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How to Dye Your Short Beard: Tips for a Perfect Look! (2023)

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Dyeing a short beard can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Men are increasingly discovering the benefits of dyeing their facial hair and experimenting with different colors. A few simple tips can help you confidently take on this task and get your desired look. Whether you’re looking for subtle gray coverage or a complete style transformation with a color change, there’s an easy, safe way to do it without irritation or damage. Experienced pros have the best advice, so you can get professional results each time!

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The Popularity of the Short Beard

how to dye short beard
Dyeing a short beard is becoming increasingly popular among men, so don’t miss out on the trend and give it a try!

Short beards require special care when dyeing them due to their facial shape effects. When selecting products, look for chemical free coloring options such as traditional beard dyes or brush-on colors like Volt Beard Color. It’s important to choose a color that matches your natural stubble shade, but go one shade lighter than desired with permanent or semi-permanent dyes.

To ensure successful results, use product selection guides available online and follow tips from an experienced barber about color matching techniques. This will help you achieve the desired results without damaging your skin’s texture.

Incorporate natural oils into your daily routine, like argan oil. This will give off an attractive sheen while nourishing the hair follicles in the prepped mustache area before applying any type of dye – traditional or temporary.

The Major Benefit of Volt Beard Color

Discover the major benefit of Volt Beard Color and take your beard color game to the next level! With Volt’s founder, a master barber with over 10 years experience in facial hair care, you can trust that their range of colors are formulated for safe use at home.

Choose shades close to natural hair color or lighter for permanent or semi-permanent dyes. Pick darker shades if opting for temporary dyes. Consider maintaining existing colors with subtle combinations. Ask advice from barbers before purchasing any products.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal hue, there are certain techniques which should help maintain its vibrancy while keeping your skin healthy. Home dyeing requires taking safety precautions such as wearing gloves and avoiding contact with eyes & mouth during application process. Applying Vaseline around surrounding areas helps prevent staining on skin too!

Follow these steps carefully along with a good aftercare routine (such as using alcohol wipes) & you’ll find yourself sporting one sharp looking dyed short beard soon enough – all without having spent an arm & leg at salon prices!

Step 1: Choose the Right Beard Color Product

Step 1: Choose the Right Beard Color Product
When it comes to dyeing your beard, there are many different types of products and colors available. To choose the right one for you, consider if you want a permanent or semi-permanent product with harsh chemicals, or something more natural like temporary dyes.

Pick a color close to your natural stubble color, but slightly lighter than desired for permanent and semi-permanent dyes. You can even customize your own shade by blending multiple colors together!

Types of Beard Dyes

There are various types of beard dyes available, so you can choose the one that works best for your look and lifestyle! Permanent beard dyes are a great alternative if you’re looking to maintain the color of your facial hair. These types contain harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, but offer longer-lasting results than semi-permanent or temporary ones.

Semi-permanent and temporary beard dyes provide an easy way to try out different looks without any commitment. They don’t penetrate the hair shaft like permanent dye does, so there’s no need for bleaching or other aggressive techniques. Just apply them directly onto damp stubble with an applicator brush!

For those who want more natural colors on their beards, Bearded Effects offers several plant-based formulas. They won’t irritate sensitive skin and provide good coverage from root to tip. Plus, they help remove gray hairs!

Choose the Right Color

Choosing the right color for your beard is essential if you want to rock a sophisticated look without overdoing it – so make sure to pick wisely! Pre-bleaching is recommended before using permanent or semi-permanent dyes, as this will help achieve a more even dye job.

When applying any kind of beard dye, skin protection should be taken into account by applying Vaseline or oil around the areas that are not meant to be dyed.

For color selection, light browns and dark browns are generally preferred but those looking for a dramatic change may try black or medium brown colors. To maintain youthfulness in appearance while still covering gray hairs natural ingredients like henna can also be used instead of chemical based dyes.

It’s important to keep in mind that temporary dyes usually require darker shades than permanent and semi-permanent ones due their shorter lasting effects:

  • Pick shades lighter than desired when opting for permanent/semi-permanent products
  • Choose colors close to natural hair color
  • Avoid getting dye near eyes, nose & mouth

Customize Your Beard Color

Customize your look with the perfect beard color – it’s easy and fun! Choose, apply, and maintain with either permanent or temporary dyes. Permanent dyes last longer but contain harsh chemicals that can irritate. Temporary dyes are made from natural ingredients, but may not last as long. Blending colors is another option if you want to create a specific shade or highlight areas. To do this, mix different shades of dye together before applying.

To maintain vibrancy, avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and chlorine; use conditioner regularly on both facial hair and scalp; wash gently with mild shampoo once per week (more frequently depending on sweat); brush daily with soft bristles, starting at roots and going through ends.

When applying, don’t forget protective gear like gloves to prevent staining hands and accidental splashing near eyes/nose/mouth. Apply evenly across the surface area, using light pressure when brushing onto hairs, not directly touching skin. Everyone’s body chemistry reacts differently, so experiment until you find the best combination tailored to your individual needs. After all, beauty lies within the eye of the beholder – even when talking about one’s own facial appearance 😉

Step 2: Apply the Product

Step 2: Apply the Product
Now that you’ve chosen the right product for your beard, it’s time to apply! Prepare the area by washing and drying your beard.

Take some of the dye and mix it according to instructions.

Then use a small brush or an applicator tool to apply it evenly throughout your hair, starting in areas with fewer hairs like around the jawline and sideburns first.

Finally, put on a shower cap or wrap a towel around your head so you can wait without getting any dye on furniture or clothes while you wait for the desired results!

Prepare the Product

Gather all the necessary materials and familiarize yourself with the instructions before you begin applying your personalized beard color.

Check that your beard dye kit’s box contains enough product to cover a shorter beard, as well as gloves, cleaning wipes and an applicator brush.

Read through the directions for mixing ratios carefully so that you can mix it correctly.

Perform an allergy safety patch test on a small area of skin to check if any adverse reactions will occur when using this product selection. Wait at least 24 hours after this step before continuing with the application process.

Pick out the right shade of color for you – opt for one slightly lighter than desired or close to natural hair color – then add a drop of argan oil into each mixture used to get some extra sheen!

Apply the Product

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to apply your personalized beard color and get the look you’ve been dreaming of! Maintaining a youthful appearance with a colored beard is easier than ever before. You can choose from temporary dyes or permanent ones depending on how long you want the color to last. Professional advice should be sought when selecting colors as they may appear differently once applied.

For short beards, use small brush strokes for even application and also make sure not to dye any bare skin around the edges of your cheeks or neckline. Volt Instant Beard Color is one popular option for short-bearded men looking for an easy solution with quick results. Follow these steps carefully in order to achieve optimal results:

  • Start by washing and drying your face thoroughly prior to applying
  • Use Vaseline or beard oil around areas outside of where product will go
  • Mix dye according instructions included in package
  • Apply mixed formula using applicator brush
  • Let sit according directions on package
  • Rinse out after set amount of minutes
  • Wipe excess residue off skin using alcohol wipes

Use a Shower Cap

To ensure the dye stays in place and to protect your facial skin from staining, use a shower cap while mixing colors for your beard care routine. Matt King, an expert on beard dyes, suggests using a shower cap so it won’t get on other areas of skin during the maintenance process. He also recommends applying Vaseline around the edges before application—this helps reduce any possible staining and ensures all parts are covered with product evenly. Invest in a quality shower cap for successful results with minimal mess. It’s important to choose a natural hair color close to yours when coloring techniques are used.


Once you have applied the product, it’s time to wait for the dye to take effect. How long will it take? It depends on the beard maintenance and color selection techniques used.

Volt’s founder was able to dye his jet-black stubble in 5 minutes. He did this by applying light strokes with an applicator brush, starting from the backside towards the front side areas.

Here are some tips for waiting:

  • Start with an unwashed face & stubble
  • Let sit according to instructions
  • Clean up any mess afterwards

Step 3: Enjoy a Perfectly Colored Beard!

Step 3: Enjoy a Perfectly Colored Beard!
You can enjoy a perfectly colored beard with just a few steps! Start by using natural oils to protect your skin and prevent staining. Wear plastic gloves, and use a small brush when applying the dye. Avoid bare skin.

Sit back and admire your new look. You’ve got yourself covered for any upcoming event!

Use Natural Oils

After you’ve let the dye sit, give your freshly dyed beard a natural sheen by applying some argan oil with downward strokes of a beard brush. Argan oil is made up of essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish and protect the skin, while providing hydration for an overall healthier look and feel.

Volt’s founder has developed color selection techniques tailored specifically to those dyeing their beards short. They also provide guidance on how best to apply the dye using the provided applicator brush or old toothbrush.

Post-dyeing care can also involve adding natural FDA-approved ingredients like aloe vera. This will help maintain the look of a beard dye over time while treating any irritation caused by harsh chemicals found in permanent dyes. That way, you get all the benefits without sacrificing your health or comfort level.

Avoid Bare Skin

To ensure your dyed beard looks natural and full, avoid getting the dye on any exposed skin. Brush techniques such as short, upward strokes when applying dye are important. Equal parts color base and developer are needed for permanent or semi-permanent dyes, instructions should be followed carefully for temporary dyes. Apply argan oil after brushing for a natural sheen that will last at least one day. Color customization can be achieved by selecting shades close to your existing stubble color, according to Volt’s founder’s advice – but don’t go too dark! When you’re finished with box store hair or beard dye kits, make sure to wipe off excess before washing away so as not to irritate skin surfaces.

Use Plastic Gloves

Put on a pair of plastic gloves before you start dyeing your beard to protect your hands and skin from any potential staining. It’s important to choose the right type of dye for facial hair, as well as pick up the correct color mentioned in the box that comes with a beard dye kit.

For permanent or semi-permanent dyes, opt for something lighter than what is desired; however if using temporary dyes go darker instead. When mixing colors together make sure they are equal parts so that application will be even when applying it onto your stubble or fuller facial hair area later on.

Protective gear such as latex gloves should always be used during this process since natural ingredients may still cause some irritation if it gets into contact with bare skin and eyes!

Use a Small Brush

Pick up a small brush and start applying the dye to your facial hair using short, upward strokes. Brush on using light pressure, covering all of the beard hairs evenly. For darker shade color results, apply in downward strokes for longer lasting color match with natural brown hair shades.

Professional advice suggests brushing techniques such as moving from one side of the face to another and concentrating more product on patchy areas or gray streaks for better coverage.

Follow directions carefully when picking the right color. Wipe away any excess dye immediately after application. Apply extra product onto patchy areas for a fuller look.

When you’re finished, be sure to follow proper hygiene by washing off any excess dye left behind and style with argan oil or other products that suit your desired look before stepping out into public view!

Enjoy Your New Look!

Now that you’ve finished dyeing your short beard, admire the new look and be confident knowing you can take on anything! It’s important to ensure safety when dyeing a beard. To maintain your color, use proper hair care tips and products specifically designed for dyed beards. Avoid using normal hair dyes, they often contain harsh ingredients which could damage the delicate facial hairs of a stubble beard.

To keep it looking fresh and vibrant, wash with shampoo regularly after applying equal amounts of the color base cream mixed with developer solution for optimal results. A more natural look can also be achieved by brushing on a lighter shade than desired or through Volt’s founder brush-on technique. This requires less maintenance but only lasts one day at most.

No matter what method you choose, always make sure to perform thorough washes afterwards followed by conditioning treatments from time-to-time. That way everyone will notice just how great your style looks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a beard dye last?

Dyeing a short beard isn’t as simple as it sounds. Get the right prep time, mixing ratios and application techniques for desired results without skin irritation or allergens reaction. A single box of permanent or semi-permanent beard dye can last up to two weeks before fading, depending on hair type and shade. Start with an unwashed face for best results, and follow Volt’s founder instructions to avoid skin staining. Important Reasons: choose wisely, start with unwashed face, follow instructions. Taking these into account when dyeing a short beard will ensure perfect colors every time!

Do I need to use a different product to dye a stubble beard?

Do you have a stubble beard and want to dye it? You’ll need different products than what you’d use on a full beard. Because of the thickness and texture, tips can vary. To ensure the right color coverage, Volts founder suggests starting with lighter shades like semi-permanent colors or ammonia free dyes.

Look for patchiest areas first – tend to those spots before covering other parts so all hairs are evenly distributed in terms of color saturation. Clean up any excess dye using alcohol wipes.

These tips and best beard dyes available make achieving desired results easier!

Are there any risks associated with beard dyeing?

Dyeing your short beard can be a big step, but if done correctly it can give you the look of your dreams. However, with every great reward comes some risks. Skin irritation, allergic reactions, and discoloration are all possible side effects of dyeing your beard.

If you’re not careful during the application process, you could end up with dryness issues or patchy results that Volt’s founder warns against. To prevent any adverse reactions, make sure to use only paper towels and alcohol wipes when cleaning up any messes. Watch out for signs of allergic reactions such as itching or redness in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent beard dyes?

When it comes to dyeing your beard, you have two main options: permanent and semi-permanent dyes. Permanent dyes are usually made with harsh chemicals and can last for a few months before fading or needing to be touched up.

Semi-permanent dyes use fewer harsh chemicals and offer more natural coverage than their permanent counterparts. They allow much less contact with skin than traditional hair coloring products.

Temporary dyes are also an option. They fade quickly but provide good patchy coverage without any risk of staining techniques like those needed when using permanent colors. Volt’s Founder Little Bit has special type of dye that allows this.

What is the best way to remove excess dye from the skin?

Removing excess beard dye from the skin is an important step in the dyeing process. Use alcohol-based wipes or a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol to wipe away residue after you’ve applied the color. You can also use an old toothbrush dipped into warm water and soap to gently remove any remaining color. But don’t scrub too hard!

Protect your skin—allergic reactions are possible if not done correctly—and avoid covering blemishes such as moles or scars which could be stained by colors mixing together during application.

Follow Volt’s founder’s advice: always test for allergies before using products on sensitive areas like around eyes and nose where regular makeup wouldn’t go!


Your short beard is now perfectly colored! Enjoy your new look with confidence. Look in the mirror – you’ve taken a giant step in expressing yourself. It’s like taking a magic wand and transforming your look.

Use natural oils to keep your beard healthy and strong. Wear plastic gloves when applying the product and use a small brush for details. With the right technique, you can now enjoy a perfectly colored beard.

Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride. It’s like saying, Hello world! with a new look.

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