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How to Fade a Beard: Easy Ways Step by Step (2023)

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Knowing how to fade a beard is an essential skill for any man with a beard with a short back and sides or a shaved head. The goal is to create a seamless flow from hair, to sideburns, to beard, without that clumsy gap in between.

What is a faded beardCorrect trimming of the beard not only increases attractiveness but also allows you to grow to new heights without looking like a wild man.

It takes some time at first, but once you’ve mastered the beard fade, you can trim these areas just as well as the rest of your beard.

I know there are many people who are tired of visiting salons because of the beard fades. So now I’ll tell you how to fade a beard at home! Get ready with your trimmers and head in!

What Is A Faded Beard?

The fade has become an important element in the modern hairdressing world. It is about creating a smooth transition between the hair of different lengths. On the head, it means combining long hair on top with short hair on the back and sides. Beardy is about fading chin hair in cheek hair and cheek hair in sideburns.

When done right, it’s a precision look that goes well with similar hairstyles, like a smooth back or pompadour. A good fade makes a beard look deliberate.

Before you start Beard Fade

If you want to know how to fade a beard, you need to make some preparations. This can make your fading process easier than before.

  • Wash your face well with a cleanser
  • Trim your beard to a perfect length
  • Clean the neck and keep it sharp
  • Keep the cheek line neat (not necessary)
  • Clean and trim the whisker

How To Fade A Beard

how to fade a beardSo now you are ready to make a faded beard. Your beard is already trimmed and even. Now you have to start the beard fading process by making the perfect combination with the hair on your head.

Following is a step-by-step analysis of the perfect beard fading procedure:

1. Start at the bottom

Start trimming your beard at the bottom of the neckline. Set your trimmer to 3 or 2 and start removing the facial hair under Adam’s apple all the way to where your neck touches the jawline.

After trimming all that part of the beard, set the trimmer length set to 2 or 1 and finish the rest of the beard.

Make sure to clean everything under Adam’s apple with a razor to maintain those sharp and clean lines.

2. Cleaning your cheeks

Now that you’ve successfully trimmed the rest of your beard and shaved it under Adam’s apple, you need to clean those cheeks. You can go here in two ways.

Since the cheek area is more visible, decide whether you want sharp lines or a natural haze.

If you go for the chin strap look, you can create a tight edge from ear to ear between beard and cheeks.

To go for a more natural look, use the trimmer with the protective cap and remove stragglers cleaning that area.

Don’t worry about a clean line; just cut the sprouts too away from the rest of the herd.

3. Trimming your mustache

Take your trimmer and cut out all the whiskers that grow over your lips.

Try to keep the mustache as long as the beard above the jawline, so keep the trimmer at 2 or 1 as you used in the previous steps.

Again, if you went with the chin strap, you want your mustaches to be neat and tight.

If you went for a more natural look, take off the guard and check all the whiskers that look out of place.

Do’s and Don’ts With A Beard Fade

  • Use beard care products like beard oil, balm, and moisturizer to maintain a clean and sharp beard.
  • Trim the beard at least once a week to maintain the blur. As mentioned earlier, a beard blur needs a little more to maintain, and you have to make sure you can handle that.
  • Trim your beard and mustache before you start fading to remove the excess mass.
  • Make sure you are able to handle the maintenance that requires a beard fade.
  • Don’t insist on fading your beard if you have patchy facial hair. There is no hairdresser in the world that can help you fade a blotchy beard.

Best Faded Beard Styles

Best Faded Beard StylesA faded shape can add a sophisticated touch to many different beard styles. Whether you rock a bushy beard or a thick and long style, shaping your beard with a faded look will turn it into an instantly more classic and friendly style.

While some styles, like the motorcycle beard, end up looking better with a more natural aesthetic, short and classic beards, look great with a faded shape.

So, if you want to shed your caveman look and opt for something more suitable for the office, try a faded shape today. Make sure it suits your beard style in advance.

  • Tapered Fade: The tapered fade is now on style! You can keep it with your long mustache, or you can settle for goatee too! Just like short hair with a beard, long hair with a beard is also popular! Keep the sideburns smooth if you want to settle for a chin beard.
  • Layered fade with Beard: No one will disagree that men with thick beards are blessed. And if you are blessed with thick hair, you can try doing layered fade that causes a visible change on your face!You have to keep the sideburns very low. If you like shaved head with the beard, you can go for layered fade too! With Viking’s beard, you need to keep the fade low and the hair longer.
  • Slight fade: This is called SLIGHT FADE with a beard because the beard hair is slightly faded here. Keep the beard and hair on the head. Where the scalp and beard meet, make a light haze there! Curly beard looks good, just like this style!
  • Buzz Cut with Beard fade: You can choose Buzz Cut with Beard fade if you want to focus all eyes of the audience on you. This faded beard is sharply shaped and faded! You can keep the heard bald if you like beard styles for bald men.
  • Mixed fade: If you like short hair with a beard, you will love this too. In fact, this faded beard combines hairstyle fade and beard face together. The beard disappears in the faded hairstyle and gives a new dimension.

FAQs About Beard Fade

Is a faded beard right for me?

Faded beard is great, and people have been talking about it since it came in style. You look cool and trendy. However, it requires a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, the beard haze you’re going to be doing should look great with your haircut. If you want all this, the faded beard is more than perfect for you!

Can I do it myself?

If you think that only salon can make your perfect beard fade, then you are wrong. If you are a little patient and you want a perfect beard fade desperately, you can do it at home! All you need is a trimmer, and you have to keep lowering the trimmer setting as you move up inch by inch! You can do it yourself easily.

How do you fade a beard at home?

Instead of spending money every week at the barbershop, you can fade your beard at home, but you need a steady hand and the right tools like a razor, an adjustable hair clipper or trimmer, and a beard comb. You should also be familiar with the steps to take for the perfect fade.


The beard fade allows you to keep your male beard in even the most strict of working environments, and it also shows the people around you that you have what it takes to distance yourself when it comes to personal grooming habits.

So now you already know how to fade a beard. All you have to do is go to the market and get your favorite trimmer. Go through the process of preparing your beard. And then you have to lower the trimmer setting and go up to create the perfect faded beard!

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