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Why Called Money Piece? Face Framing Highlights Trend Explained (2024)

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why is it called money piece hairYou’re in for a treat! That seemingly mysterious hair trend with the funny name actually has a simple backstory.

Ironically, this posh style doesn’t cost a fortune. The name stems from how it maximizes payoff for stylists and clients alike. A few foils framed around your face provide a transformative payoff for minimal time and money.

Yet the dimensional color and radiant pops of light bring out your best features.

We’ll explore the origins, cost-effectiveness, styling versatility, proper care and more about money piece hair. Because everyone deserves access to this liberating, intimate style that makes you feel your most powerful.

Key Takeaways

  • Face-framing highlights are known as money piece hair.
  • They are cost-effective and require minimal product usage.
  • Money piece highlights are low-maintenance and offer styling versatility.
  • Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Beyoncé endorse this trend.

What is Money Piece Hair?

What is Money Piece Hair
You’d look stylish with partial highlights that frame your face and brighten your look without full head color. Money piece hair refers to subtle yet impactful highlights framing the front pieces near your face.

It adds dimension and brightness to your locks in a cost-efficient, low-maintenance way. The name comes from being cost-effective for stylists – it uses minimal product but generates good revenue. You’ll only need touch-ups every 6 weeks or so to maintain the look. Celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Beyoncé have rocked money piece highlights.

The framing color pairs well with balayage, ombre, and various base shades. Go for caramel and coffee tones or try navy blue money pieces with black hair. The customized placement flatters all face shapes. You’ll get noticed with strategic pops of color thanks to the flattering money piece cut.

The Origin of the Name Money Piece

The Origin of the Name Money Piece
The money piece highlight got its name from being a cost-effective service for stylists, instantly boosting their bottom line.

Here are 5 key reasons the money piece got its memorable name:

  1. Requires minimal foiling and product
  2. Generates substantial revenue for stylists
  3. Clients need maintenance every 6 weeks
  4. Formula uses inexpensive ingredients
  5. Saves time compared to full highlights

The money piece hair trend has an apt name reflecting its efficient and lucrative nature for stylists. This face-framing highlight technique dyes only small hair sections, so it uses less supplies than full head highlights.

Yet it delivers dramatic results, generating repeat business. With simple foiling and coloring, stylists earn solid profits while clients get dimension and brightness.

The Cost-Effective Nature of Money Piece Hair

The Cost-Effective Nature of Money Piece Hair
Even on a tight budget, you can get the face-framing pop of lighter locks with this smart technique. The money piece offers a glam look that celebrities like Chopra and Beyoncé have rocked, but without the hefty price tag of full highlights.

This targeted coloring provides beautiful dimension while using minimal product and time. However, quick cost savings can lead some to risky at-home attempts. Mistakes with placement or timing can leave obvious lines.

Instead, work with your stylist to determine the ideal hue, whether peach for brunettes or icy blonde. Schedule touch-ups every six to eight weeks for fresh growth. Proper maintenance preserves the money piece’s vibrancy and your natural base color.

With professional care, these strategic highlights deliver affordable brilliance. The styling versatility and low upkeep of properly done money piece highlights let you enjoy luminous locks on a budget.

Benefits of Money Piece Highlights

Benefits of Money Piece Highlights
You can enjoy the benefits that money piece highlights provide. This effect frames your face to enhance features, works with various hairstyles, and maintains a fresh look with minimal upkeep as highlights grow out.

Enhanced facial features

You’ll love how money piece highlights open up and brighten your face by framing it with dimension and light. Strategically placed lightening pieces sculpt and shape your natural features. Contour shadows recede as your cheekbones, eyes, and smile pop forward.

The money piece creates emphasis, allowing your inner glamour to shine through any style. Celebrity inspiration proves this face-flattering hairstyle looks stunning. Let the money piece spotlight your best assets.

Versatility with hairstyles

You can style money piece highlights in numerous ways for a fresh look.

  • Updos like ponytails and buns
  • Half-up half-down styles
  • Loose waves or curls
  • Straight and sleek
  • Braids of any kind

Money piece highlights offer versatility to switch up your hairstyle whenever you want a new look. Face-framing pops of color elevate basic hairstyles into stylish statement makers. Whether dressing up or down, you can rock your money piece highlights for any occasion.

Low maintenance option

With little upkeep required, the money piece grants effortless brightness as your highlights grow out. This versatile hair technique blends well as the lightened pieces lengthen. Celebrity styles prove the money piece remains chic weeks later with minimal tending.

Avoid DIY pitfalls and embrace professional coloring for hair health. Let your stylist customize this face-framing dimension to suit your style and hair’s necessities. Rather than frequent touch-ups, choose lower maintenance with strategic money piece placement.

How to Achieve the Perfect Money Piece

How to Achieve the Perfect Money Piece
Satisfy your need for face-framing brightness by parting your hair and applying lightener from roots to mid-lengths.

To achieve perfect money piece highlights at home:

  • Invest in quality lightening powder and developer. Kenra and Schwarzkopf make excellent options.
  • Use a level 20 or 30 volume developer for max lift.
  • Choose foils over cap highlighting for precision.
  • Apply lightener narrowly from roots to mid-lengths.
  • Rinse thoroughly and tone to your desired shade.

Getting the perfect money piece requires using the right products and techniques for precision. Focus the lightening on narrow sections framing your face. Rinse and tone the highlights to complement your base color.

With practice, you can achieve stunning money piece highlights at home. Embrace this liberating trend to frame your face in light for an instant glow-up.

Money Piece Hair Inspiration From Celebrities

Money Piece Hair Inspiration From Celebrities
You’re in good company when sporting a money piece hairstyle. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Beyoncé have all embraced this trend for a splash of dimension and brightness up front.

The easiest way to recreate their looks is with balayage highlights and for subtle contrast, go just 2-3 shades lighter than your base. Keep styling simple – blowdry sleek and straight or add waves with a curling iron.

Maintain your money piece every 6 weeks with gloss treatments. Attempting this at home risks obvious regrowth lines, so leave it to the pros for seamless grow out. Rock your money piece with confidence knowing you’re channeling Hollywood’s hottest looks.

This face-framing highlight creates the perfect balance of new and familiar in your style.

Color Combinations for Money Piece Highlights

Color Combinations for Money Piece Highlights
Money piece highlights are known for their ability to add brightness and dimension with minimal effort. Popular color combinations include pairing caramel with coffee shades, navy with black, and mahogany with espresso for a stunning, face-framing effect.

Caramel + Coffee

Streaking sumptuous caramel amidst rich coffee highlights frames your face in sweet, dimensional sophistication.

  • Use 20 volume developer with lightener to achieve caramel.
  • Opt for coffee-colored lowlights underneath for contrast.
  • Bring inspiration photos to your stylist.

Blending caramel and coffee hair hues creates a harmonious balance of light and dark dimension around your visage. This pairing provides depth without overpowering your natural beauty. When properly maintained, this money piece combo aligns with your personal style for months on end.

You can embrace Navy and Black money piece highlighting for a bold, dramatic look that makes a statement. This bold money piece duo makes your eyes pop with its high contrast. Rihanna and Dua Lipa have rocked this edgy combo.

The deep tones bring warmth to tan or dark skin. Maintain it with sulfate-free shampoo to keep the color vibrant. Pair it with a smoky eye and dark lip for a striking nighttime vibe. This sophisticated color pairing lets your inner diva shine.

Mahogany + Espresso

Blending mahogany and espresso creates a rich, autumnal money piece with warm undertones. The mahogany base provides dimension, while espresso highlights frame your face with bold, rich tones. Styling waves or curls shows off the colors’ vibrancy. Brown mascara and lipstick complement the bold hues.

Proper Care for Your Money Piece Highlights

Proper Care for Your Money Piece Highlights
It’s crucial to properly care for your new money piece highlights. Use color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to help preserve the vibrancy of your highlights and prevent fading. Also, limit washing to 2-3 times per week, use heat protecting products when heat styling, and avoid chlorine and sun exposure to make your money piece last longer.

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Using Color-Safe Hair Products

After getting your money piece highlights, be sure to use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to help maintain that bright, face-framing pop of color. They are specially formulated to lock in vivid color and prevent fading. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and deep conditioning masks.

Follow your stylist’s advice for at-home care. DIY bleaching can lead to brassiness. Using the right color-safe products preserves your investment and keeps your money piece hair looking fierce.

Avoiding Over-Shampooing

Though over-shampooing can strip your money piece of needed moisture, using a co-wash or dry shampoo between washes helps prolong color vibrancy. Limit shampooing your highlighted locks to 2-3 times weekly and use a sulfate-free formula to prevent fading while nourishing strands.

Adding Olaplex or a weekly deep conditioning treatment boosts hair health and color longevity. To keep your money piece looking dimensional, avoid overcleansing practices and choose gentle, hydrating products that protect your trendy million-dollar piece.

Can You Create a Money Piece Hair at Home?

Can You Create a Money Piece Hair at Home
Wouldn’t trying to DIY a money piece at home leave you with an uneven, streaky mess you’d regret? The precision of a money piece demands professional skill. Attempting highlights at home rarely ends well, resulting in brassy tones or damaging your hair.

Money pieces require experienced technique in toning and color blending for seamless grow-out. Don’t waste money at Sally’s on boxed hair color for your money piece. The hassle and corrections after a botched DIY job cost more than going to a talented stylist in the first place.

Getting a salon money piece with expert balayage provides beautiful dimension to frame your face without harming your locks. DIY money piece tutorials seem tempting but deliver underwhelming results. Trust your stylist for excellent money piece highlights with consistency you’ll love.

Alternatives to Money Piece Hair for Added Dimension

Alternatives to Money Piece Hair for Added Dimension
You can get dimension and brightness through balayage or ombre coloring instead of a money piece.

Balayage and ombre offer alternative highlighting techniques to money piece for added dimension:

  • Balayage involves hand-painting highlights for a natural, sun-kissed look.
  • Ombre features a gradual fade from dark to light colored hair.

Both provide dimension, but balayage looks more natural. Ombre makes a bolder color statement.

Consider balayage or ombre for dimensional hair choices instead of attempting DIY money piece coloring. Though the money piece seems simple, mistakes are noticeable. Trust professional stylists for proper face framing options and highlights.


You’ve learned the origins and benefits of the trendy money piece hair highlights. This face-framing technique adds dimension in an affordable way by using strategic placement of lightened strands. Ask your stylist about getting a customized money piece to frame your facial features in a flattering way.

With proper care, the versatile money piece allows you to create a statement look and maintain it through grow-outs.

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