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Fix Orange Hair: Purple Shampoo, Dye Darker, Salon Treatment (2024)

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how to fix orange hairNo matter your hair color, you may have experienced orange tones appearing after bleaching. It’s a common problem that requires knowledge and effort to fix properly. If you’re looking for solutions on how to fix orange hair, no worries! We’ve got the answers right here.

From purple shampoos and dyes to salon treatments and apple cider vinegar toning rinses – we’ll take a look at all of them so you can get back the shade of blonde that suits your style best.

The most important thing when it comes to fixing brassy or orange hues is understanding why it happened in the first place. There are several factors at play here. These include the build-up of chemicals or minerals in your hair, time spent in chlorinated pools or salty water, as well as incorrect levels during the bleaching process.

To understand more about this issue, read our guide below on how to achieve an even tone with lasting color results without damaging those locks!

Key Takeaways

  • Purple/blue shampoos can help counteract orange tones in bleached hair.
  • Professional treatments, such as toning and salon lightening, can effectively fix severe brassiness or orange hair.
  • At-home remedies like DIY solutions using purple/blue shampoos and apple cider vinegar rinses can help restore color and pH balance.
  • Color correction techniques, such as dyeing hair darker or going lighter with toners, can neutralize orange or yellow tones.

How to Fix Orange Hair

How to Fix Orange Hair
Tired of your orange hair after bleaching? You can easily fix it with a few simple steps. Using a purple or blue shampoo to neutralize the tones, dyeing your hair darker if necessary, lightening at the salon for warmer shades, and using an apple cider vinegar toning rinse are all effective methods.

Use a Purple or Blue Shampoo

For blondes and brunettes who’ve experienced orange tones after bleaching their hair, using a purple or blue shampoo can help neutralize the unwanted color. To determine the best toning technique for you, consider your natural hair color and its underlying pigments.

If you have dark brown or black hair, use a purple toning shampoo. If your locks are light blonde or greyish-white, go with blue.

For more severe brassiness issues, professional toning is recommended. It utilizes ammonia-based products that effectively target underlying pigment retention while protecting existing hues from fading over time.

Dye Your Hair Darker

If you’re not a fan of purple or blue shampoos, consider dyeing your hair darker for an effective way to neutralize orange tones. Transitioning shades is the best option for correcting color mistakes and achieving desired results.

From DIY solutions using natural remedies like avocado and lemon juice to store-bought dyes, there are plenty of options available when it comes to fixing orange hair with permanent results.

For blondes looking to go lighter, dark golden blonde or cool almond brown would be recommended. Brunettes could opt for dark natural brown or even dark chocolate brown as they transition shades in order to get rid of unwanted oranges from their locks.

Hair coloring advice should always come from professionals, so make sure you consult one before taking any drastic action.

Lighten Your Orange Hair at the Salon

Rejuvenate your orange hair with a professional lightening treatment at the salon and get back to lustrous, beautiful locks. Expert colorists can use a range of techniques to fix orange hair – from corrective color and toning processes to using specialized bleach formulations.

Professional solutions like these help restore balance, neutralize unwanted warm tones, and add shine.

The salon correction process typically includes pre-lightening treatments for optimal results. During the hair lightening process, tailored blondes or beiges are used to achieve the desired outcome. After the treatment, conditioning is done to provide nourishment and hydration to your hair.

Book an appointment today for the ultimate transformation! With careful consultation and advice on how to best achieve your desired results, you’ll soon have vibrant tresses that are refreshed and look natural without any trace of unappealing colors or dullness.

Use an Apple Cider Vinegar Toning Rinse

You can try an apple cider vinegar toning rinse as a natural remedy to neutralize your orange hair. Many people report seeing positive results after just one use! Apple Cider Vinegar works by restoring the pH balance of your scalp and hair, allowing it to absorb more color.

To make the toner, mix together ACV with water and blue or purple food coloring for brunettes. Blondes should use green or yellow coloring. Once applied onto wet strands, leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly with cool water.

This process must be repeated every couple of weeks since ACV is not a permanent solution. However, it still proves effective in preventing further orange tones from appearing between dye jobs when coupled with other treatments such as UV protection coverings like hats/scarves, filtered showers, and avoiding chlorine/saltwater exposure.

With proper care, you will soon have beautiful, healthy tresses!

Why Does Hair Turn Orange?

Why Does Hair Turn Orange
Are you dealing with unsightly orange hair? Orange hair is a common problem after bleaching, but there are several solutions to help fix the issue. Learn how to tone your tresses using toner, dye it a light brown or blonde shade for more natural-looking hues, and use herbal remedies like Hollyhock herbs and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses for extra care.

How to Fix Orange Hair With Toner

To neutralize orange tones and fix yellow hair, try a professional toning treatment. You can use an ammonia-based toner or make a DIY purple hair toner using conditioners and food coloring.

A color wheel guide will allow you to select the correct tone for your needs. For brunettes, blue toner works well, while blondes can benefit from using purple toner.

Professional treatments are often more successful than DIY solutions. However, it’s important to remember that there may still be some underlying pigments left in the hair. These pigments may need further neutralizing with shampoos specifically designed for this purpose.

Regardless of the route you choose, following these guidelines will ensure optimal results when attempting to fix orange or yellow hues caused by bleaching damage.

How to Turn Orange Hair to Light Brown

If you have orange hair caused by bleaching, dyeing it darker to light brown is a great way to neutralize the tones. To achieve this Light Brown Transformation, use a brunette color close to your natural shade or dark golden blonde for blondes.

DIY Color Correction can be done using an ammonia-based toner like Matrix So Silver Shampoo. If needed, add gloss/glaze treatments after drying. Hair Pigment Dynamics should also be taken into consideration when selecting shades of dyes.

This will prevent brassiness from occurring in the future due to its ability to balance underlying pigments without overloading them with intense color molecules.

How to Turn Orange Hair to Blonde

For those looking to take their orange hair to a lighter shade, bleaching and toning is the way to go. DIY toning methods, such as using purple shampoos or conditioner with color, can help neutralize brassiness in blonde or brunette locks.

For more professional results, salons offer ammonia-based toners. These toners can provide better results and are recommended for those seeking a more professional touch.

To maintain the vibrancy of your new hue and prevent further fading, it is important to employ UV protection strategies.

In addition to these methods, there are also natural remedies that can be effective against brassiness without causing damage to your hair. Avocado masks, lemon juice rinses, and green tea spritzes are all examples of natural remedies that can help combat unwanted tones.

Understanding color theory can also be helpful when transitioning your hair color. Opposite colors on the color wheel can cancel out unwanted tones, while certain shades can create warmth that may be perfect for you.

Use Hollyhock Herbs and ACV

Try combining hollyhock herbs and apple cider vinegar for a natural remedy to neutralize orange tones in your hair.

Hollyhock herbs are rich in flavonoids and can help protect the scalp while balancing pH levels. ACV helps restore shine, reduce tangles, maintain color balance, and remove any buildup from chemical treatments or environmental pollutants.

This combination should be applied after washing your hair with shampoo; rinse it out thoroughly afterwards before drying as normal.

To further prevent discoloration caused by sun exposure or chlorine/salt water swimming pools, use a UV protective spray before going outside or when swimming outdoors – this will also help keep colors vibrant longer!

For best results, follow up with weekly toning treatments using purple shampoos to maintain the desired shade of blonde locks without worrying about orange undertones returning again!

Try an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Using an apple cider vinegar rinse is a simple and effective way to neutralize orange tones in your hair without resorting to expensive, harsh toners.

Start by combining equal parts water and ACV, then add a few drops of blue or purple food coloring.

You can also try other remedies like an avocado treatment, lemon juice remedy, or green tea solution to get rid of brassy orange color. Just remember to protect your hair from UV rays by covering it when outdoors. Additionally, filtering the tap water you wash your hair with is essential for maintaining healthy locks over time.

With these solutions at hand, you’ll soon have beautiful tresses free from any unwanted hues!

How to Fix Yellow Hair

How to Fix Yellow Hair
If you’re dealing with yellow hair after bleaching, there are a few options available to help correct the color. To fix it, consider bleaching your hair again or using a toner to neutralize the brassy tones.

Alternatively, for blondes, going lighter or using purple shampoo can be helpful as well.

Bleach Your Hair

To get rid of yellow tones, you may want to consider bleaching your hair. However, it’s important to be aware of the common mistakes when going through this process.

A home hair care treatment should include professional solutions and preventive measures. These measures include protecting from UV rays and washing with filtered water to prevent orange hues in the future.

Natural remedies like avocado or lemon juice can also help neutralize brassy tones.

When it comes to bleaching products, they vary based on desired color results. It’s best to consult with a skilled hairstylist who can offer personalized advice for the best results.

For those already dealing with orange hair, toners or dyes are effective methods that can restore the natural moisture balance if done correctly. Blondes can benefit from using blue/purple shampoo, while brunettes may require opposite shades on the color wheel.

Use a Toner

Transform your hair with a toner for an instant, dramatic difference! Toner is the perfect way to give your locks a vibrant boost and counteract brassy or orange tones. Choose from lighter shades like ash blonde or cool almond brown for blondes, and dark natural browns and chocolate hues for brunettes.

With the help of the color wheel, you can find just what shade will neutralize those unwanted yellow tones in one application. When applying, simply mix toner with developer according to instructions before using it on damp hair.

For best results, use only professional-grade products as they offer more specific levels of color correction than off-the-shelf products do. Plus, they last longer when properly maintained. Deep conditioning treatments every other week, followed by regular shampooing and conditioning, are essential to keep colors lasting their longest possible lifespan.

Go Blonde

If you’ve been noticing yellow hues in your hair, going blonde can help neutralize the unwanted tones and leave it looking vibrant.

  1. Get professional advice from an experienced hair colorist.
  2. Invest in toning techniques like purple or blue shampoos.
  3. Try natural remedies such as avocado masks.
  4. Protect your locks with UV protection products for a longer-lasting result! Whether you use box dye or bleach, always take extra precautions when attempting to go lighter—gone wrong results are hard to fix!

Use a Purple Shampoo

Try using a purple shampoo to neutralize yellow tones and restore your hair’s natural brilliance. Purple shampoos are formulated with violet pigments that cancel out brassiness, adding shine and vibrancy to the hair.

DIY toning techniques like apple cider vinegar rinses can also be used for effective color correction without professional assistance. When choosing the right toner, consider your individual needs based on the current level of brassiness or yellow tones in order to achieve desired results.

Additionally, it is important to protect hair from UV rays to prevent future discoloration due to sun exposure.

The Top 3 Options on How to Fix Orange Hair:

The Top 3 Options on How to Fix Orange Hair:
If you’re looking for a solution to your orange hair issues, then try one of these three top options: Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo, Matrix So Silver Shampoo, and Color Balance Purple Shampoo. Each product offers unique benefits that can help neutralize yellow tones in blonde and gray hair while adding shine and strengthening the hair structure.

1. Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo

For blonde hair, Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo is a great choice to neutralize golden tones and add shine. It’s a vegan-friendly shampoo with a sulfate and paraben-free formulation that enhances natural curls.

  • UV protection from fading
  • Strengthened hair structure
  • Quick brass elimination in one wash

Usage tips are simple: massage the shampoo into wet hair, rinse, repeat if necessary, and then follow up with conditioner for maximum results. Customer reviews are positive, and when comparing the ingredients to Redken Blondage, this shampoo is shown to be more effective without leaving residue on the scalp or staining nails.

2. Matrix So Silver Shampoo

Experience Matrix So Silver Shampoo for a hydrating formula that neutralizes yellow tones and adds brightness to your blonde, platinum, grey, or silver hair. Formulated with leafy green and moss scents, this shampoo also protects against fading from hard water.

It is suitable for maintaining color between salon visits as well as toning brassy brunette hair or lightening blonde hair. User experiences are generally positive; some have noted slight dryness after use, but the product’s effectiveness in eliminating dullness outweighs this inconvenience.

3. Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Unlock vibrant hair with Color Balance Purple Shampoo, a toning purple shampoo that hydrates and deposits violet pigments to neutralize yellow tones in blonde or gray hair.

Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex protects color from fading while Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex repairs damage.

Quickly eliminate brassiness in just one wash with no residue left on the hair – perfect for grey strands!

Plus, it adds a light purple hue to silver locks and prevents frizz.

Get compliments on your new look without damaging your tresses; use gloves when applying as it may stain fingernails.

Experience all the benefits of using this product yourself!

Why Does Your Hair Turn Orange When You Bleach It?

Why Does Your Hair Turn Orange When You Bleach It
When bleaching your hair, it’s common to end up with an orange hue due to underlying pigments that the bleach can’t completely remove. Common causes of orange hair include UV exposure effects, chemical reactions from swimming and other activities in chlorinated water or saltwater, as well as certain minerals found in hard water.

To prevent this color change before it occurs, protect your hair from UV rays by covering it when exposed and using filtered water for washing. Natural remedies like avocado masks and lemon juice rinses may also help maintain color vibrancy without damaging the strands further than necessary.

In addition to protection methods for prevention of unwanted tones on lighter colors such as blonde or grey shades, there are also toners that will cancel out yellow undertones if desired results aren’t achieved after dyeing darker shades into the mix such as ash blondes or dark golden browns, etcetera.


Orange hair can be a real challenge to fix, but with the right products, you can get the hair color you desire.

8 out of 10 hairdressers agree that purple shampoo is one of the most effective ways to fix orange hair.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic change, you can try dyeing your hair darker or lightening it at the salon.

For a more natural approach, you can use an apple cider vinegar toning rinse.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to remember that the key to fixing orange hair is to neutralize the orange tones and find the right balance between blonde and brunette.

With the right products and techniques, you can fix orange hair and get the look you’ve always wanted.

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