic reactions or damage to your skin, use a powerful, yet safe dye like Volt’s founder Brown Hair recommended Brush-on Beard Color Kit. It includes everything you need for highlighting and shading – the perfect shade, advanced shaving techniques – all in one box. With expert knowledge on how best to apply and blend products, you’ll get an impressive look without regrets.

Is the dye permanent?

You may be wondering if the dye you’re using to tint your stubble is permanent or not. The answer depends on which type of beard dye you choose – traditional hair dyes are usually more permanent, while Volt’s founder Cleverman Kit and other temporary beard dyes will only last a few weeks before needing to be reapplied.

When it comes to selecting a color, opt for one that is close to your natural hair color in order for the results of dying your stubble look as natural as possible.

As with any coloring process, safety precautions should always be taken: follow the instructions provided in each kit’s box and avoid getting any product near eyes, mouth or nose!

With Volt’s cleverly designed brush-on system combined with its hypoallergenic formula composed of FDA-approved ingredients, you can customize both how much color is applied and where it goes without worrying about skin reactions or lasting effects.

What should I do if I get dye on my skin?

If you’re considering dyeing your beard, it’s important to take proper safety precautions. Wear latex gloves and read all instructions from the beard dye kit’s box before starting. Clean up immediately after use with alcohol wipes. Make sure not to get the dye in your eyes, mouth or nose – this could lead to irritation.

The cardinal rule of home beard dyeing should always be followed: start light. You can always go darker, but never lighter. Choose colors close enough for natural hair color for best results. If unsure about color selection, pick a shade slightly lighter than desired result – this way you’ll avoid ending up with an unappealing mess!

Volt Instant Beard Color is a great natural alternative that won’t cause any harm to sensitive skin.

Is there a risk of an allergic reaction when using a beard dye?

Are you worried about the potential risks of using a beard dye? Don’t be afraid, take precautions and enjoy your new look! Volt’s founder recommends choosing natural ingredients and professional techniques for skin protection. The key is to use a kit with FDA-approved dyes containing no harsh chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide, that can cause allergic reactions. Plus, following instructions found on the box, or from an experienced barber, in terms of application will reduce any side effects before they happen.


You’ve learned all you need to know to dye your beard stubble safely and healthily. You’ll get the look you want without compromising.

Be warned: dyeing your stubble can be addictive! Once you start, you’ll find yourself reaching for the dye more and more.

You’ll end up with a look that’ll make you feel confident and proud. Now you can sit back and enjoy it!

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